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Lu, A. Co Author Listing * Generation and Visualization of Four-Dimensional MR Angiography Data Using an Undersampled 3-D Projection Trajectory
* Improving Person Re-Identification by Efficient Pairwise-Specific CRC Coding in the XQDA Subspace
* Insect species recognition using discriminative local soft coding
* Insect Species Recognition using Sparse Representation
* Statistical Properties of Jacobian Maps and the Realization of Unbiased Large-Deformation Nonlinear Image Registration
* Weighted-to-Spherically-Uniform Quality Evaluation for Omnidirectional Video
Includes: Lu, A. Lu, A.[AiHong] Lu, A.[An]

Lu, A.C.[Ai Chieh] Co Author Listing * Method for transforming an image from a resolution to a lower resolution
Includes: Lu, A.C.[Ai Chieh] Lu, A.C.[Ai-Chieh]

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