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Mitzel, D.[Dennis] Co Author Listing * Close-Range Human Detection and Tracking for Head-Mounted Cameras
* Geometrically Constrained Level Set Tracking for Automotive Applications
* Multi-Person Tracking with Sparse Detection and Continuous Segmentation
* Real-time multi-person tracking with detector assisted structure propagation
* Real-Time Multi-Person Tracking with Time-Constrained Detection
* Taking Mobile Multi-object Tracking to the Next Level: People, Unknown Objects, and Carried Items
* Tracking People and Their Objects
* Video Super Resolution Using Duality Based TV-L1 Optical Flow
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Mitzias, D.A. Co Author Listing * Shape recognition with a neural classifier based on a fast polygon approximation technique

Mitzner, W. Co Author Listing * Central Axis Algorithm for 3D Bronchial Tree Structures, A
* Corresponding 3D Pulmonary Tree Structures

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