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Meka, A. Co Author Listing * LIME: Live Intrinsic Material Estimation
* Technique for Simultaneous Visualization and Segmentation of Hyperspectral Data, A

Mekada, Y.[Yoshito] Co Author Listing * Eigenspace interpolation for appearance-based object recognition
* Generation of Training Data by Degradation Models for Traffic Sign Symbol Recognition
* High quality isosurface generation from volumetric data and its application to visualization of medical CT data
* Identification of degraded traffic sign symbols by a generative learning method
* Interpolation Between Eigenspaces Using Rotation in Multiple Dimensions
* Learning Based Reconstruction of Grayscale Face Image from Far-Infrared Image
* Planning of Multiple Camera Arrangement for Object Recognition in Parametric Eigenspace
* Quantification of the Spatial Distributionof Line Segments with Applications to CAD of Chest X-Ray CT Images
* Recognition of camera-captured low-quality characters using motion blur information
* Spatiotemporal Density Feature Analysis to Detect Liver Cancer from Abdominal CT Angiography
* Subtraction-Based Forward Obstacle Detection Using Illumination Insensitive Feature for Driving-Support
* Three Dimensional Concentration Index: A Local Feature for Analyzing Three Dimensional Digital Line Patterns and Its Application to Chest X-Ray CT Images
* Virtualized Stomach Wall and Its Deformation Model
Includes: Mekada, Y.[Yoshito] Mekada, Y.
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