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Mietens, S. Co Author Listing * New DCT Computation Algorithm for Video Quality Scaling
* New flexible motion estimation technique for scalable MPEG encoding using display frame order and multi-temporal references

Mietkiewicz, N.P.[Nathan P.] Co Author Listing * FIRED (Fire Events Delineation): An Open, Flexible Algorithm and Database of US Fire Events Derived from the MODIS Burned Area Product (2001-2019)

Miettinen, J.[Jukka] Co Author Listing * Approach for High-Resolution Mapping of Hawaiian Metrosideros Forest Mortality Using Laser-Guided Imaging Spectroscopy, An

Mietus, A.[Aleksandra] Co Author Listing * Vector Median Splatting for Image Based Rendering

Mietzner, J. Co Author Listing * Portable 3-D Imaging FMCW MIMO Radar Demonstrator With a 24X24 Antenna Array for Medium-Range Applications, A

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