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Mauger, C.A.[Charlene A.] Co Author Listing * Sensitivity of Myocardial Stiffness Estimates to Inter-observer Variability in LV Geometric Modelling
Includes: Mauger, C.A.[Charlene A.] Mauger, C.A.[Charlène A.]

Maugeri, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * MOTSynth: How Can Synthetic Data Help Pedestrian Detection and Tracking?

Maugeri, M.[Maurizio] Co Author Listing * Comparing Measured Incoming Shortwave and Longwave Radiation on a Glacier Surface with Estimated Records from Satellite and Off-Glacier Observations: A Case Study for the Forni Glacier, Italy
* Comparison of Surface Solar Irradiance from Ground Observations and Satellite Data (1990-2016) over a Complex Orography Region (Piedmont-Northwest Italy)
* Snow Cover Variability in the Greater Alpine Region in the MODIS Era (2000-2019)

Maugeri, S.R.[Salvatore Roberto] Co Author Listing * Multi-Parametric and Multi-Layer Study to Investigate the Largest 2022 Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai Eruptions, A

Maugeri, V.[Valentina] Co Author Listing * Automatic Color Detection of Archaeological Pottery with Munsell System

Maugey, T. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Early Mode Decision Technique for View Synthesis Prediction-Enhanced Multiview Video Coding
* Compressed sensing of multiview images using disparity compensation
* Consistent view synthesis in interactive multiview imaging
* Correlation model selection for interactive video communication
* Correlation-Aware Packet Scheduling in Multi-Camera Networks
* Depth-Based Multiview Distributed Video Coding
* Encoder-Driven Inpainting Strategy in Multiview Video Compression
* Evaluation Framework for 360-Degree Visual Content Compression with User View-Dependent Transmission
* Evaluation of Side Information Effectiveness in Distributed Video Coding
* Extended Layered Depth Image Representation in Multiview Navigation
* Fine Granularity Access in Interactive Compression of 360-Degree Images Based on Rate-adaptive Channel Codes
* Geometry-Aware Graph Transforms for Light Field Compact Representation
* Graph-based light fields representation and coding using geometry information
* Graph-Based Representation for Multiview Image Geometry
* Graph-based representation for multiview images with complex camera configurations
* Guided inpainting with cluster-based auxiliary information
* Image interpolation with edge-preserving differential motion refinement
* Immersive Video Coding: Should Geometry Information Be Transmitted as Depth Maps?
* Interactive Multiview Video System With Low Complexity 2D Look Around at Decoder
* Interactive multiview video system with low decoding complexity
* Key view selection in distributed multiview coding
* Large Database Compression Based on Perceived Information
* Luminance coding in graph-based representation of multiview images
* Multiview video representations for quality-scalable navigation
* Navigation Domain Representation For Interactive Multiview Imaging
* Optimal layered representation for adaptive interactive multiview video streaming
* Optimized Data Representation for Interactive Multiview Navigation
* Optimized Packet Scheduling in Multiview Video Navigation Systems
* OSLO: On-the-Sphere Learning for Omnidirectional Images and Its Application to 360-Degree Image Compression
* Packet scheduling in multicamera capture systems
* Prediction and Sampling With Local Graph Transforms for Quasi-Lossless Light Field Compression
* R-D optimized auxiliary information for inpainting-based view synthesis
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Graph Coarsening and Partitioning for Light Field Coding
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Graph-Based Representation for Multiview Images With Complex Camera Configurations
* Reference View Selection in DIBR-Based Multiview Coding
* Semantic Alignment for Multi-Item Compression
* Side information estimation and new symmetric schemes for multi-view distributed video coding
* Temporal and Inter-View Consistent Error Concealment Technique for Multiview Plus Depth Video
* Universal lossless coding with random user access: The cost of interactivity
* Wide-Baseline Foreground Object Interpolation Using Silhouette Shape Prior
Includes: Maugey, T. Maugey, T.[Thomas]
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Maughan, L.[Logan] Co Author Listing * Operations to support temporal coverage aggregates over moving regions

Maugis, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Confronting Soil Moisture Dynamics from the ORCHIDEE Land Surface Model With the ESA-CCI Product: Perspectives for Data Assimilation

Maugnard, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Survey of current hyperspectral Earth observation applications from space and synergies with Sentinel-2
* Survey of Hyperspectral Earth Observation Applications from Space in the Sentinel-2 Context

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