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Mogele, H. Co Author Listing * Electroencephalographic Phase-Amplitude Coupling in Simulated Driving With Varying Modality-Specific Attentional Demand
Includes: Mogele, H. Mögele, H. (Maybe also Moegele, H.)

Mogelmose, A. Co Author Listing * Analyzing Wheels of Vehicles in Motion Using Laser Scanning
* Back-dropout transfer learning for action recognition
* Detection of U.S. Traffic Signs
* From CAD Models to Soft Point Cloud Labels: An Automatic Annotation Pipeline for Cheaply Supervised 3D Semantic Segmentation
* Learning to detect traffic signs: Comparative evaluation of synthetic and real-world datasets
* Multi-modal RGB-Depth-Thermal Human Body Segmentation
* Ongoing work on traffic lights: Detection and evaluation
* Part-Based Pedestrian Detection and Feature-Based Tracking for Driver Assistance: Real-Time, Robust Algorithms, and Evaluation
* Towards Semantic Understanding of Surrounding Vehicular Maneuvers: A Panoramic Vision-Based Framework for Real-World Highway Studies
* Traffic Light Detection at Night: Comparison of a Learning-Based Detector and Three Model-Based Detectors
* Tri-modal Person Re-identification with RGB, Depth and Thermal Features
* Vision for Looking at Traffic Lights: Issues, Survey, and Perspectives
* Vision-Based Traffic Sign Detection and Analysis for Intelligent Driver Assistance Systems: Perspectives and Survey
Includes: Mogelmose, A. Møgelmose, A. Møgelmose, A.[Andreas] Mogelmose, A.[Andreas]
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Mogensen, G.T. Co Author Listing * Surface Impedance Mapping Using Sferics

Mogensen, I.D.O. Co Author Listing * Tube Snake Models for 3D Reconstruction of Thin Elongated Structures from their Contour Projections

Mogensen, K.[Kristian] Co Author Listing * Satellite and In Situ Observations for Advancing Global Earth Surface Modelling: A Review

Moger, H.[Hemanth] Co Author Listing * Identifying Seasonal Groundwater-Irrigated Cropland Using Multi-Source NDVI Time-Series Images

Moges, M.A.[Mamaru A.] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Dynamics and Environmental Controlling Factors of the Lake Tana Water Hyacinth in Ethiopia

Moges, M.M.[Michael M.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Application of Multi-Source Satellite Rainfall Product CHIRPS to Assess Spatio-Temporal Rainfall Variability on Data-Sparse Western Margins of Ethiopian Highlands

Moges, S.[Semu] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of GPM-era Global Satellite Precipitation Products over Multiple Complex Terrain Regions
* Multi-Dimensional Drought Assessment in Abbay/Upper Blue Nile Basin: The Importance of Shared Management and Regional Coordination Efforts for Mitigation

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