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Maksai, A. Co Author Listing * Non-Markovian Globally Consistent Multi-object Tracking
* What Players do with the Ball: A Physically Constrained Interaction Modeling
* WILDTRACK: A Multi-camera HD Dataset for Dense Unscripted Pedestrian Detection

Maksimainen, M.[Mikko] Co Author Listing * Automated Multi-Sensor 3D Reconstruction for the Web
* Luminance-Corrected 3D Point Clouds for Road and Street Environments

Maksimov, A.A. Co Author Listing * Photogrammetric Technique for Timber Stack Volume Contol

Maksimov, D. Co Author Listing * Graph-Matching Based CTA

Maksym, J.N.[Joseph N.] Co Author Listing * Acoustic signal interpretation: Reasoning with non-specific and uncertain information
* Machine analysis of acoustical signals

Maksymiuk, O. Co Author Listing * Data Fusion for Building Reconstruction from Multi-Aspect INSAR Data
* Determination of Glacier Surface Area Using Spaceborne SAR Imagery
* Radargrammetric registration of airborne multi-aspect SAR data of urban areas
Includes: Maksymiuk, O. Maksymiuk, O.[Oliver]

Maksymonko, G.B. Co Author Listing * Analysis of High Resolution Imagery for Object Detection

Maksyutov, S.[Shamil] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Four Years of Global XCO2 Anomalies as Seen by Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2
* Assessment of Anthropogenic Methane Emissions over Large Regions Based on GOSAT Observations and High Resolution Transport Modeling
* Climate-Induced Extreme Hydrologic Events in the Arctic

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