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Moslah, O. Co Author Listing * Accelerated multi-view stereo using parallel processing capababilities of the GPUS
* Urban models texturing from un-calibrated photographs

Mosleh, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Automatic Inpainting Scheme for Video Text Detection and Removal
* Bandlet-based sparsity regularization in video inpainting
* Camera intrinsic blur kernel estimation: A reliable framework
* Explicit Ringing Removal in Image Deblurring
* Hardware-in-the-Loop End-to-End Optimization of Camera Image Processing Pipelines
* Image and video spatial super-resolution via bandlet-based sparsity regularization and structure tensor
* Image Deconvolution Ringing Artifact Detection and Removal via PSF Frequency Analysis
* Image Text Detection Using a Bandlet-Based Edge Detector and Stroke Width Transform
* Video Completion Using Bandlet Transform
Includes: Mosleh, A.[Ali] Mosleh, A.
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Mosleh, M.K.[Mostafa K.] Co Author Listing * Development of a Remote Sensing-Based Boro Rice Mapping System

Moslehi, Z.[Zahra] Co Author Listing * self-adaptive local metric learning method for classification, A

Moslemi, R.[Ramin] Co Author Listing * Divide-and-Conquer for Lane-Aware Diverse Trajectory Prediction
* Learning to Learn across Diverse Data Biases in Deep Face Recognition

Mosley, A.[Ariana] Co Author Listing * Robot Authority in Human-Machine Teams: Effects of Human-Like Appearance on Compliance

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