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Morbee, M.[Marleen] Co Author Listing * Distributed Coding-Based Content-Aware Multi-View Video System, A
* Distributed Coding-Based Extension of a Mono-View to a Multi-View Video System, A
* Generalized PCM Coding of Images
* Improved Pixel-Based Rate Allocation for Pixel-Domain Distributed Video Coders Without Feedback Channel
* Principal view determination for camera selection in distributed smart camera networks
* Reduced decoder complexity and latency in pixel-domain Wyner-Ziv video coders
* Sub-optimal Camera Selection in Practical Vision Networks through Shape Approximation
Includes: Morbee, M.[Marleen] Morbee, M.
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Morbidi, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Easy-to-Use and Accurate Calibration of RGB-D Cameras from Spheres
* Practical and accurate calibration of RGB-D cameras using spheres

Morbidoni, C. Co Author Listing * Conservation-oriented HBIM. the Bimexplorer Web Tool
* Semantic 3D Object Maps for Everyday Robotic Retail Inspection
Includes: Morbidoni, C. Morbidoni, C.[Christian]

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