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Lumban Gaol, Y.A. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Point Clouds Semantic Segmentation Using Three Different Neural Networks on the Railway Station Dataset, A
* Geographically Weighted Regression Approach for Shallow Water Depth Estimation Using Multispectral Satellite Imageries
* Satellite-derived Bathymetry Using Convolutional Neural Networks And Multispectral Sentinel-2 Images
Includes: Lumban Gaol, Y.A. Lumban-Gaol, Y.A.

Lumbeeck, L.P. Co Author Listing * Accurate Terahertz Imaging Simulation With Ray Tracing Incorporating Beam Shape and Refraction
* Radon Transform For Terahertz Computed Tomography Incorporating The Beam Shape, The

Lumbierres, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Global Sensitivity Analysis of Leaf-Canopy-Atmosphere RTMs: Implications for Biophysical Variables Retrieval from Top-of-Atmosphere Radiance Data
* Modeling Biomass Production in Seasonal Wetlands Using MODIS NDVI Land Surface Phenology

Lumbreras, F. Co Author Listing * 2D-to-3D Facial Expression Transfer
* 3DRRDB: Super Resolution of Multiple Remote Sensing Images using 3D Residual in Residual Dense Blocks
* Alignment of videos recorded from moving vehicles
* Colour Normalisation Based on Background Information
* Combining Priors, Appearance, and Context for Road Detection
* Creaseness from Level Set Extrinsic Curvature
* Evaluation of Methods for Ridge and Valley Detection
* Evaluation of Similarity Functions in Multimodal Stereo
* Factorization-Based Approach To Photometric Stereo, A
* ICAR: Identity Card Automatic Reader
* Information Theoretic Rotationwise Robust Binary Descriptor Learning
* Iterative Multiresolution Scheme for SFM with Missing Data, An
* iterative multiresolution scheme for SFM with missing data: Single and multiple object scenes, An
* Iterative Multiresolution Scheme for SFM, An
* Locating People in Indoor Scenes for Real Applications
* Motion Segmentation from Feature Trajectories with Missing Data
* Multi-part body segmentation based on depth maps for soft biometry analysis
* Multimodal template matching based on gradient and mutual information using scale-space
* Multispectral piecewise planar stereo using Manhattan-world assumption
* Nighttime Vehicle Detection for Intelligent Headlight Control
* Photometric stereo through an adapted alternation approach
* Rank Estimation in Missing Data Matrix Problems
* Recovery of Surface Normals and Reflectance from Different Lighting Conditions
* Robust Lane Lines Detection and Quantitative Assessment
* Single View Facial Hair 3D Reconstruction
* Synchronization of Video Sequences from Free-Moving Cameras
* Topological principal component analysis for face encoding and recognition
* Understanding Road Scenes Using Visual Cues and GPS Information
* Wavelet Filtering for the Segmentation of Marble Images
Includes: Lumbreras, F. Lumbreras, F.[Felipe]
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Lumbroso, J.[Jeremie] Co Author Listing * Optimal Partial Tiling of Manhattan Polyominoes
Includes: Lumbroso, J.[Jeremie] Lumbroso, J.[Jérémie]

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