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Madabhushi, A. Co Author Listing * Automated detection of prostatic adenocarcinoma from high-resolution ex vivo MRI
* Bayesian Approach to Human Activity Recognition, A
* Combining low-, high-level and empirical domain knowledge for automated segmentation of ultrasonic breast lesions
* Comparing Ensembles of Learners: Detecting Prostate Cancer from High Resolution MRI
* Feature Importance in Nonlinear Embeddings (FINE): Applications in Digital Pathology
* Generalized scale: Theory, algorithms, and application to image inhomogeneity correction
* Histopathological Image Analysis: A Review
* Integrated Region-, Boundary-, Shape-Based Active Contour for Multiple Object Overlap Resolution in Histological Imagery, An
* Interplay Between Intensity Standardization and Inhomogeneity Correction in MR Image Processing
* Multifeature Landmark-Free Active Appearance Models: Application to Prostate MRI Segmentation
* Pattern Recognition in Histopathological Images: An ICPR 2010 Contest
* Simultaneous segmentation of prostatic zones using Active Appearance Models with multiple coupled levelsets
* Stacked Sparse Autoencoder (SSAE) for Nuclei Detection on Breast Cancer Histopathology Images
* Statistical shape model for manifold regularization: Gleason grading of prostate histology
* Supervised Multi-View Canonical Correlation Analysis (sMVCCA): Integrating Histologic and Proteomic Features for Predicting Recurrent Prostate Cancer
* Using Head Movement to Recognize Activity
* Weighted Maximum Posterior Marginals for Random Fields Using an Ensemble of Conditional Densities From Multiple Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulations
Includes: Madabhushi, A. Madabhushi, A.[Anant]
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Madabusi, S.[Sudarshan] Co Author Listing * Edge detection for facial images under noisy conditions

Madadi, M.[Meysam] Co Author Listing * ChaLearn Looking at People Challenge 2014: Dataset and Results
* Multi-part body segmentation based on depth maps for soft biometry analysis
* Occlusion Aware Hand Pose Recovery from Sequences of Depth Images
* Results and Analysis of ChaLearn LAP Multi-modal Isolated and Continuous Gesture Recognition, and Real Versus Fake Expressed Emotions Challenges
* Visualizing Apparent Personality Analysis with Deep Residual Networks
Includes: Madadi, M.[Meysam] Madadi, M.

Madan, S.[Shipra] Co Author Listing * Archiving Mural Paintings Using an Ontology Based Approach
* hybrid approach to character segmentation of Gurmukhi script characters, A
Includes: Madan, S.[Shipra] Madan, S.

Madan, S.K.[Siddharth K.] Co Author Listing * Quasiconvex alignment of multimodal skin images for quantitative dermatology

Madanayake, A. Co Author Listing * Discrete Tchebichef Transform Approximation for Image and Video Coding, A
* Fast computation of residual complexity image similarity metric using low-complexity transforms
* Low-Complexity Image and Video Coding Based on an Approximate Discrete Tchebichef Transform
* Multiplierless 16-point DCT approximation for low-complexity image and video coding
* multiplierless pruned DCT-like transformation for image and video compression that requires ten additions only, A
* Row-Parallel 8X8 2-D DCT Architecture Using Algebraic Integer-Based Exact Computation, A
* Single-Channel Architecture for Algebraic Integer-Based 8X8 2-D DCT Computation, A
* VLSI architecture for 4-D depth filtering
Includes: Madanayake, A. Madanayake, A.[Arjuna]
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Madani, A. Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Recognition Using Decision Trees
* new modeling approach for Arabic opinion mining recognition, A
* Optimizing self-organizing method in traffic lights with PSO algorithm in a single junction modeled with a cellular automaton

Madani, A.T.[Adib Tayeb] Co Author Listing * Dubai 3d Textuerd Mesh Using High Quality Resolution Vertical/Oblique Aerial Imagery

Madani, K.[Kurosh] Co Author Listing * Artificial Neural Networks Based Image Processing and Pattern Recognition: From Concepts to Real-World Applications
* From visual patterns to semantic description: A cognitive approach using artificial curiosity as the foundation
* Image segmentation on spherical coordinate representation of RGB colour space
* new algorithm for target tracking using fuzzy-edge-hased feature matching and robust statistic, A
* Spherical coordinates framed RGB color space dichromatic reflection model based image segmentation: Application to wildland fires' outlines extraction
Includes: Madani, K.[Kurosh] Madani, K.

Madani, M. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Potential And Applications Of Midas Aerial Oblique Camera System
* Increasing-Geometric Accuracy of DMC's Virtual Images

Madani, N.[Nima] Co Author Listing * Global Analysis of Bioclimatic Controls on Ecosystem Productivity Using Satellite Observations of Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence
* SMAP Level 4 Carbon Product for Monitoring Ecosystem Land-Atmosphere CO2 Exchange, The
Includes: Madani, N.[Nima] Madani, N.

Madani, O.[Omid] Co Author Listing * Weakly Supervised Learning of Object Segmentations from Web-Scale Video

Madani, S.A.[Sajjad A.] Co Author Listing * optical character recognition of Urdu-like cursive scripts, The
* Survey on blind image forgery detection
Includes: Madani, S.A.[Sajjad A.] Madani, S.A.

Madansky, A. Co Author Listing * Fitting of Straight Lines when Both Variables are Subject to Error, The

Madapana, N. Co Author Listing * Semantical Analytical Approach for Zero Shot Gesture Learning, A

Madarasmi, S. Co Author Listing * dual belief propagation method for shape recognition, A
* Image search using deformable contours
* Multi-Layer Surface Segmentation Using Energy Minimization
* Texture Segmentation Using Topographic Labels

Madarasz, R.L. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Moving Objects Using Feature Signatures
* Relaxation Labeling Using Staged Updating
* Temporal Constraints for Estimating Optic Flow

Madarieta, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Improvements for Voter Interfaces in Polling Station and Remote Electronic Voting Systems, An

Madasu, V.[Vamsi] Co Author Listing * Context-Based Approach for Detecting Suspicious Behaviours, A
* Decision Level Fusion Using t-Norms
* Detecting Uncommon Trajectories
* suspicious behaviour detection using a context space model for smart surveillance systems, A
* Update-Describe Approach for Human Action Recognition in Surveillance Video, An

Madasu, V.K. Co Author Listing * Abandoned Object Detection System Based on Dual Background Segmentation, An
* Biometric Authentication Based on Infrared Thermal Hand Vein Patterns
* Blotch Detection in Pigmented Skin Lesions Using Fuzzy Co-clustering and Texture Segmentation
* Fuzzy Co-Clustering of medical images using bacterial foraging
* Fuzzy Edge Detection in Biometric Systems
* Fuzzy Modeling Based Recognition of Multi-font Numerals
* Histo-pathological image analysis using OS-FCM and level sets
* Off-line signature verification and forgery detection using fuzzy modeling
* palm print authentication system using quantized phase feature representation, A
Includes: Madasu, V.K. Madasu, V.K.[Vamsi K.] Madasu, V.K.[Vamsi Krishna]
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Madathil, B.[Baburaj] Co Author Listing * novel dictionary-based approach for missing sample recovery of signals in manifold, A

Madathil, K. Co Author Listing * Interactive breadboard activity simulation (IBAS) for psychomotor skills education in electrical circuitry

Maday, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Imaging as a Surrogate for the Early Prediction and Assessment of Treatment Response through the Analysis of 4-D Texture Ensembles (ISEPARATE)

Madbouly, A.M.M.[A. M. M.] Co Author Listing * Efficient method for vehicle license plate identification based on learning a morphological feature

Madbouly, A.S. Co Author Listing * Cardiac Cavity Labeling In Echocardiograms Using Deformable Model-Guided Splitting

Maddage, N.[Namunu] Co Author Listing * Information Theoretic Expectation Maximization Based Gaussian Mixture Modeling for Speaker Verification

Maddage, N.C.[Namunu C.] Co Author Listing * Audio Secret Management Scheme Using Shamir's Secret Sharing
* Singer identification based on vocal and instrumental models
Includes: Maddage, N.C.[Namunu C.] Maddage, N.C.

Maddah, M.[Mohammadreza] Co Author Listing * Face verification using local binary pattern-unconstrained minimum average correlation energy correlation filters
* Modeling of anatomical information in clustering of white matter fiber trajectories using Dirichlet distribution
Includes: Maddah, M.[Mohammadreza] Maddah, M.[Mahnaz]

Maddalena, D. Co Author Listing * Visual Motion Estimation for Tumbling Satellite Capture

Maddalena, L.[Lucia] Co Author Listing * 3D Neural Model-Based Stopped Object Detection
* 3dSOBS+ algorithm for moving object detection, The
* Editorial: Scene background modeling and initialization
* Efficient methods for scratch removal in image sequences
* Extensive Benchmark and Survey of Modeling Methods for Scene Background Initialization
* Extracting a background image by a multi-modal scene background model
* fusion-based approach to digital movie restoration, A
* Moving Object Detection for Real-Time Applications
* Neural Background Subtraction for Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras
* People counting by learning their appearance in a multi-view camera environment
* Removing Line Scratches in Digital Image Sequences by Fusion Techniques
* Restoration of blue scratches in digital image sequences
* Scene background initialization: A taxonomy
* Self Organizing and Fuzzy Modelling for Parked Vehicles Detection
* Self-Organizing Approach to Background Subtraction for Visual Surveillance Applications, A
* Self-organizing Approach to Detection of Moving Patterns for Real-Time Applications, A
* SOBS algorithm: What are the limits?, The
* Towards Benchmarking Scene Background Initialization
Includes: Maddalena, L.[Lucia] Maddalena, L.
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Maddalena, V. Co Author Listing * Snow cover monitoring in alpine regions with COSMO-SkyMed images by using a multitemporal approach and depolarization ratio

Maddaleno, C.[Corrado] Co Author Listing * Vision-Based Navigation Facility for Planetary Entry Descent Landing, A

Madden, B.C.[Brian C.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Madden, B.C.[Brian C.]: madden AT grip cis upenn edu
* Extended Intensity Range Image
Includes: Madden, B.C.[Brian C.] Madden, B.C.

Madden, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Automatic camera placement for large scale surveillance networks
* Comparison of Techniques for Mitigating the Effects of Illumination Variations on the Appearance of Human Targets
* Contradiction and Correlation for Camera Overlap Estimation
* Detecting Major Segmentation Errors for a Tracked Person Using Colour Feature Analysis
* framework for track matching across disjoint cameras using robust shape and appearance features, A
* Measuring Latency for Video Surveillance Systems
* Mitigating the Effects of Variable Illumination for Tracking across Disjoint Camera Views
* Tracking hand-off in large surveillance networks
* Tracking people across disjoint camera views by an illumination-tolerant appearance representation
Includes: Madden, C.[Chris] Madden, C. Madden, C.[Christopher]
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Madden, D. Co Author Listing * Mobile ISR: Intelligent ISR management and exploitation for the expeditionary warfighter

Madden, G. Co Author Listing * Analysis of microscopy and reconstructive images for applications in medicine and biology

Madden, M. Co Author Listing * Applied Geospatial Education: Acquisition And Processing Of High Resolution Airborne Lidar And Orthoimages For The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Southeastern United States
* Bridging The Gap Between Nasa Earth Observations And Decision Makers Through The Nasa Develop National Program
* Closest Spectral Fit for Removing Clouds and Cloud Shadows
* Context-aware Analysis, Geovisualisation And Virtual Globes For Managing Earth Resources
* Determination of optimal scale parameters for alliance-level forest classification of multispectral Ikonos images
* FFT-enhanced IHS transform method for fusing high-resolution satellite images
* Forest Type Mapping using Object-specific Texture Measures from Multispectral Ikonos Imagery: Segmentation Quality and Image Classification Issues
* Information from imagery: ISPRS scientific vision and research agenda
* Maximum Entropy Model Of The Bearded Capuchin Monkey Habitat Incorporating Topography And Spectral Unmixing Analysis, A
* Object-based segmentation of cultural and natural landscapes using landscape models to derive contextual classification
* Point Cloud Mapping Methods For Documenting Cultural Landscape Features At The Wormsloe State Historic Site, Savannah, Georgia, Usa
* Self-Adaptive Gradient-Based Thresholding Method for Coal Fire Detection Using ASTER Thermal Infrared Data, Part I: Methodology and Decadal Change Detection
* Theme issue 'State-of-the-art in photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information science'
* Theme Issue: Challenges in Geospatial Analysis and Visualization
* Theme issue: Visualization and exploration of geospatial data
* Vegetation Disturbance And Recovery Following A Rare Windthrow Event In The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Includes: Madden, M. Madden, M.[Marguerite]
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Madden, M.F.M.<.[Mark F. Murphy/A1>, Greg] Co Author Listing * Quantifying structure regularity in fluorescence microscopy cell images using a novel multi-dimensional approximate entropy metric

Madden, P.B.[Paul B.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive modeling and segmentation of visual image streams
* Temporal smoothing of scene analysis data for image sequence generation

Madden, T.E.[Thomas E.] Co Author Listing * Digital Color Management: Encoding Solutions
* Science of Color, The

Maddern, W.[Will] Co Author Listing * Direct Visual Localisation and Calibration for Road Vehicles in Changing City Environments
* NID-SLAM: Robust Monocular SLAM Using Normalised Information Distance
* Robust Direct Visual Localisation using Normalised Information Distance

Maddi, S.[Siddhartha] Co Author Listing * novel sequence representation for unsupervised analysis of human activities, A
* Structure from Statistics: Unsupervised Activity Analysis using Suffix Trees
* Unsupervised analysis of activity sequences using event-motifs

Maddock, S.[Steve] Co Author Listing * Progressive Refinement Approach for the Visualisation of Implicit Surfaces, A

Maddocks, J.H. Co Author Listing * 3-D Shape Estimation of DNA Molecules From Stereo Cryo-Electron Micro-Graphs Using a Projection-Steerable Snake

Maddouri, S.[Samia] Co Author Listing * Invariant Primitives for Handwritten Arabic Script: A Contrastive Study of Four Feature Sets

Maddouri, S.S. Co Author Listing * Combination of local and global vision modelling for Arabic handwritten words recognition
* Three Evaluation Criteria's towards a Comparison of Two Characters Segmentation Methods for Handwritten Arabic Script
Includes: Maddouri, S.S. Maddouri, S.S.[Samia Snoussi]

Maddux, B.[Brent] Co Author Listing * Satellite Regional Cloud Climatology over the Great Lakes

Maddy, E.S. Co Author Listing * Vertical Resolution Estimates in Version 5 of AIRS Operational Retrievals

Madec, G.[Gerard] Co Author Listing * Efficient compression method for integral images using multi-view video coding

Madeira, J.[Joaquim] Co Author Listing * 3D Tool for Left Ventricle Segmentation Editing, A
* Left Ventricle Segmentation from Heart MDCT
* Level-Set Based Volumetric CT Segmentation Technique: A Case Study with Pulmonary Air Bubbles, A
* Myocardial Perfusion Analysis from Adenosine-Induced Stress MDCT

Madeira, S.C.[Sara C.] Co Author Listing * structured view on pattern mining-based biclustering, A

Madeiro, F. Co Author Listing * Encryption of medical images based on the cosine number transform
* Image encryption based on the finite field cosine transform
* Improved Evolutionary Hybrid Method for Designing Morphological Operators
* Improving Image Vector Quantization with a Genetic Accelerated K-Means Algorithm
* Multiresolution Codebook Design for Wavelet/VQ Image Coding
* Nonlinear combination method of forecasters applied to PM time series
Includes: Madeiro, F. Madeiro, F.[Francisco]

Madej, D. Co Author Listing * Applications of hidden Markov models in bar code decoding

Madej, L.[Lukasz] Co Author Listing * Numerical Simulations of Hypoeutectoid Steels under Loading Conditions, Based on Image Processing and Digital Material Representation

Madella, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * High and Medium Resolution Satellite Imagery to Evaluate Late Holocene Human-Environment Interactions in Arid Lands: A Case Study from the Central Sahara
* Use of Satellite SAR for Understanding Long-Term Human Occupation Dynamics in the Monsoonal Semi-Arid Plains of North Gujarat, India

Madella, P. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Contextual Classification of Multisource Remote Sensing Images

Mademlis, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Content-Based Search Based on 3D Krawtchouk Moments
* 3D object retrieval using the 3D shape impact descriptor
* Blind Robust 3-D Mesh Watermarking Based on Oblate Spheroidal Harmonics
* Ellipsoidal Harmonics for 3-D Shape Description and Retrieval
* novel framework for retrieval and interactive visualization of multimodal data, A
* On 3D Partial Matching of Meaningful Parts
* SHREC'09 Track: Generic Shape Retrieval
* SHREC'09 Track: Structural Shape Retrieval On Watertight Models
Includes: Mademlis, A. Mademlis, A.[Athanasios]
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Mademlis, I. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of 3D Quality Defects in Stereoscopic Videos Using Binocular Disparity
* Multimodal Stereoscopic Movie Summarization Conforming to Narrative Characteristics

Madeo, S. Co Author Listing * Fast, Compact, and Discriminative: Evaluation of Binary Descriptors for Mobile Applications
* optimized stereo vision implementation for embedded systems: application to RGB and infra-red images, An
Includes: Madeo, S. Madeo, S.[Simone]

Mader, A.O. Co Author Listing * Using web images as additional training resource for the discriminative generalized hough transform

Mader, D. Co Author Listing * Development of a geometric model for an all-reflective camera system
* Generation of TIR-attributed 3D Point Clouds from UAV-based Thermal Imagery
* Integrated Flexible Self-calibration Approach for 2D Laser Scanning Range Finders Applied to the Hokuyo UTM-30LX-EW, An
* Potential Of UAV-based Laser Scanner And Multispectral Camera Data In Building Inspection
* UAV-Based Acquisition of 3D Point Cloud: A Comparison of a Low-Cost Laser Scanner and SFM-Tools
Includes: Mader, D. Mader, D.[David]

Mader, I.[Irina] Co Author Listing * Comparative Characterisation of Susceptibility Weighted MRI for Brain White Matter Lesions in MS

Mader, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Overview of the Croatian Land Administration System and the Possibilities for Its Upgrade to 3D by Existing Data

Mader, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Sea Bird Detection From High Resolution Aerial Imagery
* Improving the Spatial Resolution of Land Surface Phenology by Fusing Medium- and Coarse-Resolution Inputs

Mader, T.[Theodor] Co Author Listing * Competitive baseline methods set new standards for the NIPS 2003 feature selection benchmark
* Seeing the Objects Behind the Dots: Recognition in Videos from a Moving Camera

Mader, U. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of 3D city models: EuroSDR comparison
Includes: Mader, U. Mäder, U. (Maybe also Maeder, U.)

Maderal, E.N. Co Author Listing * Automatic River Network Extraction From Lidar Data

Maderlechner, G. Co Author Listing * Automated acquisition of geographic information from scanned maps for GIS using frames and semantic networks
* Classification of Documents by Form and Content
* Experimental Environment for Model Based Document Analysis, An
* Extraction of Relevant Information from Document Images Using Measures of Visual Attention
* Finding Captions in PDF-Documents for Semantic Annotations of Images
* general approach for parametrizing the Hough transform, A
* In-House Mail Distribution by Automatic Address and Content Interpretation
* Invariant Thinning
* Knowledge-Based Interpretation of Scanned Large-Scale Maps Using Multi-Level Modelling
* Logo and word matching using a general approach to signal registration
* Representation, Classification and Modelling of Graphs for Efficient Pattern Recognition in Line Images
* Structure of Irreducible Digital Sets Obtained by Thinning Algorithms, The
* Symbolic Subtraction from Fixed Formatted Graphics and Text from Filled in Forms
* Thinning binary pictures by a labeling procedure
Includes: Maderlechner, G. Maderlechner, G.[Gerd]
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Maderna, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Telepresence teaching visual equipment

Madhani, K.[Kartik] Co Author Listing * Visual Search and Visual Lobe Size

Madhava Rao, V. Co Author Listing * Impact Assessment of Watershed In Desert Region

Madhavan, B.L. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Langley and NASA-GISS Calibration Techniques for MFRSR Aerosol Retrieval

Madhavan, C.E.V.[C. E. Veni] Co Author Listing * Bit Domain Encryption
* Bit Plane Encoding and Encryption
* Clustering in Concept Association Networks
Includes: Madhavan, C.E.V.[C. E. Veni] Madhavan, C.E.V.[C.E. Veni]

Madhavan, R. Co Author Listing * Grouping sensory primitives for object recognition and tracking
* Map-Building and Map-Based Localization in an Underground-Mine by Statistical Pattern Matching
* Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems (PerMIS) 2006 Workshop: Summary and Review
* Registration of range data from unmanned aerial and ground vehicles
* Robust detection and recognition of buildings in urban environments from LADAR data
* Symbolic Road Perception-based Autonomous Driving in Urban Environments
* Using a High-Fidelity Simulation Framework for Performance Singularity
Includes: Madhavan, R. Madhavan, R.[Raj]
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Madhavan, S.[Sriharsha] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Radiometric Improvements With Electronic Crosstalk Correction for Terra MODIS Band 27
* Evaluation of VIIRS and MODIS Thermal Emissive Band Calibration Stability Using Ground Target
* Investigation and Mitigation of the Crosstalk Effect in Terra MODIS Band 30
* Investigation of the Electronic Crosstalk in Terra MODIS Band 28
* Noise Characterization and Performance of MODIS Thermal Emissive Bands
* Terra and Aqua MODIS Thermal Emissive Bands On-Orbit Calibration and Performance
* Terra MODIS Band 27 Electronic Crosstalk Effect and Its Removal
Includes: Madhavan, S.[Sriharsha] Madhavan, S.
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Madhavan, V.[Vashisht] Co Author Listing * Best Practices for Fine-Tuning Visual Classifiers to New Domains

Madhavaraj, A. Co Author Listing * code and domain independent traitor tracing system based on the eigen-decomposition of fingerprinted images, A

Madhavi, M.C.[Maulik C.] Co Author Listing * Spoken Keyword Retrieval Using Source and System Features

Madheswaran, M. Co Author Listing * Non-invasive evaluation of carotid artery wall thickness using improved dynamic programming technique
* Pruned Associative Classification Technique for the Medical Image Diagnosis System
* Texture pattern analysis of kidney tissues for disorder identification and classification using dominant Gabor wavelet

Madhikarmi, B.L.[Bhuwan L.] Co Author Listing * Using Visual Exploratory Data Analysis to Facilitate Collaboration and Hypothesis Generation in Cross-Disciplinary Research

Madhok, V. Co Author Listing * email: Madhok, V.: madhok AT ecn purdue edu
* process model for remote sensing data analysis, A

Madhow, U. Co Author Listing * Determining Achievable Rates for Secure, Zero Divergence, Steganography
* Estimating and undoing rotation for print-scan resilient data hiding
* Estimation of optimum coding redundancy and frequency domain analysis of attacks for YASS: A randomized block based hiding scheme
* joint source-channel coding scheme for image-in-image data hiding, A
* LLRT based detection of LSB hiding
* Provably Secure Steganography: Achieving Zero K-L Divergence using Statistical Restoration
* Robust image-adaptive data hiding using erasure and error correction
* Statistical Restoration for Robust and Secure Steganography
* Steganalysis of quantization index modulation data hiding
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Madhu, M. Co Author Listing * Inspection and error analysis of Geneva gear on machine vision system using Sherlock™ and VB 6.0 Algorithm

Madhu, N. Co Author Listing * Reference Estimation in EEG: Analysis of Equivalent Approaches

Madhubalan, K.[Kavitha] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Tensor Voting based clustering and EM based clustering

Madhukara, J. Co Author Listing * KL divergence based agglomerative clustering for automated Vitiligo grading

Madhusudan, M.D. Co Author Listing * Design and Evaluation of a Robust Optical Beam-Interruption-Based Vehicle Classifier System

Madhusudana, P.C. Co Author Listing * Multiple Spectral Peak Tracking for Heart Rate Monitoring from Photoplethysmography Signal During Intensive Physical Exercise

Madhusudhanarao, T.V. Co Author Listing * Content-based image retrievals based on generalised gamma distribution and relevance feedback mechanism

Madhvanath, S. Co Author Listing * approach to identify unique styles in online handwriting recognition, An
* Chaincode Contour Processing for Handwritten Word Recognition
* Contour-Based Image Preprocessing for Holistic Handwritten Word Recognition
* Deep Multimodal Representation Learning from Temporal Data
* Deep Temporal Multimodal Fusion for Medical Procedure Monitoring Using Wearable Sensors
* Framework Based on Semi-Supervised Clustering for Discovering Unique Writing Styles, A
* Framework for Adaptation of the Active-DTW Classifier for Online Handwritten Character Recognition, A
* Hidden Markov Models for Online Handwritten Tamil Word Recognition
* HMM-Based Lexicon-Driven and Lexicon-Free Word Recognition for Online Handwritten Indic Scripts
* Holistic Verification of Handwritten Phrases
* Hover System for Rapid Holistic Verification of Off-Line Handwritten Phrases, The
* JollyMate: Assistive Technology for Young Children with Dyslexia
* Local reference lines for handwritten phrase recognition
* Machine recognition of online handwritten Devanagari characters
* On the Significance of Stroke Size and Position for Online Handwritten Devanagari Word Recognition: An Empirical Study
* Principal component analysis for online handwritten character recognition
* Pruning Large Lexicons Using Generalized Word Shape Descriptors
* Reading Handwritten Phrases on US Census Forms
* Role of Holistic Paradigms in Handwritten Word Recognition, The
* Syntactic methodology of pruning large lexicons in cursive script recognition
* UPX: a new XML representation for annotated datasets of online handwriting data
Includes: Madhvanath, S. Madhvanath, S.[Sriganesh]
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Madi, A.[Abdeldjalil] Co Author Listing * Color Correction Problem of Image Displayed on Non-white Projection Screen
* Exploiting Color Constancy for Compensating Projected Images on Non-white Light Projection Screen

Madi, K.[Kamel] Co Author Listing * Graph-based approach for Kite recognition, A
* Kite Recognition by Means of Graph Matching

Madian, N.[Nirmala] Co Author Listing * Automated identification of centromere position and centromere index(CI) of human chromosome images

Madigan, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Document Degradation Models: Parameter Estimation and Model Validation
* Statistical, Nonparametric Methodology for Document Degradation Model Validation, A

Madikeri, S. Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Open-Source Acoustic Simulator for Speaker Recognition, A

Madiraju, N.[Naveen] Co Author Listing * Level Set Segmentation of Brain Matter Using a Trans-Roto-Scale Invariant High Dimensional Feature

Madiraju, S.V.R. Co Author Listing * Rotation invariant texture classification using covariance

Madisetti, A. Co Author Listing * 100 MHz 2-D 8X8 DCT/IDCT processor for HDTV applications, A
* algorithm-driven processor design for video compression, An
* integrated circuit design for pruned tree-search vector quantization encoding with an off-chip controller, An

Madisetti, V.K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Lapped Transform-Based Image-Coding
* Fast Discrete Radon Transform I: Theory, The
* Parameter Optimization of Robust Low-Bit-Rate Video Coders
* Variable Block Size Adaptive Lapped Transform-Based Image Coding

Madison, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Robust object recognition using a cascade of geometric consistency filters
* Tactical geospatial intelligence from full motion video

Madjarov, G.[Gjorgji] Co Author Listing * Dual Layer Voting Method for Efficient Multi-label Classification
* extensive experimental comparison of methods for multi-label learning, An
* Two stage architecture for multi-label learning

Madjidi, H.[Hossein] Co Author Listing * On robustness and localization accuracy of optical flow computation for underwater color images
* On robustness and localization accuracy of optical flow computation from color imagery
* Vision-based positioning and terrain mapping by global alignment for UAVs
Includes: Madjidi, H.[Hossein] Madjidi, H.

Madokoro, H.[Hirokazu] Co Author Listing * Generation of emotional feature space based on topological characteristics of facial expression images
* Unsupervised Feature Selection and Category Classification for a Vision-Based Mobile Robot
* Unsupervised Feature Selection and Category Formation for Generic Object Recognition

Madonsela, S.[Sabelo] Co Author Listing * Remote sensing of species diversity using Landsat 8 spectral variables
* Seasonal Separation of African Savanna Components Using Worldview-2 Imagery: A Comparison of Pixel- and Object-Based Approaches and Selected Classification Algorithms

Madooei, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Detecting specular highlights in dermatological images

Madore, B. Co Author Listing * Fast algorithms for GS-model-based image reconstruction in data-sharing fourier imaging

Madrane, N. Co Author Listing * Towards Automatic Annotation of Video Documents

Madrid Cuevas, F. Co Author Listing * Viewpoint-independent gait recognition through morphological descriptions of 3D human reconstructions
Includes: Madrid Cuevas, F. Madrid-Cuevas, F.

Madrid Cuevas, F.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic generation and detection of highly reliable fiducial markers under occlusion
* Automatic generation of consensus ground truth for the comparison of edge detection techniques
* Characterization of empirical discrepancy evaluation measures
* computation of polygonal approximations for 2D contours based on a concavity tree, The
* Contour simplification using a multi-scale local phase analysis
* Depth silhouettes for gesture recognition
* Determining Hysteresis Thresholds for Edge Detection by Combining the Advantages and Disadvantages of Thresholding Methods
* Dominant point detection: A new proposal
* Dominant Points Detection Using Phase Congruence
* efficient unsupervised method for obtaining polygonal approximations of closed digital planar curves, An
* Entropy volumes for viewpoint-independent gait recognition
* Evaluation of global thresholding techniques in non-contextual edge detection
* Generation of fiducial marker dictionaries using Mixed Integer Linear Programming
* Method for Dominant Points Detection and Matching 2D Object Identification, A
* new approach for multi-view gait recognition on unconstrained paths, A
* new measurement for assessing polygonal approximation of curves, A
* New Method for Obtaining Optimal Polygonal Approximations
* new thresholding approach for automatic generation of polygonal approximations, A
* novel histogram transformation to improve the performance of thresholding methods in edge detection, A
* Novel method to obtain the optimal polygonal approximation of digital planar curves based on Mixed Integer Programming
* octree-based method for shape from inconsistent silhouettes, An
* On candidates selection for hysteresis thresholds in edge detection
* Particle filtering with multiple and heterogeneous cameras
* People detection and tracking with multiple stereo cameras using particle filters
* Polygonal approximation of digital planar curves through break point suppression
* Shape from silhouette using Dempster-Shafer theory
* Simultaneous reconstruction and calibration for multi-view structured light scanning
* Solving the process of hysteresis without determining the optimal thresholds
* Stereo Pictorial Structure for 2D articulated human pose estimation
* Unimodal thresholding for edge detection
* Unsupervised Approximation of Digital Planar Curves
Includes: Madrid Cuevas, F.J. Madrid-Cuevas, F.J. Madrid-Cuevas, F.J.[Francisco José] Madrid-Cuevas, F.J.[Francisco J.]
31 for Madrid Cuevas, F.J.

Madrid, H.[Humberto] Co Author Listing * Sampling Techniques for Monte Carlo Matrix Multiplication with Applications to Image Processing

Madrid, N.M. Co Author Listing * Sensor Technology Survey for a Stress-Aware Trading Process, A

Madrigal Gomez, J.M.[Jose Manuel] Co Author Listing * On the Detectability of Buried Remains with Hyperspectral Measurements
Includes: Madrigal Gomez, J.M.[Jose Manuel] Madrigal-Gómez, J.M.[José Manuel]

Madrigal, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of multiple motion models for multiple pedestrian visual tracking
* Improving multiple pedestrians tracking with semantic information
* Intention-Aware Multiple Pedestrian Tracking
* Learning and Regularizing Motion Models for Enhancing Particle Filter-Based Target Tracking
* Motion priors based on goals hierarchies in pedestrian tracking applications
* Motion priors for multiple target visual tracking
* Multiple view, multiple target tracking with principal axis-based data association
7 for Madrigal, F.

Madronal, D. Co Author Listing * Demo: HELICoiD tool demonstrator for real-time brain cancer detection
* Hyperspectral image classification using a parallel implementation of the linear SVM on a Massively Parallel Processor Array (MPPA) platform
Includes: Madronal, D. Madroñal, D.

Madruga, G.[Greg] Co Author Listing * email: Madruga, G.[Greg]: madruga AT sonoma edu

Mads, H.[Hansen] Co Author Listing * Cluster tracking with Time-of-Flight cameras

Madsen, A.L. Co Author Listing * Maximal Prime Subgraph Decomposition of Bayesian Networks

Madsen, B.R.[Bo Rene] Co Author Listing * Estimating Motion in Ultrasound Images of the Small Bowel: Optical Flow without Image Structure
Includes: Madsen, B.R.[Bo Rene] Madsen, B.R.[Bo René]

Madsen, C.[Claus] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking Close-range Structure from Motion 3D Reconstruction Software Under Varying Capturing Conditions

Madsen, C.B.[Claus B.] Co Author Listing * email: Madsen, C.B.[Claus B.]: cbm AT vision auc dk
* Brush, lasso, or magic wand? Picking the right tool for large-scale multiple object selection tasks
* Comparative-Study of the Robustness of Two Pose Estimation Techniques, A
* Computational and Evolutionary Perspective on the Role of Representation in Vision: Reply, A
* Determining angles with a movable observer
* Estimation of Dynamic Light Changes in Outdoor Scenes Without the use of Calibration Objects
* Extended Perspective Three Points Problem, An
* Graph Cut Based Segmentation of Soft Shadows for Seamless Removal and Augmentation
* Modeling and Testing the Stability of Edge Segments: Length and Orientation
* Optimization of Robot Self-Localization Accuracy by Automatic Visual-Landmark Selection
* Performance Comparison of Techniques for Approximating Image-Based Lighting by Directional Light Sources
* Reactive View Planning for Quantification of Local Geometry
* Real-Time Recognition of Hand Alphabet Gestures Using Principal Component Analysis
* Segmentation of Soft Shadows Based on a Daylight- and Penumbra Model
* Sensor networked mobile robotics
* Shadow Detection in Dynamic Scenes Using Dense Stereo Information and an Outdoor Illumination Model
* Using Real Shadows to Create Virtual Ones
* View Point Variation in the Noise Sensitivity of Pose Estimation
* Viewpoint Planning Strategy for Determining True Angles on Polyhedral Objects by Camera Alignment, A
Includes: Madsen, C.B.[Claus B.] Madsen, C.B.
19 for Madsen, C.B.

Madsen, D.D.[David D.] Co Author Listing * Digital range sensor system

Madsen, E.L. Co Author Listing * Shear Wave Velocity Imaging Using Transient Electrode Perturbation: Phantom and ex vivo Validation
* Young's Modulus Reconstruction for Radio-Frequency Ablation Electrode-Induced Displacement Fields: A Feasibility Study

Madsen, J.B. Co Author Listing * How wrong can you be: Perception of static orientation errors in mixed reality

Madsen, K. Co Author Listing * Initialization and Optimization of Deformable Models
* Quantitative Measurement of Changes in Retinal Vessel Diameter in Ocular Fundus Images

Madsen, K.H.[Kristoffer H.] Co Author Listing * Model sparsity and brain pattern interpretation of classification models in neuroimaging

Madsen, N.H.[Nels H.] Co Author Listing * Method for capturing, measuring and analyzing motion

Madsen, N.M. Co Author Listing * Calibration and Validation of the RapidScat Scatterometer Using Tropical Rainforests
* RapidScat Diurnal Cycles Over Land

Madsen, O. Co Author Listing * Interactive Assembly Guide Using Augmented Reality
* System to Navigate a Robot into a Ship Structure, A
Includes: Madsen, O. Madsen, O.[Ole]

Madsen, R.E. Co Author Listing * Pruning the vocabulary for better context recognition

Madsen, S.N. Co Author Listing * Geometric calibration of ERS satellite SAR images

Madsen, T.C.[Thomas C.] Co Author Listing * Product inspection method and apparatus

Madurapperuma, A.P.[Ajith P.] Co Author Listing * Computational Model for Recognizing Emotion with Intensity for Machine Vision Applications, A
* Integrating Animated Pedagogical Agent as Motivational Supporter into Interactive System
* Multi-agent Based Interactive System Towards Child's Emotion Performances Quantified Through Affective Body Gestures, A
* Towards Recognizing Emotion with Affective Dimensions Through Body Gestures
Includes: Madurapperuma, A.P.[Ajith P.] Madurapperuma, A.P.

Maduro, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Estimating traffic intensity using profile images on rectified images
* Estimating Vehicle Velocity Using Image Profiles on Rectified Images
* Estimation of vehicle velocity and traffic intensity using rectified images
* Synthetic OCT data for image processing performance testing
Includes: Maduro, C.[Cristina] Maduro, C.

Maduskar, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Tuberculosis in Chest Radiographs Using a Combination of Textural, Focal, and Shape Abnormality Analysis
* Localized Energy-Based Normalization of Medical Images: Application to Chest Radiography
* Novel Multiple-Instance Learning-Based Approach to Computer-Aided Detection of Tuberculosis on Chest X-Rays, A
* On Combining Multiple-Instance Learning and Active Learning for Computer-Aided Detection of Tuberculosis

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