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Mekhaldi, D.[Dalila] Co Author Listing * From searching to browsing through multimodal documents linking
* Unity Is Strength: Coupling Media for Thematic Segmentation

Mekhalfi, M.L.[Mohamed Lamine] Co Author Listing * Capsule Networks for Object Detection in UAV Imagery
* Compressive Sensing Approach to Describe Indoor Scenes for Blind People, A
* Distance Penalization and Fusion for Person Re-identification
* Early Identification of Root Rot Disease by Using Hyperspectral Reflectance: The Case of Pathosystem Grapevine/Armillaria
* Exploiting Gaussian mixture importance for person re-identification
* Fast indoor scene description for blind people with multiresolution random projections
* Learning a Multi-Branch Neural Network from Multiple Sources for Knowledge Adaptation in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Multiclass Coarse Analysis for UAV Imagery
* pool of deep models for event recognition, A
* TextRS: Deep Bidirectional Triplet Network for Matching Text to Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Mekhalfi, M.L.[Mohamed Lamine] Mekhalfi, M.L. Mekhalfi, M.L.[Mohamed L.]
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Mekhazni, D.[Djebril] Co Author Listing * Camera Alignment and Weighted Contrastive Learning for Domain Adaptation in Video Person ReID
* Knowledge Distillation for Multi-Target Domain Adaptation in Real-Time Person Re-Identification
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in the Dissimilarity Space for Person Re-identification

Mekhnacha, K. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Environment Modeling with Gridmap: A Multiple-Object Tracking Application
* Velocity Estimation on the Bayesian Occupancy Filter for Multi-Target Tracking
Includes: Mekhnacha, K. Mekhnacha, K.[Kamel]

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