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Llamas, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Applying Deep Learning Techniques to Cultural Heritage Images Within the INCEPTION Project
* Towards The Automatic 3d Parametrization of Non-planar Surfaces From Point Clouds in HBIM Applications
Includes: Llamas, J.[Jose] Llamas, J.

Llamas, J.M.[Jose M.] Co Author Listing * Parameter estimation in Bayesian reconstruction of SPECT images: An aid in nuclear medicine diagnosis
Includes: Llamas, J.M.[Jose M.] Llamas, J.M.[JosÚ M.]

Llamas, R.M.[Ricardo M.] Co Author Listing * Downscaling Satellite Soil Moisture Using a Modular Spatial Inference Framework
* Generation of 250m MODIS LAI time series by temporal regression
* Spatial Gap-Filling of ESA CCI Satellite-Derived Soil Moisture Based on Geostatistical Techniques and Multiple Regression

Llamazares Llamazares, A. Co Author Listing * Extended Floating Car Data System: Experimental Results and Application for a Hybrid Route Level of Service
Includes: Llamazares Llamazares, A. Llamazares Llamazares, ┴.

Llamocca, D. Co Author Listing * Dynamically Reconfigurable Pixel Processor System Based on Power/Energy-Performance-Accuracy Optimization, A
* Fast 2D Convolutions and Cross-Correlations Using Scalable Architectures
* Fast and Parallel Computation of the Discrete Periodic Radon Transform on GPUs, Multicore CPUs and FPGAs
* Fast and Scalable 2D Convolutions and Cross-correlations for Processing Image Databases and Videos on CPUs
* Fast and Scalable Computation of the Forward and Inverse Discrete Periodic Radon Transform
* Fast Discrete Periodic Radon Transform for prime sized images: Algorithm, architecture, and VLSI/FPGA implementation, The
* Real-time dynamically reconfigurable 2-D filterbanks
* scalable architecture for implementing the fast discrete periodic radon transform for prime sized images, A
* unified and pipelined hardware architecture for implementing intra prediction in HEVC, A
Includes: Llamocca, D. Llamocca, D.[Daniel]
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