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Meur, O.L. Co Author Listing * Depth-Guided Disocclusion Inpainting of Synthesized RGB-D Images
* Memorability of natural scenes: The role of attention
* Multi-purpose bi-local CAT-based guidance filter
Includes: Meur, O.L. Meur, O.L.[Olivier Le]

Meurer, M. Co Author Listing * Concepts, Development, and Validation of Multiantenna GNSS Receivers for Resilient Navigation

Meuret, P. Co Author Listing * Perspective Terrain Visualization: A Fusion of Remote Sensing, GIS, and Computer Graphics

Meuret, Y.[Youri] Co Author Listing * Efficient disparity vector prediction schemes with modified P frame for 2D camera arrays
* Reduced complexity multi-view video coding scheme for 2D camera arrays

Meurey, C. Co Author Listing * Comparing Operational MSG/SEVIRI Land Surface Albedo Products From Land SAF With Ground Measurements and MODIS
* Land Surface Albedo Derived on a Daily Basis From Meteosat Second Generation Observations

Meurie, C.[Cyril] Co Author Listing * Efficient Combination of Texture and Color Information for Watershed Segmentation, An
* Eigen Combination of Colour and Texture Informations for Image Segmentation
* Fast Pixel Classification by SVM Using Vector Quantization, Tabu Search and Hybrid Color Space
* Graph-based Ordering Scheme For Color Image Filtering
* Morphological hierarchical segmentation and color spaces
* Orthophotoplan Segmentation and Colorimetric Invariants for Roof Detection
* People Counting System Based on Dense and Close Stereovision, A
* People silhouette extraction from people detection bounding boxes in images
Includes: Meurie, C.[Cyril] Meurie, C.
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