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Lv, G.[Gaohuan] Co Author Listing * Ground Moving Target Indication in SAR Images With Symmetric Doppler Views
* Multi-Scale Flow Field Mapping Method Based on Real-Time Feature Streamlines
* Raft cultivation area extraction from high resolution remote sensing imagery by fusing multi-scale region-line primitive association features
Includes: Lv, G.[Gaohuan] Lv, G.[Guannan] Lv, G.[Guonian]

Lv, G.F.[Guo Fang] Co Author Listing * Robust object tracking based on local discriminative sparse representation
Includes: Lv, G.F.[Guo Fang] Lv, G.F.[Guo-Fang]

Lv, G.H.[Guo Hua] Co Author Listing * Detection of Structural Similarity for Multimodal Microscopic Image Registration
* Enhancing image registration performance by incorporating distribution and spatial distance of local descriptors
* Enhancing SIFT-based image registration performance by building and selecting highly discriminating descriptors
* Improved Symmetric-SIFT for Multi-modal Image Registration
* Novel Multi-Modal Image Registration Method Based on Corners, A
Includes: Lv, G.H.[Guo Hua] Lv, G.H.[Guo-Hua]

Lv, G.N.[Guan Nan] Co Author Listing * Continuous-Scale 3D Terrain Visualization Based on a Detail-Increment Model
* Efficient Visualization Method for Polygonal Data with Dynamic Simplification, An
* Extracting Indoor Space Information in Complex Building Environments
* Representation Method for Complex Road Networks in Virtual Geographic Environments, A
* Technical design and system implementation of region-line primitive association framework
Includes: Lv, G.N.[Guan Nan] Lv, G.N.[Guan-Nan] Lv, G.N.[Guo-Nian]

Lv, G.Y.[Guo Yun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Color Image Watermarking Algorithm Based on Fractal and Neural Networks
Includes: Lv, G.Y.[Guo Yun] Lv, G.Y.[Guo-Yun]

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