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Max, J. Co Author Listing * Quantizing for Minimum Distortion

Max, N.[Nelson] Co Author Listing * Approximations for the distribution of microflake normals
* Automatic registration of LiDAR and optical imagery using depth map stereo
* Multiresolution distance volumes for progressive surface compression
* Optimization of Plane Fits to Image Segments in Multi-view Stereo
* Piecewise Planar Scene Reconstruction and Optimization for Multi-view Stereo
* Real-time view synthesis from a sparse set of views
Includes: Max, N.[Nelson] Max, N.

Max, N.L.[Nelson L.] Co Author Listing * Approximate volume rendering for curvilinear and unstructured grids by hardware-assisted polyhedron projection
* Atoms with transparency and shadows
* Bump Shading for Volume Textures
* Light diffusion through clouds and haze

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