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Medved, D.[Dennis] Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation and Labeling Using Free-Form Semantic Annotation

Medved, K.[Klemen] Co Author Listing * New Bouguer Anomaly Map for the Territory of the Slovenia

Medvedev, A.[Alexey] Co Author Listing * Context-Aware Machine Learning for Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Survey
* UAV-Derived Data Application for Environmental Monitoring of the Coastal Area of Lake Sevan, Armenia with a Changing Water Level
Includes: Medvedev, A.[Alexey] Medvedev, A.[Andrey]

Medvedev, A.S.[Alexander S.] Co Author Listing * Simplified Relations for the Martian Night-Time OH* Suitable for the Interpretation of Observations

Medvedev, I.[Iurii] Co Author Listing * Improving Performance of Facial Biometrics With Quality-Driven Dataset Filtering
* Towards understanding the character of quality sampling in deep learning face recognition

Medvedev, O.N.[Oleg N.] Co Author Listing * National Examination of the Spatial Extent and Similarity of Offenders' Activity Spaces Using Police Data, A

Medvedeva, I.[Irina] Co Author Listing * Strong Interrelation between the Short-Term Variability in the Ionosphere, Upper Mesosphere, and Winter Polar Stratosphere

Medvedeva, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Mapping of Peat-Fire-Burnt Areas: Identification among Other Wildfires

Medvedkov, A.[Alexey] Co Author Listing * Detection of Geocryological Conditions in Boreal Landscapes of the Southern Cryolithozone Using Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Data: A Case Study of the Northern Part of the Yenisei Ridge

Medvedskij, M. Co Author Listing * Attitude and Spin Period of Space Debris Envisat Measured by Satellite Laser Ranging

Medvet, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * probabilistic approach to printed document understanding, A
* Speeding-up pruning for Artificial Neural Networks: Introducing Accelerated Iterative Magnitude Pruning

Medvigy, D. Co Author Listing * Deriving Vegetation Phenological Time and Trajectory Information Over Africa Using SEVIRI Daily LAI

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