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Mito, A.[Atsushi] Co Author Listing * Pose Estimation of a 2-d Articulated Object from Its Silhouette Using a GA

Mito, C.[Collins] Co Author Listing * Evaluating MERIS-Based Aquatic Vegetation Mapping in Lake Victoria

Mitola, J. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Spectral Regrowth for Channel Identification

Mitoma, H. Co Author Listing * Online character recognition based on elastic matching and quadratic discrimination

Mitomi, H. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Classification of Task-Oriented Actions Based on Stochastic Context-Free Grammar

Mitomi, Y. Co Author Listing * Long-Term Vicarious Calibration of GOSAT Short-Wave Sensors: Techniques for Error Reduction and New Estimates of Radiometric Degradation Factors
* TIR Spectral Radiance Calibration of the GOSAT Satellite Borne TANSO-FTS With the Aircraft-Based S-HIS and the Ground-Based S-AERI at the Railroad Valley Desert Playa
* Vicarious calibration of GLI by ground observation data

Mitossi, V. Co Author Listing * Automated Recognition Of Architectural Drawings
* On the Recognition of Posture

Mitov, N.[Nikola] Co Author Listing * Photorealistic Face Transfer in 2D and 3D Video

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