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Loria, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Detecting Coherence in Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System Mission Level-1 Delay-Doppler Maps, An
* Gamification Platform to Analyze and Influence Citizens' Daily Transportation Choices, A
* Improved GNSS-R Ocean Surface Altimetry With CYGNSS in the Seas of Indonesia
Includes: Loria, E.[Eric] Loria, E.

Lorie, R. Co Author Listing * System for Automated Data Entry from Forms, A
* System for Automatically Reading IATA Flight Coupons, A

Lorier, L.[Lionel] Co Author Listing * TSM: Tracing Surface Motion: A Generic Toolbox for Analyzing Ground-Based Image Time Series of Slope Deformation

Loriette, V. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Estimation for Optimized Structured Illumination Microscopy
* Fast and automatic reconstruction of structured illumination microscopy images with multiscale products
Includes: Loriette, V. Loriette, V.[Vincent]

Lorieul, T.[Titouan] Co Author Listing * Categorizing plant images at the variety level: Did you say fine-grained?
* Multi-Label Learning from Single Positive Labels

Lorigo, L.M.[Liana M.] Co Author Listing * Codimension-Two Geodesic Active Contours for the Segmentation of Tubular Structures
* CURVES: Curve evolution for vessel segmentation
* Fast Temporal Tracking and 3D Reconstruction of a Single Coronary Vessel
* Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition: A Survey
* Recognizing Three Dimensional Objects by Comparing Two-Dimensional Images
* Segmentation and pre-recognition of Arabic handwriting
Includes: Lorigo, L.M.[Liana M.] Lorigo, L.M.

Lorilla, R.S.[Roxanne Suzette] Co Author Listing * Towards assessing agricultural land suitability with causal machine learning

Lorincz, A.[Andras] Co Author Listing * 3D Semantic Label Transfer in Human-Robot Collaboration
* 3D shape estimation in video sequences provides high precision evaluation of facial expressions
* Deep Gestalt Reasoning Model: Interpreting Electrophysiological Signals Related to Cognition
* Deep Learning for Facial Action Unit Detection Under Large Head Poses
* Emotional Expression Classification Using Time-Series Kernels
* Handling dataset dependence with model ensembles for skin lesion classification from dermoscopic and clinical images
* High quality facial expression recognition in video streams using shape related information only
* Monocular, vision based, autonomous refueling system
* Online group-structured dictionary learning
* Separation theorem for independent subspace analysis and its consequences
* Spatio-temporal Event Classification Using Time-Series Kernel Based Structured Sparsity
Includes: Lorincz, A.[Andras] Lorincz, A.[András] Lorincz, A.
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Loring, B. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Whole Brain Registration: MRI and High Resolution Histology

Lorini, E. Co Author Listing * Computational Modeling of Emotion: Toward Improving the Inter- and Intradisciplinary Exchange

Lorintiu, O. Co Author Listing * Compressed Sensing Doppler Ultrasound Reconstruction Using Block Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Compressed sensing reconstruction of 3D ultrasound data using dictionary learning
* Compressed Sensing Reconstruction of 3D Ultrasound Data Using Dictionary Learning and Line-Wise Subsampling

Loriot, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Non-Model Based Method for an Automation of 3D Acquisition and Post-Processing

Lorite Martinez, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of Bridges and Continental Water Bodies From 3d Point Clouds (aerial Lidar)
Includes: Lorite Martinez, S. Lorite Martínez, S.

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