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Ma, G.[Gang] Co Author Listing * Computational Cognitive Models for Brain-Machine Collaborations
* Deep Pixel Probabilistic Model for Super Resolution Based on Human Visual Saliency Mechanism
* Dual Adaptive Regularization Method to Remove Mixed Gaussian-Poisson Noise, A
* Dynamic Channel Selection of Microwave Temperature Sounding Channels under Cloudy Conditions
* Fast 3D hand estimation for mobile interactions
* Finger Vein Verification Based on Neighbor Pattern Coding
* general subspace ensemble learning framework via totally-corrective boosting and tensor-based and local patch-based extensions for gait recognition, A
* Generation of long-term InSAR ground displacement time-series through a novel multi-sensor data merging technique: The case study of the Shanghai coastal area
* Generic Receiver Architecture for MIMO Wireless Power Transfer With Nonlinear Energy Harvesting, A
* Graph convolutional network with structure pooling and joint-wise channel attention for action recognition
* Object-level Change Detection Based On High-resolution Remote-sensing Images and Its Application in Japanese Earthquake on March 11, 2011
* Patch-Based Hippocampus Segmentation Using a Local Subspace Learning Method
* Pattern classification of dermoscopy images: A perceptually uniform model
* Pedestrian detection using a single monochrome camera
* Salient Object Detection via Multiple Instance Joint Re-Learning
* Second Order Perdicting-Error Sorting for Reversible Data Hiding
* Spatially Consistent Supervoxel Correspondences of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Images
* Vegetation Phenological Changes in Multiple Landforms and Responses to Climate Change
* Volumetric reconstruction of craniofacial structures from 2D lateral cephalograms by regression forest
Includes: Ma, G.[Gang] Ma, G. Ma, G.[Ge] Ma, G.[Guoli] Ma, G.[Guangkai] Ma, G.[Guanyu] Ma, G.[Gaoqun] Ma, G.[Guangzhi] Ma, G.[Gao]
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Ma, G.C.[Guang Chi] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Spatial Characteristics of Digital Signage in Beijing with Multi-Source Data
Includes: Ma, G.C.[Guang Chi] Ma, G.C.[Guang-Chi]

Ma, G.K.[Guang Kai] Co Author Listing * Atlas-Guided Multi-channel Forest Learning for Human Brain Labeling
* Multi-Level Canonical Correlation Analysis for Standard-Dose PET Image Estimation
* Predicting Standard-Dose PET Image from Low-Dose PET and Multimodal MR Images Using Mapping-Based Sparse Representation
* Prediction of Standard-Dose PET Image by Low-Dose PET and MRI Images
* Soft-Split Random Forest for Anatomy Labeling
Includes: Ma, G.K.[Guang Kai] Ma, G.K.[Guang-Kai]

Ma, G.L.[Guo Li] Co Author Listing * Feature-Level Fusion of Finger Veins and Finger Dorsal Texture for Personal Authentication Based on Orientation Selection
Includes: Ma, G.L.[Guo Li] Ma, G.L.[Guo-Li]

Ma, G.R.[Guo Rui] Co Author Listing * Hybrid regularization image deblurring in the presence of impulsive noise
Includes: Ma, G.R.[Guo Rui] Ma, G.R.[Guo-Rui]

Ma, G.W.[Guang Wei] Co Author Listing * ICA-based direction-of-arrival estimation of uncorrelated and coherent signals with uniform linear array
Includes: Ma, G.W.[Guang Wei] Ma, G.W.[Guang-Wei]

Ma, G.Y.[Geng Yu] Co Author Listing * Canonical sequence extraction and HMM model building based on hierarchical clustering
* Efficient reversible data hiding in encrypted images based on multi-stage integer wavelet transform
* Pixels Classification for Moving Object Extraction
* Post inserted object calibration for stereo video rectification
* Typical Sequences Extraction and Recognition
* video saliency detection method based on spatial and motion information, A
Includes: Ma, G.Y.[Geng Yu] Ma, G.Y.[Geng-Yu] Ma, G.Y.[Guang-Yao]

Ma, G.Z.[Guang Zhi] Co Author Listing * Learning deep CNNs for impulse noise removal in images
Includes: Ma, G.Z.[Guang Zhi] Ma, G.Z.[Guang-Zhi]

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