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Liu Jimenez, J.[Judith] Co Author Listing * Architectures for Biometric Match-on-Token Solutions
* Correlation-Based Fingerprint Matching with Orientation Field Alignment
* Optimisation of biometric ID tokens by using hardware/software co-design
* Performance evaluation of handwritten signature recognition in mobile environments
* Small fingerprint scanners used in mobile devices: The impact on biometric performance
* Wavelet-Based Fingerprint Region Selection
Includes: Liu Jimenez, J.[Judith] Liu-Jimenez, J.[Judith] Liu-Jimenez, J.

Liu Yu, S. Co Author Listing * Determination of the Apparent Boundary of an Object
* Deterministic pseudo-annealing: a new optimization scheme applied to texture segmentation
Includes: Liu Yu, S. Liu-Yu, S.

Liu, A. Co Author Listing * Automated manifold surgery: constructing geometrically accurate and topologically correct models of the human cerebral cortex
* Caliber: Camera Localization and Calibration Using Rigidity Constraints
* Deriving Ocean Surface Drift Using Multiple SAR Sensors
* Discriminative Dictionary Learning with Low-Rank Error Model for Robust Crater Recognition
* Embedded Solution to Visual Mapping for Consumer Drones, An
* Enhanced Just Noticeable Difference (JND) estimation with image decomposition
* Experimental Comparison of Appearance and Geometric Model Based Recognition, An
* Fast facial landmark detection using cascade classifiers and a simple 3D model
* hierarchical framework for movie content analysis: Let computers watch films like humans, A
* Image Quality Assessment Based on Gradient Similarity
* Image retargeting quality assessment based on support vector regression
* Innovative Model of Tempo and Its Application in Action Scene Detection for Movie Analysis, An
* Integrated Architecture for Recognition of Totally Unconstrained Handwritten Numerals, An
* Just Noticeable Difference Estimation for Images With Free-Energy Principle
* Just Noticeable Difference for Images With Decomposition Model for Separating Edge and Textured Regions
* Kinematic Design for Platoon-Lane-Change Maneuvers
* Low-Complexity Video Quality Assessment Using Temporal Quality Variations
* Modeling and Prediction of Human Behavior
* Multipe/Single-View Human Action Recognition via Part-Induced Multitask Structural Learning
* Multiple Person Tracking by Spatiotemporal Tracklet Association
* Multiscale Medial Analysis Of Medical Images
* Multiscale Medial Axis and Its Applications in Image Registration, The
* Novel Anchorperson Detection Algorithm Based on Spatio-temporal Slice, A
* Optimal Compression Plane for Efficient Video Coding
* Orthogonal Frequency Diversity Waveform with Range-Doppler Optimization for MIMO Radar
* Perceptual Quality Metric With Internal Generative Mechanism
* pipeline virtual environment architecture for multicore processor systems, A
* Reduced-Reference Image Quality Assessment With Visual Information Fidelity
* Visual Navigation for Mobile Devices
Includes: Liu, A. Liu, A.[Albert] Liu, A.[An] Liu, A.[Ang] Liu, A.[Anmin] Liu, A.[Anan] Liu, A.[Andrew] Liu, A.[Alan]
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Liu, A.A.[An An] Co Author Listing * 3D object retrieval based on sparse coding in weak supervision
* Clique-graph matching by preserving global & local structure
* Human action recognition based on sparse representation induced by L1/L2 regulations
* Multi-Modal Clique-Graph Matching for View-Based 3D Model Retrieval
* Semi-Markov Model for Mitosis Segmentation in Time-Lapse Phase Contrast Microscopy Image Sequences of Stem Cell Populations, A
Includes: Liu, A.A.[An An] Liu, A.A.[An-An] Liu, A.A.

Liu, A.F.[An Fang] Co Author Listing * Progress of Instantaneity in Real-Time ROBOCUP Vision System
Includes: Liu, A.F.[An Fang] Liu, A.F.[An-Fang]

Liu, A.K. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Typhoon Centers From SAR and IR Images and Those From Best Track Data Sets
* Comparison of Typhoon Locations over Ocean Surface Observed by Various Satellite Sensors
* Shape-based Discrimination and Classification of Cortical Surfaces
Includes: Liu, A.K. Liu, A.K.[Antony K.] Liu, A.K.[Arthur K.]

Liu, A.X.[Ai Xia] Co Author Listing * Statistical Ratio Rank Ordered Differences Filter for SeaWiFS Impulse Noise Removal
Includes: Liu, A.X.[Ai Xia] Liu, A.X.[Ai-Xia]

Liu, B. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Cultural Tourism Attractions from Indoor to Outdoor Based on Portable Four-Camera Stereo Vision System
* algorithm for wipe detection, An
* Aligning Curves Under Projective Transform and its Application to Image Registration
* Application of Graph Kernels in Face Recognition, The
* Bayesian Model Adaptation for Crowd Counts
* Bistatic SAR Data Focusing Using an Omega-K Algorithm Based on Method of Series Reversion
* Blind Image Deblurring Using Weighted Sum of Gaussian Kernels for Point Spread Function Estimation
* Block motion compensated coding of interlaced sequences using adaptively deinterlaced fields
* Block-based variable density compressed image sampling
* Bowstring-based dual-threshold computation method for adaptive Canny edge detector
* ChainCluster: Engineering a Cooperative Content Distribution Framework for Highway Vehicular Communications
* Change Detection Method for Remote Sensing Image Based On Multi-feature Differencing Kernel SVM, A
* Coded Target Based Traffic Accident Vision Swift Reconnaissance System
* Complexity based rate control for MPEG encoder
* Construction method of three-channel non-separable symmetric wavelets with arbitrary dilation matrices and its applications in multispectral image fusion
* Data hiding in image and video. I. Fundamental issues and solutions
* Data hiding in image and video. II. Designs and applications
* Design of a Scalable Multicast Scheme With an Application-Network Cross-Layer Approach
* Digital high definition television: Dawning of the new era
* Digital Watermarking Using Shuffling
* Direct Kernel Uncorrelated Discriminant Analysis Algorithm, A
* Drift compensation for reduced spatial resolution transcoding
* Eavesdropping-Based Gossip Algorithms for Distributed Consensus in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Edge compensated transform coding
* Efficient and Accurate Method for 3D-Point Reconstruction from Multiple Views, An
* Efficient matching and clustering of video shots
* Efficient SAR Processor Based on GPU via CUDA, An
* Estimation of Surface Soil Moisture from Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Using an Improved Trapezoid Method
* Fault tolerant control for uncertain systems with actuator stochastic failures
* Feasibility Analysis of Automatic Classification on Land Use Change Dynamic Monitoring
* Feature Fusion for Blurring Detection in Image Forensics
* Feature-Oriented Rate Shaping of Pre-Compressed Image/Video
* Fully automatic and segmentation-robust classification of breast tumors based on local texture analysis of ultrasound images
* Fusion of Multi-spectral Image Using Non-separable Additive Wavelets for High Spatial Resolution Enhancement
* Generalization of SPIHT: Set Partition Coding System
* Generalized uncertainty principles associated with Hilbert transform
* Geometric-Structure-Based Error Concealment with Novel Applications in Block-Based Low-Bit-Rate Coding
* GMM Post-Filter for Residual Crosstalk Suppression in Blind Source Separation, A
* hierarchical anti-occlusion tracking algorithm based on DMPF and ORB, A
* Hierarchical Coding Vectors for Scene Level Land-Use Classification
* High-Accuracy and Quick Matting Based on Sample-Pair Refinement and Local Optimization
* Ideal AFROC and FROC Observers
* Image reconstruction from a limited number of projections: detection/estimation of multiple discs with unknown radii
* Image Registration by Super-Curves
* Improved DBF Algorithm for Multichannel High-Resolution Wide-Swath SAR
* improved system for 3D individualized modeling of the artificial femoral head, An
* In-Image Accessibility Indication
* In-sequence video duplicate detection with fast point-to-line matching
* Interframe coding of magnetic resonance images
* Interslice coding of magnetic resonance images using deformable triangular patches
* Iterative transductive learning for alpha matting
* Joint Learning of Labels and Distance Metric
* Joint semantic and geometric segmentation of videos with a stage model
* Large Margin Subspace Learning for feature selection
* Large Scale Medical Image Search via Unsupervised PCA Hashing
* Learning active facial patches for expression analysis
* Localizing relevant frames in web videos using topic model and relevance filtering
* Manifold regularized matrix completion for multilabel classification
* Method and apparatus for determining motion vectors for image sequences
* Method and apparatus for video browsing based on content and structure
* Model-Based Diagnosis of Multi-Track Level Crossing Plants
* Model-based Reconstruction of Multiple Circular and Elliptic Objects from a Limited Number of Projections
* Modified Dynamic Programming Approach for Dim Target Detection and Tracking, A
* Multi-scale noise estimation for image splicing forgery detection
* Multiple Resolution Segmentation of Textured Images
* New fast algorithms for the estimation of block motion vectors
* new method of MCI extraction with multi-temporal MODIS EVI data, A
* No-reference image quality assessment based on spatial and spectral entropies
* Non-manual grammatical marker recognition based on multi-scale, spatio-temporal analysis of head pose and facial expressions
* Novel Approach For Coding Color Quantized Images, A
* Object tracking: feature selection and confidence propagation
* On Resolving Rightful Ownerships of Digital Images by Invisible Watermarks
* On the extraction of DC sequence from MPEG compressed video
* Performance Analysis of Non Coherent CFAR Detection Based on Goodness-of-Fit Tests in Different Clutter Environments
* Position-Patch Based Face Hallucination Using Convex Optimization
* Probability density difference-based active contour for ultrasound image segmentation
* quick scale-invariant interest point detecting approach, A
* Rapid scene analysis on compressed video
* Real-Time Video Copy-Location Detection in Large-Scale Repositories
* Recognizing eyebrow and periodic head gestures using CRFs for non-manual grammatical marker detection in ASL
* Remote Sensing Classification Method of Wetland Based on an Improved SVM
* Representation and Spatially Adaptive Segmentation for PolSAR Images Based on Wedgelet Analysis
* Rigorous Photogrammetric Processing Of Chang'e-1 And Chang'e-2 Stereo Imagery For Lunar Topographic Mapping
* Robust Rank-Two Multicast Beamforming Under a Unified CSI Uncertainty Model
* SAR Raw Data Simulation for Ocean Scenes Using Inverse Omega-K Algorithm
* Segmentation of Video by Clustering and Graph Analysis
* segmentation system based on clustering method for pediatric DTI images, A
* Self-Calibration Bundle Adjustment Method for Photogrammetric Processing of Chang 'E-2 Stereo Lunar Imagery, A
* Self-Clustering Symmetry Detection
* Sparse Frequency Diverse MIMO Radar Imaging for Off-Grid Target Based on Adaptive Iterative MAP
* Spatial Coordinated Medium Sharing: Optimal Access Control Management in Drive-Thru Internet
* Special Issue on Indexing, Storage, Browsing, and Retrieval of Images and Video: Guest Editors Introduction
* Statistical Watermark Detection Technique Without Using Original Images for Resolving Rightful Ownerships of Digital Images, A
* Steganalysis Based on Difference Image
* stretching transform-based automatic nonrigid registration system for cerebrovascular digital subtraction angiography images, A
* Superpixel-Based Classification With an Adaptive Number of Classes for Polarimetric SAR Images
* SVD based linear filtering in DCT domain
* Temporal Segmentation of Video Using Frame and Histogram-space
* Tomographic image sequence reconstruction by edge-preserving interslice MAP methods
* V2X-Based Decentralized Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control in the Vicinity of Intersections
* Video Transcoding by Reducing Spatial Resolution
* Watermarking for image authentication
* Watermarking, a Mature Technology: Retrospect and Prospect
Includes: Liu, B. Liu, B.[Bede] Liu, B.[Bo] Liu, B.[Ben_Yong] Liu, B.[Bin] Liu, B.[Bing] Liu, B.[Baozhen] Liu, B.[Buyu] Liu, B.[Bao]
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Liu, B.B.[Bing Bing] Co Author Listing * closed-form estimate of 3D ICP covariance, A
* Detection of range errors due to occlusion in separated transceiver LADARs
* Image colourisation using graph-based semi-supervised learning
* Low-rank matrix decomposition in L1-norm by dynamic systems
* Quasi Monte Carlo localization for mobile robots
* Robust Prostate Segmentation Using Intrinsic Properties of TRUS Images
* Source camera identification from significant noise residual regions
Includes: Liu, B.B.[Bing Bing] Liu, B.B.[Bing-Bing] Liu, B.B. Liu, B.B.[Bei-Bei]
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Liu, B.C.[Bao Chang] Co Author Listing * Effects of Doppler Aliasing on Baseline Estimation in Multichannel SAR-GMTI and Solutions to Address These Effects
* Improvement in Multichannel SAR-GMTI Detection in Heterogeneous Environments, An
Includes: Liu, B.C.[Bao Chang] Liu, B.C.[Bao-Chang]

Liu, B.D.[Bao Di] Co Author Listing * Action recognition in still images using a combination of human pose and context information
* Adaptive postprocessors with DCT-based block classifications
* Adaptive Truncation Algorithm for Hadamard-Transformed H.264/AVC Lossless Video Coding
* Combined CAVLC Decoder, Inverse Quantizer, and Transform Kernel in Compact H.264/AVC Decoder
* DCT-Based Adaptive Thresholding Algorithm for Binary Motion Estimation
* Design of a color reproduction neural network chip with on-chip learning capability
* Efficient inverse transform architectures for multi-standard video coding applications
* Efficient Postprocessor for Blocky Effect Removal Based on Transform Characteristics
* Efficient residual coding algorithm based on hadamard transform in lossless H.264/AVC
* Efficient two-ass rate control scheme based on adjusting distribution of discrete cosine transform coefficients
* Efficient VLSI Architecture for Transform-Based Intra Prediction in H.264/AVC, An
* Fast three-dimensional video coding encoding algorithms based on edge information of depth map
* Hardware/Software Codesign of a Low-Cost Rate Control Scheme for H.264/AVC
* Highly Efficient VLSI Architecture for H.264/AVC CAVLC Decoder, A
* Image tag completion by low-rank factorization with dual reconstruction structure preserved
* Learning dictionary on manifolds for image classification
* Locality sensitive dictionary learning for image classification
* Locality Sensitive Low-Rank Model for Image Tag Completion, A
* Lossless image and video coding based on H.264/AVC intra predictions with simplified interpolations
* Low Complexity Detection of Discrete Cross Differences for Fast H.264/AVC Intra Prediction, A
* Robust Moving Cast Shadows Detection and Removal with Reliability Checking of the Color Property
* Robust nonnegative matrix factorization via L1 norm regularization by multiplicative updating rules
* Self-explanatory Sparse Representation for Image Classification
* TISVM: Large margin classifier for misaligned image classification
* Two-Stage Rate Control Mechanism for RDO-Based H.264/AVC Encoders, A
* VLSI implementation of parallel coefficient-by-coefficient two-dimensional IDCT processor
Includes: Liu, B.D.[Bao Di] Liu, B.D.[Bao-Di] Liu, B.D.[Bin-Da] Liu, B.D.
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Liu, B.Q.[Bao Quan] Co Author Listing * GSWO: A programming model for GPU-enabled parallelization of sliding window operations in image processing
* Learning the Kernel Combination for Object Categorization
* neutrosophic filter for high-density Salt and Pepper noise based on pixel-wise adaptive smoothing parameter, A
* Predicting the quality of user-generated answers using co-training in community-based question answering portals
Includes: Liu, B.Q.[Bao Quan] Liu, B.Q.[Bao-Quan] Liu, B.Q.[Bing-Quan] Liu, B.Q.[Bo-Qiang]

Liu, B.W.[Bing Wei] Co Author Listing * cloud infrastructure for target detection and tracking using audio and video fusion, A
* container-based elastic cloud architecture for real-time full-motion video (FMV) target tracking, A
Includes: Liu, B.W.[Bing Wei] Liu, B.W.[Bing-Wei]

Liu, B.X.[Bing Xiang] Co Author Listing * Bagging-based spectral clustering ensemble selection
Includes: Liu, B.X.[Bing Xiang] Liu, B.X.[Bing-Xiang]

Liu, B.Y.[Bao Yuan] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition by Weakly-Supervised Discriminative Region Localization
* Adaptive training of a kernel-based nonlinear discriminator
* Blurring length estimation using ringing artifacts in a deblurred image
* Coherent Doppler lidar to investigate wind turbulence
* Detection guided deconvolutional network for hierarchical feature learning
* Fraunhofer Lidar Prototype in the Green Spectral Region for Atmospheric Boundary Layer Observations
* Image Representation Learning by Deep Appearance and Spatial Coding
* Kernel discrimination via oblique projection
* Learning a Representative and Discriminative Part Model with Deep Convolutional Features for Scene Recognition
* Learning representative and discriminative image representation by deep appearance and spatial coding
* Multi-class Semantic Video Segmentation with Exemplar-Based Object Reasoning
* Multiclass semantic video segmentation with object-level active inference
* Probabilistic Label Trees for Efficient Large Scale Image Classification
* Regularized Hierarchical Feature Learning with Non-negative Sparsity and Selectivity for Image Classification
* Robust and Fast Collaborative Tracking with Two Stage Sparse Optimization
* Robust tracking using local sparse appearance model and K-selection
* Robust Visual Tracking Using Local Sparse Appearance Model and K-Selection
* Single image depth estimation from predicted semantic labels
* Sparse Convolutional Neural Networks
* Spatial and Anatomical Regularization Based on Multiple Kernel Learning for Neuroimaging Classification
Includes: Liu, B.Y.[Bao Yuan] Liu, B.Y.[Bao-Yuan] Liu, B.Y.[Ben-Yong] Liu, B.Y.[Bing-Yi] Liu, B.Y.[Bing-Yuan] Liu, B.Y.[Bu-Yu] Liu, B.Y.[Bai-Yang] Liu, B.Y.[Be-Yang]
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Liu, B.Z.[Bo Zhi] Co Author Listing * Illuminant classification based on random forest
Includes: Liu, B.Z.[Bo Zhi] Liu, B.Z.[Bo-Zhi]

Liu, C.[Chun] Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling of Haussmannian Facades
* 3D soft-tissue tracking using spatial-color joint probability distribution and thin-plate spline model
* Adaptive image segmentation by using mean-shift and evolutionary optimisation
* Adaptive mode decision for multiview video coding based on macroblock position constraint model
* Annotation Propagation in Large Image Databases via Dense Image Correspondence
* Anomaly detection in surveillance video using motion direction statistics
* Approximating discrete probability distributions with dependence trees
* Articulated human pose tracking based on game theory
* Auto-Calibrated Parallel Imaging Reconstruction for Arbitrary Trajectories Using k-Space Sparse Matrices (kSPA)
* Automatic clustering method based on evolutionary optimisation
* Automatic Estimation and Removal of Noise from a Single Image
* Automatic eyeglasses removal from face images
* Automatic Mathematical Expression Understanding System, An
* Bandwidth Efficient and Rate-Adaptive Video Delivery in TV White Space
* Bayesian approach to adaptive video super resolution, A
* Bayesian approach to adaptive video super resolution, A
* Bayesian Approach to Alignment-Based Image Hallucination, A
* Bi-directional Integrated Model for Non-rigid Motion Analysis, A
* Biomass Estimation Based on the Fusion of ICESat GLAS and MODIS Data in the Chongming Eastern Tidal Flat of the Yangtze River
* Boosted Co-Training Algorithm for Human Action Recognition, A
* Boosting EigenActions: A new algorithm for human action categorization
* Classification of Multi-Frequency Polarimetric SAR Images Based on Multi-Linear Subspace Learning of Tensor Objects
* Co-segmentation of multiple similar images using saliency detection and region merging
* Cognitive radio assisted quality compensation for scalable video multicast in cellular networks
* Color multi-fusion fisher vector feature for fine art painting categorization and influence analysis
* Combination of H-Alpha Decomposition and Migration for Enhancing Subsurface Target Classification of GPR
* Combined Deblocking Filter and SAO Hardware Architecture for HEVC, A
* Comparative Assessment of Independent Component Analysis (ICA) for Face Recognition
* Complexity-adaptive Search Algorithm for Block Motion Estimation
* Compositional Model for Low-Dimensional Image Set Representation, A
* Contour-motion feature (CMF): A space-time approach for robust pedestrian detection
* Data Fusion with Integration of Airborne Laser Scanning Data and Ortho-aerial Photos
* Data-Driven Regularization Model for Stereo and Flow, A
* Deformable Spatial Pyramid Matching for Fast Dense Correspondences
* Depth Extraction from Video Using Non-parametric Sampling
* Depth Transfer: Depth Extraction from Video Using Non-Parametric Sampling
* Detail Preserving 3D Motion Compression Based on Local Transformation
* Detection and Imaging of Ground Moving Targets With Real SAR Data
* Discriminative Illumination: Per-Pixel Classification of Raw Materials Based on Optimal Projections of Spectral BRDF
* Divide-and-Conquer Method for Scalable Low-Rank Latent Matrix Pursuit, A
* Drastic Anomaly Detection in Video Using Motion Direction Statistics
* Duplicate Discovery on 2 Billion Internet Images
* E-Net Modeling and Analysis of Emergency Response Processes Constrained by Resources and Uncertain Durations
* Effective and Practical Classifier Fusion Strategy for Improving Handwritten Character Recognition, An
* Effective ellipse detector with polygonal curve and likelihood ratio test
* Ellipse fitting for imaged cross sections of a surface of revolution
* Enhanced Independent Component Analysis and Its Application to Content Based Face Image Retrieval
* Estimating Real-Time Traffic Carbon Dioxide Emissions Based on Intelligent Transportation System Technologies
* evaluation of fake fingerprint databases utilizing SVM classification, An
* Evolution of Optimal Projection Axes (OPA) for Face Recognition
* Exploring features in a Bayesian framework for material recognition
* Extracting Multiple Features in the CID Color Space for Face Recognition
* Facade Structure Parameterization Based on Similarity Detection from Single Image
* Face alignment using texture-constrained active shape models
* Face Hallucination: Theory and Practice
* Fast computation of Zernike moments in polar coordinates
* Fast Traffic Sign Recognition via High-Contrast Region Extraction and Extended Sparse Representation
* Fast Uyghur text detection in videos based on learning of baseline feature
* Forest Canopy Height Extraction in Rugged Areas With ICESat/GLAS Data
* Geospatial Data Fusion for Precision Agriculture
* Gray-scale Character Image Recognition Based on Fuzzy DCT Transform Features
* Hierarchical Shape Modeling for Automatic Face Localization
* High-Quality Video Denoising Algorithm Based on Reliable Motion Estimation, A
* Human action recognition using boosted EigenActions
* Human-assisted motion annotation
* Hyperspectral Unmixing with Robust Collaborative Sparse Regression
* Image segmentation framework based on multiple feature spaces
* Image segmentation of mesenchymal stem cells in diverse culturing conditions
* Impact of Imaging Geometry on 3D Geopositioning Accuracy of Stereo Ikonos Imagery
* Integrated Use of DMSP-OLS Nighttime Light and MODIS Data for Monitoring Large-Scale Impervious Surface Dynamics: A Case Study in the Yangtze River Delta, The
* Interactive Image Segmentation Based on Hierarchical Graph-Cut Optimization with Generic Shape Prior
* Iterative Haze Optimized Transformation for Automatic Cloud/Haze Detection of Landsat Imagery, An
* Joint Inference in Weakly-Annotated Image Datasets via Dense Correspondence
* Kullback-Leibler boosting
* LabelMe video: Building a video database with human annotations
* Learning Discriminative Illumination and Filters for Raw Material Classification with Optimal Projections of Bidirectional Texture Functions
* Learning Discriminative Spectral Bands for Material Classification
* Learning Gaussian Conditional Random Fields for Low-Level Vision
* Learning Inhomogeneous Gibbs Model of Faces by Minimax Entropy
* Legion Sementation For Building Extraction From Lidar Based Dsm Data
* Local Layering for Joint Motion Estimation and Occlusion Detection
* Low-Complexity Channel-Estimate Based Adaptive Linear Equalizer
* Motion denoising with application to time-lapse photography
* Multi-feature Hashing Tracking
* Multi-instance rendering based on dynamic differential surface propagation
* Multi-scale Feature Extraction and Nested-subset Classifier Design for High Accuracy Handwritten Character Recognition
* Multiyear Crop Monitoring Using Polarimetric RADARSAT-2 Data
* New Application for PolSAR Imagery in the Field of Moving Target Indication/Ship Detection, A
* New Buffer Strategy for Embedded Video-on-Demand System, A
* Noise Estimation from a Single Image
* Non-causal Temporal Prior for Video Deblocking
* Non-uniformity correction for SLM microscopic images
* Noninvasive Mapping of Transmural Potentials During Activation in Swine Hearts From Body Surface Electrocardiograms
* Noninvasive Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Ventricular Activation Sequence From the Inverse Solution of Distributed Equivalent Current Density
* Nonparametric background model based clutter map for X-band marine radar
* Nonparametric Scene Parsing via Label Transfer
* Nonparametric scene parsing: Label transfer via dense scene alignment
* novel inheritable color space with application to kinship verification, A
* novel method for stereo matching using Gabor Feature Image and Confidence Mask, A
* Object Classification and Grasp Planning Using Visual and Tactile Sensing
* Object motion detection using information theoretic spatio-temporal saliency
* Occlusion-robust traffic sign detection via cascaded colour cubic feature
* Occlusion-robust traffic sign detection via cascaded colour cubic feature
* On Bayesian Adaptive Video Super Resolution
* On Secure VANET-Based Ad Dissemination With Pragmatic Cost and Effect Control
* Online HOG Method in Pedestrian Tracking
* Online view-invariant human action recognition using RGB-D spatio-temporal matrix
* Partial Derivative Guidance for Weak Classifier Mining in Pedestrian Detection
* Person re-identification by manifold ranking
* PiCode: A New Picture-Embedding 2D Barcode
* Printer Indexing System for Color Calibration with Applications in Dietary Assessment, A
* Probabilistic Label Trees for Efficient Large Scale Image Classification
* Progressive Band Processing of Constrained Energy Minimization for Subpixel Detection
* Quantifying Multi-Decadal Change of Planted Forest Cover Using Airborne LiDAR and Landsat Imagery
* Quantitative Rotating Multisegment Slant-Hole SPECT Mammography With Attenuation and Collimator-Detector Response Compensation
* Quasi-regular Facade Structure Extraction
* Real-Time Camera Tracking Using a Global Localization Scheme
* Real-time visual analysis of microvascular blood flow for critical care
* Recognizing Materials Using Perceptually Inspired Features
* Rent3D: Floor-plan priors for monocular layout estimation
* Research on Positioning and Posing of Mobile Mapping in Metropolis
* Residential Area Recognition Using Oscillatory Correlation Segmentation of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Retinal image registration via feature-guided Gaussian mixture model
* Robust block sparse discriminative classification framework
* Robust Coding Schemes for Indexing and Retrieval from Large Face Databases
* Robust Object Tracking via Combining Observation Models
* Robust visual tracking based on product sparse coding
* Rough Set Approach to Video Genre Classification, A
* Routing in Internet of Vehicles: A Review
* Scene Collaging: Analysis and Synthesis of Natural Images with Semantic Layers
* Semi-Supervised Text Classification With Universum Learning
* Service-Based Approach to Traffic Sensor Data Integration and Analysis to Support Community-Wide Green Commute in China, A
* SIFT Flow: Dense Correspondence across Different Scenes
* SIFT Flow: Dense Correspondence across Scenes and Its Applications
* SIFT Flow: Dense Correspondence across Scenes and its Applications R
* Sparse Frequency Diverse MIMO Radar Imaging for Off-Grid Target Based on Adaptive Iterative MAP
* Spherical parameter detection based on hierarchical Hough transform
* Stable Sensorless Localization of 3-D Objects
* Structure-constrained low-rank and partial sparse representation for image classification
* Structure-Constrained Low-Rank and Partial Sparse Representation with Sample Selection for image classification
* Study on Synthetic Face Database for Performance Evaluation
* Susceptibility Evaluation And Mapping Of China's Landslide Disaster Based On Multi-temporal Ground And Remote Sensing Satellite Data
* Towards Longer Long-Range Motion Trajectories
* Two-Step Approach to Hallucinating Faces: Global Parametric Model and Local Nonparametric Model, A
* UL-Isomap based nonlinear dimensionality reduction for hyperspectral imagery classification
* Unsupervised Joint Object Discovery and Segmentation in Internet Images
* Using Surface Stations to Improve Sounding Retrievals from Hyperspectral Infrared Instruments
* Using Surface Stations to Improve Sounding Retrievals from Hyperspectral Infrared Instruments
* Using Tucker Decomposition to Compress Color Images
* Variational Model for Segmentation of Overlapping Objects With Additive Intensity Value, A
Includes: Liu, C.[Chun] Liu, C.[Chao] Liu, C.[Cong] Liu, C.[Can] Liu, C.[Ce] Liu, C.[Chang] Liu, C. Liu, C.[Chenguang] Liu, C.[Chaoran] Liu, C.[Chengyin] Liu, C.[Chong] Liu, C.[Chen] Liu, C.[Chuancai] Liu, C.[Chenyu] Liu, C.[Chunxiao] Liu, C.[Chunhong] Liu, C.[Caixia] Liu, C.[Chenxi] Liu, C.[Chang'an]
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Liu, C.B.[Che Bin] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Textures Synthesis as Nonlinear Manifold Learning and Traversing
* Learning Nonlinear Manifolds from Time Series
* model for dynamic shape and its applications, A
* Object Tracking Using Globally Coordinated Nonlinear Manifolds
* Vision based fire detection
Includes: Liu, C.B.[Che Bin] Liu, C.B.[Che-Bin]

Liu, C.C.[Chien Chih] Co Author Listing * Acceleration and Implementation of JPEG2000 Encoder on TI DSP Platform
* Application of wavelet packet transform in the knock detection of gasoline engines
* Authentication of lossy compressed video data by semi-fragile watermarking
* Clustering of temporal gene expression data by regularized spline regression and an energy based similarity measure
* Colorization Based Animation Broadcast System with Traitor Tracing Capability, A
* Contourlet Domain Multiband Deblurring Based on Color Correlation for Fluid Lens Cameras
* Design of an optimal nearest neighbor classifier using an intelligent genetic algorithm
* Face Recognition Using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Features
* Fuzzy maximal marginal embedding and its application
* Image Thresholding Method Based on Human Visual Perception, An
* Image understanding based on histogram of contrast
* low-complexity data-adaptive approach for premature ventricular contraction recognition, A
* Modified Bowen ratio method in near-sea-surface air temperature estimation by using satellite data
* Multi-band color image deblurring using contourlets for fluid lens camera systems
* novel license plate location method based on wavelet transform and EMD analysis, A
* Object recognition using Gabor co-occurrence similarity
* outdoor time scenes simulation scheme based on support vector regression with radial basis function on DCT domain, An
* Processing of FORMOSAT-2 Daily Revisit Imagery for Site Surveillance
* Providing Unequal Reliability for Transmitting Layered Video Streams over Wireless Networks by Multi-ARQ Schemes
* Rapid Response to a Typhoon-Induced Flood with an SAR-Derived Map of Inundated Areas: Case Study and Validation
* Responding to natural disasters with satellite imagery
* Sparse Embedding Visual Attention Systems Combined with Edge Information
* theoretic framework of local weighted approximation for microarray missing value estimation, The
* Two dimensional hashing for visual tracking
* Unsupervised range-constrained thresholding
* Vicarious Calibration of the Formosat-2 Remote Sensing Instrument
* Wavelet-based image watermarking with visibility range estimation based on HVS and neural networks
Includes: Liu, C.C.[Chien Chih] Liu, C.C.[Chien-Chih] Liu, C.C.[Cheng-Cai] Liu, C.C.[Cheng-Chieh] Liu, C.C.[Chao-Chun] Liu, C.C.[Chih-Chieh] Liu, C.C.[Chun-Chen] Liu, C.C.[Chia-Cheng] Liu, C.C. Liu, C.C.[Chuan-Cai] Liu, C.C.[Chang-Chun] Liu, C.C.[Chung-Chih] Liu, C.C.[Chen-Chung] Liu, C.C.[Chih-Chin] Liu, C.C.[Cheng-Chien] Liu, C.C.[Chi-Chih]
27 for Liu, C.C.

Liu, C.C.A.[Chih Chi Ang] Co Author Listing * Rotation invariant texture classification using covariance
Includes: Liu, C.C.A.[Chih Chi Ang] Liu, C.C.A.[Chih-Chi-Ang]

Liu, C.D.[Chin De] Co Author Listing * daily behavior enabled hidden Markov model for human behavior understanding, A
* Video analysis boosts healthcare efficiency and safety
Includes: Liu, C.D.[Chin De] Liu, C.D.[Chin-De]

Liu, C.H. Co Author Listing * 3D Curved Object Recognition from Multiple 2D Camera Views
* Cloud-Based Actor Identification With Batch-Orthogonal Local-Sensitive Hashing and Sparse Representation
* Convolutional neural random fields for action recognition
* Highly Parallel Rate-Distortion Optimized Intra-Mode Decision on Multicore Graphics Processors
* Is face recognition in pictures affected by the center of projection?
* Learning Component-Level Sparse Representation for Image and Video Categorization
* Lighting direction affects recognition of untextured faces in photographic positive and negative
* novel in-loop filter based on CLDT masking effect model for HEVC, A
* Phase retrieval on annular and annular sector pupils by using the eigenfunction method to solve the transport of intensity equation
* Rate adaptation for dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP in content distribution network
* Segmentation and Classification of Mixed Text/Graphics/Image Documents
* Two-level optimized tone mapping for high dynamic range images
Includes: Liu, C.H. Liu, C.H.[Chi Harold] Liu, C.H.[Cai-Hua] Liu, C.H.[Chun Hung] Liu, C.H.[Chang Hong] Liu, C.H.[Chao-Hsien] Liu, C.H.[Chong-Hua] Liu, C.H.[Chang-Hai] Liu, C.H.[Cheng-Hao]
12 for Liu, C.H.

Liu, C.J.[Chun Jing] Co Author Listing * Application of Synthetic NDVI Time Series Blended from Landsat and MODIS Data for Grassland Biomass Estimation
* Bayes Decision Rule Induced Similarity Measures, The
* Bayesian Discriminating Features Method for Face Detection, A
* Capitalize on Dimensionality Increasing Techniques for Improving Face Recognition Grand Challenge Performance
* Clarification of Assumptions in the Relationship between the Bayes Decision Rule and the Whitened Cosine Similarity Measure
* Clustering-Based Discriminant Analysis for Eye Detection
* Color space normalization: Enhancing the discriminating power of color spaces for face recognition
* Comparative Assessment of Content-Based Face Image Retrieval in Different Color Spaces
* Comparative Performance Evaluation of Gray-Scale and Color Information for Face Recognition Tasks
* Complex Gaussian Mixture Model for fingerprint minutiae
* Cross Disciplinary Biometric Systems
* Discriminant analysis and similarity measure
* discriminant color space method for face representation and verification on a large-scale database, A
* Enhanced Fisher Linear Discriminant Models for Face Recognition
* Evolutionary Pursuit and Its Application to Face Recognition
* Evolving Effective Color Features for Improving FRGC Baseline Performance
* Extracting discriminative color features for face recognition
* Eye detection using discriminatory Haar features and a new efficient SVM
* Face detection using discriminating feature analysis and Support Vector Machine
* Face detection using discriminating feature analysis and support vector machine in video
* Face recognition using evolutionary pursuit
* Face Recognition Using Independent Gabor Wavelet Features
* Face Recognition Using Shape and Texture
* Face recognition with illumination distinction description
* Feature based classification
* Fusing Frequency, Spatial and Color Features for Face Recognition
* Fusion of color, local spatial and global frequency information for face recognition
* Fusion of the complementary Discrete Cosine Features in the YIQ color space for face recognition
* Gabor feature based classification using the enhanced Fisher linear discriminant model for face recognition
* Gabor Feature Classifier for Face Recognition, A
* Gabor-based kernel PCA with fractional power polynomial models for face recognition
* General Discriminant Model for Color Face Recognition, A
* Horizontal and Vertical 2DPCA Based Discriminant Analysis for Face Verification Using the FRGC Version 2 Database
* Hybrid Color and Frequency Features Method for Face Recognition, A
* Improving the Face Recognition Grand Challenge Baseline Performance using Color Configurations Across Color Spaces
* Learning the discriminative dictionary for sparse representation by a general fisher regularized model
* Learning the Face Space: Representation and Recognition
* Learning-based image representation and method for face recognition
* method of measuring the semantic gap in image retrieval: Using the information theory, A
* New Bag of Words LBP (BoWL) Descriptor for Scene Image Classification, A
* New color GPHOG descriptors for object and scene image classification
* Novel color HWML descriptors for scene and object image classification
* novel direction-of-arrival estimation method for wideband signals, A
* novel fingerprint matching algorithm using Minutiae Phase Difference Feature, A
* Novel Gabor-PHOG Features for Object and Scene Image Classification
* Novel general KNN classifier and general nearest mean classifier for visual classification
* novel locally linear KNN model for visual recognition, A
* novel method of fingerprint minutiae extraction based on Gabor phase, A
* Precise Eye Detection Using Discriminating HOG Features
* Probabilistic Reasoning Models for Face Recognition
* Robust Face Recognition Using Color Information
* Shape- and Texture-Based Enhanced Fisher Classifier for Face Recognition, A
* Spectral correspondence method for fingerprint minutia matching
* unified Bayesian framework for face recognition, A
Includes: Liu, C.J.[Chun Jing] Liu, C.J.[Chun-Jing] Liu, C.J.[Cheng-Jun] Liu, C.J.[Chong-Jin]
54 for Liu, C.J.

Liu, C.K.[Chuan Kai] Co Author Listing * Vision-Based 3-D Grasping of 3-D Objects With a Simple 2-D Gripper
Includes: Liu, C.K.[Chuan Kai] Liu, C.K.[Chuan-Kai]

Liu, C.L.[Chuan Lin] Co Author Listing * 2 and 3 materials scene reconstructed from some line Mojette projections, The
* Action recognition by dense trajectories
* Adaptive spatial pooling for image classification
* Aircraft Detection by Deep Belief Nets
* approach for real-time recognition of online Chinese handwritten sentences, An
* Boosting Incremental Semi-supervised Discriminant Analysis for Tracking
* Building Compact Classifier for Large Character Set Recognition Using Discriminative Feature Extraction
* CASIA Online and Offline Chinese Handwriting Databases
* CASIA-OLHWDB1: A Database of Online Handwritten Chinese Characters
* Character confidence based on N-best list for keyword spotting in online Chinese handwritten documents
* Character Recognition Systems: A Guide for Students and Practitioners
* Class-specific feature polynomial classifier for pattern classification and its application to handwritten numeral recognition
* Classifier combination based on confidence transformation
* Classifying isogenous fields
* Combination of Classification and Clustering Results with Label Propagation
* Combining quadratic classifier and pair discriminators by pairwise coupling for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Compact Spatial Feature Representation for Image Classification, A
* Comparing On-Line Recognition of Japanese and Western Script in Preparation for Recognizing Multi-Language Documents
* Comparison of genetic algorithm and sequential search methods for classifier subset selection
* Confidence evaluation for combining diverse classifiers
* confidence-based method for keyword spotting in online Chinese handwritten documents, A
* Confused Distance Maximization for Large Category Dimensionality Reduction
* Contextual text/non-text stroke classification in online handwritten notes with conditional random fields
* DEM-Aided Block Adjustment for Satellite Images With Weak Convergence Geometry
* Dense Trajectories and Motion Boundary Descriptors for Action Recognition
* Dimensionality Reduction by Minimal Distance Maximization
* Directional pattern matching for character recognition revisited
* Discriminative quadratic feature learning for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Dynamic Text Line Segmentation for Real-Time Recognition of Chinese Handwritten Sentences
* Effect of Improved Path Evaluation for On-line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition
* Effective license plate detection using fast candidate region selection and covariance feature based filtering
* Effects of Classifier Structures and Training Regimes on Integrated Segmentation and Recognition of Handwritten Numeral Strings
* Efficient Feature Coding Based on Auto-encoder Network for Image Classification
* Efficient text localization in born-digital images by local contrast-based segmentation
* Error Reduction by Confusing Characters Discrimination for Online Handwritten Japanese Character Recognition
* Error-correcting output codes based ensemble feature extraction
* Evaluation of neural network language models in handwritten Chinese text recognition
* Evaluation of prototype learning algorithms for nearest-neighbor classifier in application to handwritten character recognition
* evaluation of statistical methods in handwritten hangul recognition, An
* Evaluation of weighted Fisher criteria for large category dimensionality reduction in application to Chinese handwriting recognition
* fast projected fixed-point algorithm for large graph matching, A
* Fast scene text localization by learning-based filtering and verification
* Gabor feature extraction for character recognition: Comparison with gradient feature
* Generating realistic Kanji character images from on-line patterns
* Geometrical Comparisons of RSM and RFM for FORMOSAT-2 Satellite Images, The
* GPU-Based Fast Training of Discriminative Learning Quadratic Discriminant Function for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Graphics Extraction from Heterogeneous Online Documents with Hierarchical Random Fields
* Handwritten Chinese character recognition: Alternatives to nonlinear normalization
* Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition: Effects of Shape Normalization and Feature Extraction
* Handwritten Chinese text line segmentation by clustering with distance metric learning
* Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition by Integrating Multiple Contexts
* Handwritten Chinese/Japanese Text Recognition Using Semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields
* Handwritten digit recognition using state-of-the-art techniques
* Handwritten Digit Recognition: Benchmarking of State-of-the-Art Techniques
* Handwritten Digit Recognition: Investigation of Normalization and Feature Extraction Techniques
* Handwritten Numeral String Recognition: Character-Level vs. String-Level Classifier Training
* Handwritten Numeral String Recognition: Effects of Character Normalization and Feature Extraction
* High Accuracy Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition by Improved Feature Matching Method
* High accuracy handwritten Chinese character recognition using LDA-based compound distances
* High Accuracy Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Using Quadratic Classifiers with Discriminative Feature Extraction
* High-performance JPEG steganography using complementary embedding strategy
* Hybrid Approach to Detect and Localize Texts in Natural Scene Images, A
* Hybrid Page Segmentation with Efficient Whitespace Rectangles Extraction and Grouping
* ICDAR 2011 Chinese Handwriting Recognition Competition
* ICDAR 2013 Chinese Handwriting Recognition Competition
* Improved Approach to Generating Realistic Kanji Character Images from On-Line Characters and Its Benefit to Off-Line Recognition Performance, An
* Improved implementation algorithms of the two-dimensional nonseparable linear canonical transform
* Improving Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition with Discriminative Quadratic Feature Extraction
* Improving Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition by Confidence Transformation
* Improving HMM-Based Chinese Handwriting Recognition Using Delta Features and Synthesized String Samples
* Insect species recognition using discriminative local soft coding
* Insect Species Recognition using Sparse Representation
* Integrated Segmentation and Recognition of Handwritten Numerals: Comparison of Classification Algorithms
* Integrating Geometric Context for Text Alignment of Handwritten Chinese Documents
* Integrating Language Model in Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition
* Inverse scattering of buried inhomogeneous biaxial dielectric cylinders coated on a conductor
* Keyword Spotting from Online Chinese Handwritten Documents Using One-vs-All Trained Character Classifier
* Keyword Spotting in Offline Chinese Handwritten Documents Using a Statistical Model
* Keyword Spotting in Online Chinese Handwritten Documents with Candidate Scoring Based on Semi-CRF Model
* Keyword spotting in unconstrained handwritten Chinese documents using contextual word model
* Lattice-Based Method for Keyword Spotting in Online Chinese Handwriting, A
* LDA-Based Compound Distance for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Learning a Contextual Multi-Thread Model for Movie/TV Scene Segmentation
* Learning Boosted Asymmetric Classifiers for Object Detection
* Learning confidence transformation for handwritten Chinese text recognition
* Learning Quadratic Discriminant Function for Handwritten Character Classification
* Learning-Based Candidate Segmentation Scoring for Real-Time Recognition of Online Overlaid Chinese Handwriting
* Lexicon-driven handwritten character string recognition for Japanese address reading
* Lexicon-driven recognition of one-stroke character strings in visual gesture
* Lexicon-Driven Segmentation and Recognition of Handwritten Character Strings for Japanese Address Reading
* Locally Smoothed Modified Quadratic Discriminant Function
* Minimum Risk Training for Handwritten Chinese/Japanese Text Recognition Using Semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields
* Minimum-risk training for semi-Markov conditional random fields with application to handwritten Chinese/Japanese text recognition
* Model-based stroke extraction and matching for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Multi-class AdaBoost with Hypothesis Margin
* Multi-class segmentation of free-form online documents with tree conditional random fields
* Multiresolution Locally Expanded Honn for Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* new benchmark on the recognition of handwritten Bangla and Farsi numeral characters, A
* new radical-based approach to online handwritten Chinese character recognition, A
* Normalization-Cooperated Gradient Feature Extraction for Handwritten Character Recognition
* Object tracking by bidirectional learning with feature selection
* One-Vs-All Training of Prototype Classifier for Pattern Classification and Retrieval
* Online and offline handwritten Chinese character recognition: Benchmarking on new databases
* Online Handwritten Japanese Character String Recognition Incorporating Geometric Context
* Online Handwritten Japanese Character String Recognition Using Conditional Random Fields
* Online Recognition of Chinese Characters: The State-of-the-Art
* over-segmentation method for single-touching Chinese handwriting with learning-based filtering, An
* Partial discriminative training for classification of overlapping classes in document analysis
* Pattern Recognition, Part 2
* Perceptron Learning of Modified Quadratic Discriminant Function
* Performance Evaluation of Pattern Classifiers for Handwritten Character Recognition
* Polynomial Network Classifier with Discriminative Feature Extraction
* Precise Candidate Selection for Large Character Set Recognition by Confidence Evaluation
* Prototype learning with margin-based conditional log-likelihood loss
* Pseudo two-dimensional shape normalization methods for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Recovering shape and motion by a dynamic system for low-rank matrix approximation in L_1 norm
* Regularized margin-based conditional log-likelihood loss for prototype learning
* Remarks on the Spatial Smoothing Step in Coarray MUSIC
* robust approach to text line grouping in online handwritten Japanese documents, A
* Robust Model for On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition, A
* Scene Text Localization Using Gradient Local Correlation
* Segmentation-free recognizer based on enhanced four plane feature for realistic Chinese handwriting
* Similar Handwritten Chinese Characters Recognition by Critical Region Selection Based on Average Symmetric Uncertainty
* Special Issue on Handwriting recognition and other PR applications
* Special Radical Detection by Statistical Classification for On-line Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* state of the art in Japanese online handwriting recognition compared to techniques in western handwriting recognition, The
* String-level learning of confidence transformation for Chinese handwritten text recognition
* Style Consistent Perturbation for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Style transfer matrix learning for writer adaptation
* Style-conscious quadratic field classifier
* Task-Driven Feature Pooling for Image Classification
* Text Detection, Tracking and Recognition in Video: A Comprehensive Survey
* Text Localization in Natural Scene Images Based on Conditional Random Field
* Text/Non-text Ink Stroke Classification in Japanese Handwriting Based on Markov Random Fields
* Tool for Ground-Truthing Text Lines and Characters in Off-Line Handwritten Chinese Documents, A
* Touching Character Database from Chinese Handwriting for Assessing Segmentation Algorithms, A
* Touching Character Separation in Chinese Handwriting Using Visibility-Based Foreground Analysis
* Transcript mapping for handwritten Chinese documents by integrating character recognition model and geometric context
* Transcript Mapping for Handwritten Text Lines Using Conditional Random Fields
* Unsupervised language model adaptation for handwritten Chinese text recognition
* Variational Bayes Method for Handwritten Text Line Segmentation, A
* Vehicle Detection in Satellite Images by Parallel Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* VisoMT: A Collaborative Multithreading Multicore Processor for Multimedia Applications With a Fast Data Switching Mechanism
* Visual Gesture Character String Recognition by Classification-Based Segmentation with Stroke Deletion
* Writer Adaptation with Style Transfer Mapping
Includes: Liu, C.L.[Chuan Lin] Liu, C.L.[Chuan-Lin] Liu, C.L.[Cheng-Lin] Liu, C.L. Liu, C.L.[Chien-Liang] Liu, C.L.[Chiang-Lung] Liu, C.L.[Chun-Lin] Liu, C.L.[Chun-Liang] Liu, C.L.[Cai-Liang] Liu, C.L.[Chun-Ling] Liu, C.L.[Cheng Lin] Liu, C.L.[Chi-Lin]
145 for Liu, C.L.

Liu, C.M.[Cheng Ming] Co Author Listing * Automatic Method of Building 3D Morphable Face Model, An
* Degraded Character Recognition by Image Quality Evaluation
* Eigenshape kernel based mean shift for human tracking
* Fast Radix-q and Mixed-Radix Algorithms for Type-IV DCT
* Hierarchical N-Queen Decimation Lattice and Hardware Architecture for Motion Estimation, A
* Low Resolution Character Recognition by Image Quality Evaluation
* New Edge Detection Method Through Template Matching, A
* New Postprocessing Method for the Block-Based DCT Coding Based on the Convex-Projection Theory, A
* Perceptual dithering for octave subband image coding
* Performance Evaluation of Some Noise Reduction Methods
* Text detection in images based on unsupervised classification of edge-based features
Includes: Liu, C.M.[Cheng Ming] Liu, C.M.[Cheng-Ming] Liu, C.M.[Chun-Mei] Liu, C.M. Liu, C.M.[Chi-Min] Liu, C.M.[Chih-Ming]
11 for Liu, C.M.

Liu, C.N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Signature Verification Based on Accelerometry
* Automatic Verification of Signatures by Means of Acceleration
* Computer-Automated Design of Multifont Print Recognition
* Experimental Investigation of a Mixed Font Print Recognition System, An
* Real-Time Photo Sensor Dead Pixel Detection for Embedded Devices
* Theoretical and Experimental Study of a Model for Pattern Recognition, A
Includes: Liu, C.N. Liu, C.N.[Chun-Nan]

Liu, C.N.J. Co Author Listing * Long-Range Prediction for Real-Time MPEG Video Traffic: An H_infty Filter Approach

Liu, C.P.[Chang Ping] Co Author Listing * 3D Facial Expression Synthesis from a Single Image Using a Model Set
* Analysis on two Fisher methods and a synthesized discriminant projection
* Context Inspired Pedestrian Detection in Far-Field Videos
* Double-edge-model based character stroke extraction from complex backgrounds
* Face recognition based on LBP and orthogonal rank-one tensor projections
* Feature combination using boosting
* Financial document image coding with regions of interest using JPEG2000
* Fingerprint Classification Based on Statistical Features and Singular Point Information
* Fusion of spatially constrained attributes with kernelized ranking for person re-identification
* Gaze Estimation Based on 3D Face Structure and Pupil Centers
* hybrid license plate extraction method based on edge statistics and morphology, A
* Improved Adaptive Document Image Binarization Method, An
* improved parallel thinning algorithm, An
* Initialization and Pose Alignment in Active Shape Model
* New Block Partitioned Text Feature for Text Verification, A
* new Probabilistic Local Binary Pattern for face verification, A
* New Two Successive Process Image Compression Technique Using Subband Coding and JPEG Discrete Cosine Transform Coding, A
* Novel Face Spoofing Detection Method Based on Gaze Estimation, A
* Novel Method for Embedded Text Segmentation Based on Stroke and Color, A
* Object Detection in Dynamic Scenes Based on Codebook with Superpixels
* On-line signature verification using local shape analysis
* Online adaptive learning for multi-camera people counting
* People Counting across Multiple Cameras for Intelligent Video Surveillance
* Raw vs. Processed: How to Use the Raw and Processed Images for Robust Face Recognition under Varying Illumination
* Real-Time 3D Face Recognition with the Integration of Depth and Intensity Images
* Robust people counting in video surveillance: Dataset and system
* two-stage handwritten character segmentation approach in mail address recognition, A
* video text location method based on background classification, A
Includes: Liu, C.P.[Chang Ping] Liu, C.P.[Chang-Ping] Liu, C.P.[Chun-Ping] Liu, C.P.
28 for Liu, C.P.

Liu, C.Q.[Chao Qiang] Co Author Listing * Blind motion deblurring from a single image using sparse approximation
* Discriminant feature extraction using dual-objective optimization model
* Discriminant Locality Preserving Projections: A New Method to Face Representation and Recognition
* Face recognition using discriminant locality preserving projections
* Framelet-Based Blind Motion Deblurring From a Single Image
* Hierarchical Hough Transform for Fingerprint Matching, A
* Iris Recognition Based on DLDA
* Motion blur identification from image gradients
* Robust video denoising using low rank matrix completion
* Time Oriented Video Summarization
Includes: Liu, C.Q.[Chao Qiang] Liu, C.Q.[Chao-Qiang] Liu, C.Q.[Chong-Qing] Liu, C.Q.[Cheng-Qiang]
10 for Liu, C.Q.

Liu, C.R. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Machined Feature Recognition Techniques Based on B-Rep
* efficient parameter estimation method for generalized Dirichlet priors in naÔve Bayesian classifiers with multinomial models, An
* Measurement of Layer Thickness and Permittivity Using a New Multilayer Model From GPR Data
* Metal Surface Inspection Using Image Processing Techniques
Includes: Liu, C.R. Liu, C.R.[Chao-Rui]

Liu, C.S.[Chang Sheng] Co Author Listing * Adjacent evaluation of local binary pattern for texture classification
* Analyzing the information entropy of states to optimize the number of states in an HMM-based off-line handwritten Arabic word recognizer
* Angle Estimation with Automatic Pairing for Bistatic MIMO Radar
* Arbitrary warped document image restoration based on segmentation and Thin-Plate Splines
* Automated Extraction of the Archaeological Tops of Qanat Shafts from VHR Imagery in Google Earth
* automatic performance evaluation method for document page segmentation, An
* Automatic performance evaluation of printed Chinese character recognition systems
* Character extraction and recognition in natural scene images
* Contextual post-processing based on the confusion matrix in offline handwritten Chinese script recognition
* Cross-Language Sensitive Words Distribution Map: A Novel Recognition-Based Document Understanding Method for Uighur and Tibetan
* cylindrical surface model to rectify the bound document image, A
* discriminative cascade CNN model for offline handwritten digit recognition, A
* Document digitization technology and its application for digital library in China
* Enhancement for Dust-Sand Storm Images
* Form frame line detection with directional single-connected chain
* Gabor filters-based feature extraction for character recognition
* Heteroscedastic max-min distance analysis
* hidden Markov model based segmentation and recognition algorithm for Chinese handwritten address character strings, A
* Importance sampling based discriminative learning for large scale offline handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Improved Scene Text Extraction Method Using Conditional Random Field and Optical Character Recognition, An
* Location and interpretation of destination addresses on handwritten Chinese envelopes
* MQDF Discriminative Learning Based Offline Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Multi-font printed Mongolian document recognition system
* Multi-scale Text Line Segmentation Method in Freestyle Handwritten Documents, A
* Multilingual document recognition research and its application in China
* Novel Baseline-independent Feature Set for Arabic Handwriting Recognition, A
* Novel Short Merged Off-line Handwritten Chinese Character String Segmentation Algorithm Using Hidden Markov Model, A
* On-line Chinese Character Recognition System for Overlapping Samples
* On-line handwritten Chinese word recognition based on lexicon
* Optimized gabor filter based feature extraction for character recognition
* Rapid Multiclass Traffic Sign Detection in High-Resolution Images
* Rectifying the bound document image captured by the camera: A model based approach
* Research of biogas power generator system based on internet technology
* Restoring camera-captured distorted document images
* Salient object detection fusing global and local information based on nonsubsampled contourlet transform
* Similar Pattern Discriminant Analysis for Improving Chinese Character Recognition Accuracy
* Speckle reduction in laser imaging applications using rotating magneto-optical disk
* Sufficient Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Topic Language Model Adaption for Recognition of Homologous Offline Handwritten Chinese Text Image
* Turbulence Degraded Images Restoration Based On Improved Multiframe Iterative Loops And Data Mining
Includes: Liu, C.S.[Chang Sheng] Liu, C.S.[Chang-Sheng] Liu, C.S.[Chang-Song] Liu, C.S.[Chun Sheng] Liu, C.S.[Chuan-Sheng] Liu, C.S.[Chang-Shu] Liu, C.S.[Chun-Sheng] Liu, C.S.[Chien-Sheng]
40 for Liu, C.S.

Liu, C.T.[Cheng Ting] Co Author Listing * automatic initial snaxel selection method in active contour model for contour extraction, An
* Computation-aware scheme for software-based block motion estimation
* Content-Based Scheme for CT Lung Image Retrieval, A
* improved automatic initial snaxel selection with corner tracing for object contour extraction in medical image, An
* initial edge point selection and segmental contour following for object contour extraction, An
* Label propagation hashing based on p-stable distribution and coordinate descent
* new fast block matching algorithm based on complexity-distortion optimization, A
* Rectification-conducted adaptive snake for segmenting complex-boundary objects from textured backgrounds
Includes: Liu, C.T.[Cheng Ting] Liu, C.T.[Cheng-Ting] Liu, C.T.[Chii-Tung] Liu, C.T.[Chii Tung] Liu, C.T.[Chun-Tian]
8 for Liu, C.T.

Liu, C.W.[Cui Wei] Co Author Listing * Action recognition with discriminative mid-level features
* Cross-View Action Recognition Over Heterogeneous Feature Spaces
* Efficient calibration for multi-plane homography using a laser level
* Hierarchical Video Description for Complex Activity Understanding, A
* Image retrieval and classification using adaptive local binary patterns based on texture features
* MI3: Multi-intensity infrared illumination video database
* Novel Scheme for Fingerprint Identification, A
* randomized approach with geometric constraints to fingerprint verification, A
* sparse linear model for saliency-guided decolorization, A
* Weakly Supervised Action Recognition and Localization Using Web Images
Includes: Liu, C.W.[Cui Wei] Liu, C.W.[Cui-Wei] Liu, C.W.[Chin-Wei] Liu, C.W. Liu, C.W.[Che-Wei] Liu, C.W.[Cheng Wen] Liu, C.W.[Chun-Wei]
10 for Liu, C.W.

Liu, C.X.[Chun Xiao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive tone-preserved image detail enhancement
* framework for flexible summarization of racquet sports video using multiple modalities, A
* High Capacity Watermarking in Nonedge Texture Under Statistical Distortion Constraint
* High-Accuracy Sub-Pixel Registration for Noisy Images Based on Phase Correlation
* Image Retrieval with Scale Invariant Visual Phrases
* Multiple-Shot Person Re-Identification by Pairwise Multiple Instance Learning
* New Variational Formulations for Level Set Evolution Without Reinitialization with Applications to Image Segmentation
* On-the-fly feature importance mining for person re-identification
* Partial Derivative Guidance for Weak Classifier Mining in Pedestrian Detection
* Person Re-Identification by Spatial Pyramid Color Representation and Local Region Matching
* Person Re-identification: What Features Are Important?
* POP: Person Re-identification Post-rank Optimisation
* Query sensitive dynamic web video thumbnail generation
* Real-Time Human Detection System for Video, A
* Texture filtering based physically plausible image dehazing
* Visual perception based Lagrangian rate distortion optimization for video coding
Includes: Liu, C.X.[Chun Xiao] Liu, C.X.[Chun-Xiao] Liu, C.X.[Chun-Xi] Liu, C.X.[Cong-Xin]
16 for Liu, C.X.

Liu, C.Y.[Chian Yi] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Impact of Reservoirs in the Upper Mekong River Using Satellite Radar Altimetry and Remote Sensing Imageries
* Calculation of 3-D acoustic scattering characteristics of a target in near-field at high-frequency
* Content-Aware Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm
* Daily Imaging Scheduling of an Earth Observation Satellite
* Design, simulation and experiment of a novel mass detection system with active control magnetic
* Edge-Directed Sub-Pixel Extraction and Still Image Super-Resolution
* Fast text categorization using concise semantic analysis
* Heading Estimation with Real-time Compensation Based on Kalman Filter Algorithm for an Indoor Positioning System
* Improved tropical rainfall potential forecasting for mountainous regions
* Information Relevance Related Broadcast scheme for Safety Packets in VANETs, An
* Integrated WiFi/PDR/Smartphone Using an Adaptive System Noise Extended Kalman Filter Algorithm for Indoor Localization
* low-complexity data-adaptive approach for premature ventricular contraction recognition, A
* Modified curvature scale space feature alignment approach for hand posture recognition
* Multi-Camera Tracking Based on Information Fusion in Video Surveillance
* Multi-Modality Image Fusion Using the Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform
* Nonrigid registration of remote sensing images via sparse and dense feature matching
* Optimal Cloud-Clearing for AIRS Radiances Using MODIS
* Pictorial multi-atlas segmentation of brain MRI
* Preparation of CuO Nanorods in Ionic Liquids
* Progressive Buffering Method for Road Map Update Using OpenStreetMap Data, A
* Robust Brain Extraction Across Datasets and Comparison With Publicly Available Methods
* Robust Segmentation of CMM Data Based on NURBS
* Robust Segmentation of Highly Dynamic Scene with Missing Data
* Salient object detection via images frequency domain analyzing
* Scale-Adaptive Spatial Appearance Feature Density Approximation for Object Tracking
* Simulation of backscattering sound from submarine based on 3D-imaging sidescan sonar
* Tie Voxel Method and Its Quality for 3D Airborne LIDAR Block Adjustment
* Unsupervised multi-class segmentation of SAR images using triplet Markov fields models based on edge penalty
Includes: Liu, C.Y.[Chian Yi] Liu, C.Y.[Chian-Yi] Liu, C.Y.[Cheng-Yuan] Liu, C.Y.[Chi-Yu] Liu, C.Y. Liu, C.Y.[Chao-Yin] Liu, C.Y.[Chen Yi] Liu, C.Y.[Chun-Yong] Liu, C.Y.[Chun-Yan] Liu, C.Y.[Chang-Yue] Liu, C.Y.[Cheng-Yu] Liu, C.Y.[Cheng-Yi] Liu, C.Y.[Chao-Ying] Liu, C.Y.[Cui-Yin] Liu, C.Y.[Cheng-Yin] Liu, C.Y.[Chong-Yu] Liu, C.Y.[Chang-Yong] Liu, C.Y.[Chang-Yu] Liu, C.Y.[Cheng-Yun] Liu, C.Y.[Chin-Yeh]
28 for Liu, C.Y.

Liu, C.Z.[Chan Zi] Co Author Listing * QR Iterative Subspace Identification and Its Application in Image Denoising
Includes: Liu, C.Z.[Chan Zi] Liu, C.Z.[Chan-Zi]

Liu, D.[Deyang] Co Author Listing * 3D holoscopic image coding scheme using HEVC with Gaussian process regression
* Accurate 3D bone segmentation in challenging CT images: Bottom-up parsing and contextualized optimization
* Accurate Mapping of Forest Types Using Dense Seasonal Landsat Time-Series
* Analyzing documents with Quantum Clustering: A novel pattern recognition algorithm based on quantum mechanics
* Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Lymph Nodes From CT Data
* Automatic detection of liver lesion from 3D computed tomography images
* Background Cutout with Automatic Object Discovery
* Bayesian Approach to Multimodal Visual Dictionary Learning, A
* Binarizing the Courtesy Amount Field on Color Chinese Bank Check Images
* Calculation of 3-D acoustic scattering characteristics of a target in near-field at high-frequency
* Cascade Learning Method for Liver Lesion Detection in CT Images, A
* Complex Object Correspondence Construction in Two-Dimensional Animation
* Computationally Efficient Algorithm for Large Scale Near-Duplicate Video Detection, A
* Courtesy Amount Recognition System for Chinese Bank Checks, A
* Deep Networks for Image Super-Resolution with Sparse Prior
* Detection of U.S. Traffic Signs
* DISCOV: A Framework for Discovering Objects in Video
* Discovering joint audio-visual codewords for video event detection
* Dual Frame Motion Compensation With Optimal Long-Term Reference Frame Selection and Bit Allocation
* Edge-Oriented Uniform Intra Prediction
* Efficient background picture coding for videos obtained from static cameras
* end-to-end system for content-based video retrieval using behavior, actions, and appearance with interactive query refinement, An
* Extracting Ground-Level DEM From SRTM DEM in Forest Environments Based on Mathematical Morphology
* Face Alignment Using Boosting and Evolutionary Search
* Fast Traffic Sign Recognition via High-Contrast Region Extraction and Extended Sparse Representation
* Fingerprints Matching Based on Quadrangle
* Fog effect for photography using stereo vision
* Fuzzy quantization based bit transform for low bit-resolution motion estimation
* Geostatistical Analysis of CH4 Columns over Monsoon Asia Using Five Years of GOSAT Observations
* Graph-based rotation of the DCT basis for motion-adaptive transforms
* Hierarchical Visual Model for Video Object Summarization, A
* High-Resolution Imaging Via Moving Random Exposure and Its Simulation
* Image Compression With Edge-Based Inpainting
* Image Fusion Using Higher Order Singular Value Decomposition
* Image Retagging Using Collaborative Tag Propagation
* Image semantic quality assessment for compression of car-plate images
* Improving Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation Using Seasonal Landsat NDVI Time-Series
* Inpainting with image patches for compression
* Integrated feature selection and higher-order spatial feature extraction for object categorization
* Inter-picture prediction based on 3D point cloud model
* Introduction to Parallel Control and Management for High-Speed Railway Systems, An
* Joint audio-visual bi-modal codewords for video event detection
* lambda-Domain Rate Control Algorithm for HEVC Scalable Extension
* Large Differences in Terrestrial Vegetation Production Derived from Satellite-Based Light Use Efficiency Models
* Large-Scale Video Hashing via Structure Learning
* Latent Layout Analysis for Discovering Objects in Images
* learning based deformable template matching method for automatic rib centerline extraction and labeling in CT images, A
* Learning Sample Specific Weights for Late Fusion
* LIDAR-based Long Range Road Intersection Detection
* MAP-MRF Approach to Landsat ETM+ SLC-Off Image Classification
* Mapping global land cover in 2001 and 2010 with spatial-temporal consistency at 250M resolution
* New Method on the Segmentation and Recognition of Chinese Characters for Automatic Chinese Seal Imprint Retrieval, A
* novel fuzzy classification entropy approach to image thresholding, A
* Object discovery with perceptual grouping
* On Combining Multiple Features for Cartoon Character Retrieval and Clip Synthesis
* Outdoor Face Recognition Using Enhanced Near Infrared Imaging
* Pattern-Recognition in the Presence of Noise
* Recognizing Complex Events in Videos by Learning Key Static-Dynamic Evidences
* Reduced reference image quality assessment using regularity of phase congruency
* Remote Sensing Observation of Particulate Organic Carbon in the Pearl River Estuary
* retrieval algorithm of the sea surface salinity based on the improved K-S model in Hong Kong Waters, The
* Robust Ellipse Fitting Based on Sparse Combination of Data Points
* Robust late fusion with rank minimization
* Robust Motion-Compensated Orthogonal Video Coding Using EBCOT
* Robust Object Co-detection
* Robust Single Image Super-Resolution via Deep Networks With Sparse Prior
* Robust visual domain adaptation with low-rank reconstruction
* Sample-Specific Late Fusion for Visual Category Recognition
* Search strategies for multiple landmark detection by submodular maximization
* Semantic-Shift for Unsupervised Object Detection
* Semi-Automatic Tagging of Photo Albums via Exemplar Selection and Tag Inference
* Social Diffusion Analysis With Common-Interest Model for Image Annotation
* Soft shape context for iterative closest point registration
* spatial-temporal contextual Markovian kernel method for multi-temporal land cover mapping, A
* Star-Effect Simulation for Photography Using Self-calibrated Stereo Vision
* Three-Dimensional Coherent Radar Backscatter Model and Simulations of Scattering Phase Center of Forest Canopies
* Three-dimensional superresolution by three-zone complex pupil filters
* Topic-Motion Model for Unsupervised Video Object Discovery, A
* Transverse or axial superresolution with radial birefringent filter
* tree conditional random field model for panel detection in comic images, A
* Ultra-Fine Grain Steel's Metallurgical Image Restoration Method Based on Improved Water-Growing
* Unsupervised Image Categorization and Object Localization using Topic Models and Correspondences between Images
* Unsupervised Image Layout Extraction
* Vehicle Identification Via Sparse Representation
* Video coding using multi-reference motion-adaptive transforms based on graphs
* Video retrieval based on object discovery
* VideoCut: Removing Irrelevant Frames by Discovering the Object of Interest
* Virtual view distortion estimation for depth map coding
* Visual Analyses of Music Download History: User Studies
Includes: Liu, D.[Deyang] Liu, D. Liu, D.[Desheng] Liu, D.[Ding] Liu, D.[David] Liu, D.[Dong] Liu, D.[Dandan] Liu, D.[Dawei] Liu, D.[Duanduan] Liu, D.[Danni] Liu, D.[Dongwei] Liu, D.[Dan] Liu, D.[Da] Liu, D.[Du] Liu, D.[Daxue] Liu, D.[Delei] Liu, D.[De'an] Liu, D.[Dianchao]
89 for Liu, D.

Liu, D.C.[Dong C.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Persistence Utilizing Motion Compensation for Ultrasound Images
* Characteristic matching-based adaptive fast bilateral filter for ultrasound speckle reduction
* Filter based spatial compounding for strain imaging
* Motion Visualization of Ultrasound Imaging
* Ultrasound Speckle Reduction via Super Resolution and Nonlinear Diffusion

Liu, D.D.[Ding Ding] Co Author Listing * Robust interactive image segmentation with automatic boundary refinement
* Simulation of backscattering sound from submarine based on 3D-imaging sidescan sonar
* Subpixel edge location based on orthogonal Fourier-Mellin moments
Includes: Liu, D.D.[Ding Ding] Liu, D.D.[Ding-Ding] Liu, D.D.[Dan-Dan]

Liu, D.F.[Dan Feng] Co Author Listing * Geometric Method of Fully Constrained Least Squares Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis
Includes: Liu, D.F.[Dan Feng] Liu, D.F.[Dan-Feng]

Liu, D.H.[Dan Hua] Co Author Listing * Color demosaicking with sparse representations
* efficient online active learning algorithm for binary classification, An
* Electromagnetic Target Detection in Uncertain Media: Time-Reversal and Minimum-Variance Algorithms
* High resoluton image reconstruction: A new imager via movable random exposure
* Illumination invariant face recognition
* iterative SVM approach to feature selection and classification in high-dimensional datasets, An
* new package-group-transmission-based algorithm for human activity recognition in videos, A
* Optimal sampling of Gabor features for face recognition
* Reconstruction and Analysis of the 3D Aquifer Model Based on the Well Logs
* Recursive Born Approach to Nonlinear Inverse Scattering, A
* Simple Method for Designing 2D M-Channel Near-PR Filter Banks with Linear Phase Property, A
Includes: Liu, D.H.[Dan Hua] Liu, D.H.[Dan-Hua] Liu, D.H.[De-Hua] Liu, D.H.[De-Hong] Liu, D.H.[Dang-Hui] Liu, D.H.[Dong-Hua] Liu, D.H.[Dan-Hong]
11 for Liu, D.H.

Liu, D.J.[Da Jie] Co Author Listing * Least Squares-Based Method for Adjusting the Boundaries of Area Objects, A
Includes: Liu, D.J.[Da Jie] Liu, D.J.[Da-Jie]

Liu, D.L.[Dong Lie] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of InSAR and TomoSAR for Monitoring Deformations Caused by Mining in a Mountainous Area with High Resolution Satellite-Based SAR
* Regional Water Balance Based on Remotely Sensed Evapotranspiration and Irrigation: An Assessment of the Haihe Plain, China
Includes: Liu, D.L.[Dong Lie] Liu, D.L.[Dong-Lie] Liu, D.L.[De-Li]

Liu, D.M.[Dong Mei] Co Author Listing * Design of MP3 Audio Signal System Based on DSP
* Salient object detection fusing global and local information based on nonsubsampled contourlet transform
Includes: Liu, D.M.[Dong Mei] Liu, D.M.[Dong-Mei]

Liu, D.Q.[Dong Quan] Co Author Listing * Automatic clustering and boundary detection algorithm based on adaptive influence function
* Effective clustering and boundary detection algorithm based on Delaunay triangulation
Includes: Liu, D.Q.[Dong Quan] Liu, D.Q.[Dong-Quan]

Liu, D.R.[De Rong] Co Author Listing * Nested auto-regressive processes for MPEG-encoded video traffic modeling
Includes: Liu, D.R.[De Rong] Liu, D.R.[De-Rong]

Liu, D.S.[De Sheng] Co Author Listing * Automatic Registration of Airborne Images with Complex Local Distortion
* Detecting Change Dates from Dense Satellite Time Series Using a Sub-Annual Change Detection Algorithm
Includes: Liu, D.S.[De Sheng] Liu, D.S.[De-Sheng]

Liu, D.S.M.[Damon Shing Min] Co Author Listing * Synthesizing Physics-Based Vortex and Collision Sound in Virtual Reality
Includes: Liu, D.S.M.[Damon Shing Min] Liu, D.S.M.[Damon Shing-Min]

Liu, D.W.[Dong Wei] Co Author Listing * Bokeh Effects Based on Stereo Vision
* Inverse Skeletal Strokes
* Mapping biomes of Australia based on the Holdridge Life Zone Model
* Stereo Refinement for Photo Editing
Includes: Liu, D.W.[Dong Wei] Liu, D.W.[Dong-Wei] Liu, D.W.[Dian-Wei]

Liu, D.Y.[De Yan] Co Author Listing * Constant false-alarm ratio processing for video cut detection
* Discovering Useful Concept Prototypes for Classification Based on Filtering and Abstraction
* Efficient Space-Time Sampling with Pixel-Wise Coded Exposure for High-Speed Imaging
* Java-Based MPEG-4 Like Video Codec, A
* Reconstructed Wind Fields from Multi-Satellite Observations
* Video from a single coded exposure photograph using a learned over-complete dictionary
* What is the space of spectral sensitivity functions for digital color cameras?
Includes: Liu, D.Y.[De Yan] Liu, D.Y.[De-Yan] Liu, D.Y.[Dan-Yu] Liu, D.Y.[Deng-Yu] Liu, D.Y. Liu, D.Y.[De-You]
7 for Liu, D.Y.

Liu, D.Z.[Dai Zhi] Co Author Listing * novel method for speckle noise reduction and ship target detection in SAR images, A
* Preparation and Conductive Mechanism of the Ink-Jet Printed Nanosilver Films for Flexible Display
* Retrieval of Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in Pearl River Estuary Using MODIS Data
Includes: Liu, D.Z.[Dai Zhi] Liu, D.Z.[Dai-Zhi] Liu, D.Z.[Dong-Zhi] Liu, D.Z.[Da-Zhao]

Liu, E.[Eryun] Co Author Listing * Coarse to Fine Minutiae-Based Latent Palmprint Matching, A
* Fingerprint Singular Point Detection Based on Multiple-Scale Orientation Entropy
* key binding system based on n-nearest minutiae structure of fingerprint, A
* Latent Fingerprint Matching: Performance Gain via Feedback from Exemplar Prints
* Segmentation and Enhancement of Latent Fingerprints: A Coarse to Fine Ridge Structure Dictionary
* Subregion based local descriptor
Includes: Liu, E.[Eryun] Liu, E. Liu, E.[Erqi]

Liu, E.H.[En Hai] Co Author Listing * fast partial distortion search algorithm for motion estimation based on the multi-traps assumption, A
* Improved SAP based on adaptive directional prediction for HEVC lossless intra prediction
Includes: Liu, E.H.[En Hai] Liu, E.H.[En-Hai]

Liu, E.R. Co Author Listing * Automatic Reference Color Selection for Adaptive Mathematical Morphology and Application in Image Segmentation

Liu, E.T. Co Author Listing * Gene Array Technologies in Biological Investigations

Liu, F.[Feng] Co Author Listing * 3D fingerprint reconstruction system using feature correspondences and prior estimated finger model
* 3D motion retrieval with motion index tree
* Advanced Three-Dimensional Tailored RF Pulse Design in Volume Selective Parallel Excitation
* Aesthetics-Based Stereoscopic Photo Cropping for Heterogeneous Displays
* Albedo assisted high-quality shape recovery from 4D light fields
* Anisotropic diffusion for image denoising based on diffusion tensors
* ASIFT-Based Local Registration Method for Satellite Imagery, An
* Auto-encoder Based Data Clustering
* Automatic 3D Facial Landmarking Algorithm Using 2D Gabor Wavelets, An
* Automatic Assembling of Cadastral Maps Based on Generalized Hough Transformation
* Bayesian Framework Based Direct Reconstruction of Fluorescence Parametric Images
* Body Surface Context: A New Robust Feature for Action Recognition From Depth Videos
* Casual stereoscopic panorama stitching
* Casual Stereoscopic Photo Authoring
* Coherent Change Detection Using Passive GNSS-Based BSAR: Experimental Proof of Concept
* Color text image binarization based on binary texture analysis
* Comparative Study of Urban Expansion in Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan from the 1970s to 2013, A
* comparative study on quality assessment of high resolution fingerprint images, A
* Comparing Salient Object Detection Results without Ground Truth
* compressed sensing approach for efficient ensemble learning, A
* Compressive Sensing SAR Image Reconstruction Based on Bayesian Framework and Evolutionary Computation
* computer vision method to locate cold spots in foods in microwave sterilization processes, A
* Construction method of three-channel non-separable symmetric wavelets with arbitrary dilation matrices and its applications in multispectral image fusion
* Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Regional Representation
* CRF learning with CNN features for image segmentation
* CRIM-FCHO: SAR Image Two-Stage Segmentation With Multifeature Ensemble
* Deep convolutional neural fields for depth estimation from a single image
* density-based approach for text extraction in images, A
* Depth Enhancement via Low-Rank Matrix Completion
* Detecting and Segmenting Periodic Motion
* Determining Relation Semantics by Mapping Relation Phrases to Knowledge Base
* Disparity estimation in stereo sequences using scene flow
* DTRF: A physiologically motivated method for image description
* Efficient Schemes for Monte Carlo Markov Chain Algorithms in Global Illumination
* Efficiently Constructing Mosaics from Video Collections
* endmember extraction algorithm for hyperspectral images using watershed and normalized cuts, An
* Energy saving routing algorithm based on SPIN protocol in WSN
* Event Analogy Based Privacy Preservation in Visual Surveillance
* evidential reasoning based classification algorithm and its application for face recognition with class noise, An
* Exploiting Visual Saliency and Bag-of-Words for Road Sign Recognition
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Nonrigid Motion Parameters and Shape-from-Shading
* Fast Computation of Discrete Optimal FIR Estimates in White Gaussian Noise
* Fast reconstruction of fluorescence molecular tomography via a permissible region extraction strategy
* Feasibility Analysis of Automatic Classification on Land Use Change Dynamic Monitoring
* Finding Periodicity in Space and Time
* Fingerprint Pore Matching Based on Sparse Representation
* Flexible Visual Cryptography Scheme without Distortion
* Fluorescence Tomography Reconstruction With Simultaneous Positron Emission Tomography Priors
* Forward and Inverse Solutions of Electrocardiography Problem Using an Adaptive BEM Method
* Geometric structure guided collaborative compressed sensing
* Geometry-shader-based real-time voxelization and applications
* GPU-based matting Laplacian solver for high resolution image matting, A
* hierarchical local region-based sparse shape composition for liver segmentation in CT scans, A
* Hierarchical semantic model and scattering mechanism based PolSAR image classification
* Image Enhancement via Fusion Based on Laplacian Pyramid Directional Filter Banks
* Image Formation Algorithm for Asymmetric Bistatic SAR Systems With a Fixed Receiver
* Image Retargeting Using Mesh Parametrization
* Image Segmentation Based on Spatially Coherent Gaussian Mixture Model
* Improving the visual quality of size invariant visual cryptography scheme
* Incomplete motion feature tracking algorithm in video sequences
* Joint Subspace Stabilization for Stereoscopic Video
* Kernel fusion for better image deblurring
* Keystone correction for stereoscopic cinematography
* Land-use Spatial Optimization Model Based On Particle Swarm Optimization
* Learning color and locality cues for moving object detection and segmentation
* Learning Depth from Single Monocular Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Fields
* Learning Interpolation via Regional Map for Pan-Sharpening
* Learning simultaneous adaptive clustering and classification via MOEA
* Leveraging stereopsis for saliency analysis
* Local linear Laplacian eigenmaps: A direct extension of LLE
* Local Maximal Homogeneous Region Search for SAR Speckle Reduction With Sketch-Based Geometrical Kernel Function
* Local Similarity Based Linear Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition with Single Sample per Person
* Local structure based sparse representation for face recognition with single sample per person
* Method For Stereo Mapping Based On Objectarx And Pipeline Technology
* Method of Reducing Speckle Noise of SAR Images Based on Wavelets and Wedgelet HMT Models, A
* Modeling Spatial and Temporal Textures
* Monitoring of Tumor Response to Au Nanorod-Indocyanine Green Conjugates Mediated Therapy With Fluorescence Imaging and Positron Emission Tomography
* Multi-modal face tracking using bayesian network
* Multi-View Video Summarization
* Multiangle BSAR Imaging Based on BeiDou-2 Navigation Satellite System: Experiments and Preliminary Results
* multiobjective immune clustering ensemble technique applied to unsupervised SAR image segmentation, A
* Multiple Gaussian Mixture Models for Image Registration
* Multivariate Compressive Sensing for Image Reconstruction in the Wavelet Domain: Using Scale Mixture Models
* Mutual-Information-Based Semi-Supervised Hyperspectral Band Selection With High Discrimination, High Information, and Low Redundancy
* new component based algorithm for newspaper layout analysis, A
* new patch based change detector for polarimetric SAR data, A
* Nonconvex Compressed Sensing by Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms
* novel direction-of-arrival estimation method for wideband signals, A
* novel dynamic rough subspace based selective ensemble, A
* novel hierarchical fingerprint matching approach, A
* Novel Technique Based on the Combination of Labeled Co-Occurrence Matrix and Variogram for the Detection of Built-up Areas in High-Resolution SAR Images, A
* On The National Geographical Condition Monitoring Several Strategic Issues
* Online unsupervised feature learning for visual tracking
* Optimal XOR Based (2,n)-Visual Cryptography Schemes
* Parallax-Tolerant Image Stitching
* Parallel versus Hierarchical Fusion of Extended Fingerprint Features
* Particle filter with spline resampling and global transition model
* Perceptual Image Hashing via Wave Atom Transform
* Periodicity, Directionality, and Randomness: Wold Features for Image Modeling and Retrieval
* Periodicity, Directionality, and Randomness: Wold Features for Perceptual Pattern Recognition
* POL-SAR Image Classification Based on Wishart DBN and Local Spatial Information
* Polarization characteristics of objects in long-wave infrared range
* Real-Time Recognition with the Entire Brodatz Texture Database
* Rectified Registration Consistency for Image Registration Evaluation
* Reinforcement learning-based feature learning for object tracking
* Research about security mechanism in wireless sensor network
* Robust image metamorphosis immune from ghost and blur
* Saliency Aggregation: A Data-Driven Approach
* SAR Image Segmentation Based on Hierarchical Visual Semantic and Adaptive Neighborhood Multinomial Latent Model
* Selective multiple kernel learning for classification with ensemble strategy
* Semisupervised Discriminant Feature Learning for SAR Image Category via Sparse Ensemble
* Sequence searching with deep-learnt depth for condition- and viewpoint-invariant route-based place recognition
* Shape of Gaussians as feature descriptors
* Simple to Complex Transfer Learning for Action Recognition
* Spatial and Temporal Analysis for Optical Imaging Data Using CWT and tICA
* Speaker recognition based on dynamic MFCC parameters
* Spectral Clustering Ensemble Applied to SAR Image Segmentation
* Texture-Consistent Shadow Removal
* TOPSIS-Based Consensus Model for Group Decision-Making With Incomplete Interval Fuzzy Preference Relations
* Unmixing Dynamic Fluorescence Diffuse Optical Tomography Images With Independent Component Analysis
* Unsupervised feature selection based on maximum information and minimum redundancy for hyperspectral images
* Unsupervised Mumford-Shah energy based hybrid of texture and nontexture image segmentation
* Visual Tracking via Nonnegative Regularization Multiple Locality Coding
* Volcanic ash cloud extraction for RS image by combining PCA, ICA and SVM methods
* Warp propagation for video resizing
* What Makes a Professional Video? A Computational Aesthetics Approach
* Wishart Deep Stacking Network for Fast POLSAR Image Classification
Includes: Liu, F.[Feng] Liu, F. Liu, F.[Fei] Liu, F.[Fang] Liu, F.[Frank] Liu, F.[Fan] Liu, F.[Fayao] Liu, F.[Feifeng] Liu, F.[Feitong] Liu, F.[Fayi]
127 for Liu, F.

Liu, F.C.[Fu Chun] Co Author Listing * Safe diagnosability of fuzzy discrete-event systems
Includes: Liu, F.C.[Fu Chun] Liu, F.C.[Fu-Chun]

Liu, F.D.[Feng De] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Analysis of Polynomial RFM Adjustment Models for Worldview-1 Imagery
* SWDC-4 Large Format Digital Aerial Camera System
Includes: Liu, F.D.[Feng De] Liu, F.D.[Feng-De]

Liu, F.F.[Fei Feng] Co Author Listing * Accurate Focusing and Resolution Analysis Method in Geosynchronous SAR, The
* Extended NLCS Algorithm of BiSAR Systems With a Squinted Transmitter and a Fixed Receiver: Theory and Experimental Confirmation
Includes: Liu, F.F.[Fei Feng] Liu, F.F.[Fei-Feng]

Liu, F.G.[Fa Gui] Co Author Listing * Application of RFID Technology in Production Control in the Discrete Manufacturing Industry, The
Includes: Liu, F.G.[Fa Gui] Liu, F.G.[Fa-Gui]

Liu, F.H.[Fang Hui] Co Author Listing * Co-saliency detection via inter and intra saliency propagation
* Detecting Bladder Abnormalities Based on Inter-layer Intensity Curve for Virtual Cystoscopy
Includes: Liu, F.H.[Fang Hui] Liu, F.H.[Fang-Hui] Liu, F.H.[Fang-Hua]

Liu, F.I.[Feng I] Co Author Listing * Automatic image orientation detection
Includes: Liu, F.I.[Feng I] Liu, F.I.[Feng-I]

Liu, F.L.[Fang Lei] Co Author Listing * Moire Pattern Removal from Texture Images via Low-Rank and Sparse Matrix Decomposition
* Multi-class steganalysis for Jpeg stego algorithms
* Steganalysis Based on Difference Image
Includes: Liu, F.L.[Fang Lei] Liu, F.L.[Fang-Lei] Liu, F.L.[Fen-Lin]

Liu, F.Q.[Fu Qiang] Co Author Listing * Counting Pedestrian in Crowded Subway Scene
* Multi-Sensor Based Perception Network for Vehicle Driving Assistance
* On-Line Ensemble SVM for Robust Object Tracking
* Real-Time Stereovision Approach of Object Detection for Driving Assistance
* Routing in Internet of Vehicles: A Review
* Traffic Abnormality Detection through Directional Motion Behavior Map
Includes: Liu, F.Q.[Fu Qiang] Liu, F.Q.[Fu-Qiang]

Liu, F.S.[Feng Shan] Co Author Listing * Improving Target Detection Accuracy Based on Multipolarization MIMO GPR
* Versatile surface detail editing via Laplacian coordinates
Includes: Liu, F.S.[Feng Shan] Liu, F.S.[Feng-Shan]

Liu, F.T.[Fei Tony] Co Author Listing * Relevance feature mapping for content-based multimedia information retrieval

Liu, F.W.[Fa Wang] Co Author Listing * Violence classification based on shape variations from multiple views
Includes: Liu, F.W.[Fa Wang] Liu, F.W.[Fa-Wang]

Liu, F.X.[Fu Xiang] Co Author Listing * Method for Nondestructive Testing of Blockboard Based on Morphological Double-Gradient Algorithm, A
Includes: Liu, F.X.[Fu Xiang] Liu, F.X.[Fu-Xiang]

Liu, F.Y.[Fang Yu] Co Author Listing * Research and realization of automatic test system for ADC based on Matlab
* Robust Motion Estimation for Calibrated Cameras from Monocular Image Sequences
Includes: Liu, F.Y.[Fang Yu] Liu, F.Y.[Fang-Yu] Liu, F.Y.[Fei-Yu]

Liu, F.Z.[Feng Zhu] Co Author Listing * Stable Imaging and Accuracy Issues of Low-Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Photogrammetry Systems
Includes: Liu, F.Z.[Feng Zhu] Liu, F.Z.[Feng-Zhu]

Liu, G.[Gang] Co Author Listing * email: Liu, G.[Gang]: gliu AT george ee washington edu
* Accurate Determination of Glacier Surface Velocity Fields with a DEM-Assisted Pixel-Tracking Technique from SAR Imagery
* Affine Motion Model for Removing Rolling Shutter Distortions, An
* Application of Image Processing and Discrete Analysis Method in Simulation of Oil and Gas Migration and Accumulation
* Application of Synthetic NDVI Time Series Blended from Landsat and MODIS Data for Grassland Biomass Estimation
* Assessment of the Impact of Reservoirs in the Upper Mekong River Using Satellite Radar Altimetry and Remote Sensing Imageries
* Assignment Problem in Edge Detection Performance Evaluation
* Automated Construction of Templates for Matching
* Automatic Detection of Phishing Target from Phishing Webpage
* Blind Sampling Clock Offset Estimation Algorithm for OFDM System
* Characterizing Traffic Conditions from the Perspective of Spatial-Temporal Heterogeneity
* Clustered Multi-task Linear Discriminant Analysis for View Invariant Color-Depth Action Recognition
* Collinearity and Coplanarity Constraints for Structure from Motion
* Color Maximal-Dissimilarity Pattern for pedestrian detection
* Color-Texture-Structure Descriptor for High-Resolution Satellite Image Classification, A
* Compressed-Domain-Based Transmission Distortion Modeling for Precoded H.264/AVC Video
* Continuous Visibility Feature
* Deformation Trend Extraction Based on Multi-Temporal InSAR in Shanghai
* Delivery System for Streaming Video Over DiffServ Networks, A
* Deriving Ice Motion Patterns in Mountainous Regions by Integrating the Intensity-Based Pixel-Tracking and Phase-Based D-InSAR and MAI Approaches: A Case Study of the Chongce Glacier
* Discriminative Structured Feature Engineering for Macroscale Brain Connectomes
* Double-Channel Bistatic SAR System With Spaceborne Illuminator for 2-D and 3-D SAR Remote Sensing
* Dual-Space Decomposition of 2D Complex Shapes
* Effective and efficient video text extraction using key text points
* Effective Fades and Flashlight Detection Based on Accumulating Histogram Difference
* Egocentric Daily Activity Recognition via Multitask Clustering
* Error Analysis of Bistatic SAR Imaging and Stereoscopy Bistatic SAR
* Estimating Spatiotemporal Ground Deformation With Improved Permanent-Scatterer Radar Interferometry
* Estimating Spatiotemporal Ground Deformation With Improved Persistent-Scatterer Radar Interferometry ast
* Event Oriented Dictionary Learning for Complex Event Detection
* Experimental Framework to Validate 3D Models of Cardiac Electrophysiology Via Optical Imaging and MRI, An
* FLIR ATR Using Location Uncertainty
* Gradient descent with adaptive momentum for active contour models
* Guided Face Cartoon Synthesis
* Image Cosegmentation by Incorporating Color Reward Strategy and Active Contour Model
* Image segmentation based on multiresolution Markov random field with fuzzy constraint in wavelet domain
* Improved RANSAC Image Stitching Algorithm Based Similarity Degree, An
* Improved Unmixing-Based Fusion Method: Potential Application to Remote Monitoring of Inland Waters, An
* Inductive Robust Principal Component Analysis
* Integrated Denoising and Unwrapping of InSAR Phase Based on Markov Random Fields
* Interactive geospatial object extraction in high resolution remote sensing images using shape-based global minimization active contour model
* Landsat-Based Long-Term Monitoring of Total Suspended Matter Concentration Pattern Change in the Wet Season for Dongting Lake, China
* Light Field Acquisition using Programmable Aperture Camera
* Low-Rank Tensor Constrained Multiview Subspace Clustering
* L_p Norm Localized Multiple Kernel Learning via Semi-Definite Programming
* Mapping Rice Cropping Systems in Vietnam Using an NDVI-Based Time-Series Similarity Measurement Based on DTW Distance
* Meaningful Object Segmentation From SAR Images via a Multiscale Nonlocal Active Contour Model
* Minimizing dataset bias: Discriminative multi-task sparse coding through shared subspace learning for image classification
* Multi-Task Learning Framework for Head Pose Estimation under Target Motion, A
* Multi-task linear discriminant analysis for multi-view action recognition
* Multilayer Obstacle-Avoiding X-Architecture Steiner Minimal Tree Construction Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
* Multiple Visual Models Based Perceptive Analysis Framework for Multilevel Video Summarization, A
* Multitask Linear Discriminant Analysis for View Invariant Action Recognition
* New Approach for Synthesis and Recognition of Large Scale Handwritten Chinese Words, A
* new patch based change detector for polarimetric SAR data, A
* New Persistent Scatter Network Construction Algorithm For Persistent Scatter Insar And Its Application To The Detection of Urban Subsidence, A
* New Texture Generation Method Based on Pseudo-DCT Coefficients, A
* No Matter Where You Are: Flexible Graph-Guided Multi-task Learning for Multi-view Head Pose Classification under Target Motion
* Nonlinear Model for InSAR Baseline Error
* Optimal matching problem in detection and recognition: Performance Evaluation
* Optimization of Integer Wavelet Transforms Based on Difference Correlation Structures
* Optoelectronic Property and Application for Optical Recording of a New Diarylethene Bearing a Six-Membered Aryl Unit
* Performance Evaluation of the CFAR Vehicle Detection Algorithm
* Performance Optimization of Digital Spectrum Analyzer With Gaussian Input Signal
* Photochromic Diarylethene with a Six-Membered Aryl Unit for Polarization Optical Recording, A
* Processing of Monostatic SAR Data With General Configurations
* Prostate Segmentation Based on Variant Scale Patch and Local Independent Projection
* Quantitative Estimation of Fluorescence Parameters for Crop Leaves with Bayesian Inversion
* Query by humming via hierarchical filters
* Rapid computation of sodium bioscales using gpu-accelerated image reconstruction
* Recognizing Daily Activities from First-Person Videos with Multi-task Clustering
* Reef-Scale Thermal Stress Monitoring of Coral Ecosystems: New 5-km Global Products from NOAA Coral Reef Watch
* River Basin over the Course of Time: Multi-Temporal Analyses of Land Surface Dynamics in the Yellow River Basin (China) Based on Medium Resolution Remote Sensing Data, A
* Robust lyric search based on weighted syllable confusion matrix
* Robust Polarimetric SAR Despeckling Based on Nonlocal Means and Distributed Lee Filter
* Saliency Detection by Multitask Sparsity Pursuit
* SAR Image Change Detection Based on Iterative Label-Information Composite Kernel Supervised by Anisotropic Texture
* Satellite radar reveals land subsidence over coal mines
* Scale- and Rotation-Invariant Local Binary Pattern Using Scale-Adaptive Texton and Subuniform-Based Circular Shift
* SCUT-COUCH2009: A comprehensive online unconstrained Chinese handwriting database and benchmark evaluation
* Stochastic Lane Shape Estimation Using Local Image Descriptors
* Study on segmentation and interpretation of multi-look polarimetric SAR images
* Synthesis of a New Unsymmetrical Photochromic Diarylethene for Polarization Multiplexing Holographic Recording
* Synthesis, Photochromism and Optical Storage of a Novel Diarylethene Compound
* Synthesis, Properties and Application in Optical Memory of a New Type Diarylethene Based on Five and Six Rings
* Tempo variation based multilayer filters for query by humming
* Texture Analysis with Shape Co-occurrence Patterns
* Texture Image Segmentation Using Wavelet Filters and Cellular Neural Network
* Thin Plate Spline-Based Feature-Preserving Method for Reducing Elevation Points Derived from LiDAR, A
* Two Practical Issues in Canny's Edge Detector Implementation
* Ultrashort-baseline Persistent Scatterer Radar Interferometry For Subsidence Detection
* Unified Structured Learning for Simultaneous Human Pose Estimation and Garment Attribute Classification
* Using Centroid Covariance in Target Recognition
* Using Surface Stations to Improve Sounding Retrievals from Hyperspectral Infrared Instruments
* Validation of Reef-Scale Thermal Stress Satellite Products for Coral Bleaching Monitoring
* Vehicle Ground-truth Database for the Vertical-view Ft. Hood Imagery
* Visual Object Tracking Based on Combination of Local Description and Global Representation
Includes: Liu, G.[Gang] Liu, G.[Guang] Liu, G.[Ganming] Liu, G.[Gaowen] Liu, G.[Guoyi] Liu, G. Liu, G.[Guilin] Liu, G.[Garry] Liu, G.[Guo_Dong] Liu, G.[Ge] Liu, G.[Gene] Liu, G.[Gaohuan] Liu, G.[Ganchao] Liu, G.[Gaogao] Liu, G.[Geng] Liu, G.[Guolin] LIU, G.
97 for Liu, G.

Liu, G.C.[Guang Can] Co Author Listing * Advancing Iterative Quantization Hashing Using Isotropic Prior
* Blind Image Deblurring Using Spectral Properties of Convolution Operators
* Comparing Noisy Patches for Image Denoising: A Double Noise Similarity Model
* Deterministic Analysis for LRR, A
* General Subspace Learning With Corrupted Training Data Via Graph Embedding
* Hybrid Graph Model for Unsupervised Object Segmentation, A
* Improving Bottom-up Saliency Detection by Looking into Neighbors
* Latent Clothing Attribute Approach for Human Pose Estimation, A
* Latent Low-Rank Representation for subspace segmentation and feature extraction
* Multi-output regression on the output manifold
* Multi-task low-rank affinity pursuit for image segmentation
* Multi-Task low-rank and sparse matrix recovery for human motion segmentation
* Non-blind deblurring of structured images with geometric deformation
* Practical low-rank matrix approximation under robust L1-norm
* Radon Representation-Based Feature Descriptor for Texture Classification
* Robust Recovery of Subspace Structures by Low-Rank Representation
* Street-to-shop: Cross-scenario clothing retrieval via parts alignment and auxiliary set
* Unsupervised Object Segmentation with a Hybrid Graph Model (HGM)
Includes: Liu, G.C.[Guang Can] Liu, G.C.[Guang-Can] Liu, G.C.[Gan-Chao]
18 for Liu, G.C.

Liu, G.D.[Guang Da] Co Author Listing * Automated Social Behaviour Recognition at Low Resolution
* Compression of Human Motion Data Sequences
* Human motion estimation from a reduced marker set
* Let's keep in touch online: a Facebook aware virtual human interface
* Tracking for Quantifying Social Network of Drosophila Melanogaster
* Weighted Local Binary Pattern Infrared Face Recognition Based on Weber's Law
Includes: Liu, G.D.[Guang Da] Liu, G.D.[Guang-Da] Liu, G.D.[Guo-Dong] Liu, G.D.[Geng-Dai]

Liu, G.F.[Gao Feng] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised multi-class segmentation of SAR images using fuzzy triplet Markov fields model
Includes: Liu, G.F.[Gao Feng] Liu, G.F.[Gao-Feng]

Liu, G.H.[Guang Hai] Co Author Listing * Content-based image retrieval using color difference histogram
* Content-based image retrieval using computational visual attention model
* curve-theorem based approach for change detection and its application to Yellow River Delta, A
* Face Hallucination via Similarity Constraints
* Feature extraction based on Laplacian bidirectional maximum margin criterion
* Feature Extraction based on Local Maximum Margin Criterion
* From Logo to Object Segmentation
* Global salient information maximization for saliency detection
* Image retrieval based on micro-structure descriptor
* Image retrieval based on multi-texton histogram
* Image retrieval based on the texton co-occurrence matrix
* Modified directional weighted filter for removal of salt & pepper noise
* Object Co-Segmentation Based on Shortest Path Algorithm and Saliency Model
* Robust single-object image segmentation based on salient transition region
* Semantic Annotation of Satellite Images Using Author-Genre-Topic Model
* Spatial Differencing Method for Mixed Far-Field and Near-Field Sources Localization
* Tracking Ecosystem Water Use Efficiency of Cropland by Exclusive Use of MODIS EVI Data
* Two-layer average-to-peak ratio based saliency detection
* Unsupervised range-constrained thresholding
* Using Tasseled Cap Transformation of CBERS-02 Images to Detect Dieback or Dead Robinia Pseudoacacia Plantation
* Using the original and symmetrical face training samples to perform representation based two-step face recognition
Includes: Liu, G.H.[Guang Hai] Liu, G.H.[Guang-Hai] Liu, G.H. Liu, G.H.[Guang-Hui] Liu, G.H.[Guo-Hong] Liu, G.H.[Gui-Hua] Liu, G.H.[Gao-Huan]
21 for Liu, G.H.

Liu, G.J.[Guo Jun] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Model-Based Human Motion Tracking Via Unscented Kalman Filter
* Image denoising via 2D dictionary learning and adaptive hard thresholding
* novel approach for tracking high speed skaters in sports using a panning camera, A
* Satellite Objects Extraction and Classification Based on Similarity Measure
Includes: Liu, G.J.[Guo Jun] Liu, G.J.[Guo-Jun] Liu, G.J.[Guan-Jun]

Liu, G.L.[Guang Lu] Co Author Listing * Accelerated robust sparse coding for fast face recognition
* Analysis of out-of-focus blur influence on fingerprint liveness detection system
* Attribute reduction approaches for general relation decision systems
* Data Processing Flow and Algorithms Study of Acquiring DEMs Using Interferometric SAR, The
* Elastomeric 2D grating and hemispherical optofluidic chamber for multifunctional fluidic sensing
* Non-invasive measurement study of human blood alcohol concentration based on NIR dynamic spectrum
* Robust Algorithm of Multiquadric Method Based on an Improved Huber Loss Function for Interpolating Remote-Sensing-Derived Elevation Data Sets, A
* Seemingly unrelated regression modeling of urban air quality by direct Monte Carlo algorithm
Includes: Liu, G.L.[Guang Lu] Liu, G.L.[Guang-Lu] Liu, G.L.[Gui-Liang] Liu, G.L.[Gui-Long] Liu, G.L.[Guo-Lin] Liu, G.L.[G. Logan] Liu, G.L.[Gui-Li]
8 for Liu, G.L.

Liu, G.P.[Guo Ping] Co Author Listing * Analysis and calculation of the moored ship cable tension based on Monte Carlo Method
* Improved Image Enhancement Method Based-on Reformative Histogram Specification and its Application in Continuous Cast Slab, An
* Simulation and analysis of Lorenz system's dynamics characteristics
Includes: Liu, G.P.[Guo Ping] Liu, G.P.[Guo-Ping]

Liu, G.Q.[Gui Quan] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Representative Selection via Structure Sparsity
* Dynamically Constrained Vector Field Convolution for Active Contour Model
* Multi-view learning with batch mode active selection for image retrieval
* Probabilistic classifiers with a generalized Gaussian scale mixture prior
* Wind Speed Retrieval From VH Dual-Polarization RADARSAT-2 SAR Images
Includes: Liu, G.Q.[Gui Quan] Liu, G.Q.[Gui-Quan] Liu, G.Q.[Guo-Qi] Liu, G.Q.[Guo-Qing] Liu, G.Q.[Guo-Qiang]

Liu, G.R.[Gin Ron] Co Author Listing * 3D Computation of Gray Level Co-occurrence in Hyperspectral Image Cubes
* Improved tropical rainfall potential forecasting for mountainous regions
* Modified Bowen ratio method in near-sea-surface air temperature estimation by using satellite data
Includes: Liu, G.R.[Gin Ron] Liu, G.R.[Gin-Ron] Liu, G.R.[Gin-Rong]

Liu, G.S. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithm for the 2-D Discrete Cosine Transform, An
* Spatio-temporal target identification method of high-range resolution radar
Includes: Liu, G.S. Liu, G.S.[Guo-Sui]

Liu, G.W.[Gao Wen] Co Author Listing * GLocal tells you more: Coupling GLocal structural for feature selection with sparsity for image and video classification
Includes: Liu, G.W.[Gao Wen] Liu, G.W.[Gao-Wen]

Liu, G.X.[Guo Xiang] Co Author Listing * Anatomy of Subsidence in Tianjin from Time Series InSAR
* Combination of overlap-driven adjustment and Phong model for LiDAR intensity correction
* Detecting Subsidence Along a High Speed Railway by Ultrashort Baseline TCP-InSAR with High Resolution Images
* Detecting Subsidence in Coastal Areas by Ultrashort-Baseline TCPInSAR on the Time Series of High-Resolution TerraSAR-X Images
* Extracting Vertical Displacement Rates in Shanghai (China) with Multi-Platform SAR Images
* Hierarchical Approach to Persistent Scatterer Network Construction and Deformation Time Series Estimation, A
* Hierarchical Multi-Temporal InSAR Method for Increasing the Spatial Density of Deformation Measurements, A
* Hierarchical tone mapping based on image colour appearance model
* Improved Multi-Temporal Insar Method for Increasing Spatial Resolution of Surface Deformation Measurements, An
* Short Baseline TerraSAR-X PSI for Monitoring Subsidence of Highways and Railways, Case Study with Corner Reflectors
Includes: Liu, G.X.[Guo Xiang] Liu, G.X.[Guo-Xiang] Liu, G.X. Liu, G.X.[Guo-Xiong]
10 for Liu, G.X.

Liu, G.Y.[Guo Yi] Co Author Listing * 3D Gait Recognition Using Multiple Cameras
* Amplitude spectrum-based gait recognition
* Detection of Psychological Stress Using a Hyperspectral Imaging Technique
* Emotion Recognition Based on Multi-Variant Correlation of Physiological Signals
* fast and robust face location and feature extraction system, A
* Incorporating Adaptive Local Information Into Fuzzy Clustering for Image Segmentation
* novel method for frame rate up-conversion, A
Includes: Liu, G.Y.[Guo Yi] Liu, G.Y.[Guo-Yi] Liu, G.Y.[Guang-Yuan] Liu, G.Y.[Guang-Yao] Liu, G.Y.[Guo-Ying]
7 for Liu, G.Y.

Liu, G.Z.[Gui Zhong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Blind Watermarking for JPEG2000 Compression Domain
* Adaptive Lagrange multiplier selection model in rate distortion optimization for 3D wavelet-based scalable video coding
* Biologically inspired task oriented gist model for scene classification
* construction of a statistical prediction lifting operator and its application, The
* Dynamic Video Segmentation via a Novel Recursive Kernel Density Estimation
* effective approach to edge classification from DCT domain, An
* effective GM/LM-based video error concealment, An
* Efficient compression algorithm for hyperspectral images based on correlation coefficients adaptive 3D zerotree coding
* Efficient Compression Algorithm for Hyperspectral Images Based on Correlation Coefficients Adaptive Three Dimensional Wavelet Zerotree Coding, An
* Efficient Learning of Sample-Specific Discriminative Features for Scene Classification
* efficient macroblock-based diverse and flexible prediction modes selection for hyperspectral images coding, An
* Fast mode decision algorithm for intra prediction in H.264/AVC with integer transform and adaptive threshold
* Fine-Resolution Frequency Estimator in the Odd-DFT Domain, A
* Global motion estimation from randomly selected motion vector groups and GM/LM based applications
* Goal event detection in broadcast soccer videos by combining heuristic rules with unsupervised fuzzy c-means algorithm
* Hierarchical GIST Model Embedding Multiple Biological Feasibilities for Scene Classification, A
* High performance full scalable video compression with embedded multiresolution MC-3DSPIHT
* improved cross-layer mapping mechanism for packet video delivery over WLAN, An
* improvement to the SIFT descriptor for image representation and matching, An
* Inter mode decision based on Just Noticeable Difference profile
* Modeling of H.264/AVC based video transmission distortion over wireless network
* Multiple pedestrians tracking algorithm by incorporating histogram of oriented gradient detections
* Novel Lossless Compression for Hyperspectral Images by Adaptive Classified Arithmetic Coding in Wavelet Domain, A
* novel PDE-based rate-distortion model for rate control, A
* novel scene change detection algorithm based on the 3D wavelet transform, A
* semantic framework for video genre classification and event analysis, A
* Text detection, localization, and tracking in compressed video
* Utility-Based Optimized Cross-Layer Scheme for Real-Time Video Transmission Over HSDPA
* Video Copy Detection Based on Path Merging and Query Content Prediction
Includes: Liu, G.Z.[Gui Zhong] Liu, G.Z.[Gui-Zhong] Liu, G.Z.[Guan-Zheng] Liu, G.Z.[Gul-Zhong]
29 for Liu, G.Z.

Liu, H. Co Author Listing * 3D Model Based Imdoor Navigation System for Hubei Provincial Museum, A
* 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes with Multiple Handheld Cameras
* Action classification by exploring directional co-occurrence of weighted stips
* Action Disambiguation Analysis Using Normalized Google-Like Distance Correlogram
* Action recognition using 3D DAISY descriptor
* Active learning for detecting a spectrally variable subject in color infrared imagery
* Adaptive Distance Metric Learning for Clustering
* Adaptive feature-spatial representation for Mean-shift tracker
* Affine correspondence based head pose estimation for a sequence of images by using a 3D model
* Affine Model Based Motion Compensation Prediction for Zoom
* AQUA: An Amphibious Autonomous Robot
* Audio-visual Keyword Spotting for Mandarin Based on Discriminative Local Spatial-Temporal Descriptors
* Automated visual analysis in large scale sensor networks
* Automatic Calibration Method for Driver's Head Orientation in Natural Driving Environment
* Automatic object segmentation with 3-D cameras
* Automatic objects segmentation with RGB-D cameras
* Blind Image Deblurring Using Weighted Sum of Gaussian Kernels for Point Spread Function Estimation
* Blurring length estimation using ringing artifacts in a deblurred image
* CCD mosaic technique for large-field digital mammography
* Class-Specified Segmentation with Multi-scale Superpixels
* Classification of ex-vivo breast cancer positive margins measured by hyperspectral imaging
* Classification of Upper Limb Motion Trajectories Using Shape Features
* Coarse to fine K nearest neighbor classifier
* Collaborative Mean Shift Tracking Based on Multi-Cue Integration and Auxiliary Objects
* Color face image decomposition under complex lighting conditions
* Color-difference evaluation for digital images using a categorical judgment method
* Comparative Study of Fixation Density Maps
* Comparative Study of Three Land Surface Broadband Emissivity Datasets from Satellite Data, A
* Comparison of methods for smile deceit detection by training AU6 and AU12 simultaneously
* Constraint-aware interior layout exploration for pre-cast concrete-based buildings
* Crowd simulation based on constrained and controlled group formation
* Data Uncertainty in Face Recognition
* Database Approach to Very Large LIDAR Data Management, A
* Depth Motion Detection: A Novel RS-Trigger Temporal Logic based Method
* Destriping algorithm with L0 sparsity prior for remote sensing images
* Determining Utterance Timing of a Driving Agent With Double Articulation Analyzer
* Development of a dual detector phase x-ray imaging system: Design considerations
* Development of ground experiment system for space robot performing fine manipulation
* Development of the Brican TD100 Small UAS and Payload Trials
* Diffuse Optical Tomography Enhanced by Clustered Sparsity for Functional Brain Imaging
* direction Change-based algorithm for polygonal approximation, A
* Document image retrieval based on density distribution feature and key block feature
* Double-Layer Model for Foreground Detection from Video Sequence, A
* Dual-Tree Cosine-Modulated Filter Bank With Linear-Phase Individual Filters: An Alternative Shift-Invariant and Directional-Selective Transform
* Efficient SVD-Based Method for Image Denoising, An
* Enhanced Functional Brain Imaging by Using Adaptive Filtering and a Depth Compensation Algorithm in Diffuse Optical Tomography
* Ensemble gene selection for cancer classification
* Estimation of Measurements for Block-Based Compressed Video Sensing: Study of Correlation Noise in Measurement Domain
* Evaluating Driving Styles by Normalizing Driving Behavior Based on Personalized Driver Modeling
* Evaluating Saturation Correction Methods for DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data: A Case Study from China's Cities
* Evaluation of Color-Difference Formulae Based on Small Color Difference Data by Printed Sample
* Evolutionary semi-supervised fuzzy clustering
* Exploring Discriminative Views for 3D Object Retrieval
* FaceTracker: A Human Face Tracking and Facial Organ Localizing System
* Fingerprint Orientation Field Estimation: Model of Primary Ridge for Global Structure and Model of Secondary Ridge for Correction
* Flexible Recognition Algorithms and Flexible OCR System
* Gender Identification in Unconstrained Scenarios Using Self-Similarity of Gradients Features
* Generalized Image-Contrast Enhancement Technique Based on the Heinemann Contrast Discrimination Model
* Global Spatio-Temporal Representation for Action Recognition, A
* Global-background based view synthesis approach for multi-view video
* Globally accelerated reconstruction algorithm for diffusion tomography with continuous-wave source in an arbitrary convex shape domain
* Gradient Ordinal Signature and Fixed-Point Embedding for Efficient Near-Duplicate Video Detection
* Guest Editorial: Big Data for Driver, Vehicle, and System Control in ITS
* Heuristic Initialization for Active Contour Models in CT/MRI Image Processing
* Hierarchical Classification of Moving Vehicles Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition of Micro-Doppler Signatures
* Hierarchical data association and depth-invariant appearance model for indoor multiple objects tracking
* Hierarchical Ship Detection Scheme for High-Resolution SAR Images, A
* Hierarchical Word-Merging Algorithm with Class Separability Measure, A
* High Dimensional Semiparametric Scale-Invariant Principal Component Analysis
* How Accurately Can Direct Motion Vision Determine Depth
* How Does Image Content Affect the Added Value of Visual Attention in Objective Image Quality Assessment?
* Human-Attention Inspired Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Sensors in the Web of Things
* Image Quality Feedback-based Adaptive Video Definition Improvement For The Space Manipulation Task
* Imaging Analysis and First Results of the Geostationary Interferometric Microwave Sounder Demonstrator
* Improved direction estimation for Di Zenzo's multichannel image gradient operator
* improved RHT algorithm to detect line segments, An
* Improving the image quality of spectral CT volume rendering
* Inferring Ongoing Human Activities Based on Recurrent Self-Organizing Map Trajectory
* Integrating the Bus Vehicle Class Into the Cell Transmission Model
* Joint blind deblurring and destriping for remote sensing images
* Kernelized Relaxed Margin Components Analysis for Person Re-identification
* Layer-based image completion by poisson surface reconstruction
* Leaf Species Classification Based on a Botanical Shape Sub-classifier Strategy
* Learning spatio-temporal co-occurrence correlograms for efficient human action classification
* Local Associated Features for Pedestrian Detection
* Locating Multiple Multiscale Electromagnetic Scatterers by a Single Far-Field Measurement
* Low-Complexity Joint Antenna Tilting and User Scheduling for Large-Scale ZF Relaying
* Mathematical Design of a Novel Gesture-Based Instruction/Input Device Using Wave Detection
* Matrix Decomposition Perspective to Multiple Graph Matching, A
* Maximally stable curvature regions for 3D hand tracking
* Measurement and analysis of brain deformation during neurosurgery
* Migration Velocity Analysis and Prestack Migration of Common-Transmitter GPR Data
* Model-based Next View Planning By Using Rules: Automatic Feature Prediction and Detection
* Modelling and simulation of a bistatic forward-looking SAR configuration
* Motion and Gray Based Automatic Road Segment Method MGARS in Urban Traffic Surveillance
* Multiple Hypotheses Bayesian Frame Rate Up-Conversion by Adaptive Fusion of Motion-Compensated Interpolations
* Multiple Kernel Learning Based on Discriminative Kernel Clustering for Hyperspectral Band Selection
* Navigation Technologies for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
* new active contour model-based segmentation approach for accurate extraction of the lesion from breast DCE-MRI, A
* New Approach to Evaluate Drug Treatment Response of Ovarian Cancer Patients Based on Deformable Image Registration, A
* Normalized difference phytoplankton index (NDPI) and spatio-temporal cloud filtering for multitemporal cyanobacteria pollution analysis on Erie Lake in 2014
* Novel Lip Descriptor for Audio-Visual Keyword Spotting Based on Adaptive Decision Fusion, A
* novel method for stereo matching using Gabor Feature Image and Confidence Mask, A
* Observing Earth's water cycle from space
* On Geocasting over Urban Bus-Based Networks by Mining Trajectories
* Online Behavioral Analysis and Modeling, Guest Editorial
* Online person orientation estimation based on classifier update
* Optimize the Settings of Variable Speed Limit System to Improve the Performance of Freeway Traffic
* Orthogonal enhanced linear discriminant analysis for face recognition
* Panoptic Studio: A Massively Multiview System for Social Motion Capture
* Parallel Encoding: Decoding Operation for Multiview Video Coding with High Coding Efficiency
* Physiological Fusion of Functional and Structural Images for Cardiac Deformation Recovery
* Portrait beautification: A fast and robust approach
* pose measurement method of a non-cooperative GEO spacecraft based on stereo vision, A
* Precision Analysis of 3D Reconstruction Based on Generalized Stereopair, The
* Prediction of Transit Vehicle Arrival Time for Signal Priority Control: Algorithm and Performance
* Preliminary investigation on the effect of x-ray beam hardening on detective quantum efficiency and radiation dose
* Pseudo-Log-Polar Fourier Transform for Image Registration
* Quaternion-Based Impulse Noise Removal From Color Video Sequences
* Query expansion with pairwise learning in object retrieval challenge
* Real-time human tracking based on switching linear dynamic system combined with adaptive Meanshift tracker
* Real-Time Plane Segmentation and Obstacle Detection of 3D Point Clouds for Indoor Scenes
* Recognition of Occlusions in CT Images Using a Curve-Based Parameterization Method
* Regression based landmark estimation and multi-feature fusion for visual speech recognition
* Regression-Based Facial Expression Optimization
* Relative Impact of Ghosting and Noise on the Perceived Quality of MR Images, The
* Robot Hand-Eye Coordination: Shape Description and Grasping
* Robust and hierarchical watermarking of encrypted images based on Compressive Sensing
* Robust block sparse discriminative classification framework
* Robust Detection of Abandoned and Removed Objects in Complex Surveillance Videos
* Robust Ellipse Fitting Based on Sparse Combination of Data Points
* Robust hand tracking based on online learning and multi-cue flocks of features
* Robust Hand Tracking with Hough Forest and Multi-cue Flocks of Features
* Robust human tracking based on multi-cue integration and mean-shift
* Scalable Video Multicast in Hybrid 3G/Ad-Hoc Networks
* Scene-Adaptive Hierarchical Data Association for Multiple Objects Tracking
* SDM-BSM: A fusing depth scheme for human action recognition
* Segment and Label Indoor Scene Based on RGB-D for the Visually Impaired
* Segmentation of myocardium using velocity field constrained front propagation
* Segmentation-Based PolSAR Image Classification Using Visual Features: RHLBP and Color Features
* Set-based classification for person re-identification utilizing mutual-information
* Silhouette Analysis for Human Action Recognition Based on Supervised Temporal t-SNE and Incremental Learning
* skeleton pruning algorithm based on information fusion, A
* Skew detection for complex document images using robust borderlines in both text and non-text regions
* Smile Detection in Unconstrained Scenarios Using Self-Similarity of Gradients Features
* Spatiotemporal Detection and Analysis of Urban Villages in Mega City Regions of China Using High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Structure-constrained low-rank and partial sparse representation for image classification
* Structure-Constrained Low-Rank and Partial Sparse Representation with Sample Selection for image classification
* Study on dynamic sharing of military shortwave frequency spectrum
* Study on military shortwave frequency planning
* Study on the meso-structure image of shale based on the digital image processing technique
* Superresolution ISAR Imaging Based on Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Superresolution ISAR Imaging Based on Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Survey of state melding in virtual worlds
* SVD-SIFT for web near-duplicate image detection
* Swarm model for cooperative multi-vehicle mobility with inter-vehicle communications
* System For Human Face And Facial Feature Location, A
* Three-Layered Graph-Based Learning Approach for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval, A
* Three-Step Approach for TLS Point Cloud Classification, A
* Transmural Imaging of Ventricular Action Potentials and Post-Infarction Scars in Swine Hearts
* Two-level multi-task metric learning with application to multi-classification
* Unsupervised multi-target trajectory detection, learning and analysis in complicated environments
* Unusual events detection based on multi-dictionary sparse representation using kinect
* Using the original and symmetrical face training samples to perform representation based two-step face recognition
* Violence detection using Oriented VIolent Flows
* Visual comfort assessment for stereoscopic 3D images based on salient discomfort regions
* Visual Object Localization in Image Collections
* Visual Saliency Detection via Sparsity Pursuit
* Visual Sign Language Recognition Based on HMMs and Auto-regressive HMMs
* Visualization of Taxi Drivers' Income and Mobility Intelligence
* Voxel-Based Method for Automated Identification and Morphological Parameters Estimation of Individual Street Trees from Mobile Laser Scanning Data, A
* Web-image driven best views of 3D shapes
* What is wrong with mesh PCA in coordinate direction normalization
Includes: Liu, H. Liu, H.[Haomin] Liu, H.[Hong] Liu, H.[Hanyu] Liu, H.[Huan] Liu, H.[Hui] Liu, H.[Haowei] Liu, H.[Han] Liu, H.[Hao] Liu, H.[Haoxue] Liu, H.[Hua] Liu, H.[Hai] Liu, H.[Houde] Liu, H.[Hanli] Liu, H.[Hunaxi] Liu, H.[Huawen] Liu, H.[Haixiao] Liu, H.[Huanxi] Liu, H.[Haixu] Liu, H.[Haoting] Liu, H.[Haiyang] Liu, H.[Hengjin] Liu, H.[Hongyu] Liu, H.[Heng] Liu, H.[Haijun] Liu, H.[Hong_Zhi] Liu, H.[Huaiyu] Liu, H.[He] Liu, H.[Hongmin]
173 for Liu, H.

Liu, H.B.[Hong Bin] Co Author Listing * Bayesian frame interpolation by fusing multiple motion-compensated prediction frames
* BIM: Image matching using biological gene sequence alignment
* effects of temperature variation on videometric measurement and a compensation method, The
* Generic segment-wise DC for 3D-HEVC depth intra coding
* Monitoring Abnormal Patterns with Complex Semantics over ICU Data Streams
* novel multiplex cascade classifier for pedestrian detection, A
* Probabilistic approach for maximum likelihood estimation of pose using lines
* Projection for Pattern Recognition
* Real-time multi-class moving target tracking and recognition
* Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging for Defense and Security Applications
* Texture based sub-PU motion inheritance for depth coding
* Video linkage: group based copied video detection
* Wavelet Pyramid Based Multi-Resolution Bilateral Motion Estimation for Frame Rate Up-Conversion
Includes: Liu, H.B.[Hong Bin] Liu, H.B.[Hong-Bin] Liu, H.B.[Hai-Bin] Liu, H.B.[Hai-Bo] Liu, H.B.[Hong-Bo] Liu, H.B. Liu, H.B.[Hong-Bing]
13 for Liu, H.B.

Liu, H.C.[Hong Che] Co Author Listing * Accuracy vs. Efficiency Trade-Offs in Optical Flow Algorithms
* Corner Detection from Chain-Code
* Enhancing Realism in Modeling Merge Junctions in Analytical Models for System-Optimal Dynamic Traffic Assignment
* General Motion Model and Spatiotemporal Filters for Computing Optical-Flow, A
* Generalized Motion Model for Estimating Optical Flow Using 3-D Hermite Polynomials, A
* Image Gradient Evolution: A Visual Cue for Collision Avoidance
* Motion-Model-Based Boundary Extraction
* Motion-Model-Based Boundary Extraction and a Real-Time Implementation
* New Dynamic Approach for Finding the Contour of Bi-Level Images, A
* Partial Shape Classification Using Contour Matching in Distance Transformation
* Pattern Recognition Using Evolution Algorithms with Fast Simulated Annealing
* Personalized face verification system using owner-specific cluster-dependent LDA-subspace
* Properties of high-order ghost imaging with natural light
* Real-Time Computer Vision Platform for Mobile Robot Applications, A
* Research in HDFS based on the campus network environment
* Spatio-temporal filters for transparent motion segmentation
* Stereo Vision Using a Microcanonical Mean-Field Annealing Neural-Network
* String Descriptor for Matching Partial Shapes, A
Includes: Liu, H.C.[Hong Che] Liu, H.C.[Hong-Che] Liu, H.C. Liu, H.C.[Hong-Chao] Liu, H.C.[Hsien-Chang] Liu, H.C.[Hui-Chao]
18 for Liu, H.C.

Liu, H.C.H.[Hain Ching H.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Determination of Scene Changes
* Automatic scene decomposition and optimization of MPEG compressed video
Includes: Liu, H.C.H.[Hain Ching H.] Liu, H.C.H.[Hain-Ching H.]

Liu, H.D.[Hui Dong] Co Author Listing * Bilinear Discriminative Dictionary Learning for Face Recognition
* Fast Local Histogram Specification
* Local histogram specification for face recognition under varying lighting conditions
* Local histogram specification using learned histograms for face recognition
* MRG-OHTC Database for Online Handwritten Tibetan Character Recognition
Includes: Liu, H.D.[Hui Dong] Liu, H.D.[Hui-Dong] Liu, H.D.[Hui-Dan]

Liu, H.E. Co Author Listing * Online Regulation of High Speed Train Trajectory Control Based on T-S Fuzzy Bilinear Model

Liu, H.F.[Hai Feng] Co Author Listing * A-Optimal Non-negative Projection for image representation
* Constrained Concept Factorization for Image Representation
* Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Image Representation
* convex neighbor-constrained active contour model for image segmentation, A
* Deblurring Saturated Night Image With Function-Form Kernel
* Elastographic image reconstruction: A stochastic state space approach
* Gesture segmentation based on monocular vision using skin color and motion cues
* Gradient based image/video softcast with grouped-patch collaborative reconstruction
* H-inf filtering and physical modeling for robust kinematics estimation
* Image denoising via adaptive soft-thresholding based on non-local samples
* Level Set Active Contours on Unstructured Point Cloud
* Locally discriminative topic modeling
* Meshfree particle method
* Metric learning with two-dimensional smoothness for visual analysis
* Multiframe nonrigid motion analysis with anisotropic spatial constraints: applications to cardiac image analysis
* Neighbor-constrained active contours without edges
* Neighborhood Aided Implicit Active Contours
* Noninvasive volumetric imaging of cardiac electrophysiology
* Pet image reconstruction: GPU-accelerated particle filter framework
* Separable Kernel for Image Deblurring
* Simultaneous estimation of left ventricular motion and material properties with maximum a posteriori strategy
* Simultaneous Segmentation and Motion Recovery in 3D Cardiac Image Analysis
* State-Space Analysis of Cardiac Motion With Biomechanical Constraints
* State-Space Reconstruction of Pet Parametric Maps
* Uncertainty Penalized Weighted Least Squares Framework for PET Reconstruction Under Uncertain System Models
Includes: Liu, H.F.[Hai Feng] Liu, H.F.[Hai-Feng] Liu, H.F.[Hua-Feng] Liu, H.F.[Hong-Fei] Liu, H.F.[Hang-Fan]
25 for Liu, H.F.

Liu, H.G.[Hong Gao] Co Author Listing * Hydrodynamic and Inundation Modeling of China's Largest Freshwater Lake Aided by Remote Sensing Data
* Moving Objects Segmentation from compressed surveillance video based on Motion Estimation
* novel scheme to code object flags for video synopsis, A
Includes: Liu, H.G.[Hong Gao] Liu, H.G.[Hong-Gao] Liu, H.G.[He-Guang]

Liu, H.H.[Hong Hai] Co Author Listing * Accurately estimating rigid transformations in registration using a boosting-inspired mechanism
* Advances in View-Invariant Human Motion Analysis: A Review
* Application of Syntactic Pattern Recognition to Seismic Discrimination, An
* Color quantization by 3D spherical Fibonacci lattices
* Comparison of subjective viewing test methods for image quality assessment
* Contrast-dependent surround suppression models for contour detection
* Facial makeup detection via selected gradient orientation of entropy information
* Flow field texture representation-based motion segmentation for crowd counting
* Fuzzy Gaussian Mixture Models
* Image indexing using 3D model for image retrieval
* Improved SVD-Based Watermarking for Digital Images
* Improving subpixel stereo matching with segment evolution
* Interval Fuzzy Controller for Vehicle Active Suspension Systems, An
* Learning to detect contours in natural images via biologically motivated schemes
* Multilevel Parallel Processing Approach to Scene Labeling Problems, A
* NUMA-aware image compositing on multi-GPU platform
* rule-based system for automatic seismic discrimination, A
* Syntactic Approach to Seismic Pattern Recognition, A
* Syntactic Pattern Recognition Approach to Seismic Discrimination, A
* Viewing-Distance Aware Super-Resolution for High-Definition Display
Includes: Liu, H.H.[Hong Hai] Liu, H.H.[Hong-Hai] Liu, H.H. Liu, H.H.[Hsin-Hua] Liu, H.H.[Hai-Hua] Liu, H.H.[Hung-Hsun] Liu, H.H.[Hua-Hai] Liu, H.H.[Hsi-Ho]
20 for Liu, H.H.

Liu, H.H.S. Co Author Listing * LED location beacon system based on processing of digital images

Liu, H.J.[Hong Juan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Gabor Filtering Method and Its Application in Edge Detection, An
* Development of glass bottle inspector based on machine vision
* Digital Watermarking for Image Authentication with Localization
* generic approach to rugged terrain analysis based on fuzzy inference, A
* Method for Reduced-Reference Color Image Quality Assessment, A
* Method of Cloud Classification Base on Image Entropy, A
* Novel Hybrid Segmentation Method for Medical Images Based on Level Set, A
* Object watermarks for digital images and video
* Performance-based control interfaces using mixture of factor analyzers
* Quantifying the Impact of NDVIsoil Determination Methods and NDVIsoil Variability on the Estimation of Fractional Vegetation Cover in Northeast China
* real-time machine vision system for bottle finish inspection, A
* Remote sensing image fusion via wavelet transform and sparse representation
* Research on Chaos-Based Message Digest Method for Medical Images
* Silhouette analysis for human action recognition based on maximum spatio-temporal dissimilarity embedding
* Study of Defog Technology Based on Scattering Model in Assistant Driving System
Includes: Liu, H.J.[Hong Juan] Liu, H.J.[Hong-Juan] Liu, H.J.[Huan-Jun] Liu, H.J.[Hua-Jian] Liu, H.J.[Hua-Jun] Liu, H.J.[Hui-Juan] Liu, H.J.[Hai-Jun] Liu, H.J.[Hong-Jun]
15 for Liu, H.J.

Liu, H.K. Co Author Listing * 3D Display of Human Organs from Computed Tomograms
* Advanced Ultra-High-Capacity Optical Random-Access Memory and Pattern-Recognition Techniques
* Dynamic Boundary Surface Detection
* Optical and Digital Pattern Recognition
* Two- and Three-Dimensional Boundary Detection

Liu, H.L.[Hai Long] Co Author Listing * Handwritten character recognition using gradient feature and quadratic classifier with multiple discrimination schemes
* Improve Handwritten Character Recognition Performance by Heteroscedastic Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Lip Contour Extraction Method Using Localized Active Contour Model with Automatic Parameter Selection, A
* NN-based algorithm for estimation of water vapor content using AVHRR data over ocean, A
* NN-based atmospheric correction algorithm for Landsat/TM thermal infrared data, An
* Reconstruction method with data from a multiple-site continuous-wave source for three-dimensional optical tomography
* Segmentation-Driven Offline Handwritten Chinese and Arabic Script Recognition
* Sparse Pose Regression via Componentwise Clustering Feature Point Representation
* Variations in BOLD response latency estimated from event-related fMRI at 3T: Comparisons between gradient-echo and Spin-echo
* Writer identification using directional element features and linear transform
Includes: Liu, H.L.[Hai Long] Liu, H.L.[Hai-Long] Liu, H.L.[Hai-Lin] Liu, H.L.[Hai-Lei] Liu, H.L.[Han-Li] Liu, H.L.[Hong-Lin] Liu, H.L.[Ho-Ling]
10 for Liu, H.L.

Liu, H.M.[Hong Mei] Co Author Listing * Binary Image Authentication using Zernike Moments
* Content-based authentication algorithm for binary images
* Dwt-based Video Data Hiding Robust To Mpeg Compression And Frame Loss
* Geometric property based ellipse detection method
* Hybrid Watermarking Scheme for Video Authentication, A
* Image Content Based Curve Matching Using HMCD Descriptor
* On Concise 3-D Simple Point Characterizations: A Marching Cubes Paradigm
* PLDD: Point-lines distance distribution for detection of arbitrary triangles, regular polygons and circles
* Robust Audio Watermarking Based on Low-Order Zernike Moments
* Robust Watermarking for MPEG-2, A
* Robust Watermarking Scheme for H.264, A
* Scale-invariant feature matching based on pairs of feature points
* Structure analysis image quality measurement
* Ternary contextualised histogram pattern for curve matching
* Three Novel Algorithms for Hiding Data in PDF Files Based on Incremental Updates
* Two Birds, One Stone: Jointly Learning Binary Code for Large-Scale Face Image Retrieval and Attributes Prediction
Includes: Liu, H.M.[Hong Mei] Liu, H.M.[Hong-Mei] Liu, H.M.[Hong-Min] Liu, H.M. Liu, H.M.[Hao-Miao]
16 for Liu, H.M.

Liu, H.P.[Hua Ping] Co Author Listing * Color Model based real-time Face Detection with AdaBoost in color image
* Decision Tree Algorithm Of Urban Extraction From Multi-source Image Data, The
* Estimating viewing angles in mobile street view search
* Incremental Co-Boost for visual tracking
* Reconstructing satellite images to quantify spatially explicit land surface change caused by fires and succession: A demonstration in the Yukon River Basin of interior Alaska
* Supervised Low-Rank Matrix Recovery for Traffic Sign Recognition in Image Sequences
* Towards Measuring and Visualizing Sustainable National Power: A Case Study of China and Neighboring Countries
* Visual Tracking Using Online Semi-supervised Learning
* Visual Tracking Using Sparsity Induced Similarity
Includes: Liu, H.P.[Hua Ping] Liu, H.P.[Hua-Ping] Liu, H.P.[Hui-Ping] Liu, H.P.[He-Ping]
9 for Liu, H.P.

Liu, H.Q.[Hua Qun] Co Author Listing * digital watermark scheme for vector graphics, A
* Exploring the Influence of Neighborhood Characteristics on Burglary Risks: A Bayesian Random Effects Modeling Approach
Includes: Liu, H.Q.[Hua Qun] Liu, H.Q.[Hua-Qun] Liu, H.Q.[Hong-Qiang]

Liu, H.R.[Hai Rong] Co Author Listing * Automated Assembly of Shredded Pieces From Multiple Photos
* Common visual pattern discovery via spatially coherent correspondences
* Contour-based object detection as dominant set computation
* Convex shape decomposition
* Dense Neighborhoods on Affinity Graph
* Dense Subgraph Partition of Positive Hypergraphs
* Efficient structure detection via random consensus graph
* Fast Detection of Dense Subgraphs with Iterative Shrinking and Expansion
* Image Re-Attentionizing
* Toward Large-Population Face Identification in Unconstrained Videos
* Unified Curvature Definition for Regular, Polygonal, and Digital Planar Curves, A
* Visual Curvature
Includes: Liu, H.R.[Hai Rong] Liu, H.R.[Hai-Rong]
12 for Liu, H.R.

Liu, H.S. Co Author Listing * Develop Direct Geo-referencing System Based on Open Source Software and Hardware Platform
* High Resolution Radon Transform and its Applications in Multiple Suppression of Seismic Data in Deep-Sea
* Real-Time Optoelectronic Morphological Processor for Human Face Recognition
Includes: Liu, H.S. Liu, H.S.[Huai-Shan]

Liu, H.T.[Hui Tao] Co Author Listing * Cluster-Analysis-Based Noise-Robust Phase-Unwrapping Algorithm for Multibaseline Interferograms, A
* Domain Knowledge Ontology Building for Semantic Video Event Description
* efficient no-reference metric for perceived blur, An
* How to apply spatial saliency into objective metrics for JPEG compressed images?
* Improved DS acoustic-seismic modality fusion for ground-moving target classification in wireless sensor networks
* No-Reference Metric for Perceived Ringing Artifacts in Images, A
* Optical superresolution of focused partially spatially coherent laser beams
* Outage Probability of Selection Cooperation With MRC in Nakagami-m Fading Channels
* Perceptually Relevant Approach to Ringing Region Detection, A
* quest for the integration of visual saliency models in objective image quality assessment: A distraction power compensated combination strategy, The
* Simplified Human Vision Model Applied to a Blocking Artifact Metric, A
* Studying human behavioural responses to time-varying distortions for video quality assessment
* Studying the added value of computational saliency in objective image quality assessment
* Studying the added value of visual attention in objective image quality metrics based on eye movement data
* Theories for the design of a hybrid refractive-diffractive superresolution lens with high numerical aperture
* Theories for the design of diffractive superresolution elements and limits of optical superresolution
* Visual Attention in Objective Image Quality Assessment: Based on Eye-Tracking Data
Includes: Liu, H.T.[Hui Tao] Liu, H.T.[Hui-Tao] Liu, H.T.[Hai Tao] Liu, H.T.[Han-Tao] Liu, H.T.[Hai-Tao] Liu, H.T.
17 for Liu, H.T.

Liu, H.W.[Han Wen] Co Author Listing * 2D to 3D Image Conversion Based on Classification of Background Depth Profiles
* Automatic video activity detection using compressed domain motion trajectories for H.264 videos
* Clustered Microcalcification detection based on a Multiple Kernel Support Vector Machine with Grouped Features (GF-SVM)
* Computationally Efficient DOA Estimation for MIMO Radar
* Detection Probability of a CFAR Matched Filter with Signal Steering Vector Errors
* Feature selection with dynamic mutual information
* Fisher Discrimination Based Low Rank Matrix Recovery
* Fisher discrimination based low rank matrix recovery for face recognition
* Generalized re-weighting local sampling mean discriminant analysis
* Infinite max-margin factor analysis via data augmentation
* kernel optimization method based on the localized kernel Fisher criterion, A
* Nonnegative matrix factorization with bounded total variational regularization for face recognition
* Optimizing the data-dependent kernel under a unified kernel optimization framework
* Penalized partial least square discriminant analysis with for multi-label data
* PolSAR Coherency Matrix Decomposition Based on Constrained Sparse Representation
* Recognizing object manipulation activities using depth and visual cues
* Semismooth Newton support vector machine
* Unsupervised Action Classification Using Space-Time Link Analysis
Includes: Liu, H.W.[Han Wen] Liu, H.W.[Han-Wen] Liu, H.W.[Hao-Wei] Liu, H.W.[Hong-Wei] Liu, H.W.[Hua-Wen]
18 for Liu, H.W.

Liu, H.X.[Hai Xiao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive-ADMM Algorithm With Support and Signal Value Detection for Compressed Sensing, An
* Detection and Control Algorithm of Multi-Color Printing Registration Based on Computer Vision
* Dictionary learning based reconstruction for distributed compressed video sensing
* Distributed Compressed Video Sensing with Joint Optimization of Dictionary Learning and l1-Analysis Based Reconstruction
* Effective Method for Detecting Potential Woodland Vernal Pools Using High-Resolution LiDAR Data and Aerial Imagery, An
* Evaluation of threshold color differences using printed samples
* Geographically Adaptive Inversion Model for Improving Bathymetric Retrieval From Satellite Multispectral Imagery
* Improved Motion Estimation for Spatially Scalable Video Coding, An
* Improved Wetland Classification Using Eight-Band High Resolution Satellite Imagery and a Hybrid Approach
* Incorporation of Flow Stripes as Constraints for Calibrating Ice Surface Velocity Measurements from Interferometric SAR Data
* Joint Sampling Rate and Bit-Depth Optimization in Compressive Video Sampling
* Optimal-Correlation-Based Reconstruction for Distributed Compressed Video Sensing
* Perception of Image Characteristics with Compressive Measurements
* Rate-distortion optimised quantisation for direct current coefficients of Wyner-Ziv frame in unidirectional distributed video coding
* Retrieval of Mangrove Aboveground Biomass at the Individual Species Level with WorldView-2 Images
* Sparse Feature Learning for Visual Tracking by Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator
* Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Gyres in Oriented Lakes on the Arctic Coastal Plain of Northern Alaska Based on Remotely Sensed Images
* Stone images retrieval based on color histogram
* Study on Acceptable Color Difference Using Printed Samples
Includes: Liu, H.X.[Hai Xiao] Liu, H.X.[Hai-Xiao] Liu, H.X.[Hao-Xue] Liu, H.X.[Hong-Xing] Liu, H.X.[Hai-Xia] Liu, H.X.[Huan-Xi]
19 for Liu, H.X.

Liu, H.Y.[Hai Ying] Co Author Listing * Accurate dense optical flow estimation using adaptive structure tensors and a parametric model
* Adaptive Piecewise Linear Predistorter Based on PSO and Indirect Learning Architecture
* Advertise gently: In-image advertising with low intrusiveness
* Attention Based Album Slideshow
* Automatic geo-registration of maritime video feeds
* Classification and saliency detection by semi-supervised low-rank representation
* close-up detection method for movies, A
* Crowdsourcing, Citizen Science or Volunteered Geographic Information? The Current State of Crowdsourced Geographic Information
* Effective Drusen Segmentation from Fundus Images for Age-Related Macular Degeneration Screening
* Fast Continuous 360 Degree Color 3D Laser Scanner
* Fast two-frame multiscale dense optical flow estimation using discrete wavelet filters
* Growcut-based drusen segmentation for age-related macular degeneration detection
* hierarchical approach for obtaining structure from two-frame optical flow, A
* Hierarchical semantic model and scattering mechanism based PolSAR image classification
* Hough-transform detection of lines in 3-D space
* Hough-transform detection of lines in 3-space
* Industrial Wastewater Discharge Retrieval Based on Stable Nighttime Light Imagery in China from 1992 to 2010
* Inverse Elastic Scattering for Multiscale Rigid Bodies with a Single Far-Field Pattern
* Local brightness adaptive image colour enhancement with Wasserstein distance
* Newly Modified Algorithm Of Hough Transform For Line Detection, A
* Omni-Directional Surveillance for Unmanned Water Vehicles
* Parallel Processing Architecture of Remotely Sensed Image Processing System Based on Cluster
* Perceptually-lossless image coding based on foveated-JND and H.265/HEVC
* Progressive correlation noise refinement for transform domain Wyner-Ziv video coding
* refined object detection method based on HTM, A
* Resample-Based SVA Algorithm for Sidelobe Reduction of SAR/ISAR Imagery With Noninteger Nyquist Sampling Rate, A
* Semantically-Based Human Scanpath Estimation with HMMs
* Spatio-Temporal Variation and Impact Factors for Vegetation Carbon Sequestration and Oxygen Production Based on Rocky Desertification Control in the Karst Region of Southwest China
* Structure-preserved NLTV regularization for image denoising
* Texture Classification Using Wavelet Decomposition with Markov Random Field Models
* Uncalibrated Stereo Matching Using DWT
* Variational Bayesian Method for Retinex
Includes: Liu, H.Y.[Hai Ying] Liu, H.Y.[Hai-Ying] Liu, H.Y.[Hong-Yu] Liu, H.Y.[Hui-Ying] Liu, H.Y.[Hong-Ying] Liu, H.Y.[Hai-Yun] Liu, H.Y.[Hong-Yi] Liu, H.Y.[Hai-Yan] Liu, H.Y.[Hang-Ye] Liu, H.Y.[Hong-Ye] Liu, H.Y.[Hui-Yu]
32 for Liu, H.Y.

Liu, H.Z.[Hong Zhe] Co Author Listing * Adaptive all-season image tag ranking by saliency-driven image pre-classification
* Multidimensional Motion Segmentation and Identification
* On the generation and pruning of skeletons using generalized Voronoi diagrams
Includes: Liu, H.Z.[Hong Zhe] Liu, H.Z.[Hong-Zhe] Liu, H.Z.[Hai-Zhu] Liu, H.Z.[Hong-Zhi]

Liu, I.[Iching] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of 3-D Binary Tree-Like Structures from Three Mutually Orthogonal Projections

Liu, J.[Jing] Co Author Listing * 3D entity-based stereo matching with ground control points and joint second-order smoothness prior
* 3D Object Recognition Using Invariance
* 3D Visual Experience Oriented Cross-Layer Optimized Scalable Texture Plus Depth Based 3D Video Streaming Over Wireless Networks
* Abnormal Event Detection in Crowded Scenes Using Sparse Representation
* Accurate Dynamic Scene Model for Moving Object Detection
* Action Recognition by Multiple Features and Hyper-Sphere Multi-class SVM
* Active Appearance Models Fitting with Occlusion
* Adaptive background estimation of outdoor illumination variations for foreground detection
* adaptive band selection algorithm for dimension reduction of hyperspectral images, An
* Adaptive Beamforming with Sidelobe Control: A Second-Order Cone Programming Approach
* Adaptive General Scale Interpolation Based on Weighted Autoregressive Models
* adaptive inter CU depth decision algorithm for HEVC, An
* Adaptive Method for Recovering Image from Mixed Noisy Data, An
* Adaptive Variational Method for Restoring Color Images with High Density Impulse Noise
* Advanced Hough Transform Using A Multilayer Fractional Fourier Method
* Affine Model Based Motion Compensation Prediction for Zoom
* Ambiguous decision trees for mining concept-drifting data streams
* Analysis of Interscale and Intrascale Dependencies Between Image Wavelet Coefficients
* Ancient Stone Tidal Weirs in Penghu Archipelago: Distribution, Category, Structure and Function, a Google Earth and GIS Approach
* Anomaly detection in crowded scene via appearance and dynamics joint modeling
* Approximation-Theoretic Analysis of Translation Invariant Wavelet Expansions
* Assessing the Impact of Climate Variability on Cropland Productivity in the Canadian Prairies Using Time Series MODIS FAPAR
* Audio Recapture Detection With Convolutional Neural Networks
* Automated detection of blob structures by Hessian analysis and object scale
* Automated Extraction of the Archaeological Tops of Qanat Shafts from VHR Imagery in Google Earth
* Automatic Camera Calibration and Scene Reconstruction with Scale-Invariant Features
* Automatic cell classification and population estimation in blastocystis autophagy images
* Automatic Detection of the Ice Edge in SAR Imagery Using Curvelet Transform and Active Contour
* Automatic face image annotation based on a single template with constrained warping deformation
* Automatic Kronecker Product Model Based Detection of Repeated Patterns in 2D Urban Images
* Automatic localization of the macula in a supervised graph-based approach with contextual superpixel features
* automatic method for generating affine moment invariants, An
* Automatic Optical-to-SAR Image Registration by Iterative Line Extraction and Voronoi Integrated Spectral Point Matching
* Automatic Player Detection, Labeling and Tracking in Broadcast Soccer Video
* Automatic representation of fingerprints for data compression by b-spline functions
* Automatic working area classification in peripheral blood smears using spatial distribution features across scales
* Beyond Explicit Codebook Generation: Visual Representation Using Implicitly Transferred Codebooks
* Beyond local image features: Scene calssification using supervised semantic representation
* Binary image enhancement based on aperiodic stochastic resonance
* Blind Watermarking Algorithm Based on DCT for Color Images
* Boosted Exemplar Learning for Action Recognition and Annotation
* Boosted Exemplar Learning for human action recognition
* Boosting, Sparsity- Constrained Bilinear Model for Object Recognition, A
* Calibration-free Gaze Tracking Technique, A
* Category sensitive codebook construction for object category recognition
* Change detection based on deep feature representation and mapping transformation for multi-spatial-resolution remote sensing images
* Characterization of Dirac Structure Edges with Wavelet Transform
* Chinese Character Localization Method Based on Intergrating Structure and CC-Clustering for Advertising Images, A
* Chromatic calibration of an HDR display using 3D octree forests
* Class-Based Grouping in Perspective Images
* Cloud Gaming: Understanding the Support From Advanced Virtualization and Hardware
* Co-regularized PLSA for Multi-view Clustering
* Coding modes-based frame skip avoidance scheme for low bit rate video coding
* Collaborative PLSA for multi-view clustering
* Collusion-Resistant Conditional Access System for Flexible-Pay-Per-Channel Pay-TV Broadcasting, A
* color balancing method for wide range Remote Sensing imagery based on Regionalization, A
* Color names learning using convolutional neural networks
* Colorization Using Segmentation with Random Walk
* Comment on Orientation Angle Preserving A Posteriori Polarimetric SAR Calibration
* Comments on Probabilities of false alarm and detection for the NAMF operating in Gaussian clutter
* Complexity-regularized Denoising of Poisson-corrupted Data
* Complexity-Regularized Image Denoising
* Complexity-regularized image restoration
* Computation-constrained dynamic search range control for real-time video encoder
* Computer Assisted Method for Nuclear Cataract Grading From Slit-Lamp Images Using Ranking, A
* Concurrent Stereo Matching: An Image Noise-Driven Model
* Confidence Score Based Unsupervised Incremental Adaptation for OOV Words Detection
* Construction of a linear unbiased diffeomorphic probabilistic liver atlas from CT images
* Convex Formulation for Learning a Shared Predictive Structure from Multiple Tasks, A
* Convolutional neural random fields for action recognition
* Coordinate Live Streaming and Storage Sharing for Social Media Content Distribution
* Coordinated Planning of Heterogeneous Earth Observation Resources
* Coping With Heterogeneous Video Contributors and Viewers in Crowdsourced Live Streaming: A Cloud-Based Approach
* Correspondence Propagation with Weak Priors
* Data-Gap Filling to Understand the Dynamic Feedback Pattern of Soil
* Deep sparse feature selection for computer aided endoscopy diagnosis
* Depth generation method for 2D to 3D conversion
* Depth-Assisted Frame Rate Up-Conversion for Stereoscopic Video
* Descriptive local feature groups for image classification
* Design and Implementation of an Embedded Image Capture Device for Mobile Robots
* Design of an Ultrasonic Detecting System Based on LabVIEW
* Detecting and tracking people in real time with RGB-D camera
* Detecting the fuzzy clusters of complex networks
* Detecting the optic cup excavation in retinal fundus images by automatic detection of vessel kinking
* Detection guided deconvolutional network for hierarchical feature learning
* Detection of Data Hiding in Binary Text Images
* Detection Probability of a CFAR Matched Filter with Signal Steering Vector Errors
* Determination of the Point of Fixation in a Head-Fixed Coordinate System
* DIBR based view synthesis for free-viewpoint television
* Dictionary learning based superpixels clustering for weakly-supervised semantic segmentation
* Digital Forensics of Printed Source Identification for Chinese Characters
* Dimensionality reduction of hyperspectral images based on sparse discriminant manifold embedding
* Direct Minutiae Extraction from Gray-level Fingerprint Image by Relationship Examination
* Direct Visible Surface Interpolation
* Discriminant common vectors versus neighbourhood components analysis and Laplacianfaces: A comparative study in small sample size problem
* Double-pupil location of face images
* Early age-related macular degeneration detection by focal biologically inspired feature
* Effect of navigation style and display size on navigation performance in virtual environments
* Effective Drusen Segmentation from Fundus Images for Age-Related Macular Degeneration Screening
* Efficient Architectures for Two-Dimensional Discrete Wavelet Transform Using Lifting Scheme
* Efficient Component-Separable Inter Layer Interpolation Scheme Applied in Scalable Video Coding, An
* Efficient Computational Architecture for a Collision Early-Warning System for Vehicles, Pedestrians, and Bicyclists, An
* Efficient high-speed/low-power line-based architecture for two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform using lifting scheme
* efficient method for the skew normalization of a document image, An
* Efficient Methods for Overlapping Group Lasso
* Efficient One-Pass Decoding with NNLM for Speech Recognition
* Efficient optic cup localization based on superpixel classification for glaucoma diagnosis in digital fundus images
* Efficient Recognition of Rotationally Symmetric Surface and Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinders
* efficient star acquisition method based on SVM with mixtures of kernels, An
* Eigenvector-Based N-D Frequency Estimation From Sample Covariance Matrix
* Elastic Edge Boxes for Object Proposal on RGB-D Images
* Emotional Speech Analysis on Nonlinear Manifold
* end-to-end system for content-based video retrieval using behavior, actions, and appearance with interactive query refinement, An
* Equalized Heteroscedastic Linear Discriminant Analysis Algorithm, An
* Evaluation of Aster GDEM Ver2 Using GPS Measurements and SRTM Ver4.1 in China
* Expanded bag of words representation for object classification
* Expectation-maximization algorithm with total variation regularization for vector-valued image segmentation
* Extracting Ground-Level DEM From SRTM DEM in Forest Environments Based on Mathematical Morphology
* Eye and gaze tracking for visually controlled interactive stereoscopic displays
* Eye synthesis using the eye curve model
* Face Liveness Detection from a Single Image with Sparse Low Rank Bilinear Discriminative Model
* Fast algorithm for generation of moment invariants
* Fast Algorithm of Coding Unit Depth Decision for HEVC Intra Coding
* Fast algorithms and VLSI architecture design for HEVC intra-mode decision
* Fast and Automatic Segmentation of Ascending Aorta in MSCT Volume Data
* Fast Continuous 360 Degree Color 3D Laser Scanner
* Fast Image Inpainting Method Based on Hybrid Similarity-Distance, A
* Fast k-nearest-neighbor search based on projection and triangular inequality
* Fast Lighting Independent Background Subtraction
* Fast rate distortion optimized quantization for HEVC
* fast segmentation method based on constraint optimization and its applications: Intensity inhomogeneity and texture segmentation, A
* fast VQ codebook generation algorithm using codeword displacement, A
* Feature Selection Based on Mutual Information for Language Recognition
* Feature-Based Target Recognition with a Bayesian Network
* Figure-Ground Separation by a Dynamical System
* Floating car data-based method for detecting flooding incident under grade separation bridges in Beijing
* Forest Data Collection Using Terrestrial Image-Based Point Clouds From a Handheld Camera Compared to Terrestrial and Personal Laser Scanning
* Fractional order singular value decomposition representation for face recognition
* From Complex B_1 Mapping to Local SAR Estimation for Human Brain MR Imaging Using Multi-Channel Transceiver Coil at 7T
* Fully automatic and segmentation-robust classification of breast tumors based on local texture analysis of ultrasound images
* General Method for Detecting All-Zero Blocks Prior to DCT and Quantization, A
* Generation and Visualization of Four-Dimensional MR Angiography Data Using an Undersampled 3-D Projection Trajectory
* Geographic ontology driven hierarchical semantic of remote sensing image
* GIHS-based spectral preservation fusion method for remote sensing images using edge restored spectral modulation, A
* GIS-Based Cultural Heritage Study Framework on Continuous Scales: A Case Study on 19th Century Military Industrial Heritage, A
* Global Trajectory Construction across Multi-cameras via Graph Matching
* Grading Tai Chi Performance in Competition with RGBD Sensors
* Gram-Based String Paradigm for Efficient Video Subsequence Search, A
* graph-based image annotation framework, A
* Graph-based video fingerprinting using double optimal projection
* Growcut-based drusen segmentation for age-related macular degeneration detection
* Hand posture recognition with co-training
* Hierarchical multi-feature fusion for multimodal data analysis
* Hierarchical Segmentation of Multitemporal RADARSAT-2 SAR Data Using Stationary Wavelet Transform and Algebraic Multigrid Method
* high-efficient tables memory access saving algorithm for CAVLC decoding, A
* High-order total variation-based multiplicative noise removal with spatially adapted parameter selection
* HOS-Based Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction
* Human Action Recognition in Video via Fused Optical Flow and Moment Features: Towards a Hierarchical Approach to Complex Scenario Recognition
* Human Age Estimation Based on Locality and Ordinal Information
* Human Detection in Images via Piecewise Linear Support Vector Machines
* Human Face Super-Resolution Based on NSCT
* Human visual system consistent quality assessment for remote sensing image fusion
* Human visual system consistent quality assessment for remote sensing image fusion
* Hybrid k-Nearest Neighbor Classifier
* hybrid model for digital camera source identification, A
* Illumination and Contrast Balancing for Remote Sensing Images
* Image annotation via graph learning
* Image classification by non-negative sparse coding, correlation constrained low-rank and sparse decomposition
* Image classification by non-negative sparse coding, low-rank and sparse decomposition
* Image Classification Using Spatial Pyramid Coding and Visual Word Reweighting
* Image classification using spatial pyramid robust sparse coding
* Image Denoising Based on Scale-Space Mixture Modeling of Wavelet Coefficients
* Image Reconstruction from Sparse Projections Using S-Transform
* Image Representation Learning by Deep Appearance and Spatial Coding
* Image restoration under mixed noise using globally convex segmentation
* Image Segmentation by MAP-ML Estimations
* Image segmentation by three-level thresholding based on maximum fuzzy entropy and genetic algorithm
* Image Segmentation Using a Local GMM in a Variational Framework
* Image Segmentation with Automatically Balanced Constraints
* Image super-resolution via nonlocal similarity and group structured sparse representation
* Image-Based and Sensor-Based Approaches to Arabic Sign Language Recognition
* Image-based plant modeling by knowing leaves from their apexes
* Impervious surface extraction with very high resolution imagery in urban areas: Reducing tree obscuring effect
* Improved Background Prediction Algorithm for IR Small Targets Detection
* Improved Hilbert-Huang Transform and its Application in Underwater Acoustic Signal Detection, An
* Improved method for predicting polyp location from CT colonography for optical colonoscopy
* Improved Soft-Input Soft-Output Detector for Generalized Spatial Modulation, An
* Improved upsampling filter design for spatially scalable video coding
* Improving Computer-Aided Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Random View Aggregation
* Information Acquisition and Storage of Forms in Document Processing
* Information-theoretic analysis of interscale and intrascale dependencies between image wavelet coefficients
* Insignificant Shadow Detection for Video Segmentation
* Interactive image segmentation via kernel propagation
* International Benchmarking of the Individual Tree Detection Methods for Modeling 3-D Canopy Structure for Silviculture and Forest Ecology Using Airborne Laser Scanning
* Introduction to the Special Section on Visual Computing in the Cloud: Fundamentals and Applications
* Ionospheric effects on SAR imaging: a numerical study
* Joint Blind Super-Resolution and Shadow Removing
* Joint Optimization of Transmit and Receive Beamforming in Active Arrays
* Key observation selection for effective video synopsis
* Key observation selection-based effective video synopsis for camera network
* Label localization by appearance guided graph inferring
* Land Cover Characterization in West Sudanian Savannas Using Seasonal Features from Annual Landsat Time Series
* Laplacian affine sparse coding with tilt and orientation consistency for image classification
* Layered Representation of Scenes Based on Multiview Image Analysis
* Learning a Representative and Discriminative Part Model with Deep Convolutional Features for Scene Recognition
* Learning distance metric regression for facial age estimation
* Learning kernel parameters for kernel Fisher discriminant analysis
* Learning occlusion patterns using semantic phrases for object detection
* Learning ordinal discriminative features for age estimation
* Learning representative and discriminative image representation by deep appearance and spatial coding
* Learning Semantic Signatures for 3D Object Retrieval
* Local Derivative Pattern Versus Local Binary Pattern: Face Recognition with High-Order Local Pattern Descriptor
* Local Harmonic B_z Algorithm With Domain Decomposition in MREIT: Computer Simulation Study
* Logarithmic Spread-Transform Dither Modulation watermarking Based on Perceptual Model
* Lossless Predictive Coding for Images With Bayesian Treatment
* Lossless predictive coding with Bayesian treatment
* low-dimensional step pattern analysis algorithm with application to multimodal retinal image registration, A
* Lunar terrain reconstruction using PDEs
* Majorization-Minimization Approach to Lq Norm Multiple Kernel Learning, A
* Making FLDA applicable to face recognition with one sample per person
* Mallows' statistics CL: A novel criterion for parametric PSF estimation
* Mapping Global Forest Aboveground Biomass with Spaceborne LiDAR, Optical Imagery, and Forest Inventory Data
* Mapping of Daily Mean Air Temperature in Agricultural Regions Using Daytime and Nighttime Land Surface Temperatures Derived from TERRA and AQUA MODIS Data
* Matching and normalization of affine deformed image from regular moments
* Maximum entropy random fields for texture analysis
* Mesenteric Vasculature-Guided Small Bowel Segmentation on 3-D CT
* Mesh Optimisation Using Edge Information in Feature-Based Surface Reconstruction
* Mixture density estimation with group membership functions
* MLRank: Multi-correlation Learning to Rank for image annotation
* Model for Saliency Detection Using NMFsc Algorithm, A
* Model-Based, Semi-Global Segmentation Approach for Automatic 3-D Point Landmark Localization in Neuroimages, A
* Modeling the Relationship of Action, Object, and Scene
* Motion estimation of multiple depth cameras using spheres
* MRF parameter estimation by MCMC method
* Multi-feature Hashing Tracking
* Multi-group Adaptation for Event Recognition from Videos
* Multi-Resolution Mesh Based 3D Object Recognition
* Multi-scale car detection and localization using contour fragments
* Multiple Ocular Diseases Classification with Graph Regularized Probabilistic Multi-label Learning
* Multiresolution Relaxation: Experiments and Evaluations
* Multisource Image Fusion Method Using Support Value Transform
* Near-Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Images
* Neural Ensemble Decoding of Rat's Motor Cortex by Kalman Filter and Optimal Linear Estimation
* New Automatic Extraction Method of Container Identity Codes, A
* new continuous max-flow algorithm for multiphase image segmentation using super-level set functions, A
* New Efficient SVM-Based Edge Detection Method, A
* New iterative closest point algorithm for isotropic scaling registration of point sets with noise
* new segmentation method for very high resolution imagery using spectral and morphological information, A
* Non-iterative generalized low rank approximation of matrices
* Nonlocal low-rank matrix completion for image interpolation using edge detection and neural network
* Novel Approach to 3-D Gaze Tracking Using Stereo Cameras, A
* novel approach to feature extraction from classification models based on information gene pairs, A
* NOVEL contour-based 3D terrain matching algorithm using wavelet transform, A
* Novel Distortion Model and Lagrangian Multiplier for Depth Maps Coding, A
* Novel Italic Detection and Rectification Method for Chinese Advertising Images, A
* novel parallel encoding framework for scalable video coding, A
* Novel Rate Control Scheme for Low Delay Video Coding of HEVC
* Novel Structure of HTTP Adaptive Streaming Based on Unequal Error Protection Rateless Code, A
* novel stumpage detection method for forest harvesting based on multi-sensor fusion, A
* Object-Based Land Cover Classification for ALOS Image Combining TM Spectral
* Object-based RGBD image co-segmentation with mutex constraint
* Object-level Change Detection Based On High-resolution Remote-sensing Images and Its Application in Japanese Earthquake on March 11, 2011
* Observer Efficiency in Discrimination Tasks Simulating Malignant and Benign Breast Lesions Imaged With Ultrasound
* On Hierarchical Multimedia Information Retrieval
* One step beyond bags of features: Visual categorization using components
* Online Chinese Character-Recognition Using Attributed Relational Graph Matching
* Online Clustering Algorithms for Radar Emitter Classification
* Ordinal preserving projection: a novel dimensionality reduction method for image ranking
* Oriented Active Shape Models
* Palm-dorsa vein recognition based on independent principle component analysis
* Palm-dorsa vein recognition based on Two-Dimensional Fisher Linear Discriminant
* Parallel Independent Component Analysis Approach to Investigate Genomic Influence on Brain Function, A
* People detection in crowded scenes by context-driven label propagation
* Peripapillary Atrophy Detection by Sparse Biologically Inspired Feature Manifold
* Personalized Geo-Specific Tag Recommendation for Photos on Social Websites
* Photometric correction of retinal images by polynomial interpolation
* Poisson equation for image texture modelling, The
* Postlaunch Calibration of FengYun-3B MERSI Reflective Solar Bands
* Prediction Error Compression Method with Tensor-PCA in Video Coding, A
* Probabilistic Framework for Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images, A
* Probabilistic tracking on Riemannian manifolds
* Probabilistic-Kernel Collaborative Representation for Spatial: Spectral Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Projective Matrix Factorization with unified embedding for social image tagging
* Proxy-Assisted Adaptation Framework for Object Video Multicasting, A
* Quadratic Spline Wavelet Approach to Automatic Extraction of Baselines from Document Images
* quality evaluation of image recovery attack for visible watermarking algorithms, The
* Quantitative measurement of manufactured diamond shape
* Rate-Distortion Analysis of Dead-Zone Plus Uniform Threshold Scalar Quantization and Its Application: Part II: Two-Pass VBR Coding for H.264/AVC
* Rate-Distortion Analysis of Dead-Zone Plus Uniform Threshold Scalar Quantization and Its Application: Part I: Fundamental Theory
* Rate-distortion optimised quantisation for direct current coefficients of Wyner-Ziv frame in unidirectional distributed video coding
* Real-Time Camera Tracking Using a Global Localization Scheme
* Real-time clothes comparison based on multi-view vision
* Real-time human detection and tracking in complex environments using single RGBD camera
* Real-time processing for long-range imaging
* Real-Time Tracking with Online Constrained Compressive Learning
* Recognition of the blurred image by complex moment invariants
* Reconstruction and simplification of urban scene models based on oblique images
* Regularization Super-Resolution with Inaccurate Image Registration
* Regularized Hierarchical Feature Learning with Non-negative Sparsity and Selectivity for Image Classification
* Regularized Quadrature Filters for Local Frequency Estimation: Application to Multimodal Volume Image Registration
* Relationships And Unification of Binary Images Data-Hiding Methods
* Reliable JPEG steganalysis based on multi-directional correlations
* Remote Sensing Image Fusion Using Multiscale Mapped LS-SVM
* Removing Shadows from Face Images Using ICA
* Research on Chinese financial invoice recognition technology
* Research on the Three Angular Resolution of Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* resolution enhancement algorithm for an asymmetric resolution stereo video, A
* Retina verification using a combined points and edges approach
* Robust faces manifold modeling: Most expressive vs. most Sparse criterion
* robust multivariate reranking algorithm for Question Answering enrichment, A
* Robust nose tip detection for face range images based on local features in scale-space
* Robust Speaker Recognition in Cross-Channel Condition
* Robust Structured Subspace Learning for Data Representation
* Robust Video Hashing Based on Double-Layer Embedding
* Salient features useful for the accurate segmentation of masticatory muscles from minimum slices subsets of magnetic resonance images
* Scalable 3D video streaming over P2P networks with playback length changeable chunk segmentation
* Self-Supervised Online Metric Learning With Low Rank Constraint for Scene Categorization
* Semi-random subspace method for face recognition
* Semi-supervised Marginal Fisher Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Semi-supervised Unified Latent Factor learning with multi-view data
* Semisupervised Sparse Manifold Discriminative Analysis for Feature Extraction of Hyperspectral Images
* SensorMap for Wide-Area Sensor Webs
* Set-based Hybrid Approach (SHA) for MRI Segmentation, A
* SFM-based sparse to dense 3D face reconstruction method robust to feature tracking errors, A
* Shadow Detection in Remotely Sensed Images Based on Self-Adaptive Feature Selection
* Shape-based image retrieval using support vector machines, Fourier descriptors and self-organizing maps
* Simplified patterns for extracting the isosurfaces of solid objects
* Simultaneous Denoising and Illumination Correction via Local Data-Fidelity and Nonlocal Regularization
* Simultaneous Quantitative Imaging of Electrical Properties and Proton Density From B_1 Maps Using MRI
* Single Image Subspace for Face Recognition
* Soil Drought Anomalies in MODIS GPP of a Mediterranean Broadleaved Evergreen Forest
* Sparse and Low-Rank Graph for Discriminant Analysis of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Sparse constraint nearest neighbour selection in cross-media retrieval
* Sparse non-negative tensor factorization using columnwise coordinate descent
* Sparse non-negative tensor factorization using columnwise coordinate descent
* Sparse reconstruction cost for abnormal event detection
* Sparse Representation for Robust Abnormality Detection in Crowded Scenes
* Spatial Error Concealment With an Adaptive Linear Predictor
* Spatial Segmentation of Temporal Texture Using Mixture Linear Models
* Spatially Constrained Asymmetric Gaussian Mixture Model for Image Segmentation, A
* spatially constrained fuzzy hyper-prototype clustering algorithm, A
* Spatiotemporal Smooth Models for Moving Object Detection
* spatiotemporal super-resolution algorithm for a hybrid stereo video system, A
* Speckle Reduction in 3D Optical Coherence Tomography of Retina by A-Scan Reconstruction
* Spectral Clustering with a Convex Regularizer on Millions of Images
* Spectral Regression Discriminant Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Spectral Unmixing via Compressive Sensing
* Speeded Up Low-Rank Online Metric Learning for Object Tracking
* SSIM-Based Error-Resilient Cross-Layer Optimization for Wireless Video Streaming
* Statistical Image Restoration Based on Adaptive Wavelet Models
* Statistical Performance Analysis of the Adaptive Orthogonal Rejection Detector
* Stereo and motion correspondence in a sequence of stereo images
* Stroke Order and Stroke Number Free On-Line Chinese Character Recognition Using Attributed Relational Graph Matching
* Structure preserving non-negative matrix factorization for dimensionality reduction
* Study of Color Balance for Remote Sensing Imagery Mosaic
* study of hardware-friendly methods for gradient domain tone mapping of high dynamic range images, A
* Study on Data Process and Visualization System of Tide and Tidal Current
* Study on Dynamical Visualization of Marine Current Data Field Based on Base State with Amendments Spatio-Temporal Model
* Study on Land Cover Classification System in China under Environment and Land Resource View, The
* study on three linear discriminant analysis based methods in small sample size problem, A
* Superpixel Classification Based Optic Disc and Optic Cup Segmentation for Glaucoma Screening
* Superpixel Classification Based Optic Disc Segmentation
* Superresolution SAR Imaging Algorithm Based on MVM and Weighted Norm Extrapolation
* SURE-Type Functionals as Criteria for Parametric PSF Estimation
* Temporal Desynchronization Resilient Video Watermarking Scheme Based on Independent Component Analysis, A
* Tensor Completion for Estimating Missing Values in Visual Data
* Texture classification using multiresolution Markov random field models
* Texture segmentation based on MRMRF modeling
* Theorem Analysis on Optical Flow Estimation from Three Frames of Image Sequences, The
* Theory of Phase Singularities for Image Representation and its Applications to Object Tracking and Image Matching, A
* three camera approach for calculating disparity and synthesizing intermediate pictures, A
* Threshold Setting for Adaptive Matched Filter and Adaptive Coherence Estimator
* Tracking Multiple Targets with Adaptive Swarm Optimization
* Transformation model estimation of image registration via least square support vector machines
* ultra-fast human detection method for color-depth camera, An
* Ultrawideband Synthetic Aperture Radar for Respiratory Motion Detection
* Understanding the Characteristics of Internet Short Video Sharing: A YouTube-Based Measurement Study
* Undoing the codebook bias by linear transformation with sparsity and F-norm constraints for image classification
* Unsupervised learning of high-order structural semantics from images
* Unsupervised texture segmentation with one-step mean shift and boundary Markov random fields
* User-Aware Image Tag Refinement via Ternary Semantic Analysis
* Using Topological Information of Images to Improve Stereo Matching
* Variable length dominant Gabor local binary pattern (VLD-GLBP) for face recognition
* Variable-Length Encoding Method to Prevent the Error Propagation Effect in Video Communication, A
* Very high resolution Image Segmentation by combined spectral and structural information
* Video Compression Artifact Reduction via Spatio-Temporal Multi-Hypothesis Prediction
* Video Hashing Algorithm With Weighted Matching Based on Visual Saliency
* Video-Based Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* View synthesis with 3D object segmentation-based asynchronous blending and boundary misalignment rectification
* Viewpoint-Aware Representation for Sketch-Based 3D Model Retrieval
* Vision-Based Target Detection and Localization via a Team of Cooperative UAV and UGVs
* Visual Attention Based Temporally Weighting Method for Video Hashing
* visual saliency based video hashing algorithm, A
* Visual saliency detection via rank-sparsity decomposition
* VLSI friendly fast CU/PU mode decision for HEVC intra encoding: Leveraging convolution neural network
* Wavelet Orthonormal Decompositions for Extracting Features in Pattern Recognition
* wavelet-based watermarking scheme using double wavelet tree energy modulation, A
* Weakly Supervised Graph Propagation Towards Collective Image Parsing
* Weakly-Supervised Dual Clustering for Image Semantic Segmentation
* Web Image Search Re-Ranking With Click-Based Similarity and Typicality
* Weighted Dictionary Learning Model for Denoising Images Corrupted by Mixed Noise, A
* Weighted Interaction Force Estimation for Abnormality Detection in Crowd Scenes
* Which Stereo Matching Algorithm for Accurate 3D Face Creation?
Includes: Liu, J.[Jing] Liu, J. Liu, J.[Jinxia] Liu, J.[Ji] Liu, J.[Jian] Liu, J.[Jia] Liu, J.[Jiafeng] Liu, J.[Jun] Liu, J.[Juan] Liu, J.[Jiangui] Liu, J.[Jiamin] Liu, J.[Jie] Liu, J.[Jiang] Liu, J.[Jiange] Liu, J.[Jin] Liu, J.[Junyi] Liu, J.[Jane] Liu, J.[Ju] Liu, J.[Jung] Liu, J.[Jianyi] Liu, J.[Jiren] Liu, J.[Julie] Liu, J.[John] Liu, J.[Junchen] Liu, J.[Jiahai] Liu, J.[Jinxiu] Liu, J.[Jinde] Liu, J.[Jiaqi] Liu, J.[Jixuan] Liu, J.[Jiaying] Liu, J.[Jiong] Liu, J.[Jinhao] Liu, J.[Jony] Liu, J.[Jiufen] Liu, J.[Jiahang] Liu, J.[Jinyao] Liu, J.[Jinze] Liu, J.[Junjie]
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Liu, J.B.[Jian Bo] Co Author Listing * Adaptive image decomposition via dictionary learning with stuctural incoherence
* Anisotropic diffusion for image denoising based on diffusion tensors
* Automatic Procedure for Early Disaster Change Mapping Based on Optical Remote Sensing, An
* Higher-Order CRF Structural Segmentation of 3D Reconstructed Surfaces
* On the Statistical Determination of Optimal Camera Configurations in Large Scale Surveillance Networks
* Optimal Camera Planning Under Versatile User Constraints in Multi-Camera Image Processing Systems
* Precise 3D Reconstruction from a Single Image
* Recent Advances in Camera Planning for Large Area Surveillance: A Comprehensive Review
* Self-calibration of wireless cameras with restricted degrees of freedom
* SGTD: Structure Gradient and Texture Decorrelating Regularization for Image Decomposition
* Use of a Hand-Held Camera for Individual Tree 3D Mapping in Forest Sample Plots, The
Includes: Liu, J.B.[Jian Bo] Liu, J.B.[Jian-Bo] Liu, J.B.[Jing-Bo] Liu, J.B.[Jun-Bin] Liu, J.B.[Jing-Bin]
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Liu, J.C.[Ji Chyun] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Interactions Among Two Tropical Depressions and Typhoons Tembin and Bolaven (2012) in Pacific Ocean by Using Satellite Cloud Images
* ARQ-based diversity system for transmission of EZW compressed images over noisy channels, An
* Automatic Surveillance Camera Calibration without Pedestrian Tracking
* Automatically Detecting Protruding Objects When Shooting Environmental Portraits
* Cloud-Assisted Live Streaming for Crowdsourced Multimedia Content
* Comparison of Four Machine Learning Methods for Generating the GLASS Fractional Vegetation Cover Product from MODIS Data
* Curved Reflection Symmetry Detection with Self-validation
* Decision-Based Median Filter Improved by Predictions
* Directional Local Contrast Based Blood Vessel Detection in Retinal Images
* Estimation of 2-D Noisy Fractional Brownian Motion and its Applications Using Wavelets
* Fair P2P Scalable Video Streaming Scheme Using Improved Priority Index Assignment and Multi-hierarchical Topology, A
* Fast structural ensemble for One-Class Classification
* Fast two-layer image watermarking without referring to the original image and watermark
* fault diagnosis of rolling bearing in gearbox of wind turbines based on second generation wavelet, The
* Generalized Empirical Formulas of Threshold Distance to Characterize Cyclone-Cyclone Interactions
* GRASP Recurring Patterns from a Single View
* Learning semantic visual concepts from video
* Local Expert Forest of Score Fusion for Video Event Classification
* Local Regularity-Driven City-Scale Facade Detection from Aerial Images
* Metadata-Weighted Score Fusion for Multimedia Event Detection
* Multi-channel Channel-optimized Scheme for EZW Using Rate-distortion Functions, A
* Multi-stream 3D video distribution over peer-to-peer networks
* Multi-target tracking of time-varying spatial patterns
* Multi-View Stereo Matching Based on Self-Adaptive Patch and Image Grouping for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery
* Opportunities and Challenges of Peer-to-Peer Internet Video Broadcast
* Recognizing Text Elements for SVG Comic Compression and Its Novel Applications
* Regressive Structure for Online Computation of Arbitrary Length DCT-IV and DST-IV Transforms, A
* Robust autocalibration for a surveillance camera network
* Robust Block-Based EZW Image Compression with Channel Noise Optimized Rate-Distortion Functions
* Selective removal of impulse noise based on homogeneity level information
* Symmetry Detection from RealWorld Images Competition 2013: Summary and Results
* Tracking Sports Players with Context-Conditioned Motion Models
* Training data recycling for multi-level learning
* Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Based on Histogram of Encoded Gabor Features and MRF Model
* Wavelet-based Active Contour Model for Object Tracking
* Wavelet-Frame Based Image Force Model for Active Contouring Algorithms, A
Includes: Liu, J.C.[Ji Chyun] Liu, J.C.[Ji-Chyun] Liu, J.C.[Jen-Chang] Liu, J.C.[Jing-Chen] Liu, J.C.[Jiang-Chuan] Liu, J.C.[Jing-Can] Liu, J.C.[Jyh-Charn] Liu, J.C. Liu, J.C.[Jia-Chen] Liu, J.C.[Jian-Chyn] Liu, J.C.[Jun-Cheng] Liu, J.C.[Jing-Chun] Liu, J.C.[Jian-Chen]
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Liu, J.C.S.[Jyh Charn Steve] Co Author Listing * New shape-based texture descriptors for rotation invariant texture classification
Includes: Liu, J.C.S.[Jyh Charn Steve] Liu, J.C.S.[Jyh-Charn Steve]

Liu, J.D.[Jun Dong] Co Author Listing * Automatic Multiple Sclerosis detection based on integrated square estimation
* Automatic Subcortical Structure Segmentation Using Probabilistic Atlas
* Curve skeleton-based shape representation and classification
* Distribution-based Level Set Segmentation for Brain MR Images
* Efficient multi-modal image registration using local-frequency maps
* GPU Acceleration of Robust Point Matching
* Local frequency representations for robust multimodal image registration
* Local Probabilistic Prior-Based Active Contour Model for Brain MR Image Segmentation, A
* Multimodal Image Registration Using Local Frequency
* Nonlinear Feature Transformation and Deep Fusion for Alzheimer's Disease Staging Analysis
* Nonlinear Metric Learning for Alzheimerís Disease Diagnosis with Integration of Longitudinal Neuroimaging Features
* Robust and efficient point registration based on clusters and Generalized Radial Basis Functions (C-GRBF)
* Robust Image Segmentation Model Based on Integrated Square Estimation, A
* Robust Image Segmentation using Local Median
* Segmentation of Edge Preserving Gradient Vector Flow: An Approach Toward Automatically Initializing and Splitting of Snakes
* Segmentation of external force field for automatic initialization and splitting of snakes
* Unified Framework for Segmentation-Assisted Image Registration, A
Includes: Liu, J.D.[Jun Dong] Liu, J.D.[Jun-Dong]
17 for Liu, J.D.

Liu, J.F.[Jian Feng] Co Author Listing * BYY annealing learning algorithm for Gaussian mixture with automated model selection, The
* Development of a Vision-Based Driver Assistance System with Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning Functions
* Efficient and Effective Texture Classification Approach Using a New Notion in Wavelet Theory, An
* Hierarchical Model-Based Human Motion Tracking Via Unscented Kalman Filter
* Multi-scale video text detection based on corner and stroke width verification
* novel approach for tracking high speed skaters in sports using a panning camera, A
* Parameter estimation of Poisson mixture with automated model selection through BYY harmony learning
* Probability density difference-based active contour for ultrasound image segmentation
* Recognition of objects with skew distortion based on synergetics
* Removal of dynamic weather conditions based on variable time window
* stable optic-flow based method for tracking colonoscopy images, A
* time, space and color-based classification of different weather conditions, A
* Tumor Burden Analysis on Computed Tomography by Automated Liver and Tumor Segmentation
Includes: Liu, J.F.[Jian Feng] Liu, J.F.[Jian-Feng] Liu, J.F.[Jing-Fu] Liu, J.F. Liu, J.F.[Jia-Feng] Liu, J.F.[Jian-Fei]
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Liu, J.G.[Jian Guo] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Total Variation Regularization Based SAR Image Despeckling and Despeckling Evaluation Index
* Analysis of topographic decorrelation in SAR interferometry using ratio coherence imagery
* Automatic video annotation with adaptive number of key words
* Cross-view action recognition via view knowledge transfer
* design and implementation of dip arrow plot pattern recognition system, The
* Design and Realization of the Online Face Recognition System
* Enhanced robust phase correlation based sub-pixel feature matching for target motion estimation
* Evaluation of low-level features and their combinations for complex event detection in open source videos
* Face Recognition Based on Face Gabor Image and SVM
* fast algorithm for discrete sine transform using first-order moment, A
* Fast and Robust 2D-Shape Extraction Using Discrete-Point Sampling and Centerline Grouping in Complex Images
* FFT Selective and Adaptive Filtering for Removal of Systematic Noise in ETM+ Imageodesy Images
* Illumination Robustness of Phase Correlation for Image Alignment, The
* Illumination-invariant image matching for autonomous UAV localisation based on optical sensing
* Incremental action recognition using feature-tree
* Learning human actions via information maximization
* Learning Scene Semantics Using Fiedler Embedding
* Learning semantic features for action recognition via diffusion maps
* Learning semantic visual vocabularies using diffusion distance
* Motion Segmentation by Learning Homography Matrices from Motor Signals
* Moving Object Segmentation Using Motor Signals
* Pedestrian Detection in Low-Resolution Imagery by Learning Multi-scale Intrinsic Motion Structures (MIMS)
* Person and Vehicle Tracking in Surveillance Video
* Phase Correlation based Local Illumination-invariant Method for Multi-Tempro Remote Sensing Image Matching
* Precise Subpixel Disparity Measurement From Very Narrow Baseline Stereo
* Real-time indoor scene understanding using Bayesian filtering with motion cues
* Recognizing human actions by attributes
* Recognizing human actions using multiple features
* Recognizing realistic actions from videos in the wild
* Robust object pose estimation via statistical manifold modeling
* Robust Phase Correlation based Motion Estimation and Its Applications
* Scene Modeling Using Co-Clustering
* Smoothing Filter-based Intensity Modulation: a spectral preserve image fusion technique for improving spatial details
* Video event recognition using concept attributes
* Video Scene Understanding Using Multi-scale Analysis
Includes: Liu, J.G.[Jian Guo] Liu, J.G.[Jin-Gen] Liu, J.G.[Jian-Guo] Liu, J.G.[Jin-Gao] Liu, J.G.
35 for Liu, J.G.

Liu, J.H.[Jian Hua] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Algorithm for Automated Polygonal Approximation of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Segmentation Contours
* Contour Correction Liver Cancer CT Image Segmentation Method Based on Snake Model
* Georeferencing of Satellite Linear Array Stereo Images with Quaternion Attitude Kinematics Equation
* Image-Based Form Document Retrieval
* Neural networks with enhanced outlier rejection ability for off-line handwritten word recognition
* Outlier Rejection with MLPs and Variants of RBF Networks
* Robust image watermarking using dual tree complex wavelet transform based on Human Visual System
* Simple Tree Detector Using Laser and Camera Fusion, A
* Trilateral Filtering for Image Interpolation
* Unified Framework for Segmentation-Assisted Image Registration, A
Includes: Liu, J.H.[Jian Hua] Liu, J.H.[Jian-Hua] Liu, J.H.[Jian-Hui] Liu, J.H.[Jin-Hui] Liu, J.H.[Jin-Hua] Liu, J.H. Liu, J.H.[Jun-Hua] Liu, J.H.[Jun-Hong]
10 for Liu, J.H.

Liu, J.J. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Four Algorithms for Change Detection in an Urban Environment, A
* Enhanced fisher discriminant criterion for image recognition
* Estimation and monitoring of product aesthetics: Application to manufacturing of engineered stone countertops
* Local image tagging via graph regularized joint group sparsity
* Mining Exemplars for Object Modelling Using Affinity Propagation
* Mixed-Order MUSIC Algorithm for Localization of Far-Field and Near-Field Sources
* Mosaicing of microscope images based on SURF
* Near-duplicate video retrieval: Current research and future trends
* Non-manual grammatical marker recognition based on multi-scale, spatio-temporal analysis of head pose and facial expressions
* Planning unobstructed paths in traffic-aware spatial networks
* Recognizing eyebrow and periodic head gestures using CRFs for non-manual grammatical marker detection in ASL
* Size-invariant four-scan Euclidean distance transformation
* Spatiotemporal Group Context for Pedestrian Counting
* Supervised hyperspectral image classification combining sparse unmixing and spatial constraint
* Supervised Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification With Weighted Markov Random Fields
* Video-based localization without 3D mapping for the visually impaired
Includes: Liu, J.J. Liu, J.J.[Jing-Jing] Liu, J.J.[J. Jay] Liu, J.J.[Jia-Jun] Liu, J.J.[Jian-Jun] Liu, J.J.[Juan-Juan] Liu, J.J.[Jia-Ju] Liu, J.J.[Jenny J.] Liu, J.J.[Jason J.]
16 for Liu, J.J.

Liu, J.K.[Jin King] Co Author Listing * Automatic Case-Based Reasoning Approach for Landslide Detection: Integration of Object-Oriented Image Analysis and a Genetic Algorithm
* Dynamics Monitoring and Disaster Assessment for Watershed Management Using Time-Series Satellite Images
* Effects of JPEG2000 on the Information and Geometry Content of Aerial Photo Compression
* Estimation of Blufflines Using Topographic Lidar Data and Orthoimages
* Observing Land Subsidence and Revealing the Factors That Influence It Using a Multi-Sensor Approach in Yunlin County, Taiwan
* Topographic Correction of Wind-Driven Rainfall for Landslide Analysis in Central Taiwan with Validation from Aerial and Satellite Optical Images
Includes: Liu, J.K.[Jin King] Liu, J.K.[Jin-King] Liu, J.K. Liu, J.K.[Jung-Kuan] Liu, J.K.[Jung-Kung]

Liu, J.L.[Ji Lin] Co Author Listing * Automatic generation of pen-and-ink drawings from photos
* DAISY-like compass operator, A
* Efficient selective encryption for JPEG 2000 images using private initial table
* Extraction of face image edges with application to expression analysis
* Guided depth enhancement via a fast marching method
* Guided inpainting and filtering for Kinect depth maps
* Integrating visual and range data for road detection
* linear quadtree compression scheme for image encryption, A
* Modified Edge-oriented Spatial Interpolation for Consecutive Blocks Error Concealment
* new and fast approach for DPIV using an incompressible affine flow model, A
* new depth descriptor for pedestrian detection in RGB-D images, A
* Object Segmentation of Database Images by Dual Multiscale Morphological Reconstructions and Retrieval Applications
* Object Tracking Using Genetic Evolution Based Kernel Particle Filter
* Perception in Disparity: An Efficient Navigation Framework for Autonomous Vehicles With Stereo Cameras
* Real-time stereo vision system using adaptive weight cost aggregation approach
* Recognition of Fabric Defects Using Wavelet Texture Analysis and LVQ Neural Network, The
* Reconfigurable Peer-to-Peer network Image Retrieval
* robust eye detection method using combined binary edge and intensity information, A
* Rock detection via superpixel graph cuts
* Two-dimensional multi-pixel anisotropic Gaussian filter for edge-line segment (ELS) detection
* unified rectification method for single viewpoint multi-camera system, A
* Wavelet Frame Method with Shape Prior for Ultrasound Video Segmentation, A
* YUV Correction for Multi-View Video Compression
Includes: Liu, J.L.[Ji Lin] Liu, J.L.[Ji-Lin] Liu, J.L.[Jiang-Lung] Liu, J.L.[Jiang-Long] Liu, J.L.[Jun-Lin] Liu, J.L.[Jian-Li] Liu, J.L.[Jian-Lei] Liu, J.L.[Jiu-Long]
23 for Liu, J.L.

Liu, J.M.[Ji Ming] Co Author Listing * Adaptive document segmentation and geometric relation labeling: algorithms and experimental results
* Adaptive Image Segmentation With Distributed Behavior-Based Agents
* Architectural Paradigm for Collaborative Semantic Indexing of Multimedia Data Objects, An
* Basic Processes of Chinese Character Based on Cubic B-Spline Wavelet Transform
* Chinese Document Layout Analysis Based on Adaptive Split-and-Merge and Qualitative Spatial Reasoning
* Constructing Concept Lexica With Small Semantic Gaps
* Cooperative and penalized competitive learning with application to kernel-based clustering
* Distributed Autonomous Agents For Chinese Document Image Segmentation
* Enhancing Low-Rank Subspace Clustering by Manifold Regularization
* Hybrid Adaptive Classifier Ensemble
* Hybrid clustering solution selection strategy
* L1/2,1 group sparse regularization for compressive sensing
* Learning Topic Models by Belief Propagation
* Multi-view Based AdaBoost Classifier Ensemble for Class Prediction from Gene Expression Profiles
* Multimedia Data Mining and Searching Through Dynamic Index Evolution
* Multiresolution Analysis in Extraction of Reference Lines from Documents with Gray-Level Background
* New Maximum Simplex Volume Method Based on Householder Transformation for Endmember Extraction, A
* Novel Approach to Optical Character Recognition Based on Ring-Projection-Wavelet-Fractal Signatures, A
* Offline Recognition of Chinese Handwriting by Multifeature and Multilevel Classification
* Ring-Projection-Wavelet-Fractal Signatures: A Novel-Approach To Feature-Extraction
Includes: Liu, J.M.[Ji Ming] Liu, J.M.[Ji-Ming] Liu, J.M. Liu, J.M.[Jie-Min] Liu, J.M.[Jun-Min]
20 for Liu, J.M.

Liu, J.N. Co Author Listing * Derivation of Digital Terrain Model in Forested Area with Airborne LIDAR Data
* Fast Local Self-Similarity for describing interest regions
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Nearest Feature Line Embedding Approach
* Wuhan Ionospheric Oblique-Incidence Sounding System and Its New Application in Localization of Ionospheric Irregularities
Includes: Liu, J.N. Liu, J.N.[Jing-Neng] Liu, J.N.[Jin-Nan] Liu, J.N.[Jing-Nan]

Liu, J.N.K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Satellite Interpretation of Tropical Cyclone Patterns Using Elastic Graph Dynamic Link Model, An
* elastic contour matching model for tropical cyclone pattern recognition, An
* Gait flow image: A silhouette-based gait representation for human identification
* iBotGuard: an Internet-based Intelligent Robot security system using Invariant Face Recognition against intruder
* Scene analysis using an integrated composite neural oscillatory elastic graph matching model
Includes: Liu, J.N.K. Liu, J.N.K.[James N.K.]

Liu, J.P.[Ji Ping] Co Author Listing * Extended Semi-Supervised Regression Approach with Co-Training and Geographical Weighted Regression: A Case Study of Housing Prices in Beijing, An
* Implementation of Geographical Conditions Monitoring in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, China
* Kd-Tree-Based Outlier Detection Method for Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds, A
* Method for Detection and Classification of Glass Defects in Low Resolution Images, A
* PCA-guided search for K-means
* Rectangle Detection Method for Real-Time Extraction of Large Panel Edge, A
* Schistosome egg recognition using the top-down search strategy
* Streaming Progressive TIN Densification Filter for Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds Using Multi-Core Architectures
Includes: Liu, J.P.[Ji Ping] Liu, J.P.[Ji-Ping] Liu, J.P.[Jia-Peng] Liu, J.P.[Jin-Pei] Liu, J.P.[Jian-Ping]
8 for Liu, J.P.

Liu, J.Q.[Ji Qiang] Co Author Listing * efficient protocol for private and accurate mining of support counts, An
* Multi-Scaled Hierarchical Structure Model for Multispectral Image Detection, A
* Multiresolution Color Image Segmentation
* Narrow-Band Interference Mitigation for SAR Using Independent Subspace Analysis
* Narrow-Band Interference Suppression for SAR Based on Independent Component Analysis
Includes: Liu, J.Q.[Ji Qiang] Liu, J.Q.[Ji-Qiang] Liu, J.Q.[Jia-Qi] Liu, J.Q. Liu, J.Q.[Jian-Qiang]

Liu, J.R.[Ji Rong] Co Author Listing * processing and recognition of X-rays of spine tumor, The
* Single Image Super-Resolution via Convolutional Neural Network and Total Variation Regularization
Includes: Liu, J.R.[Ji Rong] Liu, J.R.[Ji-Rong] Liu, J.R.[Jun-Ran]

Liu, J.S.[Jyh Shiuan] Co Author Listing * Color halftoning: a non-separable model
* Detecting Virulent Cells of Cryptococcus Neoformans Yeast: Clustering Experiments
* geometry-based error estimation for cross-ratios, A
* Learning the Stylistic Similarity Between Human Motions
* Self-calibration with varying focal length from two images obtained by a camera with small rotation and general translation
* Self-calibration with varying focal length from two images obtained by a stereo head
Includes: Liu, J.S.[Jyh Shiuan] Liu, J.S.[Jyh-Shiuan] Liu, J.S.[Jin-Shuo] Liu, J.S. Liu, J.S.[Jing-Sin]

Liu, J.T.[Jin Tao] Co Author Listing * Coherent Doppler lidar to investigate wind turbulence
* fast and effective appearance model-based particle filtering object tracking algorithm, A
* Flood Mapping Based on Multiple Endmember Spectral Mixture Analysis and Random Forest Classifier: The Case of Yuyao, China
* UAV Remote Sensing for Urban Vegetation Mapping Using Random Forest and Texture Analysis
* Using an Optimized Chinese Address Matching Method to Develop a Geocoding Service: A Case Study of Shenzhen, China
Includes: Liu, J.T.[Jin Tao] Liu, J.T.[Jin-Tao] Liu, J.T.[Jun-Tao] Liu, J.T.[Jian-Tao] Liu, J.T.[Jiang-Tao]

Liu, J.W.[Jing Wei] Co Author Listing * DTW-based probability model for speaker feature analysis and data mining, A
* hybrid SVM/DDBHMM decision fusion modeling for robust continuous digital speech recognition, A
* Monocular Vision-Based Distributed Node Localization for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
* Robust tracking via weighted spatio-temporal context learning
Includes: Liu, J.W.[Jing Wei] Liu, J.W.[Jing-Wei] Liu, J.W.[Ji-Wei] Liu, J.W.[Jin-Wu]

Liu, J.W.S. Co Author Listing * Framework for Fusion of Human Sensor and Physical Sensor Data, A

Liu, J.X.[Jiong Xin] Co Author Listing * Bird Part Localization Using Exemplar-Based Models with Enforced Pose and Subcategory Consistency
* Birdsnap: Large-Scale Fine-Grained Visual Categorization of Birds
* Colour compressed sensing imaging via sparse difference and fractal minimisation recovery
* Dog Breed Classification Using Part Localization
* Face photo-sketch recognition based on joint dictionary learning
* Integrating stereoscopic image transcoding with retargeting for mobile streaming
* Intrinsic flexibility exploiting for scalable video streaming over multi-channel wireless networks
* Joint video/depth/FEC rate allocation with considering 3D visual saliency for scalable 3D video streaming
* Multi-scale Method for Adaptive Mesh Editing Based on Rigidity Estimation
* Part-Pair Representation for Part Localization
* SSIM-based error-resilient rate-distortion optimization of H.264/AVC video coding for wireless streaming
* Theory and application of image neighborhood parallel processing
* Utility-Based H.264/SVC Video Streaming Over Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio Networks
Includes: Liu, J.X.[Jiong Xin] Liu, J.X.[Jiong-Xin] Liu, J.X.[Ji-Xin] Liu, J.X.[Ji-Xuan] Liu, J.X.[Jin-Xia]
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Liu, J.Y.[Jia Ying] Co Author Listing * Adaptive autoregressive model with window extension via explicit geometry for image interpolation
* Affine iterative closest point algorithm for point set registration
* Bit allocation for joint spatial-quality scalability in H.264/SVC
* Bit Allocation for Spatial Scalability Coding of H.264/SVC With Dependent Rate-Distortion Analysis
* Comparison of Gross Primary Productivity Derived from GIMMS NDVI3g, GIMMS, and MODIS in Southeast Asia
* Context-Aware Sparse Decomposition for Image Denoising and Super-Resolution
* Dependent R/D Modeling Techniques and Joint T-Q Layer Bit Allocation for H.264/SVC
* Efficient dead-zone plus uniform threshold scalar quantization of generalized Gaussian random variables
* Emissivity Measurements of Foam-Covered Water Surface at L-Band for Low Water Temperatures
* Exploiting multi-scale spatial structures for sparsity based single image super-resolution
* Facial Expression Sequence Synthesis Based on Shape and Texture Fusion Model
* Forest cover maps of China in 2010 from multiple approaches and data sources: PALSAR, Landsat, MODIS, FRA, and NFI
* General scale interpolation based on fine-grained isophote model with consistency constraint
* Guided depth enhancement via a fast marching method
* Guided image filtering using signal subspace projection
* Guided inpainting and filtering for Kinect depth maps
* Human-Induced Landcover Changes Drive a Diminution of Land Surface Albedo in the Loess Plateau (China)
* Illumination transition image: Parameter-based illumination estimation and re-rendering
* Illumination-invariant non-local means based video denoising
* Image super resolution using saliency-modulated context-aware sparse decomposition
* Image Super-Resolution Based on Structure-Modulated Sparse Representation
* Image super-resolution by structural sparse coding
* Image transformation using limited reference with application to photo-sketch synthesis
* Invariant multi-scale descriptor for shape representation, matching and retrieval
* Joint image denoising using self-similarity based low-rank approximations
* Multi-pose face hallucination via neighbor embedding for facial components
* Multi-view descriptor mining via codeword net for action recognition
* New Approach for Wavelet Denoising Based on Training, A
* Normalized-Mutual-Information-Based Mining Method for Cascading Patterns
* Parallel graph-cuts by adaptive bottom-up merging
* Partitioning Gait Cycles Adaptive to Fluctuating Periods and Bad Silhouettes
* Patch-based image deblocking using geodesic distance weighted low-rank approximation
* Performances of MODIS-GPP and -ET Products in China and Their Sensitivity to Input Data (FPAR/LAI), The
* Practical rate control algorithm for temporal scalability in scalable video coding
* Quantitative Study of Music Listening Behavior in a Social and Affective Context
* Removal of Noise by Wavelet Method to Generate High Quality Temporal Data of Terrestrial MODIS Products
* Research of Finger Vein Recognition Based on Fusion of Wavelet Moment and Horizontal and Vertical 2DPCA
* Research of Vision Localization and Measuring System for Magnetic Field Distribution
* Robust mobile spamming detection via graph patterns
* Robust spatially constrained fuzzy c-means algorithm for brain MR image segmentation
* Similarity modulated block estimation for image interpolation
* Single pass dependent bit allocation for H.264 temporal scalability
* Systematic Evaluation of the Bag-of-Frames Representation for Music Information Retrieval, A
Includes: Liu, J.Y.[Jia Ying] Liu, J.Y.[Jia-Ying] Liu, J.Y.[Jian-Yi] Liu, J.Y.[Ji-Yuan] Liu, J.Y.[Jing-Yi] Liu, J.Y.[Jun-Yi] Liu, J.Y.[Jian-Yang] Liu, J.Y.[Jing-Yu] Liu, J.Y.[Ji-Ying] Liu, J.Y.[Jiang-Yu] Liu, J.Y. Liu, J.Y.[Jin-Yue] Liu, J.Y.[Jian-Yun] Liu, J.Y.[Jin-Yao] Liu, J.Y.[Jen-Yu]
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Liu, J.Z.[Jian Zhuang] Co Author Listing * 2D Shape Matching by Contour Flexibility
* 3-D Modeling From a Single View of a Symmetric Object
* 3D Face Recognition by Local Shape Difference Boosting
* 3D Object Reconstruction from a Single 2D Line Drawing without Hidden Lines
* 3D reconstruction of curved objects from single 2D line drawings
* Automatic Segmentation of Lung Fields from Radiographic Images of SARS Patients Using a New Graph Cuts Algorithm
* Biometric Analysis of Human Ear Matching Using Scale and Rotation Invariant Feature Detectors
* Bounding Multiple Gaussians Uncertainty with Application to Object Tracking
* Closed-form Solution to 3D Reconstruction of Piecewise Planar Objects from Single Images, A
* comparison of 3D shape retrieval methods based on a large-scale benchmark supporting multimodal queries, A
* Complex 3D General Object Reconstruction from Line Drawings
* Constrained clustering by spectral kernel learning
* Constrained clustering via spectral regularization
* Continuous MRF based image denoising with a closed form solution
* DC coefficient restoration technique and its application to image coding
* Decomposition of Complex Line Drawings with Hidden Lines for 3D Planar-Faced Manifold Object Reconstruction
* deformation model to reduce the effect of expressions in 3D face recognition, A
* Degen Generalized Cylinders and Their Properties
* Depth From Water Reflection
* Divide-and-Conquer Approach to 3D Object Reconstruction from Line Drawings, A
* Edge preserving image denoising with a closed form solution
* Efficient search of faces from complex line drawings
* Evolutionary search for faces from line drawings
* Example-based 3D object reconstruction from line drawings
* example-based approach to 3D man-made object reconstruction from line drawings, An
* Facial age estimation based on label-sensitive learning and age-oriented regression
* Formulating Face Verification With Semidefinite Programming
* Graph-Based Method for Face Identification from a Single 2D Line Drawing, A
* Hidden Factor Analysis for Age Invariant Face Recognition
* Hierarchical facial landmark localization via cascaded random binary patterns
* Identifying Faces in a 2D Line Drawing Representing a Manifold Object
* Isoperimetric cut on a directed graph
* Iterative MAP and ML Estimations for Image Segmentation
* Locating high-density clusters with noisy queries
* maximum entropy feature descriptor for age invariant face recognition, A
* Misalignment-robust face recognition
* Misalignment-Robust Face Recognition
* Multiview Facial Landmark Localization in RGB-D Images via Hierarchical Regression With Binary Patterns
* Noise Robust Spectral Clustering
* nonlinear variation regularization algorithm for the magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography, The
* Object cut: Complex 3D object reconstruction through line drawing separation
* Object Detection and Viewpoint Estimation with Auto-masking Neural Network
* Offline Signature Verification Using Online Handwriting Registration
* Output Regularized Metric Learning with Side Information
* Plane-Based Optimization for 3D Object Reconstruction from Single Line Drawings
* Precise 3D Reconstruction from a Single Image
* Research on SAR Image Matching Technology based on SIFT
* Responses to the Comments on Plane-Based Optimization for 3D Object Reconstruction from Single Line Drawings
* Rethinking big data: A review on the data quality and usage issues
* Robust 3D Face Recognition by Local Shape Difference Boosting
* Separation of Line Drawings Based on Split Faces for 3D Object Reconstruction
* Sketch-Based 3D Model Retrieval via Multi-feature Fusion
* Sketching in the air: A vision-based system for 3D object design
* Sparse regression analysis for object recognition
* Style Transfer Via Image Component Analysis
* Symmetric piecewise planar object reconstruction from a single image
* Transitive Distance Clustering with K-Means Duality
* Two-layer assignment method for online Chinese character recognition
* Video caption detection and extraction using temporal information
* Visual object tracking via sample-based Adaptive Sparse Representation (AdaSR)
* What the Back of the Object Looks Like: 3D Reconstruction from Line Drawings without Hidden Lines
Includes: Liu, J.Z.[Jian Zhuang] Liu, J.Z.[Jian-Zhuang] Liu, J.Z.[Ji-Zhong] Liu, J.Z. Liu, J.Z.[Jun-Zuo] Liu, J.Z.[Jin-Zhen] Liu, J.Z.[Jing-Zheng] Liu, J.Z.[Jian-Zheng]
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Liu, K.[Kun] Co Author Listing * 2D/3D rotation-invariant detection using equivariant filters and kernel weighted mapping
* 3D Rotation-Invariant Description from Tensor Operation on Spherical HOG Field
* Adaptive Curved Feature Detection Based on Ridgelet
* Adaptive Interpolation Scheme for 2-D Mesh Motion Compensation, An
* adaptive meshless method for spectrally resolved bioluminescence tomography, An
* Adaptive mode decision for multiview video coding based on macroblock position constraint model
* Algebraic feature extraction for image recognition based on an optimal discriminant criterion
* Algorithm of Resist Cropping Robust Audio Watermark Based On Wavelet Transformation, An
* Analysis of the Urban Heat Island Effect in Shijiazhuang, China Using Satellite and Airborne Data
* Anchor-supported multi-modality hashing embedding for person re-identification
* Assessment of Urban Surface Energy Fluxes Using a Sub-Pixel Remote Sensing Analysis: A Case Study in Suzhou, China, An
* Auto image analysis of particle holograms
* Automatic Extraction of Items from Cheque Images for Payment Recognition
* Automatic Scaling Hadoop in the Cloud for Efficient Process of Big Geospatial Data
* Automatic Seal Imprint Verification Approach, An
* Bayesian Compressive Sensing Using Normal Product Priors
* Bundle Adjustment Constrained Smoothing for Multi-view Point Cloud Data
* Classification of Big Point Cloud Data Using Cloud Computing
* cloud infrastructure for target detection and tracking using audio and video fusion, A
* Consensus for second-order multi-agent systems with inherent nonlinear dynamics under directed topologies
* Datum-Adaptive Local Metric Learning for Person Re-identification
* Deformable Object Matching via Deformation Decomposition Based 2D Label MRF
* Design Methodology for Highly Reliable Character Recognition Systems, A
* Determining Relation Semantics by Mapping Relation Phrases to Knowledge Base
* Discriminant performance of the algebraic features of handwritten character images
* dual symbol arithmetic coder architecture with reduced memory for JPEG2000, A
* Ear Recognition using Improved Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
* Efficient Adaptive Binary Range Coder and Its VLSI Architecture, An
* Efficient Line-Based VLSI Architecture for 2-D Lifting DWT
* Evaluation of the Chinese Fine Spatial Resolution Hyperspectral Satellite TianGong-1 in Urban Land-Cover Classification
* Extraction of Bankcheck Items by Mathematical Morphology
* fast divisive clustering algorithm using an improved discrete particle swarm optimizer, A
* Fast Three-Dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition of Hyperspectral Images for Class-Oriented Multitask Learning
* Feature-Preserving Image Restoration from Adaptive Triangular Meshes
* feedback-based approach for segmenting handwritten legal amounts on bank cheques, A
* Fully Pipelined Parallel CORDIC Architecture for Half-pel Motion Estimation, A
* fuzzy topology-based maximum likelihood classification, A
* Fuzzy-Topology-Based Area Object Extraction Method, A
* Fuzzy-Topology-Integrated Support Vector Machine for Remotely Sensed Image Classification
* Gamma model and its analysis for phase measuring profilometry
* generalized optimal set of discriminant vectors, A
* GRSA: Generalized range swap algorithm for the efficient optimization of MRFs
* hierarchical anti-occlusion tracking algorithm based on DMPF and ORB, A
* Hierarchy of Localized Random Forests for Video Annotation
* Hybrid Reconstruction Algorithm for 3-D Ionospheric Tomography, A
* Identification of Fork Points on the Skeletons of Handwritten Chinese Characters
* Improved Optimization Based on Graph Cuts for Discrete Energy Minimization
* Improving wavefront reconstruction accuracy by using integration equations with higher-order truncation errors in the Southwell geometry
* IntentSearch: Capturing User Intention for One-Click Internet Image Search
* Kernel-based sparse representation for gesture recognition
* Learning hierarchical spatio-temporal pattern for human activity prediction
* Maximum SNR pattern strategy for phase shifting methods in structured light illumination
* Metric learning with trace-norm regularization for person re-identification
* Minimized Database of Unit Selection in Visual Speech Synthesis without Loss of Naturalness
* Modeling Media Synchronization with Semiotic Agents
* Network-Coding-Assisted Data Dissemination via Cooperative Vehicle-to-Vehicle/-Infrastructure Communications
* New Framework For Interactive Segmentation of Point Clouds, A
* New Variational Formulations for Level Set Evolution Without Reinitialization with Applications to Image Segmentation
* NOSQL for Storage and Retrieval of Large LIDAR Data Collections
* Novel Feature Extraction Method for Image Recognition Based on Similar Discriminant Function (SDF), A
* On display-camera synchronization for visible light communication
* Optimal Matrix Transform for the Extraction of Algebraic Features from Images
* Parametric Local Multi-modal Metric Learning for Person Re-identification
* Period Coded Phase Shifting Strategy for Real-time 3-D Structured Light Illumination
* Person re-identification using matrix completion
* Phase channel multiplexing pattern strategy for active stereo vision
* Profile HMMs for skeleton-based human action recognition
* Quality-of-Experience-Oriented Autonomous Intersection Control in Vehicular Networks
* Query-specific visual semantic spaces for web image re-ranking
* Real-time human action recognition based on depth motion maps
* Real-Time Multiple Vehicles Tracking with Occlusion Handling
* Real-time robust vision-based hand gesture recognition using stereo images
* Realistic head motion synthesis for an image-based talking head
* Rejection Criteria and Pairwise Discrimination of Handwritten Numerals Based on Structural Features
* Reliability Design Methodology for Chinese Character Recognition, A
* Remote Estimation of Vegetation Fraction and Flower Fraction in Oilseed Rape with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data
* Retrieval of Mangrove Aboveground Biomass at the Individual Species Level with WorldView-2 Images
* Robust Active Stereo Vision Using Kullback-Leibler Divergence
* robust algebraic method for human face recognition, A
* Robust stroke segmentation method for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Rotation-Invariant HOG Descriptors Using Fourier Analysis in Polar and Spherical Coordinates
* Segmentation Algorithm of Polyhedral Scene Using Three Dimensional Information, A
* Simulated Annealing Approach to Construct Optimized Prototypes for Nearest-Neighbor Classification, A
* Spatial Information Service Platform of China (Yunnan) - AFTA - SAARC and Its Application
* Spatio-Temporal Appearance Representation for Viceo-Based Pedestrian Re-Identification, A
* Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Image Based on Kernel Extreme Learning Machine
* Sphere Packing Aided Surface Reconstruction for Multi-view Data
* STFC: Spatio-temporal feature chain for skeleton-based human action recognition
* Stochastic Model and Probabilistic Decision-Based Classifier for Mass Detection in Digital Mammography
* Temporal Data Dissemination in Vehicular Cyber-Physical Systems
* Two Techniques for Assessing Virtual Agent Personality
* Two-Stage Framework for 3D Face Reconstruction from RGBD Images, A
* Visual tracking with randomly projected ferns
* Weak label for fast online visual tracking
* Web Image Re-Ranking Using Query-Specific Semantic Signatures
* Weighted-Fusion-Based Representation Classifiers for Hyperspectral Imagery
Includes: Liu, K.[Kun] Liu, K.[Kang] Liu, K. Liu, K.[Kai] Liu, K.[Ke] Liu, K.[Kui] Liu, K.[Kaien] Liu, K.[Kangwei] Liu, K.[Kimfung] Liu, K.[Kejia] Liu, K.[Kecheng] Liu, K.[Kefeng] Liu, K.[Kan]
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Liu, K.C.[Kuo Cheng] Co Author Listing * email: Liu, K.C.[Kuo Cheng]: kcliu AT mail tht edu tw
* Adaptive Color Filter Array Demosaicking Based on Constant Hue and Local Properties of Luminance
* Adaptive support-window approximation to bilateral filtering
* Block-Based Watermarking for Color Images Using Visibility of Quantization Noise
* Color Image Compression Using Adaptive Color Quantization
* Color-edge detection based on discrimination of noticeable color contrasts
* Colour image compression based on the measure of just noticeable colour difference
* Colour image watermarking for tamper proofing and pattern-based recovery
* Example-Based Depth Generation from Single Image for 3D Content
* Multichannel Watermarking for Color Images by Using Quantization Visibility Thresholds
* perceptually optimized and error-resilient video codec based on 3-d SPIHT algorithm, A
* Perceptually Optimized JPEG2000 Coder Based on CIEDE2000 Color Difference Equation
* Perceptually Tuned Watermarking Scheme for Color Images, A
* Prediction error preprocessing for perceptual color image compression
* Quality enhancement based on retinex and pseudo-HDR synthesis algorithms for endoscopic images
* Robust and transparent watermarking scheme for colour images
* Self-embedding watermarking scheme for colour images by bi-level moment-preserving technique
* Wide-angle distortion correction by Hough transform and gradient estimation
Includes: Liu, K.C.[Kuo Cheng] Liu, K.C.[Kuo-Cheng] Liu, K.C.[Kai-Che] Liu, K.C.
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Liu, K.F.[Ke Feng] Co Author Listing * Discrete Total Variation Model with Gradient Fidelity Term for Image Restoration
* Improved LOT Model for Image Restoration, An
* Multilevel Thresholding Method Based on Normalized Cut
Includes: Liu, K.F.[Ke Feng] Liu, K.F.[Ke-Feng] Liu, K.F.[Kui-Feng]

Liu, K.H.[Kuan Hsien] Co Author Listing * Age group classification via structured fusion of uncertainty-driven shape features and selected surface features
* Assessment of photo aesthetics with efficiency
* Association and Temporal Rule Mining for Post-Filtering of Semantic Concept Detection in Video
* Coherently Distributed Wideband LFM Source Localization
* Comparison of subjective viewing test methods for image quality assessment
* Ensemble component selection for improving ICA based microarray data prediction models
* Facial makeup detection via selected gradient orientation of entropy information
* Feature extraction using constrained maximum variance mapping
* Fourier-Domain Multichannel Autofocus for Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Intelligent Photographing Interface with On-Device Aesthetic Quality Assessment
* Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis via Multiple-Kernel Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Progressive Band Selection of Spectral Unmixing for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Salient object detection via local saliency estimation and global homogeneity refinement
* Synthetic Aperture Radar Autofocus Based on a Bilinear Model
* Synthetic Aperture Radar Autofocus via Semidefinite Relaxation
Includes: Liu, K.H.[Kuan Hsien] Liu, K.H.[Kuan-Hsien] Liu, K.H.[Keng-Hao] Liu, K.H.[Ken-Hao] Liu, K.H.[Kai-Hua] Liu, K.H.[Kun-Hong] Liu, K.H.[Kuang-Hung]
15 for Liu, K.H.

Liu, K.J.R.[K. J. Ray] Co Author Listing * Adaptive overlapping approach for DCT-based motion estimation
* Anti-collusion codes: multi-user and multimedia perspectives
* Anti-Collusion Forensics of Multimedia Fingerprinting Using Orthogonal Modulation
* Behavior Forensics in Traitors within Traitors for Scalable Multimedia
* Blind forensics of contrast enhancement in digital images
* Channel aware uncoual error protection for image transmission over broadband wireless LAN
* Chinese Restaurant Game
* Computerized radiographic mass detection. I. Lesion site selection by morphological enhancement and contextual segmentation
* Computerized radiographic mass detection. II. Decision support by featured database visualization and modular neural networks
* context adaptive predictor of sensor pattern noise for camera source identification, A
* Cooperation and Coalition in Multimedia Fingerprinting Colluder Social Networks
* Cooperation Stimulation Strategies for Peer-to-Peer Wireless Live Video-Sharing Social Networks
* Cooperative Peer-to-Peer Streaming: An Evolutionary Game-Theoretic Approach
* DCT-Based Motion Estimation
* DCT-based motion estimation method
* DCT-Based Subpixel Motion Compensation and Fully DCT-Based Video Coder
* Discrete-cosine/sine-transform based motion estimation
* Evolutionary games for cooperative P2P video streaming
* Fairness dynamics in multimedia colluders' social networks
* Fingerprint Multicast in Secure Video Streaming
* Forensic Analysis of Nonlinear Collusion Attacks for Multimedia Fingerprinting
* Forensic identification of compressively sensed signals
* Fractal Modeling and Segmentation for the Enhancement of Microcalcifications in Digital Mammograms
* game theoretical approach for image denoising, A
* Game-theoretic analysis of maximum-payoff multiuser collusion
* Game-Theoretic Pricing for Video Streaming in Mobile Networks
* Game-Theoretic Strategies and Equilibriums in Multimedia Fingerprinting Social Networks
* Image and Video Transmission Over Wireless Channel: A Subband Modulation Approach
* Image Denoising Games
* Image Tampering Identification using Blind Deconvolution
* Interpolation-Free Subpixel Motion Estimation Techniques in DCT Domain
* joint channel estimation and unequal error protection scheme for video transmission in OFDM systems, A
* Local tomography in fan-beam geometry using wavelets
* Localized wavelet based computerized tomography
* Low Bit-Rate Video Codec Based on Two-Dimensional Mesh Motion Compensation with Adaptive Interpolation, A
* Maximizing Network Capacity with Optimal Source Selection: A Network Science Perspective
* Motion Compensation on DCT Domain
* Multi-User Collusion Behavior Forensics: Game Theoretic Formulation of Fairness Dynamics
* Multimedia Fingerprinting Forensics For Traitor Tracing
* Multiuser Rate Allocation Games for Multimedia Communications
* Non-Cooperative Feedback Control Game for Secondary Transmitter in Cognitive Radio Network
* On Antiforensic Concealability With Rate-Distortion Tradeoff
* On Outage Probability for Stochastic Energy Harvesting Communications in Fading Channels
* Optimal Unequal Error Protection with User Cooperation for Transmission of Embedded Source-Coded Images
* Optimal unified architectures for the real-time computation of time-recursive discrete sinusoidal transforms
* Parallel programmable video co-processor design
* Power optimized space-time code for layer coded multimedia over wireless channels
* Predictive H.263 Bit-Rate Control Scheme based on Scene Information, A
* Real-time parallel and fully pipelined two-dimensional DCT lattice structures with application to HDTV systems
* Resistance Analysis of Scalable Video Fingerprinting Systems Under Fair Collusion Attacks
* Risk Minimization in Traitors within Traitors in Multimedia Forensics
* Risk-Distortion Analysis for Video Collusion Attacks: A Mouse-and-Cat Game
* Scalable Multiuser Framework for Video Over OFDM Networks: Fairness and Efficiency, A
* Selfish Colluder Detection and Identification in Traitors within Traitors
* Software Optimization of H.263 Video Encoder on Pentium Processor with MMX Technology
* Subband Modulation: A Joint Power and Rate Allocation Framework for Subband Image and Video Transmission, The
* Time-Reversal Wideband Communications
* Transform Coder Classification for Digital Image Forensics
* Undetectable image tampering through JPEG compression anti-forensics
* Wavelet Based Multiresolution Local Tomography
* Wavelet-based image compression anti-forensics
Includes: Liu, K.J.R.[K. J. Ray] Liu, K.J.R. Liu, K.J.R.[K.J. Ray]
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Liu, K.T.[Kuan Ting] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Impact of Reservoirs in the Upper Mekong River Using Satellite Radar Altimetry and Remote Sensing Imageries
* Quantifying Freshwater Mass Balance in the Central Tibetan Plateau by Integrating Satellite Remote Sensing, Altimetry, and Gravimetry
Includes: Liu, K.T.[Kuan Ting] Liu, K.T.[Kuan-Ting]

Liu, K.X.[Ke Xiang] Co Author Listing * Block Matching Algorithm based on RANSAC Algorithm
Includes: Liu, K.X.[Ke Xiang] Liu, K.X.[Ke-Xiang]

Liu, K.Y.[Kai Ying] Co Author Listing * Algorithm of Feature Selection and Feature Weighting Adjustment Based on Chinese FrameNet, An
* new parallel particle filter face tracking method based on heterogeneous system, A
Includes: Liu, K.Y.[Kai Ying] Liu, K.Y.[Kai-Ying] Liu, K.Y.[Ke-Yan]

Liu, L. Co Author Listing * 135-frames/s 1080p 87.5-mW Binary-Descriptor-Based Image Feature Extraction Accelerator, A
* 3D Gesture Analysis Using a Large-Scale Gesture Database
* accelerated multiplicative iterative algorithm in image reconstruction, An
* Adaptive and Fast CFAR Algorithm Based on Automatic Censoring for Target Detection in High-Resolution SAR Images, An
* Adaptive Block-Wise Compressive Image Sensing Based on Visual Perception
* Airport detection based on Line Segment Detector
* Algorithms of Multi-Modal Route Planning Based on the Concept of Switch Point
* Analysis of the electrical impedance tomography algorithm based on finite element method and Tikhonov regularization
* Anisotropic Diffusion Model Based on a New Diffusion Coefficient and Fractional Order Differential for Image Denoising
* Application of robust sequential edge detection and linking to boundaries of low contrast lesions in medical images
* approach based on self-organizing map and fuzzy membership for decomposition of mixed pixels in hyperspectral imagery, An
* Approach for Indoor Path Computation among Obstacles that Considers User Dimension, An
* Assessing Band Sensitivity to Atmospheric Radiation Transfer for Space-Based Retrieval of Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence
* Automatic Power Estimation Methodology for FPGA-Based Digital Signal Processing Systems, An
* Boosted key-frame selection and correlated pyramidal motion-feature representation for human action recognition
* BRINT: A binary rotation invariant and noise tolerant texture descriptor
* BRINT: Binary Rotation Invariant and Noise Tolerant Texture Classification
* Classification of Ultra-High Resolution Orthophotos Combined with DSM Using a Dual Morphological Top Hat Profile
* Clothing Attributes Assisted Person Reidentification
* Color Correction and Compression for Multi-view Video Using H.264 Features
* Combined Key-Frame Extraction and Object-Based Video Segmentation
* Combining sorted random features for texture classification
* Compressed Sensing for Robust Texture Classification
* Compressive Sequential Learning for Action Similarity Labeling
* Content-aware image resizing by quadratic programming
* Convolutional Fusion Network for Face Verification in the Wild
* Corruptive Artifacts Suppression for Example-Based Color Transfer
* DBS Doppler Centroid Estimation Algorithm Based on Entropy Minimization, A
* Deep Aging Face Verification With Large Gaps
* Deep Human Parsing with Active Template Regression
* Deep tree-structured face: A unified representation for multi-task facial biometrics
* Depth Reconstruction From Sparse Samples: Representation, Algorithm, and Sampling
* Detecting Wide Lines Using Isotropic Nonlinear Filtering
* Detection of Drought-Induced Hickory Disturbances in Western Lin An County, China, Using Multitemporal Landsat Imagery
* Detection of Overlapped Quadrangles in Plane Geometric Figures
* Direct hand pose estimation for immersive gestural interaction
* Direct Method for 3D Hand Pose Recovery, A
* direct reconstruction method with variable constraints, A
* Discriminative Partition Sparsity Analysis
* Document image matching using probabilistic graphical models
* Dynamic BFECC Characteristic Mapping method for fluid simulations
* Dynamic Modeling of Driver Control Strategy of Lane-Change Behavior and Trajectory Planning for Collision Prediction
* dynamic niching clustering algorithm based on individual-connectedness and its application to color image segmentation, A
* Effective mix-zone anonymization techniques for mobile travelers
* Energy-Efficient Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Processing Unit for Multiple-Standard Video Decoding, An
* Ensemble gene selection for cancer classification
* Extended local binary pattern fusion for face recognition
* Extended local binary patterns for texture classification
* Extended Supervised Descent Method for Robust Face Alignment
* Extending Window MMSE Turbo Equalization Algorithm, An
* Extracting Contours of Hydrothermal Chimney Undersea Images Based on Machine Vision
* Extracting sparse error of robust PCA for face recognition in the presence of varying illumination and occlusion
* fairness-aware smooth rate adaptation approach for dynamic HTTP streaming, A
* Fashion Analysis: Current Techniques and Future Directions
* Fashion Parsing With Video Context
* Fast Action Retrieval from Videos via Feature Disaggregation
* FAST Extreme Illumination Robust Feature in Affine Space, A
* Fast Principal Component Analysis using Eigenspace Merging
* Fast Three-Dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition of Hyperspectral Images for Class-Oriented Multitask Learning
* Field Line Detection Based on Local-precise Extracting and Modified Hough Transform
* Fingerprint Registration by Maximization of Mutual Information
* Fully Automatic Segmentation of Hip CT Images via Random Forest Regression-Based Atlas Selection and Optimal Graph Search-Based Surface Detection
* Fundamental and Higher Mode Inversion of Dispersed GPR Waves Propagating in an Ice Layer
* Fusing Sorted Random Projections for Robust Texture and Material Classification
* Generalized Local Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
* Generating Navigation Models from Existing Building Data
* Genetic Programming-Evolved Spatio-Temporal Descriptor for Human Action Recognition
* H.264/AVC rate control with enhanced ratequantisation model and bit allocation
* Hand posture recognition using finger geometric feature
* Head operated electric wheelchair
* Hybrid Map-Based Navigation Method for Unmanned Ground Vehicle in Urban Scenario
* image retrieval method based on analysis of feedback sequence log, An
* Image Segmentation Using Active Contours With Normally Biased GVF External Force
* Image Thresholding Using Graph Cuts
* Implementation of Texture-Based Video Up-Scaling on Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture, The
* Improved Motion Compensation Approach for Squint Airborne SAR
* Improved PolSAR Image Speckle Reduction Algorithm Based on Structural Judgment and Hybrid Four-Component Polarimetric Decomposition, An
* Innovative Method to Classify Remote-Sensing Images Using Ant Colony Optimization, An
* InSAR Detection and Field Evidence for Thermokarst after a Tundra Wildfire, Using ALOS-PALSAR
* Is alice chasing or being chased?: Determining subject and object of activities in videos
* Joint Cross-Range Scaling and 3D Geometry Reconstruction of ISAR Targets Based on Factorization Method
* Kernelized Multiview Projection for Robust Action Recognition
* Latent Structure Preserving Hashing
* Learning Discriminative Key Poses for Action Recognition
* Learning group-based sparse and low-rank representation for hyperspectral image classification
* Learning Spatio-Temporal Representations for Action Recognition: A Genetic Programming Approach
* Leveraging Spatial Model to Improve Indoor Tracking
* LiCHy: The CAF's LiDAR, CCD and Hyperspectral Integrated Airborne Observation System
* Lip localization and performance evaluation
* Local Feature Binary Coding for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
* Locally linear embedding based example learning for pan-sharpening
* Magic Mirror: An Intelligent Fashion Recommendation System
* Matching-Area-Based Seam Carving for Video Retargeting
* Matching-CNN meets KNN: Quasi-parametric human parsing
* mathematic model for event detection in spatiotemporal city environment, A
* Measurement and Analysis of Bidirectional SIF Emissions in Wheat Canopies
* Median Robust Extended Local Binary Pattern for Texture Classification
* medical image enhancement method using adaptive thresholding in NSCT domain combined unsharp masking, A
* Medical Image Segmentation and Retrieval Via Deformable Models
* Metrics for Objective Evaluation of Background Subtraction Algorithms
* Mineral Mapping and Ore Prospecting with HyMap Data over Eastern Tien Shan, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
* Mining intricate temporal rules for recognizing complex activities of daily living under uncertainty
* Modeling and Mapping Soil Moisture of Plateau Pasture Using RADARSAT-2 Imagery
* Modeling Images for Content-Based Queries: The DISIMA Approach
* Modeling Local Word Spatial Configurations for Near Duplicate Document Image Retrieval
* Modeling the Surround of MT Cells and Their Selectivity for Surface Orientation in Depth Specified by Motion
* Multi-Dimensional Robust Edge Detection
* Multi-Eigenspace Learning for Video-Based Face Recognition
* Multi-modal 2D + 3D Face Recognition Method with a Novel Local Feature Descriptor, A
* Multiple Player Tracking in Sports Video: A Dual-Mode Two-Way Bayesian Inference Approach With Progressive Observation Modeling
* Multiview Alignment Hashing for Efficient Image Search
* Near-duplicate document image matching: A graphical perspective
* Nonhomogeneous scaling optimization for realtime image resizing
* Nonparametric background model based clutter map for X-band marine radar
* Novel 2D Marker Design and Application for Object Tracking and Event Detection, A
* Novel Global and Local Features for Near-Duplicate Document Image Matching
* Novel in Situ FPAR Measurement Method for Low Canopy Vegetation Based on a Digital Camera and Reference Panel, A
* Novel Palm-Line Detector, A
* novel real-time and progressive secret image sharing with flexible shadows based on compressive sensing, A
* On Robust Edge Detection
* Online Appearance Model Learning for Video-Based Face Recognition
* Optimal Contour Approximation by Deformable Piecewise Cubic Splines
* Overlapped-triangle analysis with hierarchical ranking of dominance
* Palm-Line Detection
* Pan-sharpening based on weighted red black wavelets
* Pan-Sharpening Using an Adaptive Linear Model
* Pan-sharpening using weighted red-black wavelet
* Patch-Based Disparity Remapping for Stereoscopic Images
* Personalized Age Progression with Aging Dictionary
* Plane Geometry Figure Retrieval Based on Bilayer Geometric Attributed Graph Matching
* Probabilistic chunk scheduling approach in parallel multiple-server DASH
* Processing halftone color images by vector space methods
* Projection Bank: From High-Dimensional Data to Medium-Length Binary Codes
* Pulse-coupled neural networks and one-class support vector machines for geometry invariant texture retrieval
* Quadtree Based Nonsquare Block Structure for Inter Frame Coding in High Efficiency Video Coding
* Quantitative Estimation of Fluorescence Parameters for Crop Leaves with Bayesian Inversion
* Quasi Cosine Similarity Metric Learning
* Real-Time 3D Reconstruction of Traffic Scenes Under an Images-to-Model Framework
* Realistic action recognition via sparsely-constructed Gaussian processes
* Recognizing City Identity via Attribute Analysis of Geo-tagged Images
* Recursive NMF: Efficient label tree learning for large multi-class problems
* Remotely Sensed Active Layer Thickness (ReSALT) at Barrow, Alaska Using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Retrieval of Envelope Images Using Graph Matching
* Retrieval of Mangrove Aboveground Biomass at the Individual Species Level with WorldView-2 Images
* Robust Collaborative Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Robust high-order matched filter for hyperspectral target detection with quasi-Newton method
* Satellite-Observed Energy Budget Change of Deforestation in Northeastern China and its Climate Implications
* Scattering Mechanisms for the 'Ear' Feature of Lop Nur Lake Basin
* Segmentation Scheme for Head-Shoulder in MPEG Compressed Domain, A
* Semi-supervised Gait Recognition Based on Self-Training
* Short Distance Intra Coding Scheme for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Slant Correction of Vehicle License Plate Image
* Sorted Random Projections for robust texture classification
* Sparse Hashing Tracking
* Spatial processing in color reproduction
* Structure-Preserving Binary Representations for RGB-D Action Recognition
* Superpixel-Based Segmentation for 3D Prostate MR Images
* Synthesis of spatio-temporal descriptors for dynamic hand gesture recognition using genetic programming
* Targeting Mineral Resources with Remote Sensing and Field Data in the Xiemisitai Area, West Junggar, Xinjiang, China
* Tensor Block-Sparsity Based Representation for Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Texture Classification from Random Features
* Texture CLassification Using Compressed Sensing
* Toward Large-Population Face Identification in Unconstrained Videos
* Towards fusing uncertain location data from heterogeneous sources
* Transcranial Thermoacoustic Tomography: A Comparison of Two Imaging Algorithms
* Transformed Principal Gradient Orientation for Robust and Precise Batch Face Alignment
* Understanding Blooming Human Groups in Social Networks
* Validation of the Calibration Coefficient of the GaoFen-1 PMS Sensor Using the Landsat 8 OLI
* Variable-Length Signature for Near-Duplicate Image Matching
* Vision-based fault inspection of small mechanical components for train safety
* Visualization of Chinese Digitized Intestinal Tract
* Wave Interferometry Applied to Borehole Radar: Virtual Multioffset Reflection Profiling
Includes: Liu, L. Liu, L.[Li] Liu, L.[Lei] Liu, L.[Liu] Liu, L.[Lu] Liu, L.[Lili] Liu, L.[Lipei] Liu, L.[Lifan] Liu, L.[Liangyun] Liu, L.[Liang] Liu, L.[Lin] Liu, L.[Ligang] Liu, L.[Luoqi] Liu, L.[Lijuan] Liu, L.[Le] Liu, L.[Lian] Liu, L.[Ling] Liu, L.[Leibo] Liu, L.[Linghui] Liu, L.[Liwei] Liu, L.[Luxia] Liu, L.[Lining] Liu, L.[Leyuan] Liu, L.[Long] Liu, L.[Limei] Liu, L.[Lipin] Liu, L.[Lulu]
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Liu, L.B.[Li Bing] Co Author Listing * Error Analysis and Compensation of 3D Coordinate Measuring System by Watching an Image of Object
* Multi-task GLOH feature selection for human age estimation
* Research of Tool Wear Predictive Technique Based on Support Vector Machine
Includes: Liu, L.B.[Li Bing] Liu, L.B.[Li-Bing] Liu, L.B.[Ling-Bo]

Liu, L.C.[Li Chang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive ICP Registration for Facial Point Data, An
* Automatic and quantitative evaluation of attribute discovery methods
* Automatic Image Attribute Selection for Zero-Shot Learning of Object Categories
* Determination of Structure Component in Image Texture Using Wavelet Analysis
* frame-level FSBM motion estimation architecture with large search range, A
* Novel Driving Pattern Recognition and Status Monitoring System, A
* Remote Virtual-Surgery Training and Teaching System, A
* speech recognition method based on feature distributions, A
* Weighted Couple Sparse Representation With Classified Regularization for Impulse Noise Removal
Includes: Liu, L.C.[Li Chang] Liu, L.C.[Li-Chang] Liu, L.C.[Liang-Chen] Liu, L.C. Liu, L.C.[Lih-Cherng] Liu, L.C.[Li-Cheng]
9 for Liu, L.C.

Liu, L.F.[Li Fan] Co Author Listing * Decomposition of Mixed Pixels Based on Bayesian Self-Organizing Map and Gaussian Mixture Model
* Deformable model-guided region split and merge of image regions
* Deformable Shape Detection and Description via Model-Based Region Grouping
* Index trees for accelerating deformable template matching
* Index trees for efficient deformable shape-based retrieval
* modified Gabor filter design method for fingerprint image enhancement, A
* Region Segmentation via Deformable Model-Guided Split and Merge
* Shape-Guided Split and Merge of Image Regions
* Stable Signal Recovery via Randomly Enhanced Adaptive Subspace Pursuit Method
* Study of X-ray imaging with toroidally bent crystal
* Swarm Intelligence Algorithm for Joint Sparse Recovery, A
Includes: Liu, L.F.[Li Fan] Liu, L.F.[Li-Fan] Liu, L.F.[Li-Feng] Liu, L.F.[Lu-Feng]
11 for Liu, L.F.

Liu, L.G.[Li Gang] Co Author Listing * Approximately harmonic projection: Theoretical analysis and an algorithm
* Detail-replicating shape stretching
* Grey conversion via perceived-contrast
* Interactive two-scale color-to-gray
* Mona Lisa alive
Includes: Liu, L.G.[Li Gang] Liu, L.G.[Li-Gang]

Liu, L.H.[Ling Hui] Co Author Listing * Unified Method Based on Wavelet Transform and C-V Model for Crack Segmentation of 3D Industrial CT Images, A
Includes: Liu, L.H.[Ling Hui] Liu, L.H.[Ling-Hui]

Liu, L.J.[Lei Jian] Co Author Listing * Auto image analysis of particle holograms
* Discriminant performance of the algebraic features of handwritten character images
* Discriminative Feature Learning with an Optimal Pattern Model for Image Classification
* entropy-based segmentation algorithm for computer-generated documentimages, An
* Lifting-based Laplacian Pyramid reconstruction schemes
* new JPEG2000 region-of-interest image coding method: Partial significant bitplanes shift, A
* two-codebook combination and three-phase block matching based image-hiding scheme with high embedding capacity, A
Includes: Liu, L.J.[Lei Jian] Liu, L.J.[Lei-Jian] Liu, L.J.[Li-Juan] Liu, L.J.[Li-Jie] Liu, L.J.[Li-Jen]
7 for Liu, L.J.

Liu, L.K.[Lurng Kuo] Co Author Listing * email: Liu, L.K.[Lurng Kuo]: lkliu AT us ibm com
* Block-Based Gradient Descent Search Algorithm for Block Motion Estimation in Video Coding, A
* Framework for Depth Video Reconstruction From a Subset of Samples and Its Applications, A
* Rate-Constrained Motion Estimation Algorithm for Video Coding
Includes: Liu, L.K.[Lurng Kuo] Liu, L.K.[Lurng-Kuo] Liu, L.K.

Liu, L.L.[Lin Lin] Co Author Listing * Aligning images in the wild
* Dense image correspondence under large appearance variations
* Tongue line extraction
Includes: Liu, L.L.[Lin Lin] Liu, L.L.[Lin-Lin] Liu, L.L.[Laura Li]

Liu, L.M.[Li Man] Co Author Listing * Automatic Shape Constraint Selection Based Object Segmentation
* Backward Channel Aware Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
* Backward channel aware Wyner-Ziv video coding: A study of complexity, rate, and distortion tradeoff
* Complexity-Rate-Distortion Analysis of Backward Channel Aware Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
* Detection of river ice using relevance vector machine
* Efficient and Low-Complexity Surveillance Video Compression Using Backward-Channel Aware Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
* Fingerprint analysis and singular point detection
* Hierarchical Two-Stage Neural-Classifier for Mode Decision of H.264/AVC Stereo Video Encoding, A
* Image segmentation by iterative optimization of multiphase multiple piecewise constant model and Four-Color relabeling
* Interactively multiphase image segmentation based on variational formulation and graph cuts
* low-complexity iterative mode selection algorithm for Wyner-Ziv video compression, A
* Modeling and design of feedback control systems based state observers over network
* Object segmentation using ant colony optimization algorithm and fuzzy entropy
* Point Sets Matching by Feature-Aware Mixture Point Matching Algorithm
* Rate Distortion Analysis of Motion Side Estimation in Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
* Wyner-Ziv Video Coding With Universal Prediction
* WYNER-ZIV Video Side Estimator: Conventional Motion Search Methods Revisited
Includes: Liu, L.M.[Li Man] Liu, L.M.[Li-Man] Liu, L.M.[Li-Min] Liu, L.M.[Liang-Ming] Liu, L.M.[Lien-Ming] Liu, L.M.[Lei-Ming] Liu, L.M.
17 for Liu, L.M.

Liu, L.P.[Li Ping] Co Author Listing * Image Completion and Its Application in Cultural Relic Preservation
* Ordered-Subset Ridge Regression in Image Reconstruction
Includes: Liu, L.P.[Li Ping] Liu, L.P.[Li-Ping]

Liu, L.Q.[Ling Qiao] Co Author Listing * Accelerating the Divisive Information-Theoretic Clustering of Visual Words
* Discriminative Brain Effective Connectivity Analysis for Alzheimer's Disease: A Kernel Learning Approach upon Sparse Gaussian Bayesian Network
* Generalized Probabilistic Framework for Compact Codebook Creation, A
* HEp-2 cell image classification with multiple linear descriptors
* Hierarchical Word-Merging Algorithm with Class Separability Measure, A
* Improving Graph Matching via Density Maximization
* In defense of soft-assignment coding
* interactive method for curve extraction, An
* Learning Discriminative Bayesian Networks from High-Dimensional Continuous Neuroimaging Data
* Mid-level deep pattern mining
* Progressive Mode-Seeking on Graphs for Sparse Feature Matching
* Scalable Unsupervised Feature Merging Approach to Efficient Dimensionality Reduction of High-Dimensional Visual Data, A
* Towards Computational Baby Learning: A Weakly-Supervised Approach for Object Detection
* treasure beneath convolutional layers: Cross-convolutional-layer pooling for image classification, The
* What has my classifier learned? Visualizing the classification rules of bag-of-feature model by support region detection
Includes: Liu, L.Q.[Ling Qiao] Liu, L.Q.[Ling-Qiao] Liu, L.Q.[Luo-Qi]
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Liu, L.R.[Li Ren] Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional superresolution by three-zone complex pupil filters
* Transverse or axial superresolution with radial birefringent filter
* Two-Stage Fuzzy-Logic Architecture for Gray-Scale Image-Processing
Includes: Liu, L.R.[Li Ren] Liu, L.R.[Li-Ren] Liu, L.R.

Liu, L.T. Co Author Listing * New Family of Orthonormal Wavelet Bases, A

Liu, L.W.[Li Wei] Co Author Listing * Background subtraction through multiple life span modeling
* GS Model for the Image Segmentation Number via Weighted the Position Information and the Gray Values
* Online structure learning for robust object tracking
* Robust crowd counting using detection flow
* Scene transformation for detector adaptation
* Semantic superpixel based vehicle tracking
Includes: Liu, L.W.[Li Wei] Liu, L.W.[Li-Wei]

Liu, L.X.[Li Xiong] Co Author Listing * Active contours with neighborhood-extending and noise-smoothing gradient vector flow external force
* Blind image quality assessment by relative gradient statistics and adaboosting neural network
* Compare between Several Linear Image Edge Detection Algorithm
* Detection of Hidden Information in Webpage Based on Higher-Order Statistics
* multiphase region-based framework for image segmentation based on least square method, A
* No-reference image quality assessment based on spatial and spectral entropies
* No-reference image quality assessment in curvelet domain
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Joint Source/Channel Coding of WWAN Multicast Video for a Cooperative Peer-to-Peer Collective
* Saliency-based automatic target detection in forward looking infrared images
* Separating Specular and Diffuse Reflection Components in the HSI Color Space
* Wavelet-Domain Structure Similarity for Image Quality Assessment, A
Includes: Liu, L.X.[Li Xiong] Liu, L.X.[Li-Xiong] Liu, L.X.[Ling-Xia] Liu, L.X.[Ling-Xi] Liu, L.X. Liu, L.X.[Li-Xing]
11 for Liu, L.X.

Liu, L.Y.[Liang Yun] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Coarse-Resolution Land Cover Products Using CASI Hyperspectral Data in an Arid Zone in Northwestern China
* Automatic 3D to 2D Registration for the Photorealistic Rendering of Urban Scenes
* Automatic Matting Using Depth and Adaptive Trimap
* coefficient of intrinsic dependence (feature selection using el CID), The
* Image Similarity Comparison Using Dual-Tree Wavelet Transform
* Integrating Automated Range Registration with Multiview Geometry for the Photorealistic Modeling of Large-Scale Scenes
* Method to Reconstruct the Solar-Induced Canopy Fluorescence Spectrum from Hyperspectral Measurements, A
* Monitoring Geologic Hazards and Vegetation Recovery in the Wenchuan Earthquake Region Using Aerial Photography
* Multiview Geometry for Texture Mapping 2D Images Onto 3D Range Data
* New Spectral Fitting Method for Full-Spectrum Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Retrieval Based on Principal Components Analysis
* Saliency Based on Multi-scale Ratio of Dissimilarity
* Similarity Matches of Gene Expression Data Based on Wavelet Transform
* Structure-aware error-diffusion approach using entropy-constrained threshold modulation
* systematic approach for 2D-image to 3D-range registration in urban environments, A
Includes: Liu, L.Y.[Liang Yun] Liu, L.Y.[Liang-Yun] Liu, L.Y.[Ling-Yun] Liu, L.Y.[Li-Yan] Liu, L.Y.[Li-Yu] Liu, L.Y.[Le-Yuan] Liu, L.Y.[Ling-Yue]
14 for Liu, L.Y.

Liu, L.Z.[Ling Zhi] Co Author Listing * motion-texture aware denoising for economic hardware design, A
* multiple hyper-ellipsoidal subclass model for an evolutionary classifier, A
* Uniform probability model for deriving intra prediction angular table in High Efficiency Video Coding
Includes: Liu, L.Z.[Ling Zhi] Liu, L.Z.[Ling-Zhi] Liu, L.Z.[Lu-Zheng]

Liu, M.[Mengyuan] Co Author Listing * Action classification by exploring directional co-occurrence of weighted stips
* AdaBoost on low-rank PSD matrices for metric learning
* Adaptive high-frequency clipping for improved image quality assessment
* Analysis of Image Contrast: From Quality Assessment to Automatic Enhancement, The
* Analysis of the fractal characteristic of the hyperspectral curves of the rice under plumbum pollution stress
* ARISTA: Image search to annotation on billions of web photos
* Attraction-Repulsion Model-Based Subpixel Mapping of Multi-/Hyperspectral Imagery
* Audio-Visual Affect Recognition
* Audio-Visual Affect Recognition through Multi-Stream Fused HMM for HCI
* Automatic analysis of sharpness mismatch between stereoscopic views for stereo 3D videos
* Automatic Classification of Remote Sensing Image Using Ant Colony Clustering Algorithm
* Bayesian Predictive Method for Automatic Speech Segmentation, A
* Brightness preserving video contrast enhancement using S-shaped Transfer function
* Camera motion estimation through monocular normal flow vectors
* Cell volume estimation from a sparse collection of noisy confocal image slices
* Center-free PFCM for MRI brain image segmentation
* Change Detection of Multilook Polarimetric SAR Images Using Heterogeneous Clutter Models
* Characterization and Identification of IR-UWB Respiratory-Motion Response of Trapped Victims
* Chinese character-level writer identification using path signature feature, DropStroke and deep CNN
* Cognitive radio assisted quality compensation for scalable video multicast in cellular networks
* Computing the Inner Distances of Volumetric Models for Articulated Shape Description with a Visibility Graph
* Conformal Embedding Analysis with Local Graph Modeling on the Unit Hypersphere
* Continuous MRF based image denoising with a closed form solution
* DeepWriterID: An End-to-End Online Text-Independent Writer Identification System
* Digital Forgery Image Detection Algorithm Based on Wavelet Homomorphic Filtering, A
* Direct Ego-Motion Estimation Using Normal Flows
* Distributed and Privacy-Aware Speed Advisory System for Optimizing Conventional and Electric Vehicle Networks, A
* Drifting-proof Framework for Tracking and Online Appearance Learning, A
* Edge preserving image denoising with a closed form solution
* Efficient cell segmentation and tracking of developing plant meristem
* Efficient no-reference metric for sharpness mismatch artifact between stereoscopic views
* Efficient Normal-Error Iterative Algorithm for Line Triangulation, An
* enhanced approach for simultaneous image reconstruction and sensitivity map estimation in partially parallel imaging, An
* Evaluating the Effectiveness of Conservation on Mangroves: A Remote Sensing-Based Comparison for Two Adjacent Protected Areas in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China
* Exploiting Feature Hierarchies with Convolutional Neural Networks for Cultural Event Recognition
* Exploiting local structure for tracking plant cells in noisy images
* Fast Closed-Form Matting Using a Hierarchical Data Structure
* Fast hierarchical animated object decomposition using approximately invariant signature
* Forward Error Correction-Based 2-D Layered Multiple Description Coding for Error-Resilient H.264 SVC Video Transmission
* Fusion Of Optical Data and SAR Data for the Estimation of Nitrogen Concentration in Pearl River Estuary Hong Kong Seas, China
* General form for obtaining discrete orthogonal moments
* Genetic algorithm and mathematical morphology based binarization method for strip steel defect image with non-uniform illumination
* Geostatistical Analysis of CH4 Columns over Monsoon Asia Using Five Years of GOSAT Observations
* Hierarchical Space-Time Model Enabling Efficient Search for Human Actions
* HMM-Based Acoustic Event Detection with AdaBoost Feature Selection
* Image Quality Assessment Based on Multi-scale Geometric Analysis
* Improved level set method for lip contour detection
* Improving the Geolocation Algorithm for Sensors Onboard the ISS: Effect of Drift Angle
* Isoperimetric cut on a directed graph
* Joint Binary Classifier Learning for ECOC-Based Multi-Class Classification
* LDV Remote Voice Acquisition and Enhancement
* line segment table: a fast region description algorithm, The
* Lipreading by Locality Discriminant Graph
* LogDet Divergence-Based Metric Learning With Triplet Constraints and Its Applications
* Low-complexity rate control based on rho-domain model for Scalable Video Coding
* Medical Images Segmentation Using Active Contours Driven by Global and Local Image Fitting Energy
* Mining intricate temporal rules for recognizing complex activities of daily living under uncertainty
* modified convex variational model for multiplicative noise removal, A
* Morphology and Active Contour Model for Multi-Focus Image Fusion
* Multi-focal nematode image classification using the 3D X-Ray Transform
* Multi-target tracking using long-term stochastic associations
* Multichannel and Multimodality Person Identification
* Multilinear feature extraction and classification of multi-focal images, with applications in nematode taxonomy
* Multiple Description Video Coding Based on Hierarchical B Pictures
* new framework for automatic quality assessment of print media, A
* Online appearance learning by template prediction
* Pattern analysis of stem cell growth dynamics in the shoot apex of arabidopsis
* PolSAR change detection for specific land cover type by testing equality of two PolInSAR coherency matrixes
* Power histogram for circle detection on images
* Predicting the quality of user-generated answers using co-training in community-based question answering portals
* Prior Based Cardiac Valve Segmentation in Echocardiographic Sequences: Geodesic Active Contour Guided by Region and Shape Prior
* Region based motion vector prediction using data hiding and decoder side reasoning
* Regression from patch-kernel
* Research of space target segmentation algorithm based on ToF camera
* Research on Positioning and Posing of Mobile Mapping in Metropolis
* Restoration of digitized video sequences: An efficient drop-out detection and removal framework
* Robotic Online Path Planning on Point Cloud
* Robust and Efficient Doubly Regularized Metric Learning Approach, A
* Robust estimation of stem cell lineages using local graph matching
* Robust Local Scoring Function for Text-Independent Speaker Verification
* Robust Multi-View Multi-Camera Face Detection inside Smart Rooms Using Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Programming
* Semantic Context Forests for Learning-Based Knee Cartilage Segmentation in 3D MR Images
* Small Infrared Target Detection Based on Weighted Local Difference Measure
* Subjective and objective quality assessment for images with contrast change
* survey on information visualization: recent advances and challenges, A
* Tensor-based total Bregman divergences between graphs
* Three-dimensional modeling of a telerobot based on SolidWorks and Open Inventor
* Triangular Mesh Based Stroke Segmentation for Chinese Calligraphy
* Triplet Markov Fields with Edge Location for Fast Unsupervised Multi-Class Segmentation of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Unsupervised multi-class segmentation of SAR images using fuzzy triplet Markov fields model
* Validation and Application of the Modified Satellite-Based Priestley-Taylor Algorithm for Mapping Terrestrial Evapotranspiration
* Validity of Five Satellite-Based Latent Heat Flux Algorithms for Semi-arid Ecosystems
* Vegetation Canopy Water Content Estimation Using GVMI and EWT Model from MODIS Data
Includes: Liu, M.[Mengyuan] Liu, M.[Meizhu] Liu, M.[Min] Liu, M. Liu, M.[Meiling] Liu, M.[Ming] Liu, M.[Mohan] Liu, M.[Miao] Liu, M.[Miaoming] Liu, M.[Meng] Liu, M.[Manfei] Liu, M.[Mingyue] Liu, M.[Maofu] Liu, M.[Mingna] Liu, M.[Manlu] Liu, M.[Meiyu] Liu, M.[Mengchen]
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Liu, M.c. Co Author Listing * Co-registration Between Multisource Remote-sensing Images
* Content-based audio retrieval with relevance feedback
Includes: Liu, M.c. Liu, M.C.[Ming-Chun]

Liu, M.G. Co Author Listing * Texture-based image indexing in the process of lossless data compression

Liu, M.H.[Ming Hao] Co Author Listing * Detection of Rock Fractures Junction in Gray-Level Images
* Directly Modeling of Correlation Matrices for GMM in Speaker Identification
* Efficient fingerprint search based on database clustering
* Enhanced Component Detection Algorithm of Full-Waveform LIDAR Data
* Fingerprint classification based on Adaboost learning from singularity features
* Fingerprint Reference Point Detection
* Fingerprint Retrieval by Complex Filter Responses
* Frame-level bit allocation for hierarchical coding of H.265/HEVC considering dependent rate-distortion characteristics
* Hierarchical Ensemble of Multi-level Classifiers for Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease
* Improved Two-stage Wiener Filter for Robust Speaker Identification
* Inherent Structure-Guided Multi-view Learning for Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment Classification
* Invariant representation of orientation fields for fingerprint indexing
* JPEG2000-Based Resolution- and Rate-Constrained Layered Image Coding
* Layered Image Transmission With Quality Pre-specifiable Jpeg2000
* Leaf Extraction from Complicated Background
* Learning-Based Image Ground Segmentation Using Multiple Cues
* Multi-Feature Fusion Using Multi-GMM Supervector for SVM Speaker Verification
* multi-prototype clustering algorithm, A
* New Hybrid GMM/SVM for Speaker Verification, A
* Reference point detection for fingerprint recognition
* Relationship Induced Multi-Template Learning for Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment
Includes: Liu, M.H.[Ming Hao] Liu, M.H.[Ming-Hao] Liu, M.H.[Ming-Hui] Liu, M.H.[Man-Hua] Liu, M.H. Liu, M.H.[Mei-Hwa]
21 for Liu, M.H.

Liu, M.J.[Ming Ju] Co Author Listing * Face Occlusion Detection for Automated Teller Machine Surveillance
Includes: Liu, M.J.[Ming Ju] Liu, M.J.[Ming-Ju]

Liu, M.L.[Mai Li] Co Author Listing * Image enhancement based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets theory
* Novel Algorithm for Recovering the 3D Motions of Multiple Moving Rigid Objects, A
* retrieval algorithm of the sea surface salinity based on the improved K-S model in Hong Kong Waters, The
Includes: Liu, M.L.[Mai Li] Liu, M.L.[Mai-Li] Liu, M.L.[Man Lee] Liu, M.L.[Mei-Ling]

Liu, M.M.[Miao Miao] Co Author Listing * Discrete-Continuous Depth Estimation from a Single Image
* Emotional Tone-Based Audio Continuous Emotion Recognition
* Estimating the unknown poses of a reference plane for specular shape recovery
* fixed viewpoint approach for dense reconstruction of transparent objects, A
* Indoor scene structure analysis for single image depth estimation
* Mirror Surface Reconstruction from a Single Image
* Object tracking using learned feature manifolds
* Pose estimation from reflections for specular surface recovery
* Self-calibrating depth from refraction
* Single-view reconstruction from an unknown spherical mirror
* Specular Surface Recovery from Reflections of a Planar Pattern Undergoing an Unknown Pure Translation
Includes: Liu, M.M.[Miao Miao] Liu, M.M.[Miao-Miao] Liu, M.M.[Meng-Meng] Liu, M.M.[Ming-Ming]
11 for Liu, M.M.

Liu, M.M.K. Co Author Listing * POCS-Based Error Concealment for Packet Video Using Multiframe Overlap Information
* Recovery of video in the presence of packet loss using interleaving and spatial redundancy

Liu, M.N. Co Author Listing * VLSI chip set for high-speed lossless data compression, A

Liu, M.Q.[Ming Qin] Co Author Listing * Cluster validation using legacy delineations
* Convenient and Fast Method of Endoscope Calibration under Surgical Environment, A
* Multiple Description Video Coding Using Inter- and Intra-Description Correlation at Macro Block Level
* Proactive 3D Robot Mapping in Environments with Sparse Features
Includes: Liu, M.Q.[Ming Qin] Liu, M.Q.[Ming-Qin] Liu, M.Q.[Mei-Qing] Liu, M.Q.[Mei-Qin]

Liu, M.S.C. Co Author Listing * Wavelet image enhancement based on Teager energy operator

Liu, M.T.[Meng Tao] Co Author Listing * Stroke Detector and Structure Based Models for Character Recognition: A Comparative Study
Includes: Liu, M.T.[Meng Tao] Liu, M.T.[Meng-Tao]

Liu, M.W. Co Author Listing * Crop Type Classification by Simultaneous Use of Satellite Images of Different Resolutions

Liu, M.X.[Ming Xia] Co Author Listing * Cost-sensitive feature selection with application in software defect prediction
* Multimodal Multi-label Transfer Learning for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease
* Relationship Induced Multi-atlas Learning for Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis
* Sparsity Score: A new filter feature selection method based on graph
* Texture Classification Using Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform and LS-SVM
Includes: Liu, M.X.[Ming Xia] Liu, M.X.[Ming-Xia]

Liu, M.Y.[Ming You] Co Author Listing * Acquiring the Mapping Knowledge of Basic Elements Based on PSO in the Chinese Character Intelligent Information
* AU-aware Deep Networks for facial expression recognition
* Classification and Pose Estimation of Vehicles in Videos by 3D Modeling within Discrete-Continuous Optimization
* Deeply Learning Deformable Facial Action Parts Model for Dynamic Expression Analysis
* Enhancing Expression Recognition in the Wild with Unlabeled Reference Data
* Entropy rate superpixel segmentation
* Entropy-Rate Clustering: Cluster Analysis via Maximizing a Submodular Function Subject to a Matroid Constraint
* Fast directional chamfer matching
* Grassmann manifold-based domain adaptation approach, A
* Joint Geodesic Upsampling of Depth Images
* Learning Expressionlets on Spatio-temporal Manifold for Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition
* Learning prototypes and similes on Grassmann manifold for spontaneous expression recognition
* Learning to Rank 3D Features
* Model-Based Vehicle Pose Estimation and Tracking in Videos Using Random Forests
* Morphology-Based Border Noise Removal Method for Camera-Captured Label Images, A
* Research on high resolution & high sensitivity panoramic surveillance system
* SDM-BSM: A fusing depth scheme for human action recognition
* Unsupervised network pretraining via encoding human design
Includes: Liu, M.Y.[Ming You] Liu, M.Y.[Ming-You] Liu, M.Y.[Meng-Yi] Liu, M.Y.[Ming-Yu] Liu, M.Y.[Meng-Yang] Liu, M.Y.[Meng-Ying] Liu, M.Y.[Meng-Yuan]
18 for Liu, M.Y.

Liu, M.Z.[Mei Zhu] Co Author Listing * Jensen divergence based SPD matrix means and applications
* Robust and efficient regularized boosting using total Bregman divergence
* Shape Retrieval Using Hierarchical Total Bregman Soft Clustering
* Total Bregman Divergence and Its Applications to DTI Analysis
* Total Bregman divergence and its applications to shape retrieval
Includes: Liu, M.Z.[Mei Zhu] Liu, M.Z.[Mei-Zhu]

Liu, N.[Nan] Co Author Listing * Commercial Shot Classification Based on Multiple Features Combination
* C^4: A Real-Time Object Detection Framework
* Effective System for Optical Microscopy Cell Image Segmentation, Tracking and Cell Phase Identification, An
* Enhanced gait recognition based on weighted dynamic feature
* Exploiting Visual-Audio-Textual Characteristics for Automatic TV Commercial Block Detection and Segmentation
* Face Recognition with Weighted Kernel Principal Component Analysis
* Feature Extraction with Genetic Algorithms Based Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis for Face Recognition
* Hierarchical Ensemble of Background Models for PTZ-Based Video Surveillance
* Image Set-Based Face Recognition: A Local Multi-Keypoint Descriptor-Based Approach
* Integrated Computational Model of Three-Dimensional Vision, An
* Integrating bottom-up and top-down processes for accurate pedestrian counting
* Joint Subspace Learning for View-Invariant Gait Recognition
* Learnable high-order MGRF models for contrast-invariant texture recognition
* Learning High-Order Structures for Texture Retrieval
* Moving Object Completion on the Compressed Domain
* New Approach to Optimal Filtering for ARMA Signals
* Non-uniform quantizer design for image data hiding
* overview of in-orbit radiometric calibration of typical satellite sensors, An
* Precision of Camera Calibration and Stereovision Performed by Standard Cameras and Image Digitizer
* Predicting eye fixations using convolutional neural networks
* Real-time background subtraction-based video surveillance of people by integrating local texture patterns
* Robust Face Recognition by Sparse Local Features from a Single Image under Occlusion
* Robust gait recognition via discriminative set matching
* Security and Robustness Enhancement for Image Data Hiding
* Stereo disparity calculation in real-world scenes with Informative Image Partitioning
* Template selection for on-line signature verification
* Texture modelling with generic translation- and contrast/offset-invariant 2nd-4th-order MGRFs
Includes: Liu, N.[Nan] Liu, N. Liu, N.[Ning] Liu, N.[Nini] Liu, N.[Na] Liu, N.[Ni] Liu, N.[Nian] Liu, N.[Ningning]
27 for Liu, N.

Liu, N.B.[Ning Bo] Co Author Listing * Radon-Linear Canonical Ambiguity Function-Based Detection and Estimation Method for Marine Target With Micromotion
Includes: Liu, N.B.[Ning Bo] Liu, N.B.[Ning-Bo]

Liu, N.F.[Nan Feng] Co Author Listing * Direct-Estimation Algorithm for Mapping Daily Land-Surface Broadband Albedo From MODIS Data
Includes: Liu, N.F.[Nan Feng] Liu, N.F.[Nan-Feng]

Liu, N.H.[Ning Han] Co Author Listing * Effective Results Ranking for Mobile Query by Singing/Humming Using a Hybrid Recommendation Mechanism
Includes: Liu, N.H.[Ning Han] Liu, N.H.[Ning-Han]

Liu, N.J.[Nian Jun] Co Author Listing * Boosted Band Ratio Feature Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Efficient Learning to Label Images
* Efficient Structured Support Vector Regression
* Evaluating Multi-scale Over-segment and Its Contribution to Real Scene Stereo Matching by High-Order MRFs
* Optimal Learning High-Order Markov Random Fields Priors of Colour Image
* Soil Moisture Prediction with Feature Selection Using a Neural Network
* Stereo Matching Using Sub-segmentation and Robust Higher-Order Graph Cut
* User-driven lossy compression for images and video
* Using the Shape Characteristics of Rain to Identify and Remove Rain from Video
Includes: Liu, N.J.[Nian Jun] Liu, N.J.[Nian-Jun]
9 for Liu, N.J.

Liu, N.N.[Ning Ning] Co Author Listing * Multimodal recognition of visual concepts using histograms of textual concepts and selective weighted late fusion scheme
* Selective Weighted Late Fusion for Visual Concept Recognition, A
Includes: Liu, N.N.[Ning Ning] Liu, N.N.[Ning-Ning]

Liu, N.Z.[Ning Zhong] Co Author Listing * Two-dimensional bar code out-of-focus deblurring via the Increment Constrained Least Squares filter
Includes: Liu, N.Z.[Ning Zhong] Liu, N.Z.[Ning-Zhong]

Liu, O.[Ou] Co Author Listing * Efficient Ant Colony System Based on Receding Horizon Control for the Aircraft Arrival Sequencing and Scheduling Problem, An
* Optimizing the Vehicle Routing Problem With Time Windows: A Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Approach
Includes: Liu, O.[Ou] Liu, O.

Liu, P.[Peizhong] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Reconstruction via Feature Point Depth Estimation and Shape Deformation
* Adaptive background estimation of outdoor illumination variations for foreground detection
* Advanced Hierarchical Motion Estimation Scheme With Lossless Frame Recompression and Early-Level Termination for Beyond High-Definition Video Coding, An
* Anatomy of Subsidence in Tianjin from Time Series InSAR
* Application and Analyses of Airborne LIDAR Technology in Topographic Survey of Tidal Flat And Coastal Zone
* Art Critic: Multisignal Vision and Speech Interaction System in a Gaming Context
* BP4D-Spontaneous: a high-resolution spontaneous 3D dynamic facial expression database
* Characteristic matching-based adaptive fast bilateral filter for ultrasound speckle reduction
* comparison of waveform processing algorithms for single-wavelength LiDAR bathymetry, A
* Conditional inference tree-based analysis of hazardous traffic conditions for rear-end and sideswipe collisions with implications for control strategies on freeways
* Cooperative Layered Video Multicast Using Randomized Distributed Space Time Codes
* Detection of partially occluded pedestrians by an enhanced cascade detector
* Development of a Control Strategy of Variable Speed Limits to Reduce Rear-End Collision Risks Near Freeway Recurrent Bottlenecks
* ellipsoid constrained quadratic programming (ECQP) approach to MCE training of MQDF-based classifiers for handwriting recognition, An
* Face Relighting Based on Multi-spectral Quotient Image and Illumination Tensorfaces
* Facial Expression Recognition via a Boosted Deep Belief Network
* Facial grid transformation: A novel face registration approach for improving facial action unit recognition
* Feature Disentangling Machine: A Novel Approach of Feature Selection and Disentangling in Facial Expression Analysis
* Filter based spatial compounding for strain imaging
* Genetic Programming Model for Real-Time Crash Prediction on Freeways, A
* high-resolution spontaneous 3D dynamic facial expression database, A
* High-speed image detector appliance in free space optical communication
* HY-2A Radar Altimeter Ultrastable Oscillator Drift Estimation Using Reconstructive Transponder With Its Validation By Multimission Cross Calibration
* Identifying factors affecting drivers selection of unconventional outside left-turn lanes at signallised intersections
* Illumination and Contrast Balancing for Remote Sensing Images
* Improved Biogeography-Based Optimization Based on Affinity Propagation
* Improving facial expression analysis using histograms of Log-Transformed Nonnegative Sparse Representation with a Spatial Pyramid Structure
* Knowledge as action: A cognitive framework for indoor scene classification
* Land Subsidence over Oilfields in the Yellow River Delta
* Landmark localization on 3D/4D range data using a shape index-based statistical shape model with global and local constraints
* Learning the Spherical Harmonic Features for 3-D Face Recognition
* May the torcher light our way: A negative-accelerated active learning framework for image classification
* Minimum Error Discriminative Training for Radical-Based Online Chinese Handwriting Recognition
* MLP-orthogonal Gaussian mixture model hybrid model for Chinese bank check printed numeral recognition, An
* Morphological Edge Detector for Gray-Level Image Thresholding, A
* MSD-HMM Approach to Pen Trajectory Modeling for Online Handwriting Recognition, A
* New Type of Proxy Ring Signature Scheme with Revocable Anonymity and No Info Leaked, A
* Parallel algorithms for 3D multi-level median filtering with motion compensation
* Radical based fine trajectory HMMs of online handwritten characters
* Real-time freeway sideswipe crash prediction by support vector machine
* Recognizing Buildings in Urban Scene of Distant View
* Reference Information Based Remote Sensing Image Reconstruction with Generalized Nonconvex Low-Rank Approximation
* Remote Sensing Image Interpretation for Urban Environment Analysis: Methods, System and Examples
* Removal of dynamic weather conditions based on variable time window
* ROI-Based Reversible Data Hiding Scheme for Medical Images with Tamper Detection
* Segmentation and Reconstruction of Buildings with Aerial Oblique Photography Point Clouds
* Shading Method for DSM Based on Classification Information of Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud, A
* Spatial-Hessian-Feature-Guided Variational Model for Pan-Sharpening
* Spontaneous facial expression analysis based on temperature changes and head motions
* Study on a Filtering Algorithm Based on Stream of LIDAR Data on Urban Area
* Study on the Feasibility of RGB Substitute CIR for Automatic Removal Vegetation Occlusion Based On Ground Close-range Building Images
* time, space and color-based classification of different weather conditions, A
* Ultrafast Facial Tracker Using Generic Cameras with Applications in Intelligent Lifestyle
* Using an Integer Least Squares Estimator to Connect Isolated InSAR Fringes in Earthquake Slip Inversion
* Using eye gaze, head pose, and facial expression for personalized non-player character interaction
* Using VISSIM simulation model and Surrogate Safety Assessment Model for estimating field measured traffic conflicts at freeway merge areas
Includes: Liu, P.[Peizhong] Liu, P.[Peng] Liu, P. Liu, P.[Pei] Liu, P.[Paul] Liu, P.[Pan] Liu, P.[Peixun] Liu, P.[Peijiang] Liu, P.[Ping] Liu, P.[Peiyu] Liu, P.[Pengtao]
56 for Liu, P.

Liu, P.C. Co Author Listing * Combinative Motion Estimation Algorithm and the Corresponding Architecture for Complex Motion Phenomenon
* Cross-Domain Object Recognition Using Object Alignment
* Motion Parameter-Estimation Based on the Block Recursive Algorithm with Finite Word-Length
* Recursive Minimum Energy Algorithm For Image Interpolation
* Recursive Wiener Filter for Motion Parameter Estimation in Three-Parameter Motion Model
* Semi-supervised Learning for Cross-Device Visual Location Recognition
Includes: Liu, P.C. Liu, P.C.[Peng-Cheng]

Liu, P.F.[Peng Fei] Co Author Listing * Combination of Stop-and-Go and Electro-Tricycle Laser Scanning Systems for Rural Cadastral Surveys, A
Includes: Liu, P.F.[Peng Fei] Liu, P.F.[Peng-Fei]

Liu, P.G.[Pi Gang] Co Author Listing * Linear discriminant multiple kernel learning for multispectral image classification
* Multiwavelet-Based Region of Interest Image Coding
Includes: Liu, P.G.[Pi Gang] Liu, P.G.[Pi-Gang]

Liu, P.J. Co Author Listing * 10-bit CMOS DAC With Current Interpolated Gamma Correction for LCD Source Drivers, A
* Automatic and robust 3D Face Registration using Multiresolution Spherical Depth Map
* Class relatedness oriented-discriminative dictionary learning for multiclass image classification
* Level-base compounded logarithmic curve function for colour image enhancement
Includes: Liu, P.J. Liu, P.J.[Pei-Jiang] Liu, P.J.[Peng-Ju]

Liu, P.L.[Pei Lin] Co Author Listing * Constant Bit-Rate Multi-Stage Rate Control for Rate-Distortion Optimized H.264/AVC Encoders
* Distributed Compressed Sensing off the Grid
Includes: Liu, P.L.[Pei Lin] Liu, P.L.[Pei-Lin]

Liu, P.P.[Peter Ping] Co Author Listing * Algorithms to Automate Estimation of Time Codes for Captioning Digital Media
* Lexicon-driven recognition of one-stroke character strings in visual gesture
* ordinal relation preserving binary codes, The
Includes: Liu, P.P.[Peter Ping] Liu, P.P.[Pai Pai] Liu, P.P.[Ping-Ping]

Liu, P.R.[Pei Ran] Co Author Listing * Multi-resolution modeling and locally refined collision detection for haptic interaction
Includes: Liu, P.R.[Pei Ran] Liu, P.R.[Pei-Ran]

Liu, P.S.[Paul S.] Co Author Listing * Motion Visualization of Ultrasound Imaging
* VLSI Array Architecture for Pattern Analysis and Image Processing
Includes: Liu, P.S.[Paul S.] Liu, P.S.

Liu, P.T.[Po Tsun] Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic transverse electric-wave inverse scattering of a conductor by the genetic algorithm
Includes: Liu, P.T.[Po Tsun] Liu, P.T.[Po-Tsun]

Liu, P.W.[Peng Wei] Co Author Listing * Crowd Target Extraction and Density Analysis Based on FTLE and GLCM
* Impact of Bias Correction Methods on Estimation of Soil Moisture When Assimilating Active and Passive Microwave Observations
* Prediction of L-band signal attenuation in forests using 3D vegetation structure from airborne LiDAR
Includes: Liu, P.W.[Peng Wei] Liu, P.W.[Peng-Wei] Liu, P.W.[Pang-Wei]

Liu, P.X. Co Author Listing * GcsDecolor: Gradient Correlation Similarity for Efficient Contrast Preserving Decolorization
* Improved SDA based on mixed weighted Mahalanobis distance
* On-road multi-vehicle tracking algorithm based on an improved particle filter
Includes: Liu, P.X. Liu, P.X.[Pei-Xun]

Liu, P.Y.[Peng Yu] Co Author Listing * Color Image Retrieval Scheme Based On Regions of Interest, A
* Managing and Searching Distributed Multidimensional Annotations with Large Scale Image Data
* Promoter recognition based on the Interpolated Markov Chains optimized via simulated annealing and genetic algorithm
* Proxy Servers for Scalable Interactive Video Support
* Video Stitch Algorithm Based on Dynamic Foreground Extraction
Includes: Liu, P.Y.[Peng Yu] Liu, P.Y.[Peng-Yu] Liu, P.Y.[Pei-Ya] Liu, P.Y.[Pu-Yin]

Liu, P.Z.[Pei Zhong] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Tracking via Deformable Structure Regression Learning
Includes: Liu, P.Z.[Pei Zhong] Liu, P.Z.[Pei-Zhong]

Liu, Q.[Qiguang] Co Author Listing * Action recognition using 3D DAISY descriptor
* Adaptive sparse coding on PCA dictionary for image denoising
* Additive Nearest Neighbor Feature Maps
* Amplitude-adaptive spread-spectrum data embedding
* Angular Normalization of Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Using Multiangular Middle and Thermal Infrared Data
* Augmented Lagrangian-Based Sparse Representation Method with Dictionary Updating for Image Deblurring
* Automatic Evaluation of Hypernasality and Consonant Misarticulation in Cleft Palate Speech
* China Physiome Project: A Comprehensive Framework for Anatomical and Physiological Databases From the China Digital Human and the Visible Rat
* Clustered car-following strategy for improving car-following stability under Cooperative Vehicles Infrastructure Systems
* Color multi-fusion fisher vector feature for fine art painting categorization and influence analysis
* Colour-feature dual discriminating correlation analysis for face recognition
* Constant Bit-Rate Multi-Stage Rate Control for Rate-Distortion Optimized H.264/AVC Encoders
* Cross-Calibration of GF-1 PMS Sensor With Landsat 8 OLI and Terra MODIS
* Cross-View Down/Up-Sampling Method for Multiview Depth Video Coding
* CW and Pulse-Doppler Radar Processing Based on FPGA for Human Sensing Applications
* database of reflected irradiance field with depth for image based relighting, A
* Detection of Overlapped Ellipses by Combining Region and Edge Data
* Detection of Unexploded Ordnance via Efficient Semisupervised and Active Learning
* Deterministic Analysis for LRR, A
* Development of a Rat Computational Phantom Using Boundary Representation Method for Monte Carlo Simulation in Radiological Imaging
* Distributed lossless coding of hyperspectral images
* Dual Sparse Constrained Cascade Regression for Robust Face Alignment
* Edge detection based on mathematical morphology theory
* Enhanced block prediction in stereoscopic video coding
* Estimating the Hemispherical Broadband Longwave Emissivity of Global Vegetated Surfaces Using a Radiative Transfer Model
* Estimation of the Ocean Water Albedo From Remote Sensing and Meteorological Reanalysis Data
* Estimation of Upward Longwave Radiation From Vegetated Surfaces Considering Thermal Directionality
* Facial Image Recognition Based on a Statistical Uncorrelated Near Class Discriminant Approach
* Facial Motion Tracking from Fine to Coarse
* Facial Shape Tracking via Spatio-Temporal Cascade Shape Regression
* Fairness and QOS guaranteed user scheduling for multi-user MIMO broadcasting channel
* Flooding based superpixels generation with color, compactness and smoothness constraints
* GcsDecolor: Gradient Correlation Similarity for Efficient Contrast Preserving Decolorization
* Geometric Tools for Multicamera Surveillance Systems
* grid-growing clustering algorithm for geo-spatial data, A
* Human Age Estimation Based on Locality and Ordinal Information
* Identifying Regional Cardiac Abnormalities From Myocardial Strains Using Nontracking-Based Strain Estimation and Spatio-Temporal Tensor Analysis
* Improvement of the space resolution of the optical remote sensing image by the principle of CCD imaging
* Integrating Multi-Source Imagery Data in a GIS System
* Interfered depth map recovery with texture guidance for multiple structured light depth cameras
* Investigation on an Integrated Evacuation Route Planning Method Based on Real-Time Data Acquisition for High-Rise Building Fire
* Iterative BRDF/NDVI Inversion Algorithm Based on A Posteriori Variance Estimation of Observation Errors, An
* Large-scale EMM identification based on geometry-constrained visual word correspondence voting
* Learning automatic video capture from human's camera operations
* Macroblock feature and motion involved multi-stage fast inter mode decision algorithm in H.264/AVC video coding
* Matrix-Based Discriminant Subspace Ensemble for Hyperspectral Image Spatial-Spectral Feature Fusion
* MET: media-embedded target for connecting paper to digital media
* Monitoring of Tumor Response to Au Nanorod-Indocyanine Green Conjugates Mediated Therapy With Fluorescence Imaging and Positron Emission Tomography
* Motion and Gray Based Automatic Road Segment Method MGARS in Urban Traffic Surveillance
* motion vector difference based self-incremental adaptive search range algorithm for variable block size motion estimation, A
* Multi-atlas Context Forests for Knee MR Image Segmentation
* Multi-scale ship tracking via random projections
* New Tree Structure for Weighted Dynamic Programming Based Stereo Algorithm, A
* Non-local feature back-projection for image super-resolution
* novel inheritable color space with application to kinship verification, A
* On Design of Efficient Comb Decimator with Improved Response for Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converters
* PaperUI
* Person Tracking Using Audio and Depth Cues
* Pose Evaluation Based on Bayesian classification Error
* Preliminary Study on Mechanism of LAI Inversion Saturation, A
* Real-Time Tracking of Multiple Objects by Linear Motion and Repulsive Motion
* Reference Information Based Remote Sensing Image Reconstruction with Generalized Nonconvex Low-Rank Approximation
* Retrieval of Leaf, Sunlit Soil, and Shaded Soil Component Temperatures Using Airborne Thermal Infrared Multiangle Observations
* Retrieval of Leaf, Sunlit Soil, and Shaded Soil Component Temperatures Using Airborne Thermal Infrared Multiangle Observations
* Retrieving Clear-Sky Surface Skin Temperature for Numerical Weather Prediction Applications from Geostationary Satellite Data
* Robust multi-scale ship tracking via multiple compressed features fusion
* Robust Real-Time Human Hand Localization by Self-Organizing Color Segmentation
* Robust Visual Tracking via Convolutional Networks Without Training
* Scattering From Inhomogeneous Dielectric Cylinders With Finite Length
* Sea-surface image super-resolution based on sparse representation
* Similarity preserving analysis based on sparse representation for image feature extraction and classification
* Smart Downlink Scheduling for Multimedia Streaming Over LTE Networks With Hard Handoff
* Spectral-Spatial Constraint Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Stacked Sparse Autoencoder (SSAE) for Nuclei Detection on Breast Cancer Histopathology Images
* study on effects of implicit and explicit language model information for DBLSTM-CTC based handwriting recognition, A
* Surroundedness based multiscale saliency detection
* Survey of single-target visual tracking methods based on online learning
* Topology-Preserved Diffusion Distance for Histogram Comparison
* Truncated Nuclear Norm Regularization Method Based on Weighted Residual Error for Matrix Completion, A
* Uncorrelated multi-set feature learning for color face recognition
* Validation of the Calibration Coefficient of the GaoFen-1 PMS Sensor Using the Landsat 8 OLI
* Variational Approach to Simultaneous Image Segmentation and Bias Correction, A
* Video sequence learning and recognition via dynamic SOM
* Vital sign estimation from passive thermal video
* Wyner-Ziv video coding using progressive encoding and decoding
Includes: Liu, Q.[Qiguang] Liu, Q.[Qian] Liu, Q. Liu, Q.[Qin] Liu, Q.[Qiyue] Liu, Q.[Qiong] Liu, Q.[Quan] Liu, Q.[Qiwei] Liu, Q.[Qing] Liu, Q.[Quanyi] Liu, Q.[Qun] Liu, Q.[Qixu] Liu, Q.[Qiegen] Liu, Q.[Qi]
85 for Liu, Q.

Liu, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Phenology in the Mongolian Plateau by Inter-Comparison of Global Vegetation Datasets
* Application of MAP-MRF to Change Detection in Image Sequence Based on Mean Field Theory, An
* Automatic body segmentation with graph cut and self-adaptive initialization level set (SAILS)
* Characterizing the Pixel Footprint of Satellite Albedo Products Derived from MODIS Reflectance in the Heihe River Basin, China
* Development of a High Resolution BRDF/Albedo Product by Fusing Airborne CASI Reflectance with MODIS Daily Reflectance in the Oasis Area of the Heihe River Basin, China
* Direct-Estimation Algorithm for Mapping Daily Land-Surface Broadband Albedo From MODIS Data
* Evaluation of the Airborne CASI/TASI Ts-VI Space Method for Estimating Near-Surface Soil Moisture
* FaceSeg: Automatic Face Segmentation for Real-Time Video
* Global Land Surface Satellite (GLASS) Remote Sensing Data Processing System and Products, The
* Global Land Surface Satellite (GLASS) Remote Sensing Data Processing System and Products, The
* Image Filtering with a Fourth Order Geometry-Driven Flow
* Mapping High-Resolution Soil Moisture over Heterogeneous Cropland Using Multi-Resource Remote Sensing and Ground Observations
* Mapping Surface Broadband Albedo from Satellite Observations: A Review of Literatures on Algorithms and Products
* Mining Appearance Models Directly From Compressed Video
* novel approach for edge detection based on the theory of universal gravity, A
* Optimal Nodes Selectiveness from WSN to Fit Field Scale Albedo Observation and Validation in Long Time Series in the Foci Experiment Areas, Heihe
* Overlapping Local Phase Feature (OLPF) for Robust Face Recognition in Surveillance
* Reconstruction of Satellite-Retrieved Land-Surface Reflectance Based on Temporally-Continuous Vegetation Indices
* Robust Attribute-Based Visual Recognition Using Discriminative Latent Representation
* scalable VideoGIS system for GPS-guided vehicles, A
Includes: Liu, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Liu, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]
20 for Liu, Q.A.

Liu, Q.B.[Qing Bao] Co Author Listing * CPCQ: Contrast pattern based clustering quality index for categorical data
* Implementation of Texture-Based Video Up-Scaling on Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture, The
Includes: Liu, Q.B.[Qing Bao] Liu, Q.B.[Qing-Bao] Liu, Q.B.[Qiong-Bing]

Liu, Q.F.[Qi Feng] Co Author Listing * Accurate text localization in images based on SVM output scores
* Learning the discriminative dictionary for sparse representation by a general fisher regularized model
* Natural Scene Classification Based on Integrated Topic Simplex
* Novel general KNN classifier and general nearest mean classifier for visual classification
* novel locally linear KNN model for visual recognition, A
* Panoramic video stitching in multi-camera surveillance system
* Semantic interpretation of object activities in a surveillance system
* stroke filter and its application to text localization, A
* Stroke Filter for Text Localization in Video Images
Includes: Liu, Q.F.[Qi Feng] Liu, Q.F.[Qi-Feng] Liu, Q.F.[Qing-Feng] Liu, Q.F.[Qi-Fang]
9 for Liu, Q.F.

Liu, Q.G.[Qi Guang] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition Using Subtensor Constraint
* Adaptive Dictionary Learning in Sparse Gradient Domain for Image Recovery
* Adaptive image decomposition via dictionary learning with stuctural incoherence
* augmented Lagrangian approach to general dictionary learning for image denoising, An
* Fenchel Duality Based Dictionary Learning for Restoration of Noisy Images
* Gabor feature based nonlocal means filter for textured image denoising
* Highly Undersampled Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction Using Two-Level Bregman Method With Dictionary Updating
* novel predual dictionary learning algorithm, A
* SGTD: Structure Gradient and Texture Decorrelating Regularization for Image Decomposition
Includes: Liu, Q.G.[Qi Guang] Liu, Q.G.[Qi-Guang] Liu, Q.G.[Qie-Gen]
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Liu, Q.H.[Qin Huo] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Land Surface Temperature Scaling Problem: A Case Study of Airborne and Satellite Data over the Heihe Basin
* Applications of the BCGS-FFT method to 3-D induction well logging problems
* Automatic Indexing of Newspaper Microfilm Images
* Characterizing the Pixel Footprint of Satellite Albedo Products Derived from MODIS Reflectance in the Heihe River Basin, China
* Cross-Calibration of GF-1/WFV over a Desert Site Using Landsat-8/OLI Imagery and ZY-3/TLC Data
* Cross-Calibration of HJ-1/CCD Over a Desert Site Using Landsat ETM + Imagery and ASTER GDEM Product
* Development and Experimental Verification of Key Techniques to Validate Remote Sensing Products
* Development of a High Resolution BRDF/Albedo Product by Fusing Airborne CASI Reflectance with MODIS Daily Reflectance in the Oasis Area of the Heihe River Basin, China
* Efficient Forward Solver in Electrical Impedance Tomography by Spectral Element Method, An
* Efficient Near-Field Imaging for Single-Borehole Radar With Widely Separated Transceivers
* Estimating Crop Albedo in the Application of a Physical Model Based on the Law of Energy Conservation and Spectral Invariants
* Evaluation of Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from FY-3B/VIRR Data in an Arid Area of Northwestern China
* Extracting Leaf Area Index by Sunlit Foliage Component from Downward-Looking Digital Photography under Clear-Sky Conditions
* Extraction of newspaper headlines from microfilm for automatic indexing
* Fast Radial Scanned Near-Field 3-D SAR Imaging System and the Reconstruction Method, A
* Frequency-Hopping Subspace-Based Optimization Method for Reconstruction of 2-D Large Uniaxial Anisotropic Scatterers With TE Illumination, A
* Generalized Omega-K Algorithm to Process Translationally Variant Bistatic-SAR Data Based on Two-Dimensional Stolt Mapping, A
* Global Land Surface Backscatter at Ku-Band Using Merged Jason1, Envisat, and Jason2 Data Sets
* improved MRI reconstruction method based on table-lookup gridding, An
* Improved Topographic Normalization for Landsat TM Images by Introducing the MODIS Surface BRDF
* ISAR Imaging of Nonuniformly Rotating Target Based on a Fast Parameter Estimation Algorithm of Cubic Phase Signal
* ISAR Imaging of Targets With Complex Motion Based on the Chirp Rate-Quadratic Chirp Rate Distribution
* Leaf Area Index Retrieval Combining HJ1/CCD and Landsat8/OLI Data in the Heihe River Basin, China
* Multidomain pseudospectral time-domain simulations of scattering by objects buried in lossy media
* New Algorithm of the FPAR Product in the Heihe River Basin Considering the Contributions of Direct and Diffuse Solar Radiation Separately, A
* Newspaper headlines extraction from microfilm images
* novel approach for edge detection based on the theory of universal gravity, A
* Omega-K Algorithm for Translational Invariant Bistatic SAR Based on Generalized Loffeld's Bistatic Formula, An
* Optimal Sampling Design for Observing and Validating Long-Term Leaf Area Index with Temporal Variations in Spatial Heterogeneities, An
* Radiation of Arbitrary Magnetic Dipoles in a Cylindrically Layered Anisotropic Medium for Well-Logging Applications
* Radiative Transfer Model for Heterogeneous Agro-Forestry Scenarios, A
* Regional Leaf Area Index Retrieval Based on Remote Sensing: The Role of Radiative Transfer Model Selection
* Semisupervised Multitask Learning
* Simulation of Near-Surface Detection of Objects in Layered Media by the BCGS-FFT Method
* Three-Dimensional Scattering and Inverse Scattering from Objects With Simultaneous Permittivity and Permeability Contrasts
* Through-Wall Imaging (TWI) by Radar: 2-D Tomographic Results and Analyses
* Time-Gating-Based Time Reversal Imaging for Impulse Borehole Radar in Layered Media
* Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional NUFFT Migration Method for Landmine Detection Using Ground-Penetrating Radar
Includes: Liu, Q.H.[Qin Huo] Liu, Q.H.[Qin-Huo] Liu, Q.H.[Qing Huo] Liu, Q.H.[Qing H.] Liu, Q.H. Liu, Q.H.[Qing Hong] Liu, Q.H.[Qiu-Hua]
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Liu, Q.J.[Qing Ju] Co Author Listing * Interference Reduction in Reverberant Speech Separation With Visual Voice Activity Detection
* Locally linear embedding based example learning for pan-sharpening
* Pan-sharpening based on weighted red black wavelets
* Pan-sharpening using weighted red-black wavelet
* Study on feature extraction of high speed precision electric machine vibration signal
Includes: Liu, Q.J.[Qing Ju] Liu, Q.J.[Qing-Ju] Liu, Q.J.[Qing-Jie]

Liu, Q.L.[Qi Liang] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Method for Interpolating Missing Data in Heterogeneous Spatio-Temporal Datasets, A
* Super-resolution Person re-identification with semi-coupled low-rank discriminant dictionary learning
Includes: Liu, Q.L.[Qi Liang] Liu, Q.L.[Qi-Liang] Liu, Q.L.[Qing-Long]

Liu, Q.M.[Qi Ming] Co Author Listing * Embedding color image watermark in color image based on two-level DCT
Includes: Liu, Q.M.[Qi Ming] Liu, Q.M.[Qi-Ming]

Liu, Q.N.[Qian Nan] Co Author Listing * Cloud and Snow Discrimination for CCD Images of HJ-1A/B Constellation Based on Spectral Signature and Spatio-Temporal Context
* Land Cover Mapping in Southwestern China Using the HC-MMK Approach
Includes: Liu, Q.N.[Qian Nan] Liu, Q.N.[Qian-Nan]

Liu, Q.Q.[Qiang Qiang] Co Author Listing * New Method of Correspondence for Multiple Cameras Based on Texture Energy, A
Includes: Liu, Q.Q.[Qiang Qiang] Liu, Q.Q.[Qiang-Qiang]

Liu, Q.S.[Quan Sheng] Co Author Listing * a Contrario Approach for Parameters Estimation of a Motion-Blurred Image, An
* Abnormal detection using interaction energy potentials
* Advancing Iterative Quantization Hashing Using Isotropic Prior
* Automatic Moving Object Segmentation with Accurate Boundaries
* Boosting Coded Dynamic Features for Facial Action Units and Facial Expression Recognition
* Boosting encoded dynamic features for facial expression recognition
* Boosting Multi-gabor Subspaces for Face Recognition
* Component Based Deformable Model for Generalized Face Alignment, A
* Component-Based Framework for Generalized Face Alignment, A
* curve-theorem based approach for change detection and its application to Yellow River Delta, A
* Discriminative Context Models for Collective Activity Recognition
* Distance based kernel PCA image reconstruction
* Dynamic soft encoded patterns for facial event analysis
* effective and fast soccer ball detection and tracking method, An
* Ensemble learning for independent component analysis
* Expanded bag of words representation for object classification
* Exploring facial expressions with compositional features
* Face detection using one-class-based support vectors
* Face Mis-alignment Analysis by Multiple-Instance Subspace
* Face recognition using kernel based Fisher discriminant analysis
* FaceHunter: A multi-task convolutional neural network based face detector
* Facial expression recognition using encoded dynamic features
* Fast Global Motion Estimation Via Iterative Least-Square Method
* Fast Visual Tracking via Dense Spatio-temporal Context Learning
* Feature space analysis using low-order tensor voting
* Framework for the Recognition of Nonmanual Markers in Segmented Sequences of American Sign Language, A
* Geoelectric Stratigraphy Recognition in Transient Electromagnetic Signal Based on Time-Frequency Analysis and Image Classification
* Geometric Active Contour Framework using Multi-Cue and Local Feature, A
* Geometric Contour Framework with Vector Field Support, A
* Hypergraph with sampling for image retrieval
* Image annotation via graph learning
* Image Integrity Authentication Scheme Based on Fixed Point Theory
* Image retrieval via probabilistic hypergraph ranking
* Image Segmentation Using Co-EM Strategy
* Improving Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition
* Improving the Spatial Resolution of Landsat TM/ETM+ Through Fusion With SPOT5 Images via Learning-Based Super-Resolution
* Introduction to computer vision and image understanding the special issue on video analysis
* Introduction to the special issue on Video-based Object and Event Analysis
* Iterative Image Restoration using a Non-Local Regularization Function and a Local Regularization Operator
* Kernel scatter-difference based discriminant analysis for face recognition
* Kernel-based optimized feature vectors selection and discriminant analysis for face recognition
* Learning active facial patches for expression analysis
* Learning Discriminative Dictionary for Group Sparse Representation
* Learning distance metric regression for facial age estimation
* Learning Multiscale Active Facial Patches for Expression Analysis
* Learning ordinal discriminative features for age estimation
* Lennard-Jones force field for Geometric Active Contour
* M3 CSR: Multi-view, multi-scale and multi-component cascade shape regression
* Mapping Rice Cropping Systems in Vietnam Using an NDVI-Based Time-Series Similarity Measurement Based on DTW Distance
* Maximum Likelihood Discriminant Feature for Text-Independent Speaker Verification
* Modeling face appearance with nonlinear independent component analysis
* Multimodal Scheme for Program Segmentation and Representation in Broadcast Video Streams, A
* Multiple Similarities Based Kernel Subspace Learning for Image Classification
* Multiple-Output Regression with High-Order Structure Information
* Newton Greedy Pursuit: A Quadratic Approximation Method for Sparsity-Constrained Optimization
* Nonlinear Approach for Face Sketch Synthesis and Recognition, A
* Occlusion Robust Face Recognition with Dynamic Similarity Features
* Ordinal preserving projection: a novel dimensionality reduction method for image ranking
* RankBoost with L1 regularization for facial expression recognition and intensity estimation
* Recognizing expressions from face and body gesture by temporal normalized motion and appearance features
* Removing Gaussian noise for colour images by quaternion representation and optimisation of weights in non-local means filter
* Segment and recognize expression phase by fusion of motion area and neutral divergence features
* Semantic units based events detection in soccer videos
* Shot Classification in broadcast Soccer Video
* Similarity Features for Facial Event Analysis
* Solving the small sample size problem of LDAf
* supervised nonlinear local embedding for face recognition, A
* Tensor voting toward feature space analysis
* Texture Classification Using Kernel Independent Component Analysis
* Unified Framework of Subspace and Distance Metric Learning for Face Recognition, A
* Unifying Subspace and Distance Metric Learning with Bhattacharyya Coefficient for Image Classification
* Unsupervised Image Categorization by Hypergraph Partition
* Using Tasseled Cap Transformation of CBERS-02 Images to Detect Dieback or Dead Robinia Pseudoacacia Plantation
* variational inference based approach for image segmentation, A
* Video object segmentation by hypergraph cut
Includes: Liu, Q.S.[Quan Sheng] Liu, Q.S.[Quan-Sheng] Liu, Q.S.[Qing-Shan] Liu, Q.S. Liu, Q.S.[Qin-Shan] Liu, Q.S.[Qing-Sheng] Liu, Q.S.[Qing-Song]
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Liu, Q.W.[Qing Wang] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Forest Structural Diversity Using the Spectral and Textural Information Derived from SPOT-5 Satellite Images
* LiCHy: The CAF's LiDAR, CCD and Hyperspectral Integrated Airborne Observation System
* Mapping Forest Health Using Spectral and Textural Information Extracted from SPOT-5 Satellite Images
Includes: Liu, Q.W.[Qing Wang] Liu, Q.W.[Qing-Wang]

Liu, Q.Z.[Qing Zhong] Co Author Listing * Detecting information-hiding in WAV audios
* Feature mining and pattern classification for steganalysis of LSB matching steganography in grayscale images
* Image Complexity and Feature Extraction for Steganalysis of LSB Matching Steganography
* Tree Based Behavior Monitoring for Adaptive Fraud Detection
Includes: Liu, Q.Z.[Qing Zhong] Liu, Q.Z.[Qing-Zhong]

Liu, R.[Risheng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Partial Differential Equation Learning for Visual Saliency Detection
* Adaptive Pixel/Patch-Based Stereo Matching for 2D Face Recognition
* Adaptive Regulation of CCD Camera in Eye Gaze Tracking System
* Angular Normalization of Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Using Multiangular Middle and Thermal Infrared Data
* Content-based Watermarking Model
* Correlated warped Gaussian processes for gender-specific age estimation
* Dynamic-Time-Warping-Based Measurement Data Alignment Model for Condition-Based Railroad Track Maintenance
* efficient pixel-wise method for moving object detection in complex scenes, An
* Entropy-based clustering of embryonic stem cells using digital holographic microscopy
* Evaluation of Radiometric Performance for the Thermal Infrared Sensor Onboard Landsat 8
* Extraction of Vectorized Graphical Information from Scientific Chart Images
* Extrinsic parameters and focal length calibration using rotation-symmetric patterns
* Face Matching Between Near Infrared and Visible Light Images
* Fall detection for elderly person care in a vision-based home surveillance environment using a monocular camera
* Fast image inpainting and colorization by Chambolle's dual method
* Fast traumatic brain injury CT slice indexing via anatomical feature classification
* Feature Correlation Filter for Face Recognition
* Feature extraction and soft segmentation of texture images
* From hemorrhage to midline shift: A new method of tracing the deformed midline in traumatic brain injury CT images
* Generic Mixed-Radix FFT Pruning
* Glasses detection by boosting simple wavelet features
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Artificial Transportation Systems and Simulation
* Hemorrhage slices detection in brain CT images
* Hyperspectral Unmixing via Double Abundance Characteristics Constraints Based NMF
* Image Search Result Summarization with Informative Priors
* Improved road centerlines extraction in high-resolution remote sensing images using shear transform, directional morphological filtering and enhanced broken lines connection
* Incorporating side information into multivariate Information Bottleneck for generating alternative clusterings
* Lorentzian Discriminant Projection and Its Applications
* Multi-scale 3D-Modeling
* new easy calibration algorithm for para-catadioptric cameras, A
* Online Determination of Track Loss Using Template Inverse Matching
* Outdoor Face Recognition Using Enhanced Near Infrared Imaging
* Outlier Robust ICP for Minimizing Fractional RMSD
* Overfitting in linear feature extraction for classification of high-dimensional image data
* Real-time obstacle detection with motion features using monocular vision
* Real-Time Spatial Queries for Moving Objects Using Storm Topology
* Recognition and classification of red blood cells using digital holographic microscopy and data clustering with discriminant analysis
* Recovering surface normal of specular object by Hough transform method
* Reducing boundary artifacts in image deconvolution
* Retrieval of Sea and Land Surface Temperature From SVISSR/FY-2C/D/E Measurements
* robust boosting tracker with minimum error bound in a co-training framework, A
* Saliency detection based on an edge-preserving filter
* Sparse concept discriminant matrix factorization for image representation
* Spectral Recalibration for In-Flight Broadband Sensor Using Man-Made Ground Targets
* Spectral Sequencing Based on Graph Distance
* Standardization of Face Image Sample Quality
* Sub-pixel flood inundation mapping from multispectral remotely sensed images based on discrete particle swarm optimization
* Surface Water Mapping from Suomi NPP-VIIRS Imagery at 30 m Resolution via Blending with Landsat Data
* t-Test feature selection approach based on term frequency for text categorization
* Text Localization in Web Images Using Probabilistic Candidate Selection Model
* Toward designing intelligent PDEs for computer vision: An optimal control approach
* Tracking and Recognition of Multiple Faces at Distances
* Video object matching across multiple non-overlapping camera views based on multi-feature fusion and incremental learning
Includes: Liu, R.[Risheng] Liu, R.[Rui] Liu, R.[Ruian] Liu, R. Liu, R.[Ran] Liu, R.[Rongyuan] Liu, R.[Rong] Liu, R.[Ruihua] Liu, R.[Ruizhe] Liu, R.[Ruyi] Liu, R.[Ruina] Liu, R.[Raymond] Liu, R.[Renyi] Liu, R.[Renting] Liu, R.[Riji]
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Liu, R.A.[Rui An] Co Author Listing * Infrared and Visible Image Fusion Enhancement Technology Based on Multi-Scale Directional Analysis
Includes: Liu, R.A.[Rui An] Liu, R.A.[Rui-An]

Liu, R.C. Co Author Listing * Application of Complex Image Theory in Geosteering
* multiobjective immune clustering ensemble technique applied to unsupervised SAR image segmentation, A
* particle swarm optimization based simultaneous learning framework for clustering and classification, A
Includes: Liu, R.C. Liu, R.C.[Ruo-Chen]

Liu, R.G.[Rong Gao] Co Author Listing * Expanding MISR LAI Products to High Temporal Resolution With MODIS Observations
* Human-Induced Landcover Changes Drive a Diminution of Land Surface Albedo in the Loess Plateau (China)
* Removal of Noise by Wavelet Method to Generate High Quality Temporal Data of Terrestrial MODIS Products
Includes: Liu, R.G.[Rong Gao] Liu, R.G.[Rong-Gao]

Liu, R.H.[Rui Hua] Co Author Listing * Blind Image Restoration With Modified CMA
Includes: Liu, R.H.[Rui Hua] Liu, R.H.[Rui-Hua]

Liu, R.J.[Ru Jie] Co Author Listing * Attributed Graph Matching Based Engineering Drawings Retrieval
* automatic vehicle detection method based on traffic videos, An
* Device parts retrieval from assembly drawings with SVM based active relevance feedback
* Fast Interactive Image Segmentation Using Bipartite Graph Based Random Walk with Restart
* Graph-based dimensionality reduction for KNN-based image annotation
* Graph-based multiple-instance learning with instance weighting for image retrieval
* Multi-feature Late Fusion for Image Tagging
* Multi-graph multi-instance learning for object-based image and video retrieval
* Multi-SVM Multi-instance Learning for Object-Based Image Retrieval
* Parallel Dynamic Convex Hull Algorithm Based on the Macro to Micro Model, A
* Region-Based Near-Duplicate Image Retrieval with Geometric Consistency
* renewed image annotation baseline by image embedding and tag correlation, A
* Semi-supervised learning by locally linear embedding in kernel space
* Semi-supervised Learning for Large Scale Image Cosegmentation
* Shape Detection from Line Drawings by Hierarchical Matching
* Shape detection from line drawings with local neighborhood structure
* SVM-Based Active Feedback in Image Retrieval Using Clustering and Unlabeled Data
Includes: Liu, R.J.[Ru Jie] Liu, R.J.[Ru-Jie] Liu, R.J.[Rui-Jie]
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Liu, R.Q.[Ruo Qian] Co Author Listing * Statistical modeling and signal selection in multivariate time series pattern classification
Includes: Liu, R.Q.[Ruo Qian] Liu, R.Q.[Ruo-Qian]

Liu, R.R.[Ren Ren] Co Author Listing * Ontology reasoning scheme for constructing meaningful sports video summarisation
Includes: Liu, R.R.[Ren Ren] Liu, R.R.[Ren-Ren]

Liu, R.S.[Ri Sheng] Co Author Listing * Feature extraction by learning Lorentzian metric tensor and its extensions
* Fixed-rank representation for unsupervised visual learning
* generalized nonlocal mean framework with object-level cues for saliency detection, A
* Intelligent Spot Detection for 2-DE Gel Image
* Kernel estimation from salient structure for robust motion deblurring
* Latent Subspace Projection Pursuit with Online Optimization for Robust Visual Tracking
* Learning PDEs for Image Restoration via Optimal Control
* Mixture of related regressions for head pose estimation
* Pattern classification in DNA microarray data of multiple tumor types
* Robust head pose estimation via Convex Regularized Sparse Regression
* Robust visual tracking via discriminative sequential ranking
* Saliency Detection via Nonlocal L_0 Minimization
* Scale and skew-invariant road sign recognition
* Visual tracking via orthogonal sparse coding
Includes: Liu, R.S.[Ri Sheng] Liu, R.S.[Ri-Sheng] Liu, R.S.[Ru-Sheng]
14 for Liu, R.S.

Liu, R.T.[Run Tao] Co Author Listing * furthest neighbor query of space K, The
* Image partial blur detection and classification
Includes: Liu, R.T.[Run Tao] Liu, R.T.[Run-Tao] Liu, R.T.[Ren-Ting]

Liu, R.Z.[Run Zong] Co Author Listing * Topological Coding and Its Application in the Refinement of SIFT

Liu, S. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Analysis of HRSI-based Geopositioning Using Least Squares Collocation
* Action Recognition Using Context-Constrained Linear Coding
* Adapting attributes by selecting features similar across domains
* Adaptive non-local means filter for image deblocking
* Agent-Based Microscopic Pedestrian Flow Simulation Model for Pedestrian Traffic Problems, An
* Aligning images in the wild
* Application of Shearlet transform to classification of surface defects for metals
* Automatic grape bunch detection in vineyards for precise yield estimation
* Automatic Registration of Smooth Object Image to 3D CAD Model for Industrial Inspection Applications
* Average consensus with arbitrarily coarse logarithmic quantizers
* Background Subtraction: Model-Sharing Strategy Based on Temporal Variation Analysis
* BB-Homography: Joint Binary Features and Bipartite Graph Matching for Homography Estimation
* Boosted Exemplar Learning for Action Recognition and Annotation
* Boosted Exemplar Learning for human action recognition
* Boosted multi-class semi-supervised learning for human action recognition
* Box Aggregation for Proposal Decimation: Last Mile of Object Detection
* Change-Point Detection in Time-Series Data by Relative Density-Ratio Estimation
* Changes in Global Grassland Productivity during 1982 to 2011 Attributable to Climatic Factors
* cheat preventing method with efficient pixel expansion for Naor-Shamir's visual cryptography, A
* Cheat-Prevention Visual Secret Sharing Scheme with Minimum Pixel Expansion, A
* Clothing Attributes Assisted Person Reidentification
* Co-Training Based Segmentation of Merged Moving Objects
* comment on On the Mitchell similarity measure and its application to pattern recognition, A
* Compact Codebook Generation Towards Scale-Invariance
* Compact Sparse Coding for Ground-Based Cloud Classification
* complete statistical inverse ray tracing approach to multi-view stereo, A
* Complexity reduction of joint temporal-spatial bit allocation using R-D models for video streaming
* Compressed face hallucination
* Consistent Sparse Representation for Abnormal Event Detection
* Contextual Fisher kernels for human action recognition
* Contextual Max Pooling for Human Action Recognition
* Contour Box: Rejecting Object Proposals without Explicit Closed Contours
* Correct focus cues in stereoscopic displays improve 3D depth perception
* Creating Simplified 3D Models with High Quality Textures
* Cross-Modal Correlation Learning by Adaptive Hierarchical Semantic Aggregation
* Cross-View Action Recognition Using Contextual Maximum Margin Clustering
* Cross-View Action Recognition via a Continuous Virtual Path
* Crowdsourcing Rapid Assessment of Collapsed Buildings Early after the Earthquake Based on Aerial Remote Sensing Image: A Case Study of Yushu Earthquake
* Deep Human Parsing with Active Template Regression
* Describing Trajectory of Surface Patch for Human Action Recognition on RGB and Depth Videos
* Design of an optimal nearest neighbor classifier using an intelligent genetic algorithm
* Destriping algorithm with L0 sparsity prior for remote sensing images
* Detection and amendment of shape distortions based on moment invariants for active shape models
* Deviation-Time-Space-Thermal (DTS-T) Method for Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOS
* Dielectric Properties of Saline Soils and an Improved Dielectric Model in C-Band
* Direct-Estimation Algorithm for Mapping Daily Land-Surface Broadband Albedo From MODIS Data
* Discriminative Features for Image Classification and Retrieval
* Distributed volumetric scene geometry reconstruction with a network of distributed smart cameras
* Diversity-induced Multi-view Subspace Clustering
* Dynamic background modeling and subtraction using spatio-temporal local binary patterns
* Dynamic Monitoring of Agricultural Fires in China from 2010 to 2014 Using MODIS and GlobeLand30 Data
* Dynamic Monitoring of Agricultural Fires in China from 2010 to 2014 Using MODIS and GlobeLand30 Data
* Energy-Aware Sensor Selection in Field Reconstruction
* Evaluating Multi-scale Over-segment and Its Contribution to Real Scene Stereo Matching by High-Order MRFs
* Evaluating Trade Areas Using Social Media Data with a Calibrated Huff Model
* Experimental Study on Microwave Radiation From Deforming and Fracturing Rock Under Loading Outdoor
* Exploring MPE/MWE Training for Chinese Handwriting Recognition
* Fashion Analysis: Current Techniques and Future Directions
* Fashion Parsing With Video Context
* Fashion Parsing With Weak Color-Category Labels
* Fluorescence Tomography Reconstruction With Simultaneous Positron Emission Tomography Priors
* Format-independent scalable bit-stream adaptation using mpeg-21 dia
* framework for fully format-independent adaptation of scalable bit streams, A
* Generic Framework for Video Annotation via Semi-Supervised Learning, A
* Global Land Surface Fractional Vegetation Cover Estimation Using General Regression Neural Networks From MODIS Surface Reflectance
* Ground-based cloud classification using multiple random projections
* Hierarchical Image Matching Method for Stereo Satellite Imagery, A
* Histogram equalization and optimal profile compression based approach for colour image enhancement
* How the Number of Interest Points Affect Scene Classification
* Human Action Recognition with Attribute Regularization
* Human Parsing with Contextualized Convolutional Neural Network
* Hybrid global-local motion compensated frame interpolation for low bit rate video coding
* image database for benchmarking of automatic face detection and recognition algorithms, An
* Image Reconstruction Algorithm Based on the Regularized Minimax Estimation for Electrical Capacitance Tomography, An
* Image Retrieval and Ranking via Consistently Reconstructing Multi-attribute Queries
* Image super-resolution based on the pairwise dictionary selected learning and improved bilateral regularisation
* Improved hyperspectral image classification by active learning using pre-designed mixed pixels
* Incoherent dictionary learning for sparse representation
* Integration of UAV-Based Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning for the Three-Dimensional Mapping and Monitoring of Open-Pit Mine Areas
* Interior Orientation Error Modelling And Correction For Precise Georeferencing Of Satellite Imagery
* Intra mode coding in HEVC standard
* Joint Temporal-Spatial Bit Allocation for Video Coding With Dependency
* Joint Video Stitching and Stabilization From Moving Cameras
* Kalman Filter based leak localization applied to pneumatic systems
* Key Point Detecting and Matching for Microscopic Images of MEMS Components Based on Template Method
* Latent Semantic Association for Medical Image Retrieval
* Learning Discriminative Features for Ground-Based Cloud Classification via Mutual Information Maximization
* Low-Rank Sparse Coding for Image Classification
* Low-Rank Sparse Learning for Robust Visual Tracking
* Low-Rank Tensor Constrained Multiview Subspace Clustering
* Lung Lesion Extraction Using a Toboggan Based Growing Automatic Segmentation Approach
* M4L: Maximum margin Multi-instance Multi-cluster Learning for scene modeling
* Magic Mirror: An Intelligent Fashion Recommendation System
* Mapping Surface Broadband Albedo from Satellite Observations: A Review of Literatures on Algorithms and Products
* Mapping Two-Dimensional Deformation Field Time-Series of Large Slope by Coupling DInSAR-SBAS with MAI-SBAS
* Matching-CNN meets KNN: Quasi-parametric human parsing
* Medical image fusion based on nuclear norm minimization
* Monitoring of Tumor Response to Au Nanorod-Indocyanine Green Conjugates Mediated Therapy With Fluorescence Imaging and Positron Emission Tomography
* Multi-class obstacle detection and classification using stereovision and improved active contour models
* Multi-objective convolutional learning for face labeling
* Multi-scale Fusion of Texture and Color for Background Modeling
* Multimodal Semantic Analysis and Annotation for Basketball Video
* Multiresolution detection of spiculated lesions in digital mammograms
* Multiresolution Detection of Stellate Lesions in Mammograms
* Multiscale and multiorientation feature extraction with degenerative patterns for 3D neuroimaging retrieval
* Non-negativity and dependence constrained sparse coding for image classification
* Normal mammogram analysis and recognition
* Novel Measurement Matrix Based on Regression Model for Block Compressed Sensing, A
* Optimization of Decision-making for Spatial Sampling in the North China Plain, Based on Remote-Sensing a Priori Knowledge
* Orthogonal Discriminant Neighborhood Preserving Embedding for facial expression recognition
* Orthogonal Tensor Neighborhood Preserving Embedding for facial expression recognition
* Palette mode: A new coding tool in screen content coding extensions of HEVC
* Parallel Traffic Management System Helps 16th Asian Games
* PatchMatch-Based Automatic Lattice Detection for Near-Regular Textures
* Pedestrian-Pedestrian and Pedestrian-Vehicle Interaction Motion Model for Pedestrians Tracking, A
* PicWords: Render a Picture by Packing Keywords
* Planogram Compliance Checking Based on Detection of Recurring Patterns
* Ray Markov Random Fields for image-based 3D modeling: Model and efficient inference
* Real-time object tracking via optimal feature subspace
* Rectangular partitioning for Intra prediction in HEVC
* Regional Estimation of Remotely Sensed Evapotranspiration Using the Surface Energy Balance-Advection (SEB-A) Method
* Remote Estimation of Leaf and Canopy Water Content in Winter Wheat with Different Vertical Distribution of Water-Related Properties
* Remote Sensing Image Interpretation for Urban Environment Analysis: Methods, System and Examples
* Remote Sensing Method for Estimating Surface Air Temperature and Surface Vapor Pressure on a Regional Scale, A
* Research On Spatial Topological Association Rules Mining, A
* REVEAL intermediate report
* Robust Approach for Singular Point Extraction Based on Complex Polynomial Model, A
* Robust Visual Tracking Via Consistent Low-Rank Sparse Learning
* Robust Visual Tracking via Exclusive Context Modeling
* Robust visual tracking via multi-task sparse learning
* Robust Visual Tracking via Structured Multi-Task Sparse Learning
* Satellite image collection modeling for large area hazard emergency response
* Scaling of FAPAR from the Field to the Satellite
* Semantic Segmentation with Object Clique Potential
* Shape from Second-Bounce of Light Transport
* Simultaneous Camera Pose and Correspondence Estimation with Motion Coherence
* SLED: Semantic Label Embedding Dictionary Representation for Multilabel Image Annotation
* Smoothly varying affine stitching
* Soft-signed sparse coding for ground-based cloud classification
* Statistical Inverse Ray Tracing for Image-Based 3D Modeling
* Stereo Correspondence with Global and Local Traits
* Stereo Matching Using Sub-segmentation and Robust Higher-Order Graph Cut
* Stochastic behavior of inter-drop time in an M frame buffer video decoding scenario
* Street-to-shop: Cross-scenario clothing retrieval via parts alignment and auxiliary set
* Structural Sparse Tracking
* Structured Face Hallucination
* supervised multiview spectral embedding method for neuroimaging classification, A
* Surround View Camera Solution for Embedded Systems, A
* survey on information visualization: recent advances and challenges, A
* SYM-FISH: A Symmetry-Aware Flip Invariant Sketch Histogram Shape Descriptor
* System Requirements and Mission Analysis for Spaceborne SAR Interferometry Based on Formation Flying Satellites
* systematic method for designing depth-fused multi-focal plane three-dimensional displays, A
* Temporal Filtering of InSAR Data Using Statistical Parameters From NWP Models
* Tensor rank one differential graph preserving analysis for facial expression recognition
* Three dimensional cartoon reconstruction based on Art rules
* Three-dimensional cartoon facial animation based on art rules
* Time-multiplexed dual-focal plane head-mounted display with a fast liquid lens
* Towards Computational Baby Learning: A Weakly-Supervised Approach for Object Detection
* two-stage Kalman estimator for motion control using model predictive strategy, A
* VAIT: A Visual Analytics System for Metropolitan Transportation
* Virtual Light: Digitally-generated Lighting for Video Conferencing Applications
* Visibility Analysis of the Oriental Pearl Based on Digital Landscape Simulation: View from East Daming Road of Shanghai
* VOMR-tree Based Parallel Range Query Method On Distributed Spatial Database, A
* Watermarking-Based Perceptual Hashing Search Over Encrypted Speech
* Weakly Supervised Graph Propagation Towards Collective Image Parsing
Includes: Liu, S. Liu, S.[Shuang] Liu, S.[Siqi] Liu, S.[Shu] Liu, S.[Siying] Liu, S.[Shunhua] Liu, S.[Scarlett] Liu, S.[Shubao] Liu, S.[Shuai] Liu, S.[Shikai] Liu, S.[Si] Liu, S.[Song] Liu, S.[Shuo] Liu, S.[Shenchuan] Liu, S.[Sophia] Liu, S.[Sban] Liu, S.[Sifei] Liu, S.[Sheng] Liu, S.[Shibin] Liu, S.[Shi] Liu, S.[Soundy] Liu, S.[Sanya] Liu, S.[Shanjun] Liu, S.[Suhua] Liu, S.[Suhong] Liu, S.[Shang] Liu, S.[Shaohui] Liu, S.[Sicong] Liu, S.[Sijia] Liu, S.[Senbao] Liu, S.[Shilong] Liu, S.[Shuoyan] Liu, S.[Shan] Liu, S.[Steven] Liu, S.[Sidong] Liu, S.[Shuaiqi] Liu, S.[Sanjun] Liu, S.[Shukai] Liu, S.[Shishi] Liu, S.[Suxing] Liu, S.[Shufan] Liu, S.[Stanley] Liu, S.[Shixia] Liu, S.[Shengli] Liu, S.[Shoukuai]
165 for Liu, S.

Liu, S.A.[Shu Ang] Co Author Listing * Perspective Scene Text Recognition with Feature Compression and Ranking
Includes: Liu, S.A.[Shu Ang] Liu, S.A.[Shu-Ang]

Liu, S.B.[Song Bo] Co Author Listing * effective computer aided diagnosis system using B-Mode and color Doppler flow imaging for breast cancer, An
* Emissivity Measurements of Foam-Covered Water Surface at L-Band for Low Water Temperatures
* Free-Form Object Reconstruction from Silhouettes, Occluding Edges and Texture Edges: A Unified and Robust Operator Based on Duality
* Local relative location error descriptor-based fingerprint minutiae matching
* unified linear fitting approach for singular and nonsingular 3D quadrics from occluding contours, A
Includes: Liu, S.B.[Song Bo] Liu, S.B.[Song-Bo] Liu, S.B.[Shu-Bo] Liu, S.B.[Shu-Bao]

Liu, S.C.[Shuai Cheng] Co Author Listing * Colorization for Single Image Super Resolution
* Dimension Estimation of Discrete-Time Fractional Brownian-Motion with Applications to Image Texture Classification
* Dynamic Wires: An Analog VLSI Model for Object-Based Processing
* Efficient Compression of Amplitude-Only Images for the Image Trading System, An
* Generalized smoothing networks in early vision
* Geodesic Flow Kernel Support Vector Machine for Hyperspectral Image Classification by Unsupervised Subspace Feature Transfer
* Hierarchical Unsupervised Change Detection in Multitemporal Hyperspectral Images
* Jointly Informative and Manifold Structure Representative Sampling Based Active Learning for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* L1/2,1 group sparse regularization for compressive sensing
* Novel Robust Modified Support Vector Machines, A
* Object-Oriented Change Detection from Multi-Temporal Remotely Sensed Images
* Parallel programmable video co-processor design
* Random Forest and Rotation Forest for fully polarized SAR image classification using polarimetric and spatial features
* Sequential Spectral Change Vector Analysis for Iteratively Discovering and Detecting Multiple Changes in Hyperspectral Images
* Statistical Change Detection with Moments Under Time-Varying Illumination
* SteadyFlow: Spatially Smooth Optical Flow for Video Stabilization
* Super resolution using edge prior and single image detail synthesis
* Unsupervised Multitemporal Spectral Unmixing for Detecting Multiple Changes in Hyperspectral Images
* Video stabilization with a depth camera
Includes: Liu, S.C.[Shuai Cheng] Liu, S.C.[Shuai-Cheng] Liu, S.C. Liu, S.C.[Shen-Chuan] Liu, S.C.[Si-Cong] Liu, S.C.[Sheng-Cai] Liu, S.C.[Shu-Chun] Liu, S.C.[Shang-Chieh]
19 for Liu, S.C.

Liu, S.D.[Si Dong] Co Author Listing * 3D neurological image retrieval with localized pathology-centric CMRGlc patterns
* Graph cuts based relevance feedback in image retrieval
* Influence of Standard Printing Sample on Digital Proofing
* Mallows' statistics CL: A novel criterion for parametric PSF estimation
* Subject-centered multi-view feature fusion for neuroimaging retrieval and classification
* SURE-Type Functionals as Criteria for Parametric PSF Estimation
Includes: Liu, S.D.[Si Dong] Liu, S.D.[Si-Dong] Liu, S.D.[Shi-De] Liu, S.D.[Sheng-Dong]

Liu, S.D.D.[Shiaw Dong D.] Co Author Listing * Iterative Fisher/Minimum-Variance Optical Classifier
Includes: Liu, S.D.D.[Shiaw Dong D.] Liu, S.D.D.[Shiaw-Dong D.]

Liu, S.G.[Shi Gang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive regularization level set evolution for medical image segmentation and bias field correction
* Automatic blur-kernel-size estimation for motion deblurring
* Automatic grayscale image colorization using histogram regression
* Blur-Kernel Bound Estimation From Pyramid Statistics
* Computer Modeling and Simulation of Fruit Sunscald
* Construction of Two Types of Wavelets Based on Edge Detector
* Domain-based structure-aware image inpainting
* Fabric Defects' Automatic Inspection Based on Computer Vision
* Fast nearest neighbor searching based on improved VP-tree
* GIHS-based spectral preservation fusion method for remote sensing images using edge restored spectral modulation, A
* Hierarchical fusion of descriptor matching and L-K optical flow
* Human visual system consistent quality assessment for remote sensing image fusion
* Illumination and Contrast Balancing for Remote Sensing Images
* integrated graph-based face segmentation approach from Kinect videos, An
* Iterative Factorization Method Based on Rank 1 for Projective Structure and Motion, An
* Kinect Depth Inpainting via Graph Laplacian with TV21 Regularization
* Kinect depth restoration via energy minimization with TV21 regularization
* Large Differences in Terrestrial Vegetation Production Derived from Satellite-Based Light Use Efficiency Models
* Maximum correntropy criterion based 3D head tracking with commodity depth camera
* New Active Contour Model: Curvature Gradient Vector Flow, A
* NGVF: An improved external force field for active contour model
* Reconstructing satellite images to quantify spatially explicit land surface change caused by fires and succession: A demonstration in the Yukon River Basin of interior Alaska
* Selective color transferring via ellipsoid color mixture map
* Softferns for homography estimation
* Spatio-Temporal Patterns and Climate Variables Controlling of Biomass Carbon Stock of Global Grassland Ecosystems from 1982 to 2006
* Texture Transfer in Frequency Domain
Includes: Liu, S.G.[Shi Gang] Liu, S.G.[Shi-Gang] Liu, S.G.[Shao-Guo] Liu, S.G.[Shi-Guang] Liu, S.G.[Shu-Guang]
26 for Liu, S.G.

Liu, S.H.[Su Hong] Co Author Listing * Active Learning with Support Vector Machines in Remotely Sensed Image Classification
* Application of Fuzzy Hopfield Neural-Network to Design Better Codebook for Image Vector Quantization, The
* Audio-visual event classification via spatial-temporal-audio words
* Classification of multispectral images based on a fuzzy-possibilistic neural network
* covariance-based method for dynamic background subtraction, A
* Dynamic Background Subtraction Based on Local Dependency Histogram
* Efficient DCT-domain blind measurement and reduction of blocking artifacts
* Entropy of primitive: A top-down methodology for evaluating the perceptual visual information
* Fast Moving Region Detection Scheme in Ad Hoc Sensor Network
* fast multiview video transcoder for bitrate reduction, A
* Global Land Surface Satellite (GLASS) Remote Sensing Data Processing System and Products, The
* Improved Arterial Inner Wall Detection Using Generalized Median Computation
* improved image compression scheme with an adaptive parameters set in encrypted domain, An
* Inter-frame Differential Energy Video Watermarking Algorithm Based on Compressed Domain
* Large margin linear projection and face recognition
* Local Spatial Co-occurrence for Background Subtraction via Adaptive Binned Kernel Estimation
* Multl-resolution background subtraction for dynamic scenes
* Natural images scale invariance and high-fidelity image restoration
* Neighboring Image Patches Embedding for background modeling
* Orthogonalized Fisher discriminant
* Picture Indexing and Abstraction Techniques for Pictorial Databases
* Research on Models Mergence Algorithm Based on Delaunay Triangulation
* Saliency detection based on short-term sparse representation
* Saliency Detection: A Self-Adaption Sparse Representation Approach
* Training data selection for improving discriminative training of acoustic models
* Two-Dimensional Template Based Encoding for Linear Quadtree Representation
* Vector quantization in DCT domain using fuzzy possibilistic c-means based on penalized and compensated constraints
* Viewpoint-independent hand gesture recognition system
* Visual Attention Based Image Quality Assessment
* Visual saliency as sequential eye fixation probability
* Visual tracking via weakly supervised learning from multiple imperfect oracles 1
* Zero-block Mode Decision Algorithm for High Bit-Rate Coding in H.264/AVC
Includes: Liu, S.H.[Su Hong] Liu, S.H.[Su-Hong] Liu, S.H. Liu, S.H.[Shih-Hsi] Liu, S.H.[Shao-Han] Liu, S.H.[Shao-Hui] Liu, S.H.[Shiz-Hong] Liu, S.H.[Shing-Hong] Liu, S.H.[Shu-Hai] Liu, S.H.[Shao-Hua] Liu, S.H.[Shih-Hung] Liu, S.H.[Shen-Hsien]
32 for Liu, S.H.

Liu, S.J.[Sheng Jun] Co Author Listing * Analytical solutions for sketch-based convolution surface modeling on the GPU
* Attitude Oscillation Detection of the ZY-3 Satellite by Using Multispectral Parallax Images
* Bias-corrected rational polynomial coefficients for high accuracy geo-positioning of QuickBird stereo imagery
* Building-damage detection using pre- and post-seismic high-resolution satellite stereo imagery: A case study of the May 2008 Wenchuan earthquake
* Comparison of the Performance of Bias-Corrected RSMs and RFMs for the Geo-Positioning of High-Resolution Satellite Stereo Imagery, A
* Corner detection on hexagonal pixel based images
* Detection and estimation of ZY-3 three-line array image distortions caused by attitude oscillation
* Framework of Jitter Detection and Compensation for High Resolution Satellites
* Genus-Zero Shape Classification Using Spherical Normal Image
* GEOSS-Based Thermal Parameters Analysis for Earthquake Anomaly Recognition
* improved geopositioning model of QuickBird high resolution satellite imagery by compensating spatial correlated errors, An
* Infrared Imaging Detection of Water Permeation on Field Large-Scale Rock Relics
* Integration of UAV-Based Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning for the Three-Dimensional Mapping and Monitoring of Open-Pit Mine Areas
* Linear Feature-Based Approach for the Registration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remotely-Sensed Images and Airborne LiDAR Data, A
* Multi-level hermite variational interpolation and quasi-interpolation
* Novel Subpixel Phase Correlation Method Using Singular Value Decomposition and Unified Random Sample Consensus, A
* Research on Positioning and Posing of Mobile Mapping in Metropolis
* Sparse dyadic mode for depth map compression
* Transformation between Rational Function Model and Rigorous Sensor Model for High Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Use of shadows for detection of earthquake-induced collapsed buildings in high-resolution satellite imagery
Includes: Liu, S.J.[Sheng Jun] Liu, S.J.[Sheng-Jun] Liu, S.J.[Shi-Jie] Liu, S.J.[Si Jing] Liu, S.J.[Shao-Jun] Liu, S.J.[Shan-Jun] Liu, S.J. Liu, S.J.[Shu-Jie]
20 for Liu, S.J.

Liu, S.L.[Si Liang] Co Author Listing * Automatic Person Annotation of Family Photo Album
* Constructing Surface Features Through Deformation
* Global Correlation Descriptor: A novel image representation for image retrieval
* Motion Estimation Without Integer-Pel Search
* Spiral band model for locating Tropical Cyclone centers
Includes: Liu, S.L.[Si Liang] Liu, S.L.[Si-Liang] Liu, S.L.[Sheng-Lan] Liu, S.L.[Shao-Li] Liu, S.L.[Su-Liang]

Liu, S.M. Co Author Listing * Development and Experimental Verification of Key Techniques to Validate Remote Sensing Products
* Iterative Edge Linking Algorithm with Noise Removal Capability, An
* Temporal Upscaling and Reconstruction of Thermal Remotely Sensed Instantaneous Evapotranspiration
* Using the Surface Temperature-Albedo Space to Separate Regional Soil and Vegetation Temperatures from ASTER Data
* Validation and Performance Evaluations of Methods for Estimating Land Surface Temperatures from ASTER Data in the Middle Reach of the Heihe River Basin, Northwest China
Includes: Liu, S.M. Liu, S.M.[Shao-Min]

Liu, S.N.[Sheng Nan] Co Author Listing * Mapping Two-Dimensional Deformation Field Time-Series of Large Slope by Coupling DInSAR-SBAS with MAI-SBAS
Includes: Liu, S.N.[Sheng Nan] Liu, S.N.[Sheng-Nan]

Liu, S.P.[Shu Ping] Co Author Listing * Automatic chessboard corner detection method
* practical algorithm for automatic chessboard corner detection, A
Includes: Liu, S.P.[Shu Ping] Liu, S.P.[Shu-Ping]

Liu, S.Q.[Shang Qian] Co Author Listing * Aircraft recognition in infrared image using wavelet moment invariants
* Medical image fusion based on improved sum-modified-Laplacian
* New Method for Passive Millimeter Wave Image Registration by Applying Super Resolution, A
* Recovering the Geometry of Single Axis Motions by Conic Fitting
* Subject-centered multi-view feature fusion for neuroimaging retrieval and classification
* Template matching using chaotic imperialist competitive algorithm
Includes: Liu, S.Q.[Shang Qian] Liu, S.Q.[Shang-Qian] Liu, S.Q.[Shuai-Qi] Liu, S.Q.[Shui-Qing] Liu, S.Q.[Si-Qi] Liu, S.Q.[Sen-Qi]

Liu, S.S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Curve Fitting with Quadratic B-Spline Functions and Its Applications to Computer-Assisted Animation
* Difference of Gaussian statistical features based blind image quality assessment: A deep learning approach
* Image Representation Using Curvature Information in Intensity Profiles
* Texture Analysis and Discrimination in Additive Noise
Includes: Liu, S.S. Liu, S.S.[Shan-Shan]

Liu, S.T.[Song Tyang] Co Author Listing * Moment-preserving clustering
* Moment-Preserving Corner Detection
Includes: Liu, S.T.[Song Tyang] Liu, S.T.[Song-Tyang] Liu, S.T.

Liu, S.W.[Shao Wei] Co Author Listing * Efficient Normalized Cross Correlation Based on Adaptive Multilevel Successive Elimination
* Fast and Optimal Block Motion Estimation via Adaptive Successive Elimination
* Fast nonparametric active contour adapted to quadratic inhomogeneous intensity fluctuations
* Fast Optimal Motion Estimation Based on Gradient-Based Adaptive Multilevel Successive Elimination
* Identification of Forested Landslides Using LiDar Data, Object-based Image Analysis, and Machine Learning Algorithms
* Improved Hybrid Model for Automatic Salient Region Detection, An
* Nonparametric MDL segmentation of inhomogeneous images based on Quadratic Local Binary Fitting
* Social-oriented visual image search
* Winner Update on Walsh-Hadamard Domain for Fast Motion Estimation
Includes: Liu, S.W.[Shao Wei] Liu, S.W.[Shao-Wei] Liu, S.W.[Si-Wei] Liu, S.W.[Sheng-Wei] Liu, S.W.[Shang-Wang]
9 for Liu, S.W.

Liu, S.X.F.[Sophie Xiao Fan] Co Author Listing * Video based soccer ball tracking
Includes: Liu, S.X.F.[Sophie Xiao Fan] Liu, S.X.F.[Sophie Xiao-Fan]

Liu, S.Y.[Shuo Yan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Non-linear Intensity Mapping Based Salient Region Extraction
* Adaptively Combining Local with Global Information for Natural Scenes Categorization
* Blind image restoration with sparse priori regularization for passive millimeter-wave images
* Category Constrained Learning Model for Scene Classification
* Common and Adapted Vocabularies for Face Verification
* Discriminating Semantic Visual Words for Scene Classification
* Face Verification Based on the Age Progression Rules
* Non-integer Expansion Embedding for Prediction-Based Reversible Watermarking
* Novel Saliency-Based Graph Learning Framework with Application to CBIR, A
* Relighting from multiple color and depth images using matrix factorization
* Scene Categorization with Classified Codebook Model
* Video segmentation: Propagation, validation and aggregation of a preceding graph
* Visualization of Taxi Drivers' Income and Mobility Intelligence
Includes: Liu, S.Y.[Shuo Yan] Liu, S.Y.[Shuo-Yan] Liu, S.Y.[San-Yan] Liu, S.Y.[Shang-Yi] Liu, S.Y.[Si-Ying] Liu, S.Y.[Si-Yuan]
13 for Liu, S.Y.

Liu, S.Z.[Shi Zhong] Co Author Listing * Foveation embedded DCT domain video transcoding
* Local bandwidth constrained fast inverse motion compensation for DCT-domain video transcoding
* Look-up-table Based DCT Domain Inverse Motion Compensation
Includes: Liu, S.Z.[Shi Zhong] Liu, S.Z.[Shi-Zhong]

Liu, T. Co Author Listing * 3D object retrieval in an atlas of neuronal structures
* Accuracy of the Morphology Enabled Dipole Inversion (MEDI) Algorithm for Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping in MRI
* Adaptive filtering with decorrelation for coloured AR environments
* Adaptive Resource Allocation for Layer-Encoded IPTV Multicasting in IEEE 802.16 WiMAX Wireless Networks
* Application of Improved SIFT Algorithm in High Resolution SAR Image Matching in Mountain Areas, The
* Arousal Recognition Using Audio-Visual Features and FMRI-Based Brain Response
* Assistive Image Comment Robot: A Novel Mid-Level Concept-Based Representation
* Automatic salient object segmentation based on context and shape prior
* Bridging the Semantic Gap via Functional Brain Imaging
* Classification with Noisy Labels by Importance Reweighting
* Clustering Billions of Images with Large Scale Nearest Neighbor Search
* Development of an even-driven and scalable oil spill monitoring and management system
* Driver Distraction Detection Using Semi-Supervised Machine Learning
* Dual Diversified Dynamical Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model for Video Repairing
* Evaluation of PERSIANN-CDR for Meteorological Drought Monitoring over China
* Extract relevant features from DEM for groundwater potential mapping
* Fast Image Interpolation via Random Forests
* Fast pruning superfluous support vectors in SVMs
* Fingerprint Indexing Based on LAS Registration
* Fingerprint Indexing Based on Singular Point Correlation
* Fingerprint Reference Point Detection Based on Local Axial Symmetry
* Fingerprint Singular Points Detection and Direction Estimation with a T Shape Model
* Greenness of Major Shrublands in China Increased from 2001 to 2013, The
* Guidance Method in HDD Based on Rotating Magnetic Field
* Guided Superpixel Method for Topographic Map Processing
* Image Segmentation Using Hierarchical Merge Tree
* Improving the visual quality of random grid-based visual secret sharing via error diffusion
* Indexing for Moving Objects in Multi-Floor Indoor Spaces That Supports Complex Semantic Queries
* Inferring Group-Wise Consistent Multimodal Brain Networks via Multi-View Spectral Clustering
* Joint CFO and Channel Estimation for Asynchronous Cooperative Communication Systems
* Learning Computational Models of Video Memorability from fMRI Brain Imaging
* Learning Invariant Color Features for Person Reidentification
* Learning to Detect A Salient Object
* Learning to Detect a Salient Object
* Markov Chain CFAR Detection for Polarimetric Data Using Data Fusion
* Modeling the impact of frame rate on perceptual quality of video
* Monitoring Geologic Hazards and Vegetation Recovery in the Wenchuan Earthquake Region Using Aerial Photography
* Network Intrusion Detection Based on Neural Networks and D-S Evidence
* No Reference Quality Assessment for Multiply-Distorted Images Based on an Improved Bag-of-Words Model
* Nonlinear Multiple Kernel Learning With Multiple-Structure-Element Extended Morphological Profiles for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Nonlinear Regularization for Per Voxel Estimation of Magnetic Susceptibility Distributions From MRI Field Maps
* Novel Level Set Initialization Method, A
* Novel Segmentation and Recognition Algorithm for Chinese Handwritten Address Character Strings, A
* novel transferable individual tree crown delineation model based on Fishing Net Dragging and boundary classification, A
* Object-Oriented Visual Saliency Detection Framework Based on Sparse Coding Representations, An
* Perceptual Quality Assessment of Video Considering Both Frame Rate and Quantization Artifacts
* Picture Collage
* Point set registration based on implicit surface fitting with equivalent distance
* Predicting Movie Trailer Viewer's Like/Dislike via Learned Shot Editing Patterns
* Real-time part-based visual tracking via adaptive correlation filters
* Remote sensing image fusion via wavelet transform and sparse representation
* Saliency based objective quality assessment of decoded video affected by packet losses
* SCTMS: Superpixel based color topographic map segmentation method
* Secure Multimodal Biometric Verification Scheme, A
* Simultaneous Phase Unwrapping and Removal of Chemical Shift (SPURS) Using Graph Cuts: Application in Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping
* Study on Safety Technology Scheme of the Unmanned Helicopter
* Three-dimensional interactive pen based on Augmented Reality
* Two-Stage Learning to Predict Human Eye Fixations via SDAEs
* Vehicle Type Classification Using Unsupervised Convolutional Neural Network
* Video attention: Learning to detect a salient object sequence
* Video Segmentation via Temporal Pattern Classification
* Video Tracking Using Learned Hierarchical Features
* Visual Saliency Based Object Tracking
* Visual Tracking via Temporally Smooth Sparse Coding
* Watershed merge forest classification for electron microscopy image stack segmentation
* Watershed merge tree classification for electron microscopy image segmentation
* Window-Based Three-Dimensional Aggregation for Stereo Matching
Includes: Liu, T. Liu, T.[Tong] Liu, T.[Tie] Liu, T.[Ting] Liu, T.[Tim] Liu, T.[Tao] Liu, T.[Tianyue] Liu, T.[Tiange]
67 for Liu, T.

Liu, T.C.[Tie Cheng] Co Author Listing * Content Extraction and Summarization of Instructional Videos
* Content-Adaptive Video Summarization Combining Queueing and Clustering
* Fast Image Segmentation Algorithm for Interactive Video Hotspot Retrieval, A
* Image-Segmentation Evaluation From the Perspective of Salient Object Extraction
* Multiple interpretations by using pixel resonance concept
* Optimization Algorithms for the Selection of Key Frame Sequences of Variable Length
* Rule-based semantic summarization of instructional videos
* Semantic mosaic for indexing and compressing instructional videos
* Spectral Dependent Degradation of the Solar Diffuser on Suomi-NPP VIIRS Due to Surface Roughness-Induced Rayleigh Scattering
* Summarization of Visual Content in Instructional Videos
* Time-constrained Dynamic Semantic Compression for Video Indexing and Interactive Searching
Includes: Liu, T.C.[Tie Cheng] Liu, T.C.[Tie-Cheng] Liu, T.C.[Tzu-Chiang] Liu, T.C. Liu, T.C.[Tung-Chang]
11 for Liu, T.C.

Liu, T.G.[Tian Ge] Co Author Listing * Linear Feature Separation From Topographic Maps Using Energy Density and the Shear Transform
Includes: Liu, T.G.[Tian Ge] Liu, T.G.[Tian-Ge]

Liu, T.H.[Tung Hsiang] Co Author Listing * adaptive data hiding technique for binary images, An
Includes: Liu, T.H.[Tung Hsiang] Liu, T.H.[Tung-Hsiang]

Liu, T.J.[Tsung Jung] Co Author Listing * Comparison of subjective viewing test methods for image quality assessment
* Facial makeup detection via selected gradient orientation of entropy information
* Image Quality Assessment Using Multi-Method Fusion
* MCL-V: A streaming video quality assessment database
Includes: Liu, T.J.[Tsung Jung] Liu, T.J.[Tsung-Jung] Liu, T.J.

Liu, T.L. Co Author Listing * Approximate Tree Matching and Shape Similarity
* automatic ground control point matching based on GCP chip database for remote sensing images, An
* Blurred Image Registration by Combined Invariant of Legendre Moment and Harris-Laplace Detector
* Clustering Complex Data with Group-Dependent Feature Selection
* Co-occurrence Random Forests for Object Localization and Classification
* cost construction via MSW and linear regression for stereo matching, A
* Decomposition-Based Transfer Distance Metric Learning for Image Classification
* Deep recursive and hierarchical conditional random fields for human action recognition
* Dense Stereo Correspondence with Contrast Context Histogram, Segmentation-Based Two-Pass Aggregation and Occlusion Handling
* Detecting deformable objects with flexible shape priors
* Direct Energy Minimization for Super-Resolution on Nonlinear Manifolds
* Display Pixel Caching
* Efficient binary codes for extremely high-dimensional data
* Efficient discriminative local learning for object recognition
* Expanded bag of words representation for object classification
* Exploring Depth Information for Object Segmentation and Detection
* Fast Object Detection with Occlusions
* Finding Familiar Objects and their Depth from a Single Image
* From co-saliency to co-segmentation: An efficient and fully unsupervised energy minimization model
* Fusing generic objectness and visual saliency for salient object detection
* Generalized Shape-axis Model for Planar Shapes, A
* Image Recognition with Occlusions
* Improving local learning for object categorization by exploring the effects of ranking
* Joint Source-Channel Video Coding Based on the Optimization of End-to-End Distortions
* Learning Effective Image Metrics from Few Pairwise Examples
* Learning partially-observed hidden conditional random fields for facial expression recognition
* Local Discriminant Embedding and Its Variants
* Local Ensemble Kernel Learning for Object Category Recognition
* Local Rademacher Complexity for Multi-Label Learning
* Multi-Object Tracking Using Dynamical Graph Matching
* Multiple Kernel Learning for Dimensionality Reduction
* Multiview Matrix Completion for Multilabel Image Classification
* probabilistic SVM approach for background scene initialization, A
* Probabilistic tracking with optimal scale and orientation selection
* Real-time tracking using trust-region methods
* Recognizing articulated objects with information theoretic methods
* Regularized Background Adaptation: A Novel Learning Rate Control Scheme for Gaussian Mixture Modeling
* Representation and Self-Similarity of Shapes
* Robust Face Detection with Multi-Class Boosting
* Segmenting by Seeking the Symmetry Axis
* Segmenting Highly Articulated Video Objects with Weak-Prior Random Forests
* sparse linear model for saliency-guided decolorization, A
* Sparse Representations for Image Decomposition with Occlusions
* Sparse Representations for Image Decompositions
* Tone Reproduction: A Perspective from Luminance-Driven Perceptual Grouping
* Trust-Region Methods for Real-Time Tracking
* Variational Approach for Digital Watermarking, A
Includes: Liu, T.L. Liu, T.L.[Tian-Liang] Liu, T.L.[Tyng-Luh] Liu, T.L.[Tong-Liang] Liu, T.L.[Tian-Lun] Liu, T.L.[Ting-Lin] Liu, T.L.[Tung-Lin]
47 for Liu, T.L.

Liu, T.M.[Tsu Ming] Co Author Listing * Area-Efficient and High-Throughput De-Blocking Filter for Multi-Standard Video Applications, An
* Automated Cell Phase Classification for Zebrafish Fluorescence Microscope Images
* Constructing Fiber Atlases for Functional ROIs via fMRI-Guided DTI Image Registration
* Direction field diffusion on cortical surface via graph cuts
* In/Post-Loop Deblocking Filter With Hybrid Filtering Schedule, An
* Learning coarse-to-fine sparselets for efficient object detection and scene classification
* low-complexity soft VLC decoder using performance modeling, A
* Merging Neuroimaging and Multimedia: Methods, Opportunities, and Challenges
* New Soft Variable Length Decoder for Wireless Video Transmission, A
* novel video key-frame-extraction algorithm based on perceived motion energy model, A
* Predicting eye fixations using convolutional neural networks
* Representing and Retrieving Video Shots in Human-Centric Brain Imaging Space
* Retrieving video shots in semantic brain imaging space using manifold-ranking
* Shape Analysis of the Left Ventricular Endocardial Surface and Its Application in Detecting Coronary Artery Disease
* Supervised Dictionary Learning for Inferring Concurrent Brain Networks
* Systematic Rate Controller for MPEG-4 FGS Video Streaming, A
Includes: Liu, T.M.[Tsu Ming] Liu, T.M.[Tsu-Ming] Liu, T.M.[Tian-Ming] Liu, T.M.
16 for Liu, T.M.

Liu, T.Q.[Tong Qing] Co Author Listing * high-throughput deblocking filter VLSI architecture for HEVC, A
* Text Particles Multi-band Fusion for Robust Text Detection
Includes: Liu, T.Q.[Tong Qing] Liu, T.Q.[Tong-Qing] Liu, T.Q.[Tian-Qiang]

Liu, T.S.[Tsann Shyong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive postprocessing algorithms for low bit rate video signals
* New Bit-Rate Control of MPEG with Predictive and Adaptive Perceptual Quantization, A
* new optimal digital halftoning technique based on the discrete cosine transform, A
Includes: Liu, T.S.[Tsann Shyong] Liu, T.S.[Tsann-Shyong] Liu, T.S.

Liu, T.T.[Ting Ting] Co Author Listing * Blind image restoration with sparse priori regularization for passive millimeter-wave images
* Destriping algorithm with L0 sparsity prior for remote sensing images
* detection and recognition method for prohibition traffic signs, A
* Remotely sensed image retrieval based on region-level semantic mining
Includes: Liu, T.T.[Ting Ting] Liu, T.T.[Ting-Ting] Liu, T.T.[Tian-Tian]

Liu, T.W.[Tang Wei] Co Author Listing * 3-D structure recovery from 2-D observations
* Image Restoration And Detail Preservation By Bayesian Estimation
* Improving image segmentation by gradient vector flow and mean shift
Includes: Liu, T.W.[Tang Wei] Liu, T.W.[Tang-Wei]

Liu, T.X.[Ting Xi] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Dual-Source Model of Estimating Evapotranspiration over Different Ecosystems and Implications for Satellite-Based Approaches, A
Includes: Liu, T.X.[Ting Xi] Liu, T.X.[Ting-Xi]

Liu, T.Y.[Tie Yan] Co Author Listing * active feedback framework for image retrieval, An
* Application of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm in Linear-Combination Blind Source Separation Problem, The
* Application of Fractal Technique in Nonlinear Geophysical Signal Processing
* Approach for Horizon Extraction in Ocean Observation, An
* Dynamic selection and effective compression of key frames for video abstraction
* Frame interpolation scheme using inertia motion prediction
* Generic Lossless Visible Watermarking: A New Approach
* Inertia-based video cut detection and its integration with video coder
* Kalman Filter Underwater Passive Geomagnetic Navigation Technology Research Considering the Impact of Diurnal Variation
* new cut detection algorithm with constant false-alarm ratio for video segmentation, A
* Potential Field Separation Based on the Empirical Mode Decomposition and its Application
* Real-time automatic multilevel color video thresholding using a novel class-variance criterion
* Shape Description Via Shading Images
* Shot reconstruction degree: a novel criterion for key frame selection
* Signal Processing Challenges in Quantitative 3-D Cell Morphology: More than meets the eye
* Time-constraint boost for TV commercials detection
Includes: Liu, T.Y.[Tie Yan] Liu, T.Y.[Tie-Yan] Liu, T.Y.[Tian-You] Liu, T.Y.[Tian-Yang] Liu, T.Y. Liu, T.Y.[Tsung-Yen] Liu, T.Y.[Tzu-Yu]
16 for Liu, T.Y.

Liu, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Optimal disparity estimation for stereoscopic video coding
* Scene change detector for digital video

Liu, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition Based on MPU Implicits
* 3D Interpretation of Conics and Orthogonality
* Accurate Estimation of Human Body Orientation From RGB-D Sensors
* Adaptive Denoising Method Dedicated to Cardiac MR-DTI, An
* Additive White Gaussian Noise Level Estimation in SVD Domain for Images
* AgeNet: Deeply Learned Regressor and Classifier for Robust Apparent Age Estimation
* Algorithmic Framework to the Optimal Mapping Function by a Radial Basis Function Neural Network, An
* Autofocusing Image System of CD-SEM
* Automatic Detection Algorithm for Surface Defects in TFT-LCD, An
* Big data classification based on multi-view method
* Binary Descriptor Based Nonparametric Background Modeling for Foreground Extraction by Using Detection Theory
* Bit Level Concurrency in Real-Time Geometric Feature Extractions
* Bit-Serial VLSI Architecture for Generating Moments in Real Time, A
* Calibration Method of Binocular Vision System for Large Forging Dimension Measurement, A
* Calibration of central catadioptric camera with one-dimensional object undertaking general motions
* Can Visual Recognition Benefit from Auxiliary Information in Training?
* Color uniformity evaluation of electronic displays based on visual sensitivity
* Combination of global and local baseline-independent features for offline Arabic handwriting recognition
* Combined X-ray and facial videos for phoneme-level articulator dynamics
* Combining Null Space-Based Gabor Features for Face Recognition
* completely affine invariant image-matching method based on perspective projection, A
* Construction method of three-channel non-separable symmetric wavelets with arbitrary dilation matrices and its applications in multispectral image fusion
* Contrast Enhancement by Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering
* Crowdsourcing Rapid Assessment of Collapsed Buildings Early after the Earthquake Based on Aerial Remote Sensing Image: A Case Study of Yushu Earthquake
* Cytoplasm and nucleus segmentation in cervical smear images using Radiating GVF Snake
* Data hiding in JPEG 2000 code streams
* Depth generation method for 2D to 3D conversion
* Detecting singular patterns in 2D vector fields using weighted Laurent polynomial
* Detection Probability of a CFAR Matched Filter with Signal Steering Vector Errors
* DIBR based view synthesis for free-viewpoint television
* Dictionary Pair Learning on Grassmann Manifolds for Image Denoising
* Discrete hyper-graph matching
* Discriminative Dictionary Learning With Common Label Alignment for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Double Fusion for Multimedia Event Detection
* Effective background modelling and subtraction approach for moving object detection
* efficient approach for 2D to 3D video conversion based on structure from motion, An
* Efficient Compression of Encrypted Grayscale Images
* Efficient Robust Conditional Random Fields
* enhanced depth map based rendering method with directional depth filter and image inpainting, An
* Estimating Nonrigid Shape Deformation Using Moments
* Evaluation of three local descriptors on low resolution images for robot navigation
* Event Composition with Imperfect Information for Bus Surveillance
* Evidential event inference in transport video surveillance
* Extension of Co-Prime Arrays Based on the Fourth-Order Difference Co-Array Concept
* Face Annotation Framework with Partial Clustering and Interactive Labeling, A
* Face Hallucination Through Dual Associative Learning
* Face Recognition against Mouth Shape Variations
* Face Recognition Despite Wearing Glasses
* Face Recognition via Archetype Hull Ranking
* Filter based spatial compounding for strain imaging
* From Large Scale Image Categorization to Entry-Level Categories
* Going deeper with convolutions
* Graduated Consistency-Regularized Optimization for Multi-graph Matching
* Hallucinating Faces: TensorPatch Super-Resolution and Coupled Residue Compensation
* Hierarchical Characterization Scheme for Image Retrieval, A
* High-Order Imaging Algorithm for High-Resolution Spaceborne SAR Based on a Modified Equivalent Squint Range Model, A
* Higher-Order Model for Fluid Motion Estimation, A
* HMM-SVM-Based Automatic Image Annotation Approach, An
* Human Action Recognition in Unconstrained Videos by Explicit Motion Modeling
* Image Fusion with Local Spectral Consistency and Dynamic Gradient Sparsity
* Image Mosaic Technology Based on Overlapped Area Linear Transition Method
* Incremental variations of image moments for nonlinear image registration
* Instant Mobile Video Search With Layered Audio-Video Indexing and Progressive Transmission
* Intelligent Sensor Information System For Public Transport: To Safely Go ...
* Interference-plus-Noise Covariance Matrix Reconstruction via Spatial Power Spectrum Sampling for Robust Adaptive Beamforming
* International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR 2011) - Competitions Overview
* Interpretation of Conic Motion and Its Applications
* Latent topic model for audio retrieval
* Layered Local Prediction Network with Dynamic Learning for Face Super-resolution
* Learning Binary Codes for Maximum Inner Product Search
* Learning Distance Metrics with Contextual Constraints for Image Retrieval
* Learning Hash Codes with Listwise Supervision
* Learning to Name Objects
* Leveraging Long-Term Predictions and Online Learning in Agent-Based Multiple Person Tracking
* Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis Based Approaches to Estimation of Virtual Dimensionality in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Local Manifold Matching for Face Recognition
* Meshless Method for Variational Nonrigid 2-D Shape Registration, A
* Modeling 4D pathological changes by leveraging normative models
* Modeling spatial patterns of shapes
* Monte Carlo Expectation Maximization with Hidden Markov Models to Detect Functional Networks in Resting-State fMRI
* Motion Refinement Based Progressive Side-Information Estimation for Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
* MRF-Based Depth Upsampling: Upsample the Depth Map With Its Own Property, An
* Multi-Modal Curriculum Learning for Semi-Supervised Image Classification
* Multi-task deep visual-semantic embedding for video thumbnail selection
* Multiclass boosting SVM using different texture features in HEp-2 cell staining pattern classification
* Multimedia Hashing and Networking
* Multiple Stage Residual Model for Image Classification and Vector Compression
* Multivehicle Cooperative Driving Using Cooperative Perception: Design and Experimental Validation
* Nearest intra-class space classifier for face recognition
* new method for image retrieval based on analyzing fractal coding characters, A
* New Syntactic Approach to Graphic Symbol Recognition, A
* New Vectorial Signature for Quick Symbol Indexing, Filtering and Recognition, A
* Noise resistant graph ranking for improved web image search
* Nonnegative Local Coordinate Factorization for Image Representation
* Nonparametric Subspace Analysis for Face Recognition
* Novel Consistency Regularizer for Meshless Nonrigid Image Registration, A
* Null Space Approach of Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition
* Null Space-Based Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition
* Open Polar Server (OPS): An Open Source Infrastructure for the Cryosphere Community
* Optimum Detection for Spread-Spectrum Watermarking that Employs Self-masking
* Optimum Detection of Image-Adaptive Watermarking in the DCT Domain
* Orthogonal 4-tap integer multiwavelet transforms using matrix factorization
* Output Regularized Metric Learning with Side Information
* P3A: a partitionable parallel/pipeline architecture for real-time image processing
* Pedestrian-Detection Method Based on Heterogeneous Features and Ensemble of Multi-View Pose Parts, A
* Perceptual evaluation of single image dehazing algorithms
* Point set registration based on implicit surface fitting with equivalent distance
* Predicting Entry-Level Categories
* Probabilistic Aircraft Midair Conflict Resolution Using Stochastic Optimal Control
* Probabilistic Modeling for Structural Change Inference
* Real-time Hyperspectral Imaging with Volume Holographic Optical Elements
* Relevance aggregation projections for image retrieval
* Research on Multi-Mode Medical Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transform and the Edge Characteristics of Images
* Resolution-progressive compression of encrypted grayscale images
* RGB-D Based Multi-attribute People Search in Intelligent Visual Surveillance
* Robust and Scalable Graph-Based Semisupervised Learning
* Robust Fixed Frequency Invariant Beamformer Design Subject to Norm-Bounded Errors
* Robust individual and holistic features for crowd scene classification
* Robust multi-class transductive learning with graphs
* Robust similarity registration technique for volumetric shapes represented by characteristic functions
* Robust Video Hashing Based on Double-Layer Embedding
* Saliency propagation from simple to difficult
* Seamless stitching with shape deformation for historical document images
* Selecting most profitable instruction-set extensions using ant colony heuristic
* Semi-Supervised Distance Metric Learning for Collaborative Image Retrieval
* Sequential Boosting for Learning a Random Forest Classifier
* Severely Blurred Object Tracking by Learning Deep Image Representations
* Sharpening Thermal Imageries: A Generalized Theoretical Framework From an Assimilation Perspective
* Simulation of Diffusion Anisotropy in DTI for Virtual Cardiac Fiber Structure
* SIRF: Simultaneous Satellite Image Registration and Fusion in a Unified Framework
* Sketch Matching on Topology Product Graph
* Solution to the Similarity Registration Problem of Volumetric Shapes, A
* Sparse Subspace Clustering for Incomplete Images
* Spatial Normalization of Diffusion Tensor Images with Voxel-Wise Reconstruction of the Diffusion Gradient Direction
* Spatial Sampling Strategies for the Effect of Interpolation Accuracy
* Spatio-temporal Embedding for Statistical Face Recognition from Video
* Spread Spectrum Image Watermarking Based on Perceptual Quality Metric
* Stacked Face De-Noising Auto Encoders for Expression-Robust Face Recognition
* Statistical Performance Analysis of the Adaptive Orthogonal Rejection Detector
* Stereoscopic view synthesis based on region-wise rendering and sparse representation
* Study of Sensor Positions for Broadband Beamforming
* SuperCNN: A Superpixelwise Convolutional Neural Network for Salient Object Detection
* Supervised Discrete Hashing
* Supervised hashing with kernels
* survey on image-based continuum-body motion estimation, A
* Task-Dependent Visual-Codebook Compression
* Temporarily static object detection in surveillance video using double foregrounds and superpixels
* Theorem Analysis on Optical Flow Estimation from Three Frames of Image Sequences, The
* Top Rank Supervised Binary Coding for Visual Search
* Towards 3D object detection with bimodal deep Boltzmann machines over RGBD imagery
* Towards Large-Scale Histopathological Image Analysis: Hashing-Based Image Retrieval
* Trajectory-Based Modeling of Human Actions with Motion Reference Points
* Transitive Distance Clustering with K-Means Duality
* two-stage detector for hand detection in ego-centric videos, A
* U.S. speed limit sign detection and recognition from image sequences
* Understanding image structure via hierarchical shape parsing
* Unreeling Xunlei Kankan: Understanding Hybrid CDN-P2P Video-on-Demand Streaming
* Unsupervised One-Class Learning for Automatic Outlier Removal
* Upsampling the depth map with its own properties
* Video De-Fencing
* Visual Reranking through Weakly Supervised Multi-graph Learning
* Weakly supervised topic grouping of YouTube search results
* Weakly Supervised Visual Dictionary Learning by Harnessing Image Attributes
* Web Video Geolocation by Geotagged Social Resources
Includes: Liu, W.[Wei] Liu, W.[Wu] Liu, W. Liu, W.[Wanyu] Liu, W.[Weiwen] Liu, W.[Wentao] Liu, W.[Wenxi] Liu, W.[Weijie] Liu, W.[Wenyin] Liu, W.[Weijian] Liu, W.[Weiru] Liu, W.[Wen] Liu, W.[Wenju] Liu, W.[Wenbo] Liu, W.[Weibo] Liu, W.[WuLing] Liu, W.[Wang] Liu, W.[Weiyi] Liu, W.[Weike] Liu, W.[Wanmu] Liu, W.[Wan]
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Liu, W.B.[Wei Bin] Co Author Listing * 3D model retrieval based on 2D slice similarity measurements
* Building the Estimation Model of Digitizing Error
* Globally Exponential Stability of Non-autonomous Delayed Neural Networks
* Motion Pattern Study and Analysis from Video Monitoring Trajectory
* Thickness histogram and statistical harmonic representation for 3D model retrieval
Includes: Liu, W.B.[Wei Bin] Liu, W.B.[Wei-Bin] Liu, W.B. Liu, W.B.[Wen-Bing]

Liu, W.C.[Wei Chuan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Color Feature Extraction Based on Image Color Distributions
* Face Recognition by Combining Complementary Matchings of Single Image and Sequential Images
* Miniature Stereo Vision Machine for Real-Time Dense Depth Mapping, A
* Perceptually Lossless Image Compression Scheme Based on JND Refinement by Neural Network, A
* Quality-Efficient Upsampling Method for Asymmetric Resolution Stereoscopic Video Coding With Interview Motion Compensation and Error Compensation
* Real-Time Binary Descriptor Based Background Modeling
Includes: Liu, W.C.[Wei Chuan] Liu, W.C.[Wei-Chuan] Liu, W.C.[Wei-Cheng] Liu, W.C.[Wan-Chun] Liu, W.C.[Wen-Ching] Liu, W.C.[Wen-Chang] Liu, W.C.[Wan-Chen]

Liu, W.F.[Wei Feng] Co Author Listing * correntropy MACE filter, The
* Facial expression recognition based on discriminative dictionary learning
* Facial Expression Recognition Based on Fusion of Multiple Gabor Features
* Facial Expression Recognition Based on Gabor Features and Sparse Representation
* Hessian Regularized Sparse Coding for Human Action Recognition
* Hessian Regularized Support Vector Machines for Mobile Image Annotation on the Cloud
* Multiview Hessian discriminative sparse coding for image annotation
* Multiview Hessian Regularization for Image Annotation
* Non-invasive measurement study of human blood alcohol concentration based on NIR dynamic spectrum
* Unsupervised Behavior-Specific Dictionary Learning for Abnormal Event Detection
Includes: Liu, W.F.[Wei Feng] Liu, W.F.[Wei-Feng] Liu, W.F.[Wen-Fei]
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Liu, W.G.[Wei Guo] Co Author Listing * Comparing ARTMAP Neural Network with the Maximum-Likelihood Classifier for Detecting Urban Change
* CUDA-MEME: Accelerating motif discovery in biological sequences using CUDA-enabled graphics processing units
* Joint target tracking and recognition using view and identity manifolds
Includes: Liu, W.G.[Wei Guo] Liu, W.G.[Wei-Guo] Liu, W.G.[Wei-Guang]

Liu, W.H.[Wan Han] Co Author Listing * Error resilient video coding using hybrid hierarchical B pictures
* Geometrical Positioning Schemes Based on Hybrid Lines of Position
* Indoor sound field feature matching for robot's location and orientation detection
* Robust Speaker's Location Detection in a Vehicle Environment Using GMM Models
* Unified discriminating feature analysis for visual category recognition
* viewpoint-independent statistical method for fall detection, A
Includes: Liu, W.H.[Wan Han] Liu, W.H.[Wan-Han] Liu, W.H.[Wen-Hsiung] Liu, W.H.[Wei-Han] Liu, W.H. Liu, W.H.[Wen-He] Liu, W.H.[Wei-Hua]

Liu, W.J.[Wei Jie] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Multi-spectral Image Using Non-separable Additive Wavelets for High Spatial Resolution Enhancement
* High-Resolution Radar Detection in Interference and Nonhomogeneous Noise
* Histogram-based fuzzy filter for image restoration
* Integrating Binary Mask Estimation With MRF Priors of Cochleagram for Speech Separation
* Learning GMM Using Elliptically Contoured Distributions
* Optoelectronic Property and Application for Optical Recording of a New Diarylethene Bearing a Six-Membered Aryl Unit
* Polarization Patterns Hide and Display Using Photoinduced Anisotropy of a Novel Photochromic Diarylethene
* Rao and Wald Tests for Distributed Targets Detection With Unknown Signal Steering
* Shape Detection Method Based on the Radial Symmetry Nature and Direction-Discriminated Voting, A
* Synthesis, Photochromism and Optical Storage of a Novel Diarylethene Compound
* Synthesis, Properties and Application in Optical Memory of a New Type Diarylethene Based on Five and Six Rings
* Wideband image demodulation via bi-dimensional multirate frequency transformations
Includes: Liu, W.J.[Wei Jie] Liu, W.J.[Wei-Jie] Liu, W.J.[Wei-Jian] Liu, W.J.[Wen-Jeng] Liu, W.J.[Wen-Ju] Liu, W.J.[Wei-Jun] Liu, W.J.[Wen-Jing]
12 for Liu, W.J.

Liu, W.K.[Wen Kai] Co Author Listing * Plane and Boundary Extraction from LiDAR data using Clustering and Convex Hull Projection
* Two view to N-view conversion without depth
Includes: Liu, W.K.[Wen Kai] Liu, W.K.[Wen-Kai]

Liu, W.L.[Wen Li] Co Author Listing * Collaborations Patterns and Productivity Analysis for IEEE T-ITS Between 2010 and 2013
* Joint Source-Channel Decoding for JPEG2000 Codestream Transmission Over Flat Fading Channels
* Progressive Image Transmission Based on Joint Source-Channel Decoding Using Adaptive Sum-Product Algorithm
* Research of Tool Wear Predictive Technique Based on Support Vector Machine
* Research on recognition of working condition for calciner and grate cooler based on expert system
* Theme Classification and Analysis of Core Articles Published in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems From 2010 to 2013
Includes: Liu, W.L.[Wen Li] Liu, W.L.[Wen-Li] Liu, W.L.[Wei-Liang] Liu, W.L.[Wei-Ling] Liu, W.L.[Wan-Li]

Liu, W.M.[Wei Ming] Co Author Listing * Active Contours Using a Constraint-Based Implicit Representation
* Automatic Computer-Aided Detection System for Meniscal Tears on Magnetic Resonance Images, An
* Discrete Fourier Transformation for Seasonal-Factor Pattern Classification and Assignment
* Discrimination and identification for subpixel targets in hyperspectral imagery
* Long-term background memory based on Gaussian mixture model
* Reasoning about cardinal directions between extended objects: The NP-hardness result
Includes: Liu, W.M.[Wei Ming] Liu, W.M.[Wei-Ming] Liu, W.M.[Wei-Min] Liu, W.M.

Liu, W.P.[Wei Ping] Co Author Listing * Active contour model driven by local histogram fitting energy
* shape prior constraint for implicit active contours, A
Includes: Liu, W.P.[Wei Ping] Liu, W.P.[Wei-Ping]

Liu, W.Q.[Wan Quan] Co Author Listing * Accurate Facial Landmarks Detection for Frontal Faces with Extended Tree-Structured Models
* APSCAN: A parameter free algorithm for clustering
* Automatic 4D Facial Expression Recognition Using DCT Features
* Boosting performance for 2D Linear Discriminant Analysis via regression
* Efficient algorithms for subwindow search in object detection and localization
* Efficient Cross-validation of the Complete Two Stages in KFD Classifier Formulation
* Efficient subwindow search with submodular score functions
* Efficient tensor based face recognition
* Exploiting Monge structures in optimum subwindow search
* Exploiting side information in locality preserving projection
* Face Hallucination under an Image Decomposition Perspective
* Face Recognition Using Kernel Ridge Regression
* Face Recognition via Curvelets and Local Ternary Pattern-Based Features
* Fast cross-validation algorithms for least squares support vector machine and kernel ridge regression
* Fast Extension for Sparse Representation on Robust Face Recognition, A
* Fully automatic 3D facial expression recognition using local depth features
* Fuzzy based affinity learning for spectral clustering
* Gender Recognition via Locality Preserving Tensor Analysis on Face Images
* MCF Model: Utilizing Multiple Colors for Face Recognition, The
* Mixed-norm sparse representation for multi view face recognition
* Monocular Human Motion Tracking with Non-Connected Body Part Dependency
* Multi-View Subspace Clustering for Face Images
* Novel Facial Expression Recognition Based on the Curvelet Features, A
* Novel Human Detection Approach Based on Depth Map via Kinect, A
* Novel Landmark Detector System for Multi Resolution Frontal Faces, A
* Optimal metric selection for improved multi-pose face recognition with group information
* Recognising faces in unseen modes: A tensor based approach
* Recognising online spatial activities using a bioinformatics inspired sequence alignment approach
* Ridge Regression for Two Dimensional Locality Preserving Projection
* Robust Framework for 2D Human Pose Tracking with Spatial and Temporal Constraints, A
* Smith-Waterman Local Alignment Approach for Spatial Activity Recognition, A
* Tensor based robust color face recognition
* Unified formulation of linear discriminant analysis methods and optimal parameter selection
* unified tensor framework for face recognition, A
* Unsupervised iterative manifold alignment via local feature histograms
* Unsupervised manifold alignment using soft-assign technique
* Using Kinect for face recognition under varying poses, expressions, illumination and disguise
* Visual Object Clustering via Mixed-Norm Regularization
Includes: Liu, W.Q.[Wan Quan] Liu, W.Q.[Wan-Quan]
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Liu, W.S. Co Author Listing * 21st century Museum Climatic Monitoring System, The
* Image sequence segmentation using 3-D structure tensor and curve evolution
Includes: Liu, W.S. Liu, W.S.[Wei-Song]

Liu, W.T.[Wen Tao] Co Author Listing * efficient method for occluded face recognition, An
* Evolving Mean Shift with Adaptive Bandwidth: A Fast and Noise Robust Approach
* Optical recognition of handwritten Chinese characters: Advances since 1980
* Quikscat wind retrievals for tropical cyclones
Includes: Liu, W.T.[Wen Tao] Liu, W.T.[Wen-Tao] Liu, W.T.[Wen-Tai] Liu, W.T.

Liu, W.W.[Wei Wen] Co Author Listing * Face liveness detection using analysis of Fourier spectra based on hair
* Research on Approach of Data Association Based on Fuzzy Logic for Nomadic Tracking Application
Includes: Liu, W.W.[Wei Wen] Liu, W.W.[Wei-Wen] Liu, W.W.[Wei-Wei]

Liu, W.X.[Wei Xue] Co Author Listing * density-based enhancement to dominant sets clustering, A
* experimental study on the universality of visual vocabularies, An
* Functional gradient ascent for Probit regression
* Learning sparse features for classification by mixture models
* Natural Image Matting with Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
* Non-negative matrix factorization based methods for object recognition
* One-dimension range profile identification of radar targets based on a linear interpolation neural network
* Point Correspondence Validation under Unknown Radial Distortion
* Research of Automatic Needle Puncture Based on Ultrasound Image Processing
* Smooth Globally Warp Locally: Video Stabilization Using Homography Fields
* Towards parameter-independent data clustering and image segmentation
Includes: Liu, W.X.[Wei Xue] Liu, W.X.[Wei-Xue] Liu, W.X.[Wei-Xiang] Liu, W.X.[Wei-Xian] Liu, W.X. Liu, W.X.[Wen-Xuan]
11 for Liu, W.X.

Liu, W.Y.[Wen Yin] Co Author Listing * 3D Model Comparison through Kernel Density Matching
* Accurate distortion measurement for B-spline-based shape coding
* Active skeleton for non-rigid object detection
* Adaptive and discriminative metric differential tracking
* Adjacent coding for image classification
* Arc Segmentation from Complex Line Environments: A Vector-Based Stepwise Recovery Algorithm
* Artistic Image Generation By Deviation Mapping
* Automated CAD Conversion with the Machine Drawing Understanding System
* Automated CAD Conversion with the Machine Drawing Understanding System: Concepts, Algorithms, and Performance
* Automatic performance evaluation for video text detection
* Automatic Performance Evaluation Protocol for Video Text Detection Algorithms, An
* Bag of contour fragments for robust shape classification
* Co-transduction for Shape Retrieval
* Co-Transduction for Shape Retrieval
* Contour Grouping with Partial Shape Similarity
* Convex shape decomposition
* Corner-surround Contrast for saliency detection
* Data-Driven Spatially-Adaptive Metric Adjustment for Visual Tracking
* Detect Visual Spoofing in Unicode-Based Text
* Detecting texts of arbitrary orientations in natural images
* Discriminative Metric Preservation for Tracking Low-Resolution Targets
* Engineering drawings recognition using a case-based approach
* Estimating intravoxel fiber architecture using constrained compressed sensing combined with multitensor adaptive smoothing
* Fan Shape Model for object detection
* fast algorithm for corner detection using the morphologic skeleton, A
* fast and effective appearance model-based particle filtering object tracking algorithm, A
* Feature context for image classification and object detection
* From Rasters to Vectors: Extracting Visual Information from Line Drawings
* Generic Integrated Line Detection Algorithm and Its Object-Process Specification, A
* High Capacity Watermarking in Nonedge Texture Under Statistical Distortion Constraint
* How to Win a Dashed Line Detection Contest
* Human Detection Using Learned Part Alphabet and Pose Dictionary
* Image Decomposition and Texture Segmentation via Sparse Representation
* Image labeling by multiple segmentation
* Image retrieval systems and methods with semantic and feature based relevance feedback
* Improving Shape Retrieval by Learning Graph Transduction
* Incremental Arc Segmentation Algorithm and Its Evaluation
* Inference Scene Labeling by Incorporating Object Detection with Explicit Shape Model
* Integrating contour and skeleton for shape classification
* interactive example-driven approach to graphics recognition in engineering drawings, An
* Joint regularized nearest points for image set based face recognition
* KCRC-LCD: Discriminative kernel collaborative representation with locality constrained dictionary for visual categorization
* Learning Adaptive Metric for Robust Visual Tracking
* Learning context sensitive similarity measure on pair fusion graph
* Learning Context-Sensitive Shape Similarity by Graph Transduction
* Learning Dynamic Hybrid Markov Random Field for Image Labeling
* line drawings degradation model for performance characterization, A
* Location-Aware Image Classification
* Minimum near-convex decomposition for robust shape representation
* Minimum Near-Convex Shape Decomposition
* Multi-kernel collaborative representation for image classification
* Neural shape codes for 3D model retrieval
* Non-rigid Body Interpolation Based On Generalized Morphologic Morphing
* novel kernel collaborative representation approach for image classification, A
* Object level image saliency by hierarchical segmentation
* Object Recognition Using Junctions
* On contrast combinations for visual saliency detection
* One-Class Multiple Instance Learning via Robust PCA for Common Object Discovery
* online composite graphics recognition approach based on matching of spatial relation graphs, An
* Online Random Ferns for robust visual tracking
* Online segmentation of freehand stroke by dynamic programming
* Online stroke segmentation by quick penalty-based dynamic programming
* Order determination and sparsity-regularized metric learning adaptive visual tracking
* Perceptual Distortion Measure for Polygon-Based Shape Coding
* Perceptually friendly shape decomposition by resolving segmentation points with minimum cost
* Performance Evaluation of Graphics Recognition Algorithms: Principles and Applications
* Phishing Web page detection
* Pixel-level Statistical Structural Descriptor for Shape Measure and Recognition, A
* Protocol for Performance Evaluation of Line Detection Algorithms, A
* Shape band: A deformable object detection approach
* Shape Classification Using Tree-Unions
* Shape matching and classification using height functions
* Shape Matching and Recognition Using Group-Wised Points
* Shape Matching Using Points Co-Occurrence Pattern
* Similarity Fusion for Visual Tracking
* Skeleton Graph Matching Based on Critical Points Using Path Similarity
* Skeleton Pruning by Contour Partitioning with Discrete Curve Evolution
* Skeletonization of gray-scale image from incomplete boundaries
* Skeletonization using SSM of the Distance Transform
* Smart Sketchpad-an on-line graphics recognition system
* Sparse Pixel Tracking: A Fast Vectorization Algorithm Applied to Engineering Drawings
* Sparse Pixel Vectorization: An Algorithm and Its Performance Evaluation
* Special Issue on Performance Evaluation
* Stepwise Recovery of Arc Segmentation in Complex Line Environments
* Strokelets: A Learned Multi-Scale Mid-Level Representation for Scene Text Recognition
* Strokelets: A Learned Multi-scale Representation for Scene Text Recognition
* structural approach to recognizing incomplete graphic objects, A
* Symbol Recognition with Kernel Density Matching
* symmetric KL divergence based spatiogram similarity measure, A
* Term Weighting Schemes for Question Categorization
* To Extend the Depth of Field Based on Image Processing
* Tracking low resolution objects by metric preservation
* Unified Curvature Definition for Regular, Polygonal, and Digital Planar Curves, A
* Unified Framework for Multioriented Text Detection and Recognition, A
* Vehicle Color Recognition on Urban Road by Feature Context
* Video Coding Scheme Based on Joint Spatiotemporal and Adaptive Prediction, A
* Visual Curvature
* What Can Expressive Semantics Tell: Retrieval Model for a Flash-Movie Search Engine
Includes: Liu, W.Y.[Wen Yin] Liu, W.Y.[Wen-Yin] Liu, W.Y.[Wen-Yu] Liu, W.Y. Liu, W.Y.[Wan-Yu] Liu, W.Y.[Wei-Yang] Liu, W.Y.[Wang-Yi] Liu, W.Y.[Wen-Yao]
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Liu, W.Z. Co Author Listing * Speckle image analysis of cortical blood flow and perfusion using temporally derived contrasts

Liu, X.[Xiang] Co Author Listing * 3D characterization and localization of anatomical landmarks of the foot by FastSCAN
* 4-D Reconstruction for Dynamic Fluorescence Diffuse Optical Tomography
* Active contours with a joint and region-scalable distribution metric for interactive natural image segmentation
* Active contours with a novel distribution metric for complex object segmentation
* Adaptive Coherency Matrix Estimation for Polarimetric SAR Imagery Based on Local Heterogeneity Coefficients
* adaptive dandelion model for reconstructing spherical terrain-like visual hull surfaces, An
* Adaptive Object Tracking by Learning Hybrid Template Online
* Advanced Digital Signal Processing and Coding for Multi-Tb/s Optical Transport
* AgeNet: Deeply Learned Regressor and Classifier for Robust Apparent Age Estimation
* Algorithm for Encoding and Decoding the 3-D Hilbert Order, An
* Algorithm of Feature Selection and Feature Weighting Adjustment Based on Chinese FrameNet, An
* Alternate Line Erasure and Readout (ALER) Method for Implementing Slot-Scan Imaging Technique With a Flat-Panel Detector: Initial Experiences, An
* Analysis of Moire Patterns in Non-Uniformly Sampled Halftones
* Analysis of the fractal characteristic of the hyperspectral curves of the rice under plumbum pollution stress
* Analytical Image Models and Their Applications
* Analytical Models for Reduced Spectral Representations of Images
* Antenna Selection and Transmit Beamforming Switching Scheme for a MIMO System Operating Over a Varying Rician Channel
* Approach Based on Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Factorization to Unmix Hyperspectral Data, An
* Assessing Band Sensitivity to Atmospheric Radiation Transfer for Space-Based Retrieval of Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence
* Assessment of Urban Surface Energy Fluxes Using a Sub-Pixel Remote Sensing Analysis: A Case Study in Suzhou, China, An
* Attribute-restricted latent topic model for person re-identification
* Bidirectional extraction and recognition of scene text with layout consistency
* Built-up Areas Extraction in High Resolution SAR Imagery based on the method of Multiple Feature Weighted Fusion
* Cellular Neural Networks, the Navier-Stokes Equation, and Microarray Image Reconstruction
* Chaos UWB Radar for Through-the-Wall Imaging
* Character extraction by integrating color into edge-based methods
* Character Stroke Extraction Based on B-spline Curve Matching by Constrained Alternating Optimization
* Chart classification by combining deep convolutional networks and deep belief networks
* Circular spot detection and segmentation with rotating line local binary analysis
* co-boost framework for learning object categories from Google Images with 1st and 2nd order features, A
* Comparison of 3-D reconstruction with 3D-OSEM and with FORE+OSEM for PET
* Convolutional recurrent neural networks: Learning spatial dependencies for image representation
* Creating audio-centric, image-centric, and integrated audio-visual summaries
* Creating descriptive visual words for tag ranking of compressed social image
* Creating generic text summaries
* DASH(HEVC)/LTE: QoE-based dynamic adaptive streaming of HEVC content over wireless networks
* Data-Driven Soft Decoding of Compressed Images in Dual Transform-Pixel Domain
* Demographic Estimation from Face Images: Human vs. Machine Performance
* Detecting and counting people in surveillance applications
* Deterministic structured network coding for WWAN video broadcast with cooperative peer-to-peer repair
* Document Image Mosaicing with Mobile Phones
* Eigenvector-Based N-D Frequency Estimation From Sample Covariance Matrix
* Embedding color image watermark in color image based on two-level DCT
* Everything is in the Face? Represent Faces with Object Bank
* Evolutionary Algorithms With Segment-Based Search for Multiobjective Optimization Problems
* Exact rebinning methods for three-dimensional PET
* Exploiting Feature Hierarchies with Convolutional Neural Networks for Cultural Event Recognition
* Eyes closeness detection from still images with multi-scale histograms of principal oriented gradients
* Face Recognition after Plastic Surgery: A Comprehensive Study
* Face Recognition Under Varying Illumination Using Gradientfaces
* Feature integration of EODH and Color-SIFT: Application to image retrieval based on codebook
* Filter object categories using CoBoost with 1st and 2nd order features
* Fingerprint Compression Based on Sparse Representation
* format-driven handwritten word recognition system, A
* Fusing semantic aspects for image annotation and retrieval
* Fusion Of Optical Data and SAR Data for the Estimation of Nitrogen Concentration in Pearl River Estuary Hong Kong Seas, China
* Gender Recognition Using 3-D Human Body Shapes
* Generic slow-motion replay detection in sports video
* Global consistency, local sparsity and pixel correlation: A unified framework for face hallucination
* Graph-based dimensionality reduction for KNN-based image annotation
* Ground Moving Targets Imaging Algorithm for Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Guided Image Contrast Enhancement Based on Retrieved Images in Cloud
* Hand gesture recognition using depth data
* heterogeneous feature selection with structural sparsity for multimedia annotation and hashing: a survey, The
* Hierarchical Model Based Human Motion Tracking
* High Speed Digital Decimation Filter with Parallel Cascaded Integrator-Comb Pre-Filters, A
* Image and Texture Segmentation Using Local Spectral Histograms
* Image orientation detection with integrated human perception cues (or which way is up)
* Image recognition via two-dimensional random projection and nearest constrained subspace
* Image Segmentation Using Local Spectral Histograms
* Image-Based Quantitative Analysis of Gold Immunochromatographic Strip via Cellular Neural Network Approach
* Incompressible Deformation Estimation Algorithm (IDEA) From Tagged MR Images
* Incorporating object-centered sampling and Delaunay tetrahedrization for visual hull reconstruction
* Independent Component Analysis for Blind Unmixing of Hyperspectral Imagery With Additional Constraints
* Information Visualization for DNA Microarray Data Analysis: A Critical Review
* Innovative Method to Classify Remote-Sensing Images Using Ant Colony Optimization, An
* Integrating Spatio-Temporal Context With Multiview Representation for Object Recognition in Visual Surveillance
* Intelligent Line Segment Perception With Cortex-Like Mechanisms
* Joint shot boundary detection and key frame extraction
* Kernel Based Multiple Cue Adaptive Appearance Model For Robust Real-time Visual Tracking
* Large Margin Subspace Learning for feature selection
* Laser Scanning Techniques and Safety Analysis for Nantou City Wall
* Learning Contextual Dependence With Convolutional Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Networks
* LIDAR Data Reduction for Efficient and High Quality DEM Generation
* Lip Contour Extraction Method Using Localized Active Contour Model with Automatic Parameter Selection, A
* Lip event detection using oriented histograms of regional optical flow and low rank affinity pursuit
* local region based approach to lip tracking, A
* Look and Think Twice: Capturing Top-Down Visual Attention with Feedback Convolutional Neural Networks
* Low-Rank Approximation-Based Transductive Support Tensor Machine for Semisupervised Classification, A
* Low-Rank Decomposition-Based Restoration of Compressed Images via Adaptive Noise Estimation
* Max-Log-MAP Soft Demapper with Logarithmic Complexity for M-PAM Signals
* Maximal Likelihood Correspondence Estimation for Face Recognition Across Pose
* Maximally stable curvature regions for 3D hand tracking
* Maximum Likelihood Classification method for image segmentation considering subject variability, A
* Measurement and Analysis of Bidirectional SIF Emissions in Wheat Canopies
* Measurement of Sharpness and Its Application in ISAR Imaging
* Method and system for segmentation, classification, and summarization of video images
* Mobile Retriever: access to digital documents from their physical source
* Modeling Brain Anatomy with 3D Arrangements of Curves
* Modeling continuous visual features for semantic image annotation and retrieval
* Modeling latent aspects for automatic image annotation
* Morphable Displacement Field Based Image Matching for Face Recognition across Pose
* MsLRR: A Unified Multiscale Low-Rank Representation for Image Segmentation
* Multi-feature Late Fusion for Image Tagging
* Multi-instance object segmentation with occlusion handling
* Multi-temporal and Multi-sensor Image Matching Based On Local Frequency Information
* Multi-View Complementary Hash Tables for Nearest Neighbor Search
* new active contour model-based segmentation approach for accurate extraction of the lesion from breast DCE-MRI, A
* new method of information enhancement for hyper-spectrum image covered with thin clouds and realization based on IDL, A
* New Method of Object Segmentation in the Basketball Videos, A
* New Slant-Range Velocity Ambiguity Resolving Approach of Fast Moving Targets for SAR System, A
* New Spectral Fitting Method for Full-Spectrum Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Retrieval Based on Principal Components Analysis
* Non-cooperative Object Detection in Sea Using Acoustic Sensors
* Nonparallel Support Vector Machines for Pattern Classification
* Novel 2D Marker Design and Application for Object Tracking and Event Detection, A
* Novel Fingerprint Template Protection Scheme Based on Distance Projection Coding, A
* novel terrain rendering algorithm based on quasi Delaunay triangulation, A
* Novel Volumetric Shape from Silhouette Algorithm Based on a Centripetal Pentahedron Model, A
* Object Model of Direction and Its Implications, An
* Objectness to assist salient object detection
* On Continuous User Authentication via Typing Behavior
* Optimal Graph Search Based Segmentation of Airway Tree Double Surfaces Across Bifurcations
* Optimal-Correlation-Based Reconstruction for Distributed Compressed Video Sensing
* Optimized 3D Street Scene Reconstruction from Driving Recorder Images
* Pedestrian Detection and Tracking With Night Vision
* Pose-Invariant 3D Face Alignment
* Probabilistic Graphlet Cut: Exploiting Spatial Structure Cue for Weakly Supervised Image Segmentation
* Probabilistic Graphlet Transfer for Photo Cropping
* Projective Nonnegative Graph Embedding
* Prostate Brachytherapy Seed Reconstruction With Gaussian Blurring and Optimal Coverage Cost
* Prostate Cancer Segmentation With Simultaneous Estimation of Markov Random Field Parameters and Class
* Quality assessment for out-of-focus blurred images
* Query-Adaptive Hash Code Ranking for Large-Scale Multi-View Visual Search
* Query-Adaptive Reciprocal Hash Tables for Nearest Neighbor Search
* Query-aware location anonymization for road networks
* Radius CDROM Ground Truthed Data Set, The
* Random Forest Construction With Robust Semisupervised Node Splitting
* Random Geometric Prior Forest for Multiclass Object Segmentation
* Real Time Large Vocabulary Continuous Sign Language Recognition Based on OP/Viterbi Algorithm
* Real-Time Long-Range Lane Detection and Tracking for Intelligent Vehicle
* Region-Based Near-Duplicate Image Retrieval with Geometric Consistency
* Remote Diagnosis Service Platform for Wearable ECG Monitors, A
* Representation and Spatially Adaptive Segmentation for PolSAR Images Based on Wedgelet Analysis
* Research on Target Tracking based on Unscented Kalman Filter
* Robust and efficient object tracking algorithm under illumination changes based on joint gradient-intensity histogram
* robust facial landmark detection method in multi-views, A
* Robust hand tracking based on online learning and multi-cue flocks of features
* Saliency Region Detection Based on Markov Absorption Probabilities
* Secure Reversible Image Data Hiding Over Encrypted Domain via Key Modulation
* SEM Image Analysis for Quality Control of Nanoparticles
* Semi-supervised Coupled Dictionary Learning for Person Re-identification
* Semi-supervised Node Splitting for Random Forest Construction
* Shape from silhouette outlines using an adaptive dandelion model
* Shape Retrieval of Non-rigid 3D Human Models
* Shortest Path Refinement for Motion Estimation From Tagged MR Images
* Sign Recognition using Depth Image Streams
* Simultaneous estimation of the Markov random field parameters and the classes for image segmentation
* Single color image dehazing based on digital total variation filter with color transfer
* Single image dehazing based on fast wavelet transform with weighted image fusion
* Site Model Construction Using Geometric Constrained Optimization
* Sleep Apnea Assessment by ECG Pattern
* Spatial cloaking for anonymous location-based services in mobile peer-to-peer environments
* Spatial complexity based optimal initial quantization parameter determination
* Spatial graphlet matching kernel for recognizing aerial image categories
* Spatial Up-Scaling Correction for Leaf Area Index Based on the Fractal Theory
* Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of China's Terrestrial Biodiversity: A Dynamic Habitat Index Diagnostic
* Spectral Probability Models for IR Images With Applications to IR Face Recognition
* Statistical Test of Phase Closure to Detect Influences on DInSAR Deformation Estimates Besides Displacements and Decorrelation Noise: Two Case Studies in High-Latitude Regions, A
* Stripe Noise Separation and Removal in Remote Sensing Images by Consideration of the Global Sparsity and Local Variational Properties
* Study and application of a multi-resolution hierarchy remote sensing image classification
* study on quality-adjusted impact of time lapse on iris recognition, A
* Study on the Applications of Cross-Layer Information Fusion in Target Recognition
* Study on the Geolocation Algorithm of Space-Borne SAR Image
* Study on virtual simulation of chip during manufacturing
* Subjective and Objective Video Quality Assessment of 3D Synthesized Views With Texture/Depth Compression Distortion
* Superpixel-Based Classification Using K Distribution and Spatial Context for Polarimetric SAR Images
* Superpixel-Based Classification With an Adaptive Number of Classes for Polarimetric SAR Images
* Survey of Data Mining Approaches to User Modeling for Adaptive Hypermedia
* Tag-Based Image Search by Social Re-ranking
* Topology preservation evaluation of compact-support radial basis functions for image registration
* Towards an Automatic Ice Navigation Support System in the Arctic Sea
* Training Quality-Aware Filters for No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Tumor Classification by Deep Polynomial Network and Multiple Kernel Learning on Small Ultrasound Image Dataset
* Unmixing Dynamic Fluorescence Diffuse Optical Tomography Images With Independent Component Analysis
* Urban change detection based on an artificial neural network
* Video Shot Segmentation and Classification
* Video Summarization using Singular Value Decomposition
* Video Summarization with Minimal Visual Content Redundancies
* Virtual Reality Based Navigation Training for Astronaut Moving in a Simulated Space Station
* Visual Attention Based Temporally Weighting Method for Video Hashing
* Visual Classification With Multitask Joint Sparse Representation
* Visual Hull Embossment by Graph Cuts
* Wavelet-based statistical features for distinguishing mitotic and non-mitotic cells in breast cancer histopathology
* Weakly Supervised Multiclass Video Segmentation
* Weighted total generalised variation scheme for image restoration
* What color is an object?
Includes: Liu, X.[Xiang] Liu, X. Liu, X.[Xin] Liu, X.[Xiuguo] Liu, X.[Xi] Liu, X.[Xiangnan] Liu, X.[Xia] Liu, X.[Xinjie] Liu, X.[Xue] Liu, X.[Xiao] Liu, X.[Xinhao] Liu, X.[Xuan] Liu, X.[Xu] Liu, X.[Xianxi] Liu, X.[Xianlong] Liu, X.[Xiong] Liu, X.[Xinwang] Liu, X.[Xiu] Liu, X.[Xing] Liu, X.[Xiaokai] Liu, X.[Xun] Liu, X.[Xiaohu] Liu, X.[Xinyi] Liu, X.[Xiaofang] Liu, X.[Xuying] Liu, X.[Xiangkai] Liu, X.[Xintao] Liu, X.[Xiaoxu]
196 for Liu, X.

Liu, X.B.[Xiang Bin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive iterative learning control for SISO discrete time-varying systems
* bottom-up algorithm for finding principal curves with applications to image skeletonization, A
* Detect What You Can: Detecting and Representing Objects Using Holistic Models and Body Parts
* feature and spatial covariant kernel: Adding implicit spatial constraints to histogram, The
* Gaussian mixture modeling and learning of neighboring characters for multilingual text extraction in images
* Gaussian Mixture Modeling of Neighbor Characters for Multilingual Text Extraction in Images
* Hand-Gesture Based Text Input for Wearable Computers
* Human Re-identification by Matching Compositional Template with Cluster Sampling
* Layered graph matching by composite cluster sampling with collaborative and competitive interactions
* Layered Graph Matching with Composite Cluster Sampling
* Layered shape matching and registration: Stochastic sampling with hierarchical graph representation
* Learning complex image patterns with Scale and Shift Invariant Sparse Coding
* Learning Handwritten Digit Recognition by the Max-Min Posterior Pseudo-Probabilities Method
* Multi-class semi-supervised SVMs with Positiveness Exclusive Regularization
* Multichannel Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix for Multi/Hyperspectral Image Texture Representation, A
* new spectral image assessment based on energy of structural distortion, A
* Nonnegative Tensor Cofactorization and Its Unified Solution
* Nonparametric Label-to-Region by search
* novel image fusion algorithm based on nonsubsampled shearlet transform and morphological component analysis, A
* Object categorization with sketch representation and generalized samples
* Object-of-interest extraction by integrating stochastic inference with learnt active shape sketch
* Robust Region Grouping via Internal Patch Statistics
* Role of Context for Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation in the Wild, The
* Segment an image by looking into an image corpus
* Single-View 3D Scene Parsing by Attributed Grammar
* Soft Measure of Visual Token Occurrences for Object Categorization
* Statistical Modeling and Learning for Recognition-Based Handwritten Numeral String Segmentation
* Trajectory parsing by cluster sampling in spatio-temporal graph
* Unsupervised Selection and Discriminative Estimation of Orthogonal Gaussian Mixture Models for Handwritten Digit Recognition
Includes: Liu, X.B.[Xiang Bin] Liu, X.B.[Xiang-Bin] Liu, X.B.[Xia-Bi] Liu, X.B.[Xiao-Bai] Liu, X.B.[Xiao-Bing] Liu, X.B.[Xiao-Bo] Liu, X.B.[Xue-Bin] Liu, X.B.[Xing-Bin]
29 for Liu, X.B.

Liu, X.C.[Xi Cheng] Co Author Listing * clump splitting based method to localize speech balloons in comics, A
* Denoising of SAR Images Based on Wavelet Packet
* fast and robust ellipse detector based on top-down least-square fitting, A
* Inter-view Coding Correlation Based Error Concealment for Stereoscopic Video Transmission
* Lossless DEM Watermark Signature Based on Directional Wavelet
* Neural Ensemble Decoding of Rat's Motor Cortex by Kalman Filter and Optimal Linear Estimation
* R-CNN Based Method to Localize Speech Balloons in Comics, An
* Robust compositional method for background subtraction
* robust semi-supervised learning approach via mixture of label information, A
* ultrasonic imaging guided medical robot system for microwave ablation therapy, An
Includes: Liu, X.C.[Xi Cheng] Liu, X.C.[Xi-Cheng] Liu, X.C.[Xi-Chuan] Liu, X.C.[Xiao-Chen] Liu, X.C.[Xu-Chong] Liu, X.C.[Xiao-Chun] Liu, X.C.[Xing-Chen] Liu, X.C.[Xiang-Chen]
10 for Liu, X.C.

Liu, X.D.[Xiao Dan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive cluster rendering via regression analysis
* Bowstring-based dual-threshold computation method for adaptive Canny edge detector
* Coordinated tracking of multi-agent systems with a leader of bounded unknown input using distributed continuous controllers
* efficient 2D to 3D video conversion method based on skeleton line tracking, An
* fast motion segmentation algorithm based on hypothesis test for surveillance video coding, A
* Fuzzy rule based decision trees
* Motion Information Exploitation in H.264 Frame Skipping Transcoding
* novel method for automatic 2D-to-3D video conversion, A
* Parallel adaptive sampling and reconstruction using multi-scale and directional analysis
* Research on high resolution & high sensitivity panoramic surveillance system
* Study and Improvement of Iris Location Algorithm
* Subpixel Edge Location in Binary Images Using Dithering
Includes: Liu, X.D.[Xiao Dan] Liu, X.D.[Xiang-Dong] Liu, X.D.[Xiao-Dong] Liu, X.D.[Xue-Dong] Liu, X.D.[Xu-Dong] Liu, X.D.
12 for Liu, X.D.

Liu, X.F.[Xiao Feng] Co Author Listing * Accurate Whole-Brain Segmentation for Alzheimer's Disease Combining an Adaptive Statistical Atlas and Multi-atlas
* Adaptive Piecewise Linear Predistorter Based on PSO and Indirect Learning Architecture
* Calibration Methods of Coil Sensitivity for Parallel Imaging, The
* Changes in Growing Season Vegetation and Their Associated Driving Forces in China during 2001-2012
* Changes in Spring Phenology in the Three-Rivers Headwater Region from 1999 to 2013
* Classification improvement based on non-white noise reduction using parafac decompositon for hyperspectral images
* Comparison of Model-Assisted Estimators to Infer Land Cover/Use Class Area Using Satellite Imagery, A
* Computer Vision Performance Characterization
* Correlations between Urbanization and Vegetation Degradation across the World's Metropolises Using DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data
* Denoising of Hyperspectral Images Using the PARAFAC Model and Statistical Performance Analysis
* Error Propagation and Statistical Validation of Computer Vision Software
* Evaluating the Vegetation Recovery in the Damage Area of Wenchuan Earthquake Using MODIS Data
* Evaluation criterion of thermal light ghost imaging based on the receiver operating characteristic analysis
* Filtering LIDAR Points by Fusion of Intensity Measures and Aerial Images
* Fuzzy Pyramid Scheme for Distorted Object Recognition
* Fuzzy Pyramid-Based Invariant Object Recognition
* Groundtruthing The RADIUS Model-Board Imagery
* Integration of UAV-Based Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning for the Three-Dimensional Mapping and Monitoring of Open-Pit Mine Areas
* Linear Feature-Based Approach for the Registration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remotely-Sensed Images and Airborne LiDAR Data, A
* NDVI-Based Analysis on the Influence of Climate Change and Human Activities on Vegetation Restoration in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Region, Central China
* On the Use of Error Propagation for Statistical Validation of Computer Vision Software
* Optimization Methods For Estimating 3D Object Parameters
* Reduction of Signal-Dependent Noise From Hyperspectral Images for Target Detection
* Statistical Validation of Computer Vision Software
* Study on feature extraction of high speed precision electric machine vibration signal
Includes: Liu, X.F.[Xiao Feng] Liu, X.F.[Xiao-Feng] Liu, X.F.[Xiao-Fang] Liu, X.F.[Xian-Feng] Liu, X.F.[Xue-Feng] Liu, X.F.[Xu-Fei] Liu, X.F.[Xiao-Fu] Liu, X.F. Liu, X.F.[Xiang-Feng]
25 for Liu, X.F.

Liu, X.G.[Xin Guo] Co Author Listing * 3D gradient enhancement
* automatic ground control point matching based on GCP chip database for remote sensing images, An
* Directional histogram model for three-dimensional shape similarity
* Elastic Registration Algorithm of Medical Images Based on Fuzzy Set
* Fast Interframe mode decision algorithm based on mode mapping and MB activity for MPEG-2 to H.264/AVC transcoding
* Fast Video Mixing Method for Multiparty Video Conference, A
* Locally Developable Constraint for Document Surface Reconstruction
* Novel Volume Constrained Smoothing Method for Meshes, A
* Point Cloud Filtering Approach to Generating DTMs for Steep Mountainous Areas and Adjacent Residential Areas, A
* Spatially constrained level-set tracking and segmentation of non-rigid objects
* Templateless Quasi-rigid Shape Modeling with Implicit Loop-Closure
Includes: Liu, X.G.[Xin Guo] Liu, X.G.[Xin-Guo] Liu, X.G. Liu, X.G.[Xin-Gang] Liu, X.G.[Xiu-Guo]
11 for Liu, X.G.

Liu, X.H.[Xiao Hang] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Digital Elevation Models based on Approximation Theory
* Accuracy Assessment of LiDAR-Derived Digital Elevation Models Based on Approximation Theory
* Accurate and efficient cross-domain visual matching leveraging multiple feature representations
* Active learning for human action recognition with Gaussian Processes
* Adaptive multi-task learning for fine-grained categorization
* Can graph-cutting improve microarray gene expression reconstructions?
* Copasetic analysis: automated analysis of biological gene expression images
* Data-Driven Scene Understanding with Adaptively Retrieved Exemplars
* Dynamic BFECC Characteristic Mapping method for fluid simulations
* Estimation of signal dependent noise parameters from a single image
* Facial feature localization based on an improved active shape model
* Integration of classification methods for improvement of land-cover map accuracy
* Isomorphism in Digital Elevation Models and Its Implication to Interpolation Functions
* Mapping Aquatic Vegetation in a Large, Shallow Eutrophic Lake: A Frequency-Based Approach Using Multiple Years of MODIS Data
* Modified Method of State-Estimator Designing for Non-Uniformly Sampled System, A
* Multi-Agent Activity Recognition Using Observation Decomposed Hidden Markov Model
* Multi-Agent Activity Recognition Using Observation Decomposed Hidden Markov Models
* Noise level estimation using weak textured patches of a single noisy image
* Optimized Data Fusion for Kernel k-Means Clustering
* Population Density and Image Texture: A Comparison Study
* Practical Signal-Dependent Noise Parameter Estimation From a Single Noisy Image
* Real-time coherent stylization for augmented reality
* Real-time traffic sign recognition from video by class-specific discriminative features
* Rejection of Non-meaningful Activities
* Rejection of non-meaningful activities for HMM-based activity recognition system
* Retinal blood vessel segmentation via graph cut
* Robust Class Similarity Measure for Traffic Sign Recognition
* Robust stability of two-dimensional uncertain discrete systems
* Signal dependent noise removal from a single image
* Single-Image Noise Level Estimation for Blind Denoising
* Spatial Metrics and Image Texture for Mapping Urban Land Use
* Structural nonparallel support vector machine for pattern recognition
* Towards Real-Time Traffic Sign Recognition by Class-Specific Discriminative Features
* Transparent Text Detection and Background Recovery
Includes: Liu, X.H.[Xiao Hang] Liu, X.H.[Xiao-Hang] Liu, X.H.[Xue-Hui] Liu, X.H.[Xiang-Hang] Liu, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Liu, X.H.[Xiong-Hao] Liu, X.H.[Xin-Hao] Liu, X.H.[Xin-Hong] Liu, X.H.[Xue-Hua] Liu, X.H.[Xiao-Han] Liu, X.H.[Xiao-Hua] Liu, X.H.[Xin-Hai]
34 for Liu, X.H.

Liu, X.J.[Xiao Jun] Co Author Listing * evaluation system of fabric pilling based on image processing technique, The
* Feature evaluation and selection with cooperative game theory
* Focused Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing of Ice-Sounding Data Collected Over the East Antarctic Ice Sheet via the Modified Range Migration Algorithm Using Curvelets
* Global-Scale Resource Survey and Performance Monitoring of Public OGC Web Map Services
* Hierarchical Approach to Optimizing Bus Stop Distribution in Large and Fast Developing Cities, A
* Improved Analysis for Subspace Pursuit Algorithm in Terms of Restricted Isometry Constant
* Multiplicative Noise Removal via Nonlocal Similarity-Based Sparse Representation
* Precision motion control for the parallel mechanism of a virtual axis machine tool
* Research on a Correction Method to Existing Grid-based DEM
* Space-Borne SAR Image Geo-Location in Mountain Area with Sparse GCP
* Study of the Automatic Matching Method for Optical and SAR Image
Includes: Liu, X.J.[Xiao Jun] Liu, X.J.[Xiao-Jun] Liu, X.J.[Xue-Jie] Liu, X.J.[Xiao-Jing] Liu, X.J.[Xue-Jun] Liu, X.J.[Xin-Ji] Liu, X.J.[Xu-Jiao] Liu, X.J.[Xin-Jun]
11 for Liu, X.J.

Liu, X.K.[Xiao Kai] Co Author Listing * Camera matching based on spatiotemporal activity and conditional random field model
* Ensemble Color Model for Human Re-identification, An
* Optimizing JPEG quantization table for low bit rate mobile visual search
Includes: Liu, X.K.[Xiao Kai] Liu, X.K.[Xiao-Kai] Liu, X.K.[Xiang-Kai]

Liu, X.L.[Xiao Long] Co Author Listing * Application and Analyses of Airborne LIDAR Technology in Topographic Survey of Tidal Flat And Coastal Zone
* Classification of C3 and C4 Vegetation Types Using MODIS and ETM+ Blended High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Data
* Collaborative Hashing
* Compact hashing for mixed image-keyword query over multi-label images
* Compressive image broadcasting in MIMO systems with receiver antenna heterogeneity
* Coupled 3D tracking and pose optimization of rigid objects using particle filter
* E2SGM: Event Enrichment and Summarization by Graph Model
* effects of temperature variation on videometric measurement and a compensation method, The
* face detection and location method based on Feature Binding, A
* Feature grouping and local soft match for mobile visual search
* Finding media illustrating events
* Hash Bit Selection: A Unified Solution for Selection Problems in Hashing
* improved noise-robust voice activity detector based on hidden semi-Markov models, An
* Integration of UAV-Based Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning for the Three-Dimensional Mapping and Monitoring of Open-Pit Mine Areas
* Layered Predictive Coding of Time-Consistent Dynamic 3D Meshes using a Non-Linear Predictor
* Method Of Building Modeling From True Ortho-image And DSM, A
* Mobile product search with Bag of Hash Bits and boundary reranking
* Model for Segmentation and Distress Statistic of Massive Pavement Images Based on Multi-Scale Strategies, A
* Multi-Level Image Description Model Based on Digital Topology, A
* Multimedia semantics-aware query-adaptive hashing with bits reconfigurability
* Multiple feature kernel hashing for large-scale visual search
* Natural Scene character recognition using Markov Random Field
* Noise-Robust Voice Activity Detector Based on Hidden Semi-Markov Models
* Object-Based Crop Species Classification Based on the Combination of Airborne Hyperspectral Images and LiDAR Data
* parallelized 4D reconstruction algorithm for vascular structures and motions based on energy optimization, A
* ParCast+: Parallel Video Unicast in MIMO-OFDM WLANs
* Scalable Linear Predictive Coding of Time-Consistent 3D Mesh Sequences
* simple and effective extrinsic calibration method of a camera and a single line scanning lidar, A
* SWDC-4 Large Format Digital Aerial Camera System
Includes: Liu, X.L.[Xiao Long] Liu, X.L.[Xiao-Long] Liu, X.L.[Xiang-Long] Liu, X.L.[Xiao Lin] Liu, X.L.[Xiao-Lin] Liu, X.L.[Xue-Liang] Liu, X.L.[Xiao-Liang] Liu, X.L.[Xiang-Lei] Liu, X.L.[Xian-Lin] Liu, X.L.[Xiao-Li] Liu, X.L.[Xing-Long]
29 for Liu, X.L.

Liu, X.M.[Xiao Ming] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Unsupervised Multi-view Feature Selection for Visual Concept Recognition
* Articulated human body pose tracking by suppression based immune particle filter
* Automated System for Plant-Level Disease Rating in Real Fields, An
* Automatic Face Recognition from Skeletal Remains
* Automatic facial landmark labeling with minimal supervision
* Automatic Feeding Control for Dense Aquaculture Fish Tanks
* Automatic surveillance video matting using a shape prior
* Boosted deformable model for human body alignment
* Boosting with Side Information
* Colorization Using Segmentation with Random Walk
* Compressive Sampling-Based Image Coding for Resource-Deficient Visual Communication
* Data-driven sparsity-based restoration of JPEG-compressed images in dual transform-pixel domain
* Discriminative Face Alignment
* Eigenspace updating for non-stationary process and its application to face recognition
* Experimental Evaluation of Iris Recognition
* Eyelid Localization in Iris Images Captured in Less Constrained Environment
* Face alignment via boosted ranking model
* Face authentication for multiple subjects using eigenflow
* Face Model Fitting on Low Resolution Images
* Face Mosaicing for Pose Robust Video-Based Recognition
* Facial Contour Labeling via Congealing
* Fog Removal from Color Images using Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization
* Generic Face Alignment using Boosted Appearance Model
* Genre categorization of amateur sports videos in the wild
* Geometry-assisted statistical modeling for face mosaicing
* Gradient Feature Selection for Online Boosting
* Group context learning for event recognition
* Image congealing via efficient feature selection
* Image Interpolation via Graph-Based Bayesian Label Propagation
* Image Interpolation Via Regularized Local Linear Regression
* Image segmentation of mesenchymal stem cells in diverse culturing conditions
* Improved Face Model Fitting on Video Sequences
* Improving biometric identification through quality-based face and fingerprint biometric fusion
* Improving face recognition with a quality-based probabilistic framework
* incremental method for accurate iris segmentation, An
* Inter-block consistent soft decoding of JPEG images with sparsity and graph-signal smoothness priors
* Iris Challenge Evaluation 2005, The
* Joint gaze-correction and beautification of DIBR-synthesized human face via dual sparse coding
* Joint learning for side information and correlation model based on linear regression model in distributed video coding
* Leaf segmentation in plant phenotyping: a collation study
* Learning person-specific models for facial expression and action unit recognition
* Least Biased Fuzzy Clustering Method, A
* Low bit-rate video coding via mode-dependent adaptive regression for wireless visual communications
* LPSM: Fitting shape model by linear programming
* Multi-Frame Super-Resolution for Face Recognition
* Multi-leaf alignment from fluorescence plant images
* Multi-leaf tracking from fluorescence plant videos
* Multi-modality imagery database for plant phenotyping
* multiscale image enhancement method for calcification detection in screening mammograms, A
* New Approach for the Camera Motion Extraction from Texture Images with Spatio-Temporal Slice Analysis, A
* Nonparametric background model based clutter map for X-band marine radar
* On developing and enhancing plant-level disease rating systems in real fields
* On modeling variations for face authentication
* On optimizing subspaces for face recognition
* On the Exploration of Joint Attribute Learning for Person Re-identification
* Online Modeling and Tracking of Pose-Varying Faces in Video
* Optimal gradient pursuit for face alignment
* Optimal Pose for Face Recognition
* Optimization-based key frame extraction for motion capture animation
* Orthogonal Neighborhood Preserving Embedding for Face Recognition
* Person-specific expression recognition with transfer learning
* Pose-Robust Face Recognition Using Geometry Assisted Probabilistic Modeling
* Principle component analysis and its variants for biometrics
* Progressive Image Denoising Through Hybrid Graph Laplacian Regularization: A Unified Framework
* Research on Super-Resolution Objective Evaluation Index System of Visible Light Image
* Robust and accurate iris segmentation in very noisy iris images
* Robust Global Motion Compensation in Presence of Predominant Foreground
* Saliency detection based on short-term sparse representation
* scale of edges, The
* Semi-supervised facial landmark annotation
* Simultaneous alignment and clustering for an image ensemble
* Sparse representation based visual element analysis
* Sparsity-based joint gaze correction and face beautification for conferencing video
* Sparsity-based soft decoding of compressed images in transform domain
* Spatio-Temporal Phrases for Activity Recognition
* Sports Videos in the Wild (SVW): A video dataset for sports analysis
* Structured Textons for texture representation
* Text Particles Multi-band Fusion for Robust Text Detection
* Theme Classification and Analysis of Core Articles Published in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems From 2010 to 2013
* Topological vascular tree segmentation for retinal images using shortest path connection
* Toward Statistical Modeling of Saccadic Eye-Movement and Visual Saliency
* Transfer learning with one-class data
* Unconstrained 3D face reconstruction
* Understanding image structure via hierarchical shape parsing
* Video Motion Capture Using Feature Tracking and Skeleton Reconstruction
* Video-Based Face Model Fitting Using Adaptive Active Appearance Model
* Video-Based Face Recognition Using Adaptive Hidden Markov Models
* Visual saliency as sequential eye fixation probability
* Weighted co-occurrence phase histogram for iris recognition
* What are customers looking at?
* What are we looking for: Towards statistical modeling of saccadic eye movements and visual saliency
Includes: Liu, X.M.[Xiao Ming] Liu, X.M.[Xiao-Ming] Liu, X.M.[Xian-Ming] Liu, X.M.[Xiao-Mei] Liu, X.M.[Xiao-Min] Liu, X.M. Liu, X.M.[Xian-Mei] Liu, X.M.[Xiao-Meng]
91 for Liu, X.M.

Liu, X.N.[Xiao Ning] Co Author Listing * Digital Environmental Noise Monitoring System Based on B/S Architecture and Floating-Point DSP
* Polarimetric SAR speckle filtering for high-resolution SAR images using RADARSAT-2 POLSAR SLC data
* Proposal on an image haptization system based on emotional effects of color
* retrieval algorithm of the sea surface salinity based on the improved K-S model in Hong Kong Waters, The
Includes: Liu, X.N.[Xiao Ning] Liu, X.N.[Xiao-Ning] Liu, X.N.[Xu-Nan] Liu, X.N.[Xiang-Ning] Liu, X.N.[Xiang-Nan]

Liu, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Co Author Listing * Automatic Registration of Multisensor Images Using an Integrated Spatial and Mutual Information (SMI) Metric
* Document image retrieval based on density distribution feature and key block feature
* Generalized convolution and product theorems associated with linear canonical transform
* Mesh saliency detection via double absorbing Markov chain in feature space
* Multiresolution analysis and orthogonal wavelets associated with fractional wavelet transform
* Normalized Urban Areas Composite Index (NUACI) Based on Combination of DMSP-OLS and MODIS for Mapping Impervious Surface Area, A
* On uncertainty principles for linear canonical transform of complex signals via operator methods
* Overview of the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Science Data Product Calibration and Validation, An
* Residential Building Reconstruction Based on the Data Fusion of Sparse LiDAR Data and Satellite Imagery
* Sampling expansion in function spaces associated with the linear canonical transform
* Separating Reflections in Human Iris Images for Illumination Estimation
* Skew detection for complex document images using robust borderlines in both text and non-text regions
Includes: Liu, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Liu, X.P.[Xiao-Ping] Liu, X.P.[Xue-Ping] Liu, X.P.[Xiu-Ping] Liu, X.P.[Xing-Pin] Liu, X.P.[Xiao-Pei]
12 for Liu, X.P.

Liu, X.Q.[Xiang Qian] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction based on Stereovision and Texture Mapping
* Effectively localize text in natural scene images
* Extracting Captions in Complex Background from Videos
* Graph cut with ordering constraints on labels and its applications
* Order-Preserving Moves for Graph-Cut-Based Optimization
* Robustly Extracting Captions in Videos Based on Stroke-Like Edges and Spatio-Temporal Analysis
* System framework design of automated data mining technology based on intelligent agents
Includes: Liu, X.Q.[Xiang Qian] Liu, X.Q.[Xiang-Qian] Liu, X.Q.[Xiao-Qian] Liu, X.Q.[Xiao-Qing] Liu, X.Q.[Xian-Qing]
7 for Liu, X.Q.

Liu, X.R.[Xi Rong] Co Author Listing * Imperfect Iris Information for Identity Recognition
Includes: Liu, X.R.[Xi Rong] Liu, X.R.[Xi-Rong]

Liu, X.S.[Xiao Sheng] Co Author Listing * Graphics Spatial Conflict Detection Based on the Constrained Delaunay Triangulation
* In vivo precision of digital topological skeletonization based individual trabecula segmentation (ITS) analysis of trabecular microstructure at the distal radius and tibia by HR-pQCT
* Integrated Method Combining Remote Sensing Data and Local Knowledge for the Large-Scale Estimation of Seismic Loss Risks to Buildings in the Context of Rapid Socioeconomic Growth: A Case Study in Tangshan, China, An
* Offense-defense semantic analysis of basketball game based on motion vector
* Phase retrieval from a single near-field diffraction pattern with a large Fresnel number
* Power Quality Disturbance Recognition Based on S-Transform and SOM Neural Network
Includes: Liu, X.S.[Xiao Sheng] Liu, X.S.[Xiao-Sheng] Liu, X.S.[X. Sherry] Liu, X.S.[Xin-Sheng] Liu, X.S.[Xing-Sheng] Liu, X.S.[Xiao-Song]

Liu, X.T.[Xu Tong] Co Author Listing * On detecting spatial categorical outliers
* Text-aware balloon extraction from manga
Includes: Liu, X.T.[Xu Tong] Liu, X.T.[Xu-Tong] Liu, X.T.[Xue-Ting]

Liu, X.U.[Xin U.] Co Author Listing * Image and Volume Segmentation by Water Flow
* Morphological Gradient Approach to Color Edge Detection, A
* Water Flow Based Complex Feature Extraction
Includes: Liu, X.U.[Xin U.] Liu, X.U.

Liu, X.W.[Xiu Wen] Co Author Listing * 3D feature extraction from uncalibrated video clips
* 3D structure estimation from monocular video clips
* Boundary detection by contextual non-linear smoothing
* CID:IQ: A New Image Quality Database
* Computational Approach to Fisher Information Geometry with Applications to Image Analysis, A
* computational framework for real-time detection and recognition of large number of classes, A
* Computational Model of Multidimensional Shape, A
* Computational Model of the Short-Cut Rule for 2D Shape Decomposition, A
* Contour Inferences for Image Understanding
* Efficient and accurate subpixel path based stereo matching
* Efficient Mining of Repetitions in Large-Scale TV Streams with Product Quantization Hashing
* Efficient Path-Based Stereo Matching With Subpixel Accuracy
* efficient radius-incorporated MKL algorithm for Alzheimer?s disease prediction, An
* Equivalence of Julesz and Gibbs Texture Ensembles
* Equivalence of Julesz Ensembles and FRAME Models
* Exploring Texture Ensembles by Efficient Markov Chain Monte Carlo-Toward a Trichromacy Theory of Texture
* Face Detection Using Spectral Histograms and SVMs
* Face recognition using optimal linear components of range images
* Hierarchical Organization of Shapes for Efficient Retrieval
* In defense of soft-assignment coding
* Independent filters for texture classification
* Kernel functions for robust 3D surface registration with spectral embeddings
* Kernel Methods for Nonlinear Discriminative Data Analysis
* Kernel Optimal Component Analysis
* Landmark Representation of Shapes and Fisher-Rao Geometry
* Learning in Gibbsian Fields: How Accurate and How Fast Can It Be?
* Method of Discriminative Information Preservation and In-Dimension Distance Minimization Method for Feature Selection, A
* Model of Volumetric Shape for the Analysis of Longitudinal Alzheimer's Disease Data, A
* Modeling Brain Anatomy with 3D Arrangements of Curves
* Multiple Kernel Learning Based Multi-view Spectral Clustering
* Nano-scale context-sensitive semantic segmentation
* novel index structure for large scale image descriptor search, A
* Optimal linear representations of images for object recognition
* Oriented statistical nonlinear smoothing filter
* Product tree quantization for approximate nearest neighbor search
* Real time texture classification using field programmable gate arrays
* Recognition using Rapid Classification Tree
* Rotation Invariant Face Detection using Spectral Histograms and Support Vector Machines
* scalable spatiotemporal inference framework based on statistical shape analysis for natural ecosystem monitoring by remote sensing, A
* Scale-Space Spectral Representation of Shape
* Scene analysis by integrating primitive segmentation and associative memory
* Shape of Elastic Strings in Euclidean Space
* Shot boundary detection in videos using robust three-dimensional tracking
* Spaces and subspaces of images for recognition
* Spectral histogram representations for visual modeling
* spectral representation for appearance-based classification and recognition, A
* Splitting Factor Analysis and Multi-Class Boosting
* Statistical hypothesis pruning for identifying faces from infrared images
* Statistical Shape Analysis: Clustering, Learning, and Testing
* Texture classification using spectral histograms
* Transductive optimal component analysis
* Two-Stage Optimal Component Analysis
* Universal Analytical Forms for Modeling Image Probabilities
Includes: Liu, X.W.[Xiu Wen] Liu, X.W.[Xiu-Wen] Liu, X.W.[Xin-Wei] Liu, X.W.[Xin-Wang] Liu, X.W.[Xie Wen]
53 for Liu, X.W.

Liu, X.X.[Xiao Xing] Co Author Listing * audio-visual speaker identification using coupled hidden Markov models, A
* Bayesian Approach to Audio-Visual Speaker Identification, A
* Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
* High-Throughput and Multi-Parallel VLSI Architecture for HEVC Deblocking Filter, A
* large-to-fine-scale shape prior for probabilistic segmentations using a deformable m-rep, A
* Low-Rank Atlas Image Analyses in the Presence of Pathologies
* watermarking algorithm for color image based on YIQ color space and Integer Wavelet Transform, A
* Wavelet Extended EMD Noise Reduction Model for Signal Trend Extraction
* What Is Happening in the Video? Annotate Video by Sentence
Includes: Liu, X.X.[Xiao Xing] Liu, X.X.[Xiao-Xing] Liu, X.X.[Xiao-Xiang] Liu, X.X.[Xiao-Xiao] Liu, X.X.[Xian-Xi] Liu, X.X.[Xin-Xia]
9 for Liu, X.X.

Liu, X.Y.[Xin Yue] Co Author Listing * Combating Web spam through trust-distrust propagation with confidence
* Dynamic three-dimensional virtual scene design based on VRML
* effect of baroque music on the PassPoints graphical password, The
* Effective constructing training sets for object detection
* Group Sparse Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Multi-Manifold Learning
* Head Pose Estimation Based on Manifold Embedding and Distance Metric Learning
* investigation of the modified direction feature for cursive character recognition, An
* LiDAR-Derived High Quality Ground Control Information and DEM for Image Orthorectification
* Model of Volumetric Shape for the Analysis of Longitudinal Alzheimer's Disease Data, A
* Multi-manifold modeling for head pose estimation
* new representation method of head images for head pose estimation, A
* Novel Cued-recall Graphical Password Scheme, A
* On-Line Recognition of Handwritten Mathematical Symbols
* Phishing Web page detection
* Quasi-synchronization of switched linearly coupled complex networks
* Smooth Multi-Manifold Embedding for Robust Identity-Independent Head Pose Estimation
* Spatio-Temporal Model for Forest Fire Detection Using HJ-IRS Satellite Data, A
* Topology Preserving Brain Tissue Segmentation Using Graph Cuts
Includes: Liu, X.Y.[Xin Yue] Liu, X.Y.[Xin-Yue] Liu, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu] Liu, X.Y.[Xi-Yang] Liu, X.Y.[Xiao-Yan] Liu, X.Y.[Xiang-Yang] Liu, X.Y.[Xin Yu] Liu, X.Y.[Xiao-Ye] Liu, X.Y.[Xin-Yang] Liu, X.Y.[Xin-Yu] Liu, X.Y.[Xiao-Yue] Liu, X.Y.[Xiao-Yang] Liu, X.Y.[Xiao-Yi]
18 for Liu, X.Y.

Liu, X.Z.[Xue Zheng] Co Author Listing * Bayesian motion blur identification using blur priori
* Boosting image classification with LDA-based feature combination for digital photograph management
* Efficient SAR Processor Based on GPU via CUDA, An
* Error Analysis of Direction Finding for Wide Band Signals Using MUSIC Algorithm
* Kernel Bisecting k-means clustering for SVM training sample reduction
* Learning Kernel in Kernel-Based LDA for Face Recognition Under Illumination Variations
* Multiple kernel discriminant analysis
* Spatial Normalization of Diffusion Tensor Images with Voxel-Wise Reconstruction of the Diffusion Gradient Direction
Includes: Liu, X.Z.[Xue Zheng] Liu, X.Z.[Xue-Zheng] Liu, X.Z.[Xing-Zhao] Liu, X.Z.[Xian-Zhong] Liu, X.Z.[Xiao-Zhang] Liu, X.Z. Liu, X.Z.[Xiao-Zheng]
8 for Liu, X.Z.

Liu, Y.[Yu] Co Author Listing * 3-D Object-Based Scalable Wavelet Video Coding With Boundary Effect Suppression
* 3-D Shape-Adaptive Directional Wavelet Transform for Object-Based Scalable Video Coding
* 3D tracking of deformable surface by propagating feature correspondences
* active contours method based on intensity and reduced Gabor features for texture segmentation, An
* Active query selection for semi-supervised clustering
* Adaptive feature-spatial representation for Mean-shift tracker
* Adaptive measurement rate allocation for block-based compressed sensing of depth maps
* Adaptive post-filtering based on Local Binary Patterns
* Algorithm and Architecture Design of High-Quality Video Upscaling Using Database-Free Texture Synthesis
* Animated Classic Mosaics from Video
* Applying the multi-category learning to multiple video object extraction
* Approach to Urban Traffic State Estimation by Fusing Multisource Information, An
* Array Pattern Synthesis Method with the Constraint of Weight Amplitude Dynamic Range, An
* Assessing Consistency of Five Global Land Cover Data Sets in China
* Automatic 3D tracking system for large swarm of moving objects
* Automatic calibration for inertial measurement unit
* Automatic chessboard corner detection method
* Automatic face image annotation based on a single template with constrained warping deformation
* Automatic Forest Mapping at Individual Tree Levels from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Clouds with a Hierarchical Minimum Cut Method
* Automatic registration of large-scale urban scene point clouds based on semantic feature points
* Automatic Tracking of a Large Number of Moving Targets in 3D
* Batch Mode Active Learning for Object Detection Based on Maximum Mean Discrepancy
* Bibliographic Analysis and Collaboration Patterns of IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems Between 2000 and 2015, A
* Blind Image Quality Assessment Based on High Order Statistics Aggregation
* Blind invisible watermarking for 3D meshes with textures
* boosting approach to learning receptive fields for scene categorization, A
* Bottom-up Geosptial Data Update Mechanism For Spatial Data Infrastructure Updating, A
* Brain-Computer Interface-Based Vehicle Destination Selection System Using P300 and SSVEP Signals, A
* BRDF Representing Method Based on Gaussian Process, A
* Bregman Iteration Based Efficient Algorithm for MR Image Reconstruction From Undersampled K-Space Data
* Calibration of Headphones and Earphone with KEMAR
* Cerebral Artery-Vein Separation Using 0.1-Hz Oscillation in Dual-Wavelength Optical Imaging
* Challenges of Vision for Real-Time Sensor Based Control
* Changes in Growing Season Vegetation and Their Associated Driving Forces in China during 2001-2012
* Classification of Airborne LIDAR Intensity Data Using Statistical Analysis and Hough Transform with Application to Power Line Corridors
* Cloud-Assisted Live Streaming for Crowdsourced Multimedia Content
* Clustering and Visualizing Audio-Visual Dataset on Mobile Devices in a Topic-Oriented Manner
* Coherent bag-of audio words model for efficient large-scale video copy detection
* Color and texture feature fusion using kernel PCA with application to object-based vegetation species classification
* Color constancy by combining low-mid-high level image cues
* Combining Multispectral Imagery with in situ Topographic Data Reveals Complex Water Level Variation in China's Largest Freshwater Lake
* Comparative Assessment of Satellite-Retrieved Surface Net Radiation: An Examination on CERES and SRB Datasets in China
* Compressed-Sensed-Domain L1-PCA Video Surveillance
* Computational Symmetry
* Constrained Sampling Using Simulated Annealing
* Content-based 3D Neuroradiologic Image Indexing and Retrieval: Preliminary Results
* Conversational Video Communication of H.264/AVC with Region-of-Interest Concern
* Coordination between Understanding Historic Buildings and BIM Modelling: A 3D-Output Oriented and typological Data Capture Method
* Correlations between Urbanization and Vegetation Degradation across the World's Metropolises Using DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data
* Crc-Ntmac for Image Tamper Proofing and Authentication, The
* Crevasse Detection in Antarctica Using ASTER Images
* CUDA-MEME: Accelerating motif discovery in biological sequences using CUDA-enabled graphics processing units
* DA-CCD: A novel action representation by Deep Architecture of local depth feature
* Data Separation of L1-minimization for Real-time Motion Detection
* Dealing With User Heterogeneity in P2P Multi-Party Video Conferencing: Layered Distribution Versus Partitioned Simulcast
* Decoding Method Based on Complex ICA for a Multicell Massive MIMO Uplink System
* Deep Structured Models For Group Activity Recognition
* Deformable 3D Fusion: From Partial Dynamic 3D Observations to Complete 4D Models
* Deformable Texture: the Irregular-Regular-Irregular Cycle
* Deformation and Source Parameters of the 2015 Mw 6.5 Earthquake in Pishan, Western China, from Sentinel-1A and ALOS-2 Data
* Delay-Optimized Video Traffic Routing in Software-Defined Interdatacenter Networks
* Dense SIFT for ghost-free multi-exposure fusion
* Depth Image-Based Temporal Error Concealment for 3-D Video Transmission
* Depth-aware salient object detection using anisotropic center-surround difference
* Detect2Rank: Combining Object Detectors Using Learning to Rank
* Detecting and positioning of traffic incidents via video-based analysis of traffic states in a road segment
* Detecting and tracking people in real time with RGB-D camera
* Detecting bids for eye contact using a wearable camera
* Determination of Camera Location from 2-D to 3-D Line and Point Correspondences
* Determining Relation Semantics by Mapping Relation Phrases to Knowledge Base
* Development and Evaluation of an Eyes-Free Interaction Model for Mobile Reading Devices, The
* Development of a Driver Lateral Control Model by Integrating Neuromuscular Dynamics Into the Queuing Network-Based Driver Model
* Development of Efficient Nonlinear Benchmark Bicycle Dynamics for Control Applications
* dHCPS: decentralized hierarchically clustered p2p video streaming
* Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging Based on Adaptive Spherical Integral
* Digital Image Retrieval Using Intermediate Semantic Features and Multistep Search
* Dimensionality reduction for heterogeneous dataset in rushes editing
* Dimensionality reduction for heterogeneous dataset in rushes editing
* Discrepancy measures for selecting optimal combination of parameter values in object-based image analysis
* Discriminative deep belief networks for visual data classification
* Discriminative local binary patterns for human detection in personal album
* Discriminative MR Image Feature Analysis for Automatic Schizophrenia and Alzheimer's Disease Classification
* Distortion-free secret image sharing method with two meaningful shadows
* Document Image Binarization Based on Texture Analysis
* Document Image Binarization Based on Texture Features
* Dominance modulates the effects of eye gaze on the perception of threatening facial expressions
* Downscaling Surface Water Inundation from Coarse Data to Fine-Scale Resolution: Methodology and Accuracy Assessment
* driver fatigue detection method based on multi-sensor signals, A
* DSP Implementation of Deblocking Filter for AVS
* Dynamic Background Subtraction Using Spatial-Color Binary Patterns
* Echo Model Analyses and Imaging Algorithm for High-Resolution SAR on High-Speed Platform
* Edge Based Segmentation of Left and Right Ventricles Using Two Distance Regularized Level Sets
* Edge preserving filter of side scan sonar images with wavelet modulus maxima shift-correlative technique
* EEG-Based Brain-Controlled Mobile Robots: A Survey
* Effect of Correlation and Performances of Base-Experts on Score Fusion, The
* effective computer aided diagnosis system using B-Mode and color Doppler flow imaging for breast cancer, An
* Effective constructing training sets for object detection
* Effective video text detection using line features
* Efficient Feature Detection and Effective Post-Verification for Large Scale Near-Duplicate Image Search
* Efficient kernel descriptor for image categorization via pivots selection
* Efficient Traffic State Estimation for Large-Scale Urban Road Networks
* Eliminating False Matches for the Projective Registration of Free-Form Surfaces With Small Translational Motions
* Embedded wavelet packet object-based image coding based on context classification and quadtree ordering
* Encoding Drive Approach to Reduce Signal Jitter of Interconnection Lines between NoC Routers, An
* Enhancing Video Encoding for Cloud Gaming Using Rendering Information
* Error Analysis of Bistatic SAR Imaging and Stereoscopy Bistatic SAR
* Estimating Biochemical Parameters Of Tea (camellia Sinensis (l.
* Estimating Motion/Structure from Line Correspondences: A Robust Linear Algorithm and Uniqueness Theorems
* Estimating Position of Mobile Robots From Omnidirectional Vision Using an Adaptive Algorithm
* Estimation of Sunlight Direction Using 3D Object Models
* Estimation, smoothing, and characterization of apparent diffusion coefficient profiles from high angular resolution DWI
* Evaluation Method for View Random Access of Multiview Video Coding, An
* Evaluation of a MISR-Based High-Resolution Aerosol Retrieval Method Using AERONET DRAGON Campaign Data
* Evaluation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Rice Growth Monitoring
* Evaluation on the Data Quality of Srtm DEM at the Alpine and Plateau area, North-Western of China, An
* Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting Using Multiscale Graph Cuts
* Expanding MISR LAI Products to High Temporal Resolution With MODIS Observations
* Exploiting three-dimensional (3D) memory stacking to improve image data access efficiency for motion estimation accelerators
* Extended Perspective Three Points Problem, An
* Extracting 3D information from broadcast soccer video
* Extracting Information From Previous Full-Dose CT Scan for Knowledge-Based Bayesian Reconstruction of Current Low-Dose CT Images
* Facial Age Estimation with Images in the Wild
* Facial Asymmetry: A New Biometric
* family of contextual measures of similarity between distributions with application to image retrieval, A
* family of new complex number chaotic maps based image encryption algorithm, A
* fast anti-noise fuzzy C-means algorithm for image segmentation, A
* fast encryption algorithm of color image based on four-dimensional chaotic system, A
* Fast multiresolution motion estimation algorithms for wavelet-based scalable video coding
* fast multiview video transcoder for bitrate reduction, A
* Fast Pedestrian Detection by Cascaded Random Forest with Dominant Orientation Templates
* Fast Power Line Detection and Localization Using Steerable Filter For Active Uav Guidance
* Fast video segment retrieval by Sort-Merge feature selection, boundary refinement, and lazy evaluation
* Feature Modelling of High Resolution Remote Sensing Images Considering Spatial Autocorrelation
* Feature Selection Based on Dependency Margin
* Feature-Oriented Multiple Description Wavelet-Based Image Coding
* Finding Speaker Face Region by Audiovisual Correlation
* Fine Rate Control Algorithm With Adaptive Rounding Offsets (ARO), A
* Fourier phase in Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography
* framework of region-based spatial relations for non-overlapping features and its application in object based image analysis, A
* Frieze and Wallpaper Symmetry Groups Classification under Affine and Perspective Distortion
* From Heuristic Optimization to Dictionary Learning: A Review and Comprehensive Comparison of Image Denoising Algorithms
* FS_SFS: A novel feature selection method for support vector machines
* Functional-Based Table Category Identification in Digital Library
* Fusion of low-and high-dimensional approaches by trackers sampling for generic human motion tracking
* Fusion side information based on feature and motion extraction for distributed multiview video coding
* Gait Sequence Analysis Using Frieze Patterns
* General Method for Detecting All-Zero Blocks Prior to DCT and Quantization, A
* Generalized Pooling for Robust Object Tracking
* Genetic algorithm and mathematical morphology based binarization method for strip steel defect image with non-uniform illumination
* Geospatial Information Categories Mapping in a Cross-lingual Environment: A Case Study of 'Surface Water' Categories in Chinese and American Topographic Maps
* Hand-Gesture Based Text Input for Wearable Computers
* Head-Up Display-Based P300 Brain-Computer Interface for Destination Selection, A
* Heterogeneous Fault Mechanisms of the 6 October 2008 MW 6.3 Dangxiong (Tibet) Earthquake Using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Observations
* Hidden conditional random field for lung nodule detection
* Hierarchical and Networked Vehicle Surveillance in ITS: A Survey
* Hierarchical projective invariant contexts for shape recognition
* Hierarchical Sampling with Constraints
* HMM/MRF-based stochastic framework for robust vehicle tracking, An
* Huaihe Basin Water Resource And Water Quality Management Platform Implemented With A Spatio-temporal Data Model, The
* Human action segmentation and recognition via motion and shape analysis
* Human dynamics based driver model for autonomous car
* Human Identification versus Expression Classification via Bagging on Facial Asymmetry
* Hyperspectral Face Database
* Illumination Robust Color Naming via Label Propagation
* Image Denoising Using Quadtree-Based Nonlocal Means With Locally Adaptive Principal Component Analysis
* Image Resolution Enhancement with Hierarchical Hidden Fields
* Image Retrieval Based on Statistical and Geometry Features
* improved differential box-counting method to estimate fractal dimensions of gray-level images, An
* improved image segmentation algorithm for salient object detection, An
* Improved OIF Elman Neural Network Model with Direction Profit Factor and Its Applications, An
* Improved OIF Elman Neural Network Model with Direction Profit Factor and Its Applications, An
* Improved shot boundary detection method based on text edges
* Improved steganalysis algorithm against motion vector based video steganography
* improved surround suppression model based on orientation contrast for boundary detection, An
* Improving the Table Boundary Detection in PDFs by Fixing the Sequence Error of the Sparse Lines
* Including Signal Intensity Increases the Performance of Blind Source Separation on Brain Imaging Data
* Individual Tree Crown Delineation Techniques for Vegetation Management in Power Line Corridor
* Inferring 3D body pose using variational semi-parametric regression
* Integrating Multiple Source Data to Enhance Variation and Weaken the Blooming Effect of DMSP-OLS Light
* Integration of Physical and Cognitive Human Models to Simulate Driving With a Secondary In-Vehicle Task
* Interface MB-Based Video Content Editing Transcoding
* Interseismic Deformation of the Altyn Tagh Fault Determined by Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) Measurements
* Intrinsic Spin Images: A subspace decomposition approach to understanding 3D deformable shapes
* Invariant Geometric Properties of Image Correspondence Vectors as Rigid Constraints to Motion Estimation
* Investigating Redundant Internet Video Streaming Traffic on iOS Devices: Causes and Solutions
* Investigation of Driver Performance With Night Vision and Pedestrian Detection Systems Part I: Empirical Study on Visual Clutter and Glance Behavior
* Investigation of Driver Performance With Night-Vision and Pedestrian-Detection Systems Part 2: Queuing Network Human Performance Modeling
* Iterative Terrain Recovery Approach to Automated DTM Generation from Airborne Lidar Point Clouds, An
* joint 3D image semantic segmentation and scalable coding scheme with ROI approach, A
* Joint Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction and Dictionary Learning for Face Recognition
* Joint reconstruction of 3D shape and non-rigid motion in a region-growing framework
* Joint Shape and Texture Based X-Ray Cargo Image Classification
* Knowledge-based power line detection for UAV surveillance and inspection systems
* Land Cover Extraction from High Resolution ZY-3 Satellite Imagery Using Ontology-Based Method
* LAR-LLC: A Low-Complexity Multiresolution Lossless Image Codec
* Large-scale image annotation using visual synset
* Large-scale image categorization with explicit data embedding
* Large-scale image retrieval with compressed Fisher vectors
* Latent Gaussian Mixture Regression for Human Pose Estimation
* Learning Graph Model for Different Dimensions Image Matching
* Learning kernel parameters for kernel Fisher discriminant analysis
* Learning Robust Similarity Measures for 3D Partial Shape Retrieval
* Lifetime and Deployment Limits for Mobile, 3D-Perceptual Applications
* Local feature aggregation for blind image quality assessment
* Local R3-Subdivision Algorithm preserving Sharp Features, A
* Mapping Dynamics of Inundation Patterns of Two Largest River-Connected Lakes in China: A Comparative Study
* Mapping Thermal Habitat Of Ectotherms Based On Behavioral Thermoregulation In A Controlled Thermal Environment
* Measurement and Modeling of Video Watching Time in a Large-Scale Internet Video-on-Demand System
* Median Filtering Forensics Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Micromotion Characteristic Acquisition Based on Wideband Radar Phase
* Minimum Enclosing and Maximum Excluding Machine for Pattern Description and Discrimination
* Mining Spatial Temporal Saliency Structure for Action Recognition
* Mobile Traffic Sensor Routing in Dynamic Transportation Systems
* Model Semantic Relations with Extended Attributes
* Modeling and Analysis of Skype Video Calls: Rate Control and Video Quality
* Modeling and Characteristics of Microwave Backscattering From Rice Canopy Over Growth Stages
* Modeling images as mixtures of reference images
* Modeling the Influences of Cyclic Top-Down and Bottom-Up Processes for Reinforcement Learning in Eye Movements
* modified KLT multiple objects tracking framework based on global segmentation and adaptive template, A
* Modulation Classification via Gibbs Sampling Based on a Latent Dirichlet Bayesian Network
* Motion compensated temporal filtering with optimal temporal distance between each motion compensation pair
* Motion Detection Algorithm for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Nighttime Surveillance
* Motion vector refinement for frame rate up conversion on 3D video
* Motion vector refinement for frame rate up conversion on 3D video
* Motion-Aware Decoding of Compressed-Sensed Video
* Moving visual focus in salient object segmentation
* Multi-Sensor Image Fusion: Difficulties and Key Techniques
* Multiframe Error Concealment for Whole-Frame Loss in H.264/AVC
* Multigraph-Based Query-Independent Learning for Video Search
* Multilinear Isometric Embedding for visual pattern analysis
* Multilinear Isometric Embedding for visual pattern analysis
* Multimode Coherent Pattern in Bistatic Scattering From Randomly Corrugated Surfaces With Irregular Grooves at L-Band
* Multiple kernel-based multi-instance learning algorithm for image classification
* Narrow-Band Interference Mitigation for SAR Using Independent Subspace Analysis
* NDVI-Based Analysis on the Influence of Climate Change and Human Activities on Vegetation Restoration in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Region, Central China
* New Approach to Machine Recognition of Chinese Characters, A
* New Face Recognition Algorithm based on Dictionary Learning for a Single Training Sample per Person, A
* new geometric descriptor for symbols with affine deformations, A
* new method of feature fusion and its application in image recognition, A
* new source model and accurate rate control algorithm with QP and rounding offset adaptation, A
* No-reference video quality assessment via feature learning
* Nonlocal Hierarchical Dictionary Learning Using Wavelets for Image Denoising
* Nonrigid Surface Registration and Completion from RGBD Images
* Novel Approach for 3-D Reconstruction of Coronary Arteries From Two Uncalibrated Angiographic Images
* novel chaos-based fragile watermarking for image tampering detection and self-recovery, A
* novel compressed domain shot segmentation algorithm on H.264/AVC, A
* Novel High-Precision Phase-Derived-Range Method for Direct Sampling LFM Radar, A
* Novel Imaging Method for Fast Rotating Targets Based on the Segmental Pseudo Keystone Transform, A
* novel method for stereo matching using Gabor Feature Image and Confidence Mask, A
* Novel Multi-oriented Chinese Text Extraction Approach from Videos, A
* Novel Object of Interest Extraction Method for Mobile Mapping Systems, A
* Novel Rate Control Scheme for Low Delay Video Communication of H.264/AVC Standard, A
* Novel SNR Refinement Scheme for Scalable Video Coding, A
* Object watermarks for digital images and video
* Omni-gradient-based total variation minimisation for sparse reconstruction of omni-directional image
* Omnidirectional-view three-dimensional displays using multiple mini-projectors
* On Achieving Short Channel Switching Delay and Playback Lag in IP-Based TV Systems
* Online Signature Verification Based on DCT and Sparse Representation
* Optical-to-SAR Image Registration Based On Gaussian Mixture Model
* Optimization Based Framework for Human Pose Estimation, An
* Optimizing Visual Search Reranking via Pairwise Learning
* Ordinal preserving projection: a novel dimensionality reduction method for image ranking
* Orientation contrast model for boundary detection
* Orthogonal vs. uncorrelated least squares discriminant analysis for feature extraction
* oval sphere vs. the flat canvas, The
* Overlapped Handwriting Input on Mobile Phones
* Panoramic Gaussian Mixture Model and large-scale range background substraction method for PTZ camera-based surveillance systems
* Parallel Hidden Hierarchical Fields for Multi-scale Reconstruction
* Peer-to-Peer Streaming of Layered Video: Efficiency, Fairness and Incentive
* perceptual stereoscopic image quality assessment model accounting for binocular combination behavior, A
* Performance of Linear and Nonlinear Two-Leaf Light Use Efficiency Models at Different Temporal Scales
* Playing High-End Video Games in the Cloud: A Measurement Study
* practical algorithm for automatic chessboard corner detection, A
* Practical Approach For 3d Building Modeling From Uncalibrated Video Sequences, A
* Practical Orientation Field Estimation for Embedded Fingerprint Recognition Systems
* Pre-extracting method for SVM classification based on the non-parametric K-NN rule
* Private Video Foreground Extraction Through Chaotic Mapping Based Encryption in the Cloud
* Probabilistic 3D Model Retrieval System Using Sphere Image, A
* Projected Iterative Soft-Thresholding Algorithm for Tight Frames in Compressed Sensing Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* PTZ camera-based adaptive panoramic and multi-layered background model
* Quadric Surface Extraction by Variational Shape Approximation
* Quadtree-based non-local Kuan's filtering in video compression
* Quality assessment for out-of-focus blurred images
* Quantified Study of Facial Asymmetry and Gender Difference, A
* Queueing Model Based Intelligent Human-Machine Task Allocator, A
* Queuing Network Modeling of Driver Lateral Control With or Without a Cognitive Distraction Task
* Random Algorithm for Low-Rank Decomposition of Large-Scale Matrices With Missing Entries, A
* Rapid image retargeting based on curve-edge grid representation
* Rate Control of H.264/AVC Scalable Extension
* Rate-Distortion Analysis of Motion-Compensated Rate Scalable Video
* Real-Time Cascaded Video Denoising Algorithm Using Intensity and Structure Tensor, A
* Real-time EEG-based emotion monitoring using stable features
* Real-time human detection and tracking in complex environments using single RGBD camera
* Real-time keystone correction for hand-held projectors with an RGBD camera
* Real-Time Scene Text Detection Based on Stroke Model
* Real-time view synthesis from a sparse set of views
* Recovering audio-to-video synchronization by audiovisual correlation analysis
* Recovery of audio-to-video synchronization through analysis of cross-modality correlation
* Region-based image retrieval with high-level semantics using decision tree learning
* Region-of-Interest Based Resource Allocation for Conversational Video Communication of H.264/AVC
* Registration algorithm based on image matching for outdoor AR system with fixed viewing position
* Relevance feedback for real-world human action retrieval
* Reliability of Travel Time Forecasting, The
* Research and Application of Video Image Bit Rate Control Based on PID Controller and ADV611
* Research on data mining models for the internet of things
* Research on Digital Technology's Application in Preservation Planning of Wenming Historical and Cultural Block in Kunming, A
* Research on Extension of SPARQL Ontology Query Language Considering the Computation of Indoor Spatial Relations
* Research on Positioning and Posing of Mobile Mapping in Metropolis
* Resolution Scalable Coding and Region of Interest Access with Three-Dimensional SBHP Algorithm
* Resolving Ambiguities of Self-calibration in Turntable Motion
* Retrieving Precipitable Water Vapor Data Using GPS Zenith Delays and Global Reanalysis Data in China
* Reversible Data Hiding by Median-Preserving Histogram Modification for Image Contrast Enhancement
* Revisit to Least Squares Orthogonal Distance Fitting of Parametric Curves and Surfaces, A
* Rigid Object Motion Estimation from Intensity Images Using Straight Line Correspondences
* Robust affine iterative closest point algorithm with bidirectional distance
* robust algorithm to estimate the fundamental matrix, A
* Robust block sparse discriminative classification framework
* Robust facial landmark detection using mixture of discriminative visibility-aware models
* robust multivariate reranking algorithm for Question Answering enrichment, A
* Robust Non-rigid Motion Tracking and Surface Reconstruction Using L_0 Regularization
* Robust river boundaries extraction of dammed lakes in mountain areas after Wenchuan Earthquake from high resolution SAR images combining local connectivity and ACM
* Robust Sharpness Metrics Using Reorganized DCT Coefficients for Auto-Focus Application
* Robust solutions to fuzzy one-class support vector machine
* Rotation invariant similarity measure for non-local self-similarity based image denoising
* Rotation, scaling, translation invariant image watermarking based on radon transform
* Saliency detection using two-stage scoring
* Saturation-preserving specular reflection separation
* Scalable Video Multicast in Hybrid 3G/Ad-Hoc Networks
* Scene Segmentation and Semantic Representation for High-Level Retrieval
* Sea and Freshwater Ice Concentration from VIIRS on Suomi NPP and the Future JPSS Satellites
* Searching for Tables in Digital Documents
* Segmentation Based on Routing Image Algorithms
* Self-calibration Based 3D Information Extraction and Application in Broadcast Soccer Video
* Semantic clustering for region-based image retrieval
* Semantic Discriminative Metric Learning for Image Similarity Measurement
* semantic no-reference image sharpness metric based on top-down and bottom-up saliency map modeling, A
* semantic no-reference image sharpness metric based on top-down and bottom-up saliency map modeling, A
* Semi-Automatic Mapping of Tidal Cracks in the Fast Ice Region near Zhongshan Station in East Antarctica Using Landsat-8 OLI Imagery
* Semi-Continuity of Skeletons in Two-Manifold and Discrete Voronoi Approximation
* Semi-supervised Trajectory Learning Using a Multi-Scale Key Point Based Trajectory Representation
* SemiBoost: Boosting for Semi-Supervised Learning
* Semiconducting bilinear deep learning for incomplete image recognition
* Sensor Fusion Based Head Pose Tracking for Flight Cockpit System
* Separating Mangrove Species and Conditions Using Laboratory Hyperspectral Data: A Case Study of a Degraded Mangrove Forest of the Mexican Pacific
* shape matching framework using metric partition constraint, A
* Shape Topics: A Compact Representation and New Algorithms for 3D Partial Shape Retrieval
* SIEVE: Search Images Effectively Through Visual Elimination
* similarity measure between unordered vector sets with application to image categorization, A
* Simple and Efficient Re-Scrambling Scheme for DTV Programs, A
* Simple Ensemble of Extreme Learning Machine
* Simulating Classic Mosaics with Graph Cuts
* Simultaneous feature learning and hash coding with deep neural networks
* Simultaneous image fusion and denoising with adaptive sparse representation
* Skewed Symmetry Groups
* Skull Optical Clearing Solution for Enhancing Ultrasonic and Photoacoustic Imaging
* Smart Car Control Model for Brake Comfort Based on Car Following, A
* Software Pipelines Design for Variable Block-Size Motion Estimation with Large Search Range
* Solar energy potential mapping at a building scale
* Sparse representation using nonnegative curds and whey
* Sparse-view statistical iterative head CT image reconstruction via joint regularization
* Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Global NDVI Trends: Correlations with Climate and Human Factors
* Spatially constrained sparse coding scheme for natural scene categorization
* Spatially-Explicit Simulation Modeling of Ecological Response to Climate Change: Methodological Considerations in Predicting Shifting Population Dynamics of Infectious Disease Vectors
* Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Cropland Conversion in Response to the Grain for Green Project in China's Loess Hilly Region of Yanchuan County
* Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Urban-Rural Development and Transformation in East of the Hu Huanyong Line, China
* Spatiotemporal Saliency Framework, A
* Spectral Graph Partitioning Based on a Random Walk Diffusion Similarity Measure
* Speeding up correlation search for binary data
* Spline Regression Hashing for Fast Image Search
* statistical approach for shadow detection using spatio-temporal contexts, A
* statistical feature based approach to distinguish PRCG from photographs, A
* Statistical metric fusion for image quality assessment
* Statistical Modeling of 3-D Natural Scenes With Application to Bayesian Stereopsis
* Stereo Vision Correspondence Using a Multichannel Graph Matching Technique
* Stroke-Based Character Segmentation of Low-Quality Images on Ancient Chinese Tablet
* structural approach to recognizing incomplete graphic objects, A
* Structure-constrained low-rank and partial sparse representation for image classification
* Structure-Constrained Low-Rank and Partial Sparse Representation with Sample Selection for image classification
* structure-guided conditional sampling model for video resolution enhancement, A
* Study of the Remote Sensing Model of FAPAR over Rugged Terrains
* Study on Measurement Methods of Masking Thresholds
* Study on the Feasibility of RGB Substitute CIR for Automatic Removal Vegetation Occlusion Based On Ground Close-range Building Images
* Subjective rate-distortion optimization in HEVC with perceptual model of multiple faces
* Support Vector Machine and Its Application in Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* Surface Analysis from Video Volumes for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Classification
* survey of content-based image retrieval with high-level semantics, A
* survey of RST invariant image watermarking algorithms, A
* Synchronization Algorithm for Spaceborne/Stationary BiSAR Imaging Based on Contrast Optimization With Direct Signal From Radar Satellite, A
* Taxi-RS: Taxi-Hunting Recommendation System Based on Taxi GPS Data
* temporal error concealment algorithm for H.264/AVC based on edge directions, A
* Temporal Variability of Uncertainty in Pixel-Wise Soil Moisture: Implications for Satellite Validation
* Tensor-based locally maximum margin classifier for image and video classification
* Tensor-based locally maximum margin classifier for image and video classification
* Tensor-Based Transductive Learning for Multimodality Video Semantic Concept Detection
* Tensorial Independent Component Analysis-Based Feature Extraction for Polarimetric SAR Data Classification
* Text detection and recognition in natural scene with edge analysis
* Text detection in natural scene with edge analysis
* Text From Corners: A Novel Approach to Detect Text and Caption in Videos
* Thickness histogram and statistical harmonic representation for 3D model retrieval
* Three Dimensional Face Recognition Using Iso-Geodesic and Iso-Depth Curves
* Three-Dimensional Motion Determination from Real Scene Images Using Straight Line Correspondences
* Three-Dimensional Traffic Scenes Simulation From Road Image Sequences
* Time-Dependent Afterslip of the 2009 Mw 6.3 Dachaidan Earthquake (China) and Viscosity beneath the Qaidam Basin Inferred from Postseismic Deformation Observations
* Tomography-Based 3-D Anisotropic Elastography Using Boundary Measurements
* Top-of-Atmosphere Image Simulation in the 4.3-mu-m Mid-infrared Absorption Bands
* Topology Discovery for Linear Wireless Networks With Application to Train Backbone Inauguration
* Total Variation-Stokes Strategy for Sparse-View X-ray CT Image Reconstruction
* Towards automatic power line detection for a UAV surveillance system using pulse coupled neural filter and an improved Hough transform
* Towards automatic tree crown detection and delineation in spectral feature space using PCNN and morphological reconstruction
* Tracking Based on SURF and Superpixel
* Tracking Generic Human Motion via Fusion of Low- and High-Dimensional Approaches
* Traffic sensor location approach for flow inference
* Truly 3D Midsagittal Plane Extraction for Robust Neuroimage Registration
* two-stage shearlet-based approach for the removal of random-valued impulse noise in images, A
* Typicality-Based Visual Search Reranking
* ultra-fast human detection method for color-depth camera, An
* unequally protected Distributed Compressed Video Sensing algorithm, An
* Unified Framework of Latent Feature Learning in Social Media, A
* Unified Loop Filter for Video Compression
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Route Planning in the Presence of a Threat Environment Based on a Virtual Globe Platform
* Unmixing Component Analysis for Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Unsupervised discriminative feature selection in a kernel space via L2,1-norm minimization
* Using a Head-up Display-Based Steady-State Visually Evoked Potential Brain: Computer Interface to Control a Simulated Vehicle
* Using Image-Based Metrics to Model Pedestrian Detection Performance With Night-Vision Systems
* Validation of a Nonrigid Registration Error Detection Algorithm Using Clinical MRI Brain Data
* Validation of Land Cover Maps in China Using a Sampling-Based Labeling Approach
* Validation of the Suomi NPP VIIRS Ice Surface Temperature Environmental Data Record
* Vegetation Dynamics and Associated Driving Forces in Eastern China during 1999-2008
* Video frame categorization using sort-merge feature selection
* Video Object Segmentation and Tracking Using psi-Learning Classification
* Video Synthesis From Still Images Using 3-D Flow Models
* Video-Based Object Recognition Using Novel Set-of-Sets Representations
* View synthesis for depth from motion 3D X-ray imaging
* Violence detection using Oriented VIolent Flows
* Visual search reranking via adaptive particle swarm optimization
* Visual Tracking Based on Dynamic Coupled Conditional Random Field Model
* Visual Tracking in Continuous Appearance Space via Sparse Coding
* Visual Tracking via Sparse and Local Linear Coding
* VLSI Design of a High-Speed and Area-Efficient JPEG2000 Encoder
* Volumetric Topological Analysis on In Vivo Trabecular Bone Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Water Reflection Recognition Based on Motion Blur Invariant Moments in Curvelet Space
* Water Reflection Recognition Based on Motion Blur Invariant Moments in Curvelet Space
* Water reflection recognition via minimizing reflection cost based on motion blur invariant moments
* Wavelet Transform Based Gaussian Point Spread Function Estimation
* Weakly supervised cross-view action recognition via sequential motion accumulation
* Weakly-Supervised Dual Clustering for Image Semantic Segmentation
* Weighted Adaptive Lifting-Based Wavelet Transform
* Weighted Adaptive Lifting-Based Wavelet Transform for Image Coding
* Weighted Average Consensus-Based Unscented Kalman Filtering
* Weighted Schatten-p Norm Minimization for Image Denoising and Background Subtraction
* What Strikes the Strings of Your Heart?: Feature Mining for Music Emotion Analysis
* What Strikes the Strings of Your Heart?: Feature Mining for Music Emotion Analysis
* Wideband Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radios: A Multistage Wiener Filter Perspective
Includes: Liu, Y.[Yu] Liu, Y.[Ye] Liu, Y.[Yunyun] Liu, Y.[Yi] Liu, Y.[Ying] Liu, Y. Liu, Y.[Yingzhen] Liu, Y.[Yunhui] Liu, Y.[Yang] Liu, Y.[Yuan] Liu, Y.[Yong] Liu, Y.[Yue] Liu, Y.[Yanxu] Liu, Y.[Yuee] Liu, Y.[Yuanbo] Liu, Y.[Yongchao] Liu, Y.[Yuhao] Liu, Y.[Yun] Liu, Y.[Yili] Liu, Y.[Yan] Liu, Y.[Yishu] Liu, Y.[Yuyu] Liu, Y.[Yali] Liu, Y.[Ya] Liu, Y.[Yao] Liu, Y.[Yaohong] Liu, Y.[Yinan] Liu, Y.[Yutao] Liu, Y.[Yibo] Liu, Y.[Yukun] Liu, Y.[Yisi] Liu, Y.[Yanyan] Liu, Y.[Yabo] Liu, Y.[Yaqi] Liu, Y.[Yuanliu] Liu, Y.[Yinghui] Liu, Y.[Yanan] Liu, Y.[Yansui] Liu, Y.[Yanchi] Liu, Y.[Yiyang] Liu, Y.[Yin] Liu, Y.[Yanping] Liu, Y.[Yinxiao]
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Liu, Y.B.[Yang Biao] Co Author Listing * Boosting-Based Visual Tracking Using Structural Local Sparse Descriptors
* Color Light Field Block Truncation Compression using Hierarchical Bit-Plane Prediction
* Continuous depth estimation for multi-view stereo
* Data-Driven Approach for Facial Expression Retargeting in Video, A
* data-driven approach for facial expression synthesis in video, A
* Dynamic Light Field Compression Using Shared Fields and Region Blocks for Streaming Service
* Dynamic Shape Capture via Periodical-Illumination Optical Flow Estimation and Multi-view Photometric Stereo
* Fourier Analysis on Transient Imaging with a Multifrequency Time-of-Flight Camera
* Free-Viewpoint Video of Human Actors Using Multiple Handheld Kinects
* Free-Viewpoint Video Relighting from Multi-View Sequence under General Illumination
* Light field from micro-baseline image pair
* Markerless motion capture of interacting characters using multi-view image segmentation
* Markerless Motion Capture of Multiple Characters Using Multiview Image Segmentation
* Multi-view stereo using multi-luminance images
* Performance Capture of Interacting Characters with Handheld Kinects
* Quantifying the Relationship Between Intersensor Images in Solar Reflective Bands: Implications for Intercalibration
* Shading-Based Dynamic Shape Refinement from Multi-View Video under General Illumination
* small sample size problem of ICA: A comparative study and analysis, The
* Soil Salinity Retrieval from Advanced Multi-Spectral Sensor with Partial Least Square Regression
* Vision field capture for advanced 3DTV applications
* Visual Tracking Using Strong Classifier and Structural Local Sparse Descriptors
Includes: Liu, Y.B.[Yang Biao] Liu, Y.B.[Yang-Biao] Liu, Y.B.[Ye-Bin] Liu, Y.B.[Yuan-Bo]
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Liu, Y.C.[Yun Cai] Co Author Listing * 3D Articulated Motion Estimation from Images
* 3D human model and joint parameter estimation from monocular image
* 3D Motion Segmentation from Straight-Line Optical Flow
* Accelerated Human Motion Tracking System Based on Voxel Reconstruction under Complex Environments, An
* Accurate and Interpretable Bayesian MARS for Traffic Flow Prediction
* Action Recognition Based on Binary Latent Variable Models
* Adaptive appearance learning for human pose estimation
* Adaptive Background Model for Arbitrary-Long Stationary Target
* Adaptive Robust Online Constructive Fuzzy Control of a Complex Surface Vehicle System
* Another way of looking at monocular circle pose estimation
* Applications of projected circle centers in camera calibration
* APPOS: An adaptive partial occlusion segmentation method for multiple vehicles tracking
* Approach to Improve Online Hand-Eye Calibration, An
* Articulated joint estimation from motion using two monocular images
* automation system: generation of digital map data from pictorial map resources, An
* Bimodal gender recognition from face and fingerprint
* Bird's-Eye View Vision System for Vehicle Surrounding Monitoring
* Camera Calibration for Plate Refractive Imaging System
* Camera Calibration from a Single Frame of Planar Pattern
* Camera calibration with enclosing ellipses by an extended application of generalized eigenvalue decomposition
* Camera Calibration With Three Noncollinear Points Under Special Motions
* Characteristic Line of Planar Homography Matrix and Its Applications in Camera Calibration
* Closed-Form Solution of Reconstruction from Nonparallel Stereo Geometry Used in Image Guided System for Surgery, A
* Convex Optimization for Nonrigid Stereo Reconstruction
* Curve-Fitting Method for Correcting Radial Distortion, A
* Deformable surface stereo tracking-by-detection using Second Order Cone Programming.
* Detect coherent motions in crowd scenes based on tracklets association
* Detecting Motion Patterns in Dynamic Crowd Scenes
* Determining 3D structure and motion of man-made objects from image corners
* Determining Straight Line Correspondences from Intensity Images
* Discriminative estimation of 3D human pose using Gaussian processes
* Discriminative probabilistic kernel learning for image retrieval
* discriminative tracklets representation for crowd analysis, A
* Double-Layer Model for Foreground Detection from Video Sequence, A
* Efficient multiple faces tracking based on Relevance Vector Machine and Boosting learning
* Efficient Remote Sensing Image Denoising Method in Extended Discrete Shearlet Domain, An
* Estimating Three-Dimensional Vehicle Motion in an Outdoor Scene from Monocular and Stereo Image Sequences
* Estimation of 3D structure and motion from image corners
* Estimation of Rigid Body Motion Using Straight Line Correspondences
* Estimation of Rigid Body Motion Using Straight Line Correspondences, Further Results
* Experimental Results of 3D Motion Estimation Using Images of Outdoor Scenes
* Extended Shearlet HMT Model-Based Image Denoising Using BKF Distribution
* Face Modeling and Wrinkle Simulation Using Convolution Surface
* fast approach to deformable surface 3D tracking, A
* Fast Predictive Search Algorithm for Video Motion Estimation
* Fingerprint Orientation Field Estimation: Model of Primary Ridge for Global Structure and Model of Secondary Ridge for Correction
* Generative Estimation of 3D Human Pose Using Shape Contexts Matching
* Generative tracking of 3D human motion by hierarchical annealed genetic algorithm
* Graph-based Method to Remove Interferential Curve From Text Image, A
* Hand-Eye Calibration Based on Screw Motions
* high quality MC-OBTC Codec for video signal processing, A
* Human Motion Tracking by Temporal-Spatial Local Gaussian Process Experts
* Human Pose Regression Through Multiview Visual Fusion
* Hybrid generative-discriminative classification using posterior divergence
* Image annotation refinement using semantic similarity correlation
* Image Inpainting with Improved Exemplar-Based Approach
* improved snake model for building detection from urban aerial images, An
* Index compression for vector quantisation using modified coding tree assignment scheme
* Integrating distance metric learning into label propagation model for multi-label image annotation
* L2 approximation for efficient deformable surface 3D tracking
* Linear Algorithm for Motion Estimation Using Straight Line Correspondences, A
* Map Structure Recognition and Automatic Map Data Acquisition
* Method for Detection and Classification of Glass Defects in Low Resolution Images, A
* Model based human motion tracking using probability evolutionary algorithm
* Model for Saliency Detection Using NMFsc Algorithm, A
* Model-based 3D human motion tracking and voxel reconstruction from sparse views
* Modeling of Elastic Articulated Objects and Its Parameters Determination from Image Contours
* Monocular 3-D Tracking of Inextensible Deformable Surfaces Under L_2-Norm
* Monocular 3D Tracking of Deformable Surfaces Using Linear Programming
* Monocular 3D tracking of deformable surfaces using sequential second order cone programming
* Monocular Template-Based Tracking of Inextensible Deformable Surfaces under L2-Norm
* Motion Analysis of Articulated Objects from Monocular Images
* Motion Estimation of Articulated Objects from Perspective Views
* Motion estimation of elastic articulated objects from points and contours with volume invariable constraint
* Motion pattern analysis in crowded scenes based on hybrid generative-discriminative feature maps
* Motion Segmentation by Multibody Trifocal Tensor Using Line Correspondence
* Motion Segmentation of Multiple Translating Objects Using Line Correspondences
* new approach to clustering data with arbitrary shapes, A
* new calibration model of camera lens distortion, A
* new coarse-to-fine rectification algorithm for airborne push-broom hyperspectral images, A
* new method of camera pose estimation using 2D-3D corner correspondence, A
* Nonrigid stereo reconstruction using linear programming
* Note on Estimation with Quantized Data, A
* Novel Extreme Learning Control Framework of Unmanned Surface Vehicles, A
* novel semantic model for video concept detection, A
* Parallelized Annealed Particle Filter for real-time marker-less motion tracking via heterogeneous computing
* Passive Coherent Radar Tracking Algorithm Based on Particle Filter and Multiple TDOA Measurements
* Person re-identification by free energy score space encoding
* Photometric alignment for surround view camera system
* Point pattern matching for articulated or multiple objects
* Preliminary Evaluation of Chinese OCR Systems, A
* projective equation of a circle and its application in camera calibration, The
* Real-Time 3-D Surface Reconstruction from Multiple Cameras
* Recover Human Pose from Monocular Image Under Weak Perspective Projection
* Rectangle Detection Method for Real-Time Extraction of Large Panel Edge, A
* robust algorithm for image principal curve detection, A
* robust algorithm of principal curve detection, A
* Robust segmentation of freight containers in train monitoring videos
* Sediment-Mass Accumulation Rate and Variability in the East China Sea Detected by GRACE
* Semi-Supervised Learning Model Based Efficient Image Annotation
* Set-Based Feature Learning for Person Re-identification via Third-Party Images
* Shared Latent Dynamical Model for Human Tracking from Videos
* Sparse Coding on Local Spatial-Temporal Volumes for Human Action Recognition
* Surround View Camera Solution for Embedded Systems, A
* Temporal-Spatial Local Gaussian Process Experts for Human Pose Estimation
* Tracking 3D Human Motion in Compact Base Space
* Unsupervised scene segmentation using sparse coding context
* Using silhouette for pose estimation of object with surface of revolution
* UTN-Model-Based Traffic Flow Prediction for Parallel-Transportation Management Systems
* Vector quantisation index compression based on a coding tree assignment scheme with improved search-order coding algorithms
* Vehicle license plate location based on mathematical morphology and variance projection
* Vehicle logo recognition by weighted multi-class support vector machine ensembles based on sharpness histogram features
* Vehicle-Type Motion Estimation from Multi-Frame Images
* Vehicle-Type Motion Modeling and Analysis
* virtual teleconferencing system based on face detection and 3D animation in a low-bandwidth environment, A
* Visual saliency detection via rank-sparsity decomposition
* Visual Saliency Detection via Sparsity Pursuit
* VLSI Implementation of the Motion Estimator with 2-Dimensional Data-Reuse
Includes: Liu, Y.C.[Yun Cai] Liu, Y.C.[Yun-Cai] Liu, Y.C.[Yan-Cheng] Liu, Y.C.[Yu-Chih] Liu, Y.C.[Yang-Cheng] Liu, Y.C. Liu, Y.C.[Yuan-Chen] Liu, Y.C.[Yung-Chih] Liu, Y.C.[Yi-Chun] Liu, Y.C.[Yu-Chun] Liu, Y.C.[Yu-Cheng] Liu, Y.C.[Yong-Chun] Liu, Y.C.[Ya-Chi] Liu, Y.C.[Yen-Cheng] Liu, Y.C.[Yi-Chuan] Liu, Y.C.[Yi-Chih]
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Liu, Y.D.[Ya Dong] Co Author Listing * Spatial and Temporal Analysis for Optical Imaging Data Using CWT and tICA
Includes: Liu, Y.D.[Ya Dong] Liu, Y.D.[Ya-Dong]

Liu, Y.F.[Yan Fei] Co Author Listing * Bagging null space locality preserving discriminant classifiers for face recognition
* BP Model Applied to Forecast the Water and Sediment Fluxes in the Yellow River Mouth
* Clustered-Dot Screen Design for Digital Multitoning
* Comparison of Gross Primary Productivity Derived from GIMMS NDVI3g, GIMMS, and MODIS in Southeast Asia
* Contact-free hand geometry identification system
* Dot-Diffused Halftoning With Improved Homogeneity
* Efficient Halftoning Based on Multiple Look-Up Tables
* efficient HOG-ALBP feature for pedestrian detection, An
* Error-Diffused Image Security Improving Using Overall Minimal-Error Searching
* Fast Background Subtraction Based on a Multilayer Codebook Model for Moving Object Detection
* Frame rate up-conversion based on dual criterion motion estimation and motion vector adjustment
* Halftone Image Classification Using LMS Algorithm and Naive Bayes
* Halftone-Image Security Improving Using Overall Minimal-Error Searching
* Hiding Multitone Watermarks in Halftone Images
* Hierarchical Method for Foreground Detection Using Codebook Model
* High Capacity Data Hiding for Error-Diffused Block Truncation Coding
* High efficient Direct Binary Search using Multiple Lookup Tables
* Histogram-Based Chan-Vese Model Driven by Local Contrast Pattern for Texture Image Segmentation, A
* Image Interpolation Based on Weighted and Blended Rational Function
* Impact of the Lips for Biometrics
* Improved Block Truncation Coding Using Optimized Dot Diffusion
* Improved Dot Diffusion by Diffused Matrix and Class Matrix Co-Optimization
* Improved Hand Tracking System
* Inverse Halftoning Based on Bayesian Theorem
* Inverse Halftoning Based on the Bayesian Theorem
* Inverse Halftoning With Context Driven Prediction
* Joint Compression/Watermarking Scheme Using Majority-Parity Guidance and Halftoning-Based Block Truncation Coding
* Low resolution pedestrian detection using light robust features and hierarchical system
* Max-Min Fairness Linear Transceiver Design Problem for a Multi-User SIMO Interference Channel is Polynomial Time Solvable
* New Class Tiling Design for Dot-Diffused Halftoning
* Oriented Modulation for Watermarking in Direct Binary Search Halftone Images
* Overlapped Handwriting Input on Mobile Phones
* Predicting foliar biochemistry of tea (Camellia sinensis) using reflectance spectra measured at powder, leaf and canopy levels
* Projector-Camera Guided Fast Environment Restoration of a Biofeedback System for Rehabilitation
* RBF Model Applied to Forecast the Water and Sediment Fluxes in Lijin Section
* Research in codec optimization and the application of SP-frame in H.264/AVC
* Segmentation by weighted aggregation and perceptual hash for pedestrian detection
* Segmentation of urban traffic scene based on 3D structure
* Tone-Replacement Error Diffusion for Multitoning
* Watermarking for position-mapping-based halftoning
Includes: Liu, Y.F.[Yan Fei] Liu, Y.F.[Yan-Fei] Liu, Y.F.[Yan-Fang] Liu, Y.F.[Yun-Fu] Liu, Y.F.[Yun-Fen] Liu, Y.F.[Yi-Feng] Liu, Y.F. Liu, Y.F.[Yi-Fang] Liu, Y.F.[Ya-Feng] Liu, Y.F.[Ying-Fei] Liu, Y.F.[Yu-Fei]
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Liu, Y.G.[Yi Guang] Co Author Listing * adaptive bimodal recognition framework using sparse coding for face and ear, An
* Coarse-to-fine outlier correction with applications in structure from motion
* DFOB: Detecting and describing features by octagon filter bank for fast image matching
* Distributed IMM Filter Based Dynamic-Group Scheduling Scheme for Maneuvering Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Network
* genetic clustering method for intrusion detection, A
* homography transform based higher-order MRF model for stereo matching, A
* Improved Protocols and Stability Analysis for Multivehicle Cooperative Autonomous Systems
* Low-rank matrix decomposition in L1-norm by dynamic systems
* novel and quick SVM-based multi-class classifier, A
* Probabilistic Framework for Multitarget Tracking with Mutual Occlusions, A
* Pyramid Nearest Neighbor Search Kernel for object categorization, A
* Quasi Monte Carlo localization for mobile robots
* Reconstructing diffusion kurtosis tensors from sparse noisy measurements
* Recovering shape and motion by a dynamic system for low-rank matrix approximation in L_1 norm
* robust face and ear based multimodal biometric system using sparse representation, A
* Robust Prostate Segmentation Using Intrinsic Properties of TRUS Images
* Support vector machine with orthogonal Chebyshev kernel
* Video synchronization based on events alignment
Includes: Liu, Y.G.[Yi Guang] Liu, Y.G.[Yi-Guang] Liu, Y.G.[Yong-Gui] Liu, Y.G.[Yong-Guo] Liu, Y.G.[Yu-Gang] Liu, Y.G.[Yin-Gan]
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Liu, Y.H.[Yong Huai] Co Author Listing * email: Liu, Y.H.[Yong Huai]: Y Liu AT shu ac uk
* 3D Ear Acquisition System Design by Using Triangulation Imaging Principle, A
* 3D Imaging, Analysis and Applications
* 3D Interest Points Detection Using Symmetric Surround-Based Surface Saliency
* 3D point of interest detection via spectral irregularity diffusion
* Accelerating feature-vector matching using multiple-tree and sub-vector methods
* Accurate integration of multi-view range images using k-means clustering
* Accurate Multi-View Stereo 3D Reconstruction for Cost-Effective Plant Phenotyping
* Accurate Overlap Area Detection Using a Histogram and Multiple Closest Points
* Accurately estimating rigid transformations in registration using a boosting-inspired mechanism
* Aperture Collimation Correction and Maximum-Likelihood Image Reconstruction for Near-Field Coded Aperture Imaging of Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography
* Assessment of Total Suspended Sediment Distribution under Varying Tidal Conditions in Deep Bay: Initial Results from HJ-1A/1B Satellite CCD Images
* Automatic 3d free form shape matching using the graduated assignment algorithm
* Automatic Range Image Registration in the Markov Chain
* Automatic Recognition of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Based on Active Shape Model
* Automatic registration of overlapping 3D point clouds using closest points
* Autonomous Driving Simulation for Unmanned Vehicles
* AVHRR Polar Pathfinder Climate Data Records, The
* Circle Detection Based on Voting for Maximum Compatibility
* clustering approach to free form surface reconstruction from multi-view range images, A
* Conditional random field-based mesh saliency
* Constraints for closest point finding
* Contour Guided Hierarchical Model for Shape Matching
* Correspondenceless Motion Estimation from Range Images
* data mining approach to face detection, A
* Deconvolution methods for image deblurring in optical coherence tomography
* Discontinuity-Based Simplification of Free Form Surface From a Range Image
* Displacement Template with Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for Significantly Improving Descriptor Based Face Recognition Approaches
* Distance Constraint Based Iterative Structure and Pose Estimation from a Single Image
* Ear-parotic face angle: A unique feature for 3D ear recognition
* Efficient Approach for Multi-view Face Animation Based on Quasi 3D Model, An
* Evaluating collinearity constraint for automatic range image registration
* Evaluating structural constraints for accurate range image registration
* Evaluation Method for Multiview Surface Reconstruction Algorithms, An
* Exact solution to median surface problem using 3D graph search and application to parameter space exploration
* Extended non-local means filter for surface saliency detection
* Eye synthesis using the eye curve model
* Fast two-cycle curve evolution with narrow perception of background for object tracking and contour refinement
* Fast vector matching methods and their applications to handwriting recognition
* Feature evaluation and selection with cooperative game theory
* Feature-Selection Using A Proximity-Index Optimization Model
* Flag Guided Integration of Multiple Registered Range Images
* Fractal image coding using SSIM
* Free form shape matching using deterministic annealing and softassign
* Free form shape registration using the barrier method
* general probability framework for improving similarity based approaches for face verification, A
* Geometric Understanding of Rigid Body Transformations
* Guest Editorial: Scenes, Images and Objects
* Higher Order CRF for Surface Reconstruction from Multi-view Data Sets
* Improving ICP with easy implementation for free-form surface matching
* Incremental Mesh-based Integration of Registered Range Images: Robust to Registration Error and Scanning Noise
* Inverse validation for accurate range image registration with structured data
* Iterative Algorithm for the Projective Registration of Free Form Surfaces, An
* Language identification of character images using machine learning techniques
* Markov Random Field-Based Clustering for the Integration of Multi-view Range Images
* mean field annealing approach to accurate free form shape matching, A
* Message Passing Matching Dynamics for Overlapping Point Identification
* method for content-based similarity retrieval of images using two dimensional DP matching algorithm, A
* Modelling and simulating worm propagation in static and dynamic traffic
* Motion Parameter Constraints Analysis From a Single Image
* MRF Labeling for Multi-view Range Image Integration
* Multi-target tracking by learning local-to-global trajectory models
* new hybrid method to detect text in natural scene, A
* Novel Design Approach for Contourlet Filter Banks, A
* Novel Method to Cope with Appearing and Disappearing Points for the Projective Registration of Free-form Surfaces, A
* Novel Null Space-Based Kernel Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition, A
* Object recognition using discriminative parts
* On Constructing Facial Similarity Maps
* Optimal Trajectory Space Finding for Nonrigid Structure from Motion
* Optimization Design of Biorthogonal Wavelets for Embedded Image Coding
* Parameter analysis of fractal image compression and its applications in image sharpening and smoothing
* Parameterization of point-cloud freeform surfaces using adaptive sequential learning RBFnetworks
* Patch based saliency detection method for 3D surface simplification
* Penalizing Closest Point Sharing for Automatic Free Form Shape Registration
* prototype classification method and its use in a hybrid solution for multiclass pattern recognition, A
* pseudo linearization method for accurate pose estimation from a single image, A
* Pseudo-linearizing collinearity constraint for accurate pose estimation from a single image
* Real-Time Multi-View Face Detection and Pose Estimation in Video Stream
* Realistic multi-view face animation with aid of 3D PDM
* Registering two overlapping range images using a relative registration error histogram
* Reliable stabilization for a class of uncertain switched systems: A sliding mode control design
* Replicator Dynamics in the Iterative Process for Accurate Range Image Matching
* Robust Approach for Structure from Planar Motion by Stereo Image Sequences, A
* Saliency-guided integration of multiple scans
* Scan integration as a labelling problem
* Scene text detection method based on the hierarchical model
* Scene text detection with superpixels and hierarchical model
* sketch-based 3D model retrieval system, A
* Spatial Sampling Strategies for the Effect of Interpolation Accuracy
* Special Issue on Registration and Fusion of Range Images
* Sphere Image for 3-D Model Retrieval
* Statistical image analysis for pose estimation without point correspondences
* Statistical-Structural Constraint Model for Cartoon Face Wrinkle Representation and Generation, A
* Transforming Least Squares to Weighted Least Squares for Accurate Range Image Registration
* Using Geometric Properties of Correspondence Vectors for the Registration of Free-form Shapes
* Using Region-Based Saliency for 3D Interest Points Detection
* Using retinex for point selection in 3D shape registration
* Using Rigid Constraints to Analyse Motion Parameters from Two Sets of 3D Corresponding Point Pattern
* Video object segmentation by clustering region trajectories
Includes: Liu, Y.H.[Yong Huai] Liu, Y.H.[Yong-Huai] Liu, Y.H.[Ya-Hui] Liu, Y.H.[Ying-Ho] Liu, Y.H. Liu, Y.H.[Yao-Hui] Liu, Y.H.[Yun-Hui] Liu, Y.H.[Yue-Hu] Liu, Y.H.[Ying-Hui] Liu, Y.H.[Yi-Heng] Liu, Y.H.[Yang-Hua] Liu, Y.H.[Yan-Heng] Liu, Y.H.[Yun-Hsueh] Liu, Y.H.[Yong-Hui] Liu, Y.H.[Yan-Hua]
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Liu, Y.J.[Yong Jin] Co Author Listing * 3D model retrieval based on color + geometry signatures
* Attending to Motion: Localizing and Classifying Motion Patterns in Image Sequences
* Attending to visual motion
* CASME database: A dataset of spontaneous micro-expressions collected from neutralized faces
* Construction of Iso-Contours, Bisectors, and Voronoi Diagrams on Triangulated Surfaces
* Design of A Novel Gait Simulator for Rehabilitation Training
* Discriminant performance of the algebraic features of handwritten character images
* Efficient Implementation of RBF-Based Progressive Point-Sampled Geometry, An
* Fast Search Algorithms for Vector Quantization of Images Using Multiple Triangle Inequalities and Wavelet Transform
* Global Biharmonic Framework for Robust Non-rigid Model Retrieval
* Graph Contexts for Retrieving Deformable Non-rigid 3D Shapes
* High capacity turtle shell-based data hiding
* Interactive Spiral Tape Video Summarization, An
* Multiresolution Shape Modeling and Editing in Reverse Engineering
* Note on Industrial Applications of Hu's Surface Extension Algorithm
* Novel Earthquake Education System Based on Virtual Reality, A
* On The Evaluation Of Progressive Point-sampled Geometry
* Optimized triangle mesh reconstruction from unstructured points
* Phase retrieval from a single near-field diffraction pattern with a large Fresnel number
* Planar Shape Matching and Feature Extraction Using Shape Profile
* Sketch-Based Annotation and Visualization in Video Authoring
* Structural Approach to Online Chinese Character Recognition, A
* Visual-based robotic control without joint velocities
Includes: Liu, Y.J.[Yong Jin] Liu, Y.J.[Yong-Jin] Liu, Y.J.[Yue-Ju] Liu, Y.J.[Yong-Jiu] Liu, Y.J.[Ying-Jiang] Liu, Y.J. Liu, Y.J.[Yu-Jie] Liu, Y.J.[Yan-Jun] Liu, Y.J.[Yi-Jin] Liu, Y.J.[Yin-Juan]
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Liu, Y.K.[Ya Kuang] Co Author Listing * Breast cancer diagnosis using image retrieval for different ultrasonic systems
* Compressed vertex chain codes
* Directional difference chain codes with quasi-lossless compression and run-length encoding
* efficient chain code with Huffman coding, An
* Local stereo matching with adaptive support-weight, rank transform and disparity calibration
* Maneuvering Target Tracking in the Case of Wakes
* Novel Thresholding Approach to Background Subtraction, A
* Object Contour Extraction Based on Intensity and Texture Information
* Real-Time Global Motion Vectors Estimation Based on Phase Correlation and Gray Projection Algorithm
* Unsigned Manhattan chain code
Includes: Liu, Y.K.[Ya Kuang] Liu, Y.K.[Ya-Kuang] Liu, Y.K.[Yong Kui] Liu, Y.K.[Yong-Kui] Liu, Y.K.[Yuan-Kun] Liu, Y.K.[Yuan-Kui] Liu, Y.K.[Yi-Kun] Liu, Y.K.[Yang-Ke]
10 for Liu, Y.K.

Liu, Y.L.[Ying Lu] Co Author Listing * Adaptive spatial pooling for image classification
* Analyzing the Shape Characteristics of Land Use Classes in Remote Sensing Imagery
* approach for developing Landsat-5 TM-based retrieval models of suspended particulate matter concentration with the assistance of MODIS, An
* Bilinear Neighborhood Discriminant Embedding and Its Non-Iterative Solution Algorithm
* Characterizing land-use classes in remote sensing imagery by shape metrics
* Color face image decomposition under complex lighting conditions
* Compact Spatial Feature Representation for Image Classification, A
* Discriminative structured outputs prediction model and its efficient online learning algorithm
* Domain adaptation for land use classification: A spatio-temporal knowledge reusing method
* Fast Non-Local Algorithm for Image Denoising
* Frequency-Hopping Subspace-Based Optimization Method for Reconstruction of 2-D Large Uniaxial Anisotropic Scatterers With TE Illumination, A
* HONNs with ELM algorithm for medical applications
* IAIR-CarPed: A psychophysically annotated dataset with fine-grained and layered semantic labels for object recognition
* Intrinsic Image Decomposition from Pair-Wise Shading Ordering
* Learning to describe color composition of visual objects
* Light mixture intrinsic image decomposition based on a single RGB-D image
* Light source estimation of outdoor scenes for mixed reality
* Object detection using discriminative photogrammetric context
* Quality Assessment of S-NPP VIIRS Land Surface Temperature Product
* Responses of Natural Vegetation Dynamics to Climate Drivers in China from 1982 to 2011
* RGB-D Based Face Reconstruction and Recognition
* Rigorous Photogrammetric Processing Of Chang'e-1 And Chang'e-2 Stereo Imagery For Lunar Topographic Mapping
* ROI-Based Reversible Data Hiding Scheme for Medical Images with Tamper Detection
* ROI-based reversible data hiding scheme in encrypted medical images, A
* Self-Calibration Bundle Adjustment Method for Photogrammetric Processing of Chang 'E-2 Stereo Lunar Imagery, A
* Simultaneous searching of globally optimal interacting surfaces with shape priors
* System response matrix calculation using symmetries for dual-head PET scanners
* Transferability of a Visible and Near-Infrared Model for Soil Organic Matter Estimation in Riparian Landscapes
Includes: Liu, Y.L.[Ying Lu] Liu, Y.L.[Ying-Lu] Liu, Y.L. Liu, Y.L.[Yao-Lin] Liu, Y.L.[Yong-Li] Liu, Y.L.[Yan-Li] Liu, Y.L.[Yuan-Liu] Liu, Y.L.[Yi-Lun] Liu, Y.L.[Yu-Lang] Liu, Y.L.[Yun-Ling] Liu, Y.L.[Yu-Ling] Liu, Y.L.[Yan-Lan] Liu, Y.L.[Yu-Lun] Liu, Y.L.[Yi-Liang] Liu, Y.L.[Yun-Long] Liu, Y.L.[Yi-Long]
28 for Liu, Y.L.

Liu, Y.M.[Yi Min] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Compressed Sensing via Minimizing Cramer-Rao Bound
* Automatic Detection Algorithm for Surface Defects in TFT-LCD, An
* Automatic Image Annotation Based on Scene Analysis
* IKONOS Image-Based Extraction of the Distribution Area of Stellera chamaejasme L. in Qilian County of Qinghai Province, China
* method for recognizing overlapping elliptical bubbles in bubble image, A
* One-Bit Quantizer Design for Multisensor GLRT Fusion
* Stable Orthogonal Local Discriminant Embedding for Linear Dimensionality Reduction
* Textual Query of Personal Photos Facilitated by Large-Scale Web Data
Includes: Liu, Y.M.[Yi Min] Liu, Y.M.[Yi-Min] Liu, Y.M.[Yu-Min] Liu, Y.M.[Yong-Mei] Liu, Y.M.[Yin-Mingzi] Liu, Y.M.[Yu-Meng] Liu, Y.M.[Ya-Min] Liu, Y.M.[Yi-Ming]
8 for Liu, Y.M.

Liu, Y.N.[Yu Nan] Co Author Listing * Local Quaternion PHT Based Robust Color Image Watermarking Algorithm
* Symmetric Sparse Representation Based Band Selection Method for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification, A
Includes: Liu, Y.N.[Yu Nan] Liu, Y.N.[Yu-Nan] Liu, Y.N.[Yin-Nian]

Liu, Y.P.[Yong Pan] Co Author Listing * Application of Global Fuzzy C-Means (GFCM) Clustering Algorithm in Color Transfer
* Detail-generating geometry completion for point-sampled geometry
* Fast Hausdorff Matching Algorithm between Infrared and Optical Image Using PBIL Strategies, A
* H.264/SVC error resilience strategies for 3G video service
* Integrating Multiple Source Data to Enhance Variation and Weaken the Blooming Effect of DMSP-OLS Light
* Interactive H.264/SVC error control methods design and implementation
* Line-based Multi-Label Energy Optimization for fisheye image rectification and calibration
* new active contour model-based segmentation approach for accurate extraction of the lesion from breast DCE-MRI, A
* Phases measure of image sharpness based on quaternion wavelet
* Small-world brain functional network altered by watching 2D/3DTV
* Target Recognition Based on a Novel Riemannian Map
Includes: Liu, Y.P.[Yong Pan] Liu, Y.P.[Yong-Pan] Liu, Y.P.[Yun-Peng] Liu, Y.P.[Yu-Peng] Liu, Y.P.[Ya-Ping] Liu, Y.P.[Yi-Ping] Liu, Y.P.[Yi-Peng] Liu, Y.P.[Yu-Ping]
11 for Liu, Y.P.

Liu, Y.Q.[Yi Qun] Co Author Listing * Fast motion blur compensation in HEVC using fixed-length filter
* Improved Support Vector Machines with Distance Metric Learning
* Multiple pedestrians tracking algorithm by incorporating histogram of oriented gradient detections
* Spatial and temporal correlation based frame rate up-conversion
* Spatial String Matching for Image Classification
* Supervised Visual Vocabulary with Category Information
* Virtual Reality Based Navigation Training for Astronaut Moving in a Simulated Space Station
Includes: Liu, Y.Q.[Yi Qun] Liu, Y.Q.[Yi-Qun] Liu, Y.Q.[Yun-Qiang] Liu, Y.Q.[Yi-Qing] Liu, Y.Q.[Yu-Qing]
7 for Liu, Y.Q.

Liu, Y.S.[Yu Shen] Co Author Listing * Computing the Inner Distances of Volumetric Models for Articulated Shape Description with a Visibility Graph
* Cryptanalyzing a class of image encryption schemes based on Chinese remainder theorem
* Foveation-based image quality assessment
* Harmonic mean normalized Laplace-Beltrami spectral descriptor
* Intelligent Spot Detection for 2-DE Gel Image
* Moving Object Segmentation Based on Video Coding Information in H.264 Compressed Domain
* Moving Object Segmentation in the H.264 Compressed Domain
* Multilinear Nonparametric Feature Analysis
* Multiple HOG templates for gait recognition
* Parallel relevance feedback for 3D model retrieval based on fast weighted-center particle swarm optimization
* Polling an image for circles by random lines
* Scale and skew-invariant road sign recognition
* Surface area estimation of digitized 3D objects using quasi-Monte Carlo methods
Includes: Liu, Y.S.[Yu Shen] Liu, Y.S.[Yu-Shen] Liu, Y.S.[Yuan-Sheng] Liu, Y.S.[Yi-Shih] Liu, Y.S.[Yu-Song] Liu, Y.S.[Yi-Sheng] Liu, Y.S.[Yu-Shu] Liu, Y.S.[Yu-Sheng] Liu, Y.S.
13 for Liu, Y.S.

Liu, Y.T.[Yi Tong] Co Author Listing * adaptive search range method for HEVC with the k-nearest neighbor algorithm, An
* Efficient Approach for Facial Feature Detection Using Geometrical Face Model, An
* Face Image Super-Resolution Based on Topology ICA and Sparse Representation
* Facial Feature Detection Using Geometrical Face Model: An Efficient Approach
* Fast CU splitting and pruning method based on online learning for intra coding in HEVC
* Novel Structure of HTTP Adaptive Streaming Based on Unequal Error Protection Rateless Code, A
* Research on the Visualization and Simulation of Branch Breaking Based on Physical and Stochastic Approaches
* ROI image retrieval method based on CVAAO, A
* Similarity Measure for Superquadrics
Includes: Liu, Y.T.[Yi Tong] Liu, Y.T.[Yi-Tong] Liu, Y.T. Liu, Y.T.[Yong-Tao] Liu, Y.T.[Yun-Ting] Liu, Y.T.[Yi-Tung]
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Liu, Y.W.[Yan Wei] Co Author Listing * 3D Visual Experience Oriented Cross-Layer Optimized Scalable Texture Plus Depth Based 3D Video Streaming Over Wireless Networks
* Binocular video object tracking with fast disparity estimation
* Computation scalable disparity estimation for delay sensitive 3D video surveillance system
* cooperative protocol for video streaming in dense small cell wireless relay networks, A
* Dynamic video object detection with single PTU camera
* hybrid gray image representation using spatial- and DCT-based approach with application to moment computation, A
* Integrating stereoscopic image transcoding with retargeting for mobile streaming
* Intrinsic flexibility exploiting for scalable video streaming over multi-channel wireless networks
* Joint video/depth rate allocation for 3D video coding based on view synthesis distortion model
* Joint video/depth/FEC rate allocation with considering 3D visual saliency for scalable 3D video streaming
* RD-optimized interactive streaming of multiview video with multiple encodings
* Research on Target Damage Assessment Based on SAR Images
* Scalable 3D video streaming over P2P networks with playback length changeable chunk segmentation
* SSIM-Based Error-Resilient Cross-Layer Optimization for Wireless Video Streaming
* SSIM-based error-resilient rate-distortion optimization of H.264/AVC video coding for wireless streaming
* Statistical modeling and signal selection in multivariate time series pattern classification
* Utility-Based H.264/SVC Video Streaming Over Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio Networks
* wireless video surveillance system with an active camera, A
Includes: Liu, Y.W.[Yan Wei] Liu, Y.W.[Yan-Wei] Liu, Y.W.[Yau-Wen] Liu, Y.W.[Yu-Wen] Liu, Y.W.[Yung-Wen]
18 for Liu, Y.W.

Liu, Y.X.[Yong Xue] Co Author Listing * Automated Extraction and Mapping for Desert Wadis from Landsat Imagery in Arid West Asia
* Automatic Extracting Residential Areas from Color Scanned Topographical Maps
* Automatic lattice detection in near-regular histology array images
* Automatic Surveillance Camera Calibration without Pedestrian Tracking
* Bayesian Body Localization Using Mixture of Nonlinear Shape Models
* Body Localization in Still Images Using Hierarchical Models and Hybrid Search
* Classification Based Euclidean Similarity Metric for 3D Image Retrieval, A
* Combination of overlap-driven adjustment and Phong model for LiDAR intensity correction
* comparison of waveform processing algorithms for single-wavelength LiDAR bathymetry, A
* Comparison Study of Four Texture Synthesis Algorithms on Regular and Near-regular Textures, A
* Complexity Control for Real-Time Video Coding
* computational model for periodic pattern perception based on frieze and wallpaper groups, A
* Computational Model for Repeated Pattern Perception using Frieze and Wallpaper Groups, A
* Computational Symmetry in Computer Vision and Computer Graphics
* Contour-Based Robust Algorithm for Text Detection in Color Images, A
* Curved Glide-Reflection Symmetry Detection
* Curved Reflection Symmetry Detection with Self-validation
* Data driven mean-shift belief propagation for non-gaussian MRFs
* Deformed Lattice Detection in Real-World Images Using Mean-Shift Belief Propagation
* Deformed Lattice Discovery Via Efficient Mean-Shift Belief Propagation
* DEM Construction Method for Inconstant Inter-Tidal Zone Base on Short-Interval, High Frequency MODIS Data Set: A Case Study in the Dongsha Sandbank of the Jiangsu Radial Tidal Sand-Ridges, A
* Detecting and matching repeated patterns for automatic geo-tagging in urban environments
* Discovering Texture Regularity as a Higher-Order Correspondence Problem
* Double Strobe Technique for Unambiguous Tracking of TMBOC Modulated Signal in GPS
* Efficient mean shift belief propagation for vision tracking
* enhancement of leaky prediction layered video coding, An
* Estimating the camera direction of a geotagged image using reference images
* Expression Classification using Wavelet Packet Method on Asymmetry Faces
* Facial asymmetry quantification for expression invariant human identification
* GRASP Recurring Patterns from a Single View
* Image de-fencing
* Image De-fencing Revisited
* Land Subsidence over Oilfields in the Yellow River Delta
* Lattice-Based MRF Model for Dynamic Near-Regular Texture Tracking, A
* Local Expert Forest of Score Fusion for Video Event Classification
* Local facial asymmetry for expression classification
* Local Regularity-Driven City-Scale Facade Detection from Aerial Images
* Motion Texture
* Multi-target tracking of time-varying spatial patterns
* Non-Equal Spacing Division of HSV Components for Wood Image Retrieval
* Novel Noise Reduction Algorithm Based on Direction Correlation, A
* Online Selection of Discriminative Tracking Features
* Patch based image denoising using the finite ridgelet transform for less artifacts
* Performance evaluation of state-of-the-art discrete symmetry detection algorithms
* Promise and Perils of Near-Regular Texture, The
* PSU Near-Regular Texture Database
* Quantified Study of Facial Asymmetry in 3D Faces, A
* Quantitative Analysis of the Waterline Method for Topographical Mapping of Tidal Flats: A Case Study in the Dongsha Sandbank, China
* Quantitative Evaluation of Near Regular Texture Synthesis Algorithms
* Quantitative Evaluation of Symmetry Detection Algorithms, A
* Rate distortion analysis of leaky prediction layered video coding using quantization noise modeling
* Rate-distortion analysis of weighted prediction for error resilience
* Representation and matching of articulated shapes
* River Detection in Remotely Sensed Imagery Using Gabor Filtering and Path Opening
* robust algorithm for text detection in color images, A
* Robust autocalibration for a surveillance camera network
* Robust midsagittal plane extraction from normal and pathological 3-D neuroradiology images
* Rotation symmetry group detection via frequency analysis of frieze-expansions
* Scene geometric recognition from monocular image
* Semi-Automatic Registration of Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data Using Building Corner Matching with Boundaries as Reliability Check
* Shape Variation-Based Frieze Pattern for Robust Gait Recognition
* Skewed Rotation Symmetry Group Detection
* Stage-based 3D scene reconstruction from single image
* Steganalysis Based on Double JPEG Compression
* SVM decision boundary based discriminative subspace induction
* Symmetry Detection from RealWorld Images Competition 2013: Summary and Results
* Texture Replacement in Real Images
* Towards efficient automated characterization of irregular histology images via transformation to frieze-like patterns
* Tracking Dynamic Near-Regular Texture Under Occlusion and Rapid Movements
* Tracking Sports Players with Context-Conditioned Motion Models
* Training data recycling for multi-level learning
* Training set size, scale, and features in Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis of very high resolution unmanned aerial vehicle imagery
* Translation-Symmetry-Based Perceptual Grouping with Applications to Urban Scenes
* Wavelet Image Coding Using Cluster Growing Embedding
Includes: Liu, Y.X.[Yong Xue] Liu, Y.X.[Yong-Xue] Liu, Y.X.[Yun-Xiang] Liu, Y.X.[Yan-Xi] Liu, Y.X.[Yan-Xiong] Liu, Y.X.[Yu-Xin] Liu, Y.X.[Yang-Xing] Liu, Y.X.[Ying-Xiang] Liu, Y.X.[Yi-Xing] Liu, Y.X.[Ya-Xin] Liu, Y.X.[Yun-Xia] Liu, Y.X.[Yi-Xian]
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Liu, Y.Y.[Yi Y.] Co Author Listing * Advantages of Using Microwave Satellite Soil Moisture over Gridded Precipitation Products and Land Surface Model Output in Assessing Regional Vegetation Water Availability and Growth Dynamics for a Lateral Inflow Receiving Landscape
* Design of A Novel Gait Simulator for Rehabilitation Training
* Dirichlet-tree distribution enhanced random forests for facial feature detection
* efficient matrix factorization based low-rank representation for subspace clustering, An
* Efficient Matrix Factorization Method for Tensor Completion, An
* Fast semi-supervised clustering with enhanced spectral embedding
* fast tri-factorization method for low-rank matrix recovery and completion, A
* Merging Alternate Remotely-Sensed Soil Moisture Retrievals Using a Non-Static Model Combination Approach
* Monte Carlo Tracking Method with Threshold Constraint
* New Method of Image Encryption/Decryption via Voice Features, A
* Novel Geometric Algorithm for Blind Image Restoration Based on High-Dimensional Space, A
* Novel Moving Target Imaging Algorithm for HRWS SAR Based on Local Maximum-Likelihood Minimum Entropy, A
* On-Line Bubble Inspection Method for Automated Vacuum Casting Controlling System
* Robust Channel-Calibration Algorithm for Multi-Channel in Azimuth HRWS SAR Imaging Based on Local Maximum-Likelihood Weighted Minimum Entropy, A
* Robust Clutter Suppression and Moving Target Imaging Approach for Multichannel in Azimuth High-Resolution and Wide-Swath Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Semi-supervised learning with nuclear norm regularization
* Soft Hough Forest-ERTs: Generalized Hough Transform based object detection from soft-labelled training data
* Sparse Regularization of Interferometric Phase and Amplitude for InSAR Image Formation Based on Bayesian Representation
* Study on seismic imaging block modeling method
Includes: Liu, Y.Y.[Yi Y.] Liu, Y.Y.[Yan-Yang] Liu, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yuan] Liu, Y.Y.[Yan-Ying] Liu, Y.Y.[Yang-Yang] Liu, Y.Y.[Ying-Ying]
19 for Liu, Y.Y.

Liu, Y.Z.[Yan Zi] Co Author Listing * Classification-Driven medical Image Retrieval
* Contour-motion feature (CMF): A space-time approach for robust pedestrian detection
* Extracting salient region for pornographic image detection
* Fast Moving Region Detection Scheme in Ad Hoc Sensor Network
* Geodesic Invariant Feature: A Local Descriptor in Depth
* Granularity-tunable gradients partition (GGP) descriptors for human detection
* Hyperspectral classification via learnt features
* Image Evaluation Factors
* Inter-frame Differential Energy Video Watermarking Algorithm Based on Compressed Domain
* Isometric Mapping Hashing
* Isotropic Granularity-tunable gradients partition (IGGP) descriptors for human detection
* Learning Hierarchical Feature Representation in Depth Image
* Learning high-dimensional networks with nonlinear interactions by a novel tree-embedded graphical model
* Nonparametric background generation
* Optimal depth recovery using image guided TGV with depth confidence for high-quality view synthesis
* Pairwise weak geometric consistency for large scale image search
* Spatial-Temporal Granularity-Tunable Gradients Partition (STGGP) Descriptors for Human Detection
Includes: Liu, Y.Z.[Yan Zi] Liu, Y.Z.[Yan-Zi] Liu, Y.Z.[Ya-Zhou] Liu, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhi] Liu, Y.Z.[Yan-Zhen] Liu, Y.Z.[Ya-Zhuo]
17 for Liu, Y.Z.

Liu, Z.[Zhi] Co Author Listing * 3D shape recursive decomposition by Poisson equation
* 3D shape retrieval by Poisson histogram
* Active Lighting for Video Conferencing
* Adaptive Block-Wise Compressive Image Sensing Based on Visual Perception
* adaptive early termination of mode decision using inter-layer correlation in scalable video coding, An
* Adaptive Inter-Mode Decision for HEVC Jointly Utilizing Inter-Level and Spatiotemporal Correlations
* Adaptive Visual Tracking Control for Manipulator With Actuator Fuzzy Dead-Zone Constraint and Unmodeled Dynamic
* Analysis on the Change of Vegetation Coverage in Qinghai Province from 2000 to 2012
* Anomaly detection in surveillance video using motion direction statistics
* Audio watermarking techniques using sinusoidal patterns based on pseudorandom sequences
* Automatic method for white matter lesion segmentation based on T1-fluid-attenuated inversion recovery images
* Automatic segmentation of focused objects from images with low depth of field
* Bayesian Framework for Accurate Eye Center Localization, A
* Cast Shadow Removal Combining Local and Global Features
* Cast Shadow Removal in a Hierarchical Manner Using MRF
* Cast Shadow Removal with GMM for Surface Reflectance Component
* Characterization of surface deformation with the Edge of LightTM technique
* Characterizing Traffic Conditions from the Perspective of Spatial-Temporal Heterogeneity
* Classification of clouds in satellite imagery using over-complete dictionary via sparse representation
* Co-Saliency Detection Based on Hierarchical Segmentation
* Co-Saliency Detection via Co-Salient Object Discovery and Recovery
* Collaborations Patterns and Productivity Analysis for IEEE T-ITS Between 2010 and 2013
* Collaborative Wireless Freeview Video Streaming With Network Coding
* Comprehensive Evaluation and Analysis of the Performance of Multiple Tropospheric Models in China Region, A
* Compressive sampling in fast wavelet-encoded MRI
* Content personalization and adaptation for three-screen services
* Content-Based 3D Retrieval by Krawtchouk Moments
* Context enhancement through infrared vision: a modified fusion scheme
* Context formation by mutual information maximization
* Contextual Hashing for Large-Scale Image Search
* Cost-sensitive background subtraction
* Cross-Indexing of Binary SIFT Codes for Large-Scale Image Search
* CU Partition Mode Decision for HEVC Hardwired Intra Encoder Using Convolution Neural Network
* Deblocking strength prediction based CTU-level SAO category determination in HEVC encoder
* Deep Learning Face Attributes in the Wild
* Detecting News Reporting Using Audio/Visual Information
* Direct Parametric Image Reconstruction in Reduced Parameter Space for Rapid Multi-Tracer PET Imaging
* Directive Contrast Based Multimodal Medical Image Fusion in NSCT Domain
* Discrete Total Variation Model with Gradient Fidelity Term for Image Restoration
* Distributed Markov decision process in cooperative peer recovery for WWAN multiview video multicast
* Distributed Modeling in a MapReduce Framework for Data-Driven Traffic Flow Forecasting
* Double Strobe Technique for Unambiguous Tracking of TMBOC Modulated Signal in GPS
* Dynamic Evidential Reasoning for Change Detection in Remote Sensing Images
* Dynamic tongueprint: A novel biometric identifier
* Early SKIP mode decision for MVC using inter-view correlation
* Effective CU Size Decision for HEVC Intracoding
* Effective CU Size Decision Method for HEVC Encoders, An
* effective view and time-invariant action recognition method based on depth videos, An
* Efficient Embedded Zerotree Wavelet Image Codec Based on Intraband Partitioning, An
* efficient face segmentation algorithm based on binary partition tree, An
* Efficient image features selection and weighting for fundamental matrix estimation
* Efficient Intermode Decision Algorithm Based on Motion Homogeneity for H.264/AVC, An
* Efficient O(1) edge-aware filter
* Efficient prediction of CU depth and PU mode for fast HEVC encoding using statistical analysis
* Efficient saliency detection based on gaussian models
* Efficient Saliency-Model-Guided Visual Co-Saliency Detection
* Efficient, simultaneous detection of multi-class geospatial targets based on visual saliency modeling and discriminative learning of sparse coding
* Enhancing Person Re-identification by Integrating Gait Biometric
* Estimation of Forest Topsoil Properties Using Airborne LiDAR-Derived Intensity and Topographic Factors
* Evaluation of Color-Difference Formulae Based on Small Color Difference Data by Printed Sample
* Evaluation of HY-2A Scatterometer Wind Vectors Using Data from Buoys, ERA-Interim and ASCAT during 2012-2014
* Evaluation of MODIS LAI/FPAR Product Collection 6. Part 1: Consistency and Improvements
* Evaluation of MODIS LAI/FPAR Product Collection 6. Part 2: Validation and Intercomparison
* Extracting Multiple Features in the CID Color Space for Face Recognition
* Face Detection and Tracking in Video Using Dynamic Programming
* Face Image Super-Resolution Based on Topology ICA and Sparse Representation
* Facial descriptor for Kinect depth using inner-inter-normal components local binary patterns and tensor histograms
* Fast Coding-Mode Selection and CU-Depth Prediction Algorithm Based on Text-Block Recognition for Screen Content Coding
* Fast Inter Mode Decision Using Spatial Property of Motion Field
* Fast mode decision for multiview video coding
* Fast TU size decision algorithm for HEVC encoders using Bayesian theorem detection
* Feature Template Based 3d Model Retrieval
* feature-based metric for the quantitative evaluation of pixel-level image fusion, A
* Foreground Object Detection Using Top-Down Information Based on EM Framework
* Frame-level bit allocation based on incremental PID algorithm and frame complexity estimation
* FRATS: Functional Regression Analysis of DTI Tract Statistics
* Fuzzy Belief and Scene Interpretation
* Generalized compressive detection of stochastic signals using Neyman-Pearson theorem
* Geostationary Satellite Observation of Precipitable Water Vapor Using an Empirical Orthogonal Function (EOF) based Reconstruction Technique over Eastern China
* H.264/MVC interleaving for real-time multiview video streaming
* Hierarchical Filtered Motion for Action Recognition in Crowded Videos
* Image denoising using Contourlet and two-dimensional Principle Component Analysis
* Image fusion based on a sparse linear system
* Image fusion by using steerable pyramid
* Image Ratio Features for Facial Expression Recognition Application
* Image segmentation based on Differential Evolution algorithm
* Improved LOT Model for Image Restoration, An
* Improving Remote Sensing of Aerosol Optical Depth over Land by Polarimetric Measurements at 1640 nm: Airborne Test in North China
* Improving Saliency Detection Via Multiple Kernel Boosting and Adaptive Fusion
* Incidental Delivery Based Method for Resolving Multirobot Pairwised Transportation Problems, An
* Infrared Ship Target Image Smoothing Based on Adaptive Mean Shift
* Insignificant Shadow Detection for Video Segmentation
* Integrated imaging and vision techniques for industrial inspection: A special issue on machine vision and applications
* Integration of audio and visual information for content-based video segmentation
* Interactive object segmentation using iterative adjustable graph cut
* Introduction to the ICME2010 Special Issue
* Introduction to the ICME2010 Special Issue
* Introduction to the Special Section on Smart, Social, and Converged TV
* Introduction to Video Search Engines
* Involve Me and I Will Understand!: Abstract Data Visualization in Immersive Environments
* ISAR Imaging of Nonuniformly Rotating Target Based on a Fast Parameter Estimation Algorithm of Cubic Phase Signal
* Joint Correction of Ionosphere Noise and Orbital Error in L-Band SAR Interferometry of Interseismic Deformation in Southern California
* JPEG2000 Encoding With Perceptual Distortion Control
* LayerP2P: Using Layered Video Chunks in P2P Live Streaming
* Learning-based super resolution using kernel partial least squares
* LIDAR-based Long Range Road Intersection Detection
* Linguistic Dynamic Analysis of Traffic Flow Based on Social Media: A Case Study
* Lossless Frame Memory Compression Using Pixel-Grain Prediction and Dynamic Order Entropy Coding
* Low-Complexity Mode Decision for MVC
* Major Cast Detection in Video Using Both Speaker and Face Information
* Making Residual Vector Distribution Uniform for Distinctive Image Representation
* Match Selection and Refinement for Highly Accurate Two-View Structure from Motion
* Mean shift blob tracking with kernel histogram filtering and hypothesis testing
* Mean-Shift Blob Tracking with Kernel-Color Distribution Estimate and Adaptive Model Update Criterion
* Medical image segmentation based on non-parametric mixture models with spatial information
* Melanin and Hemoglobin Identification for Skin Disease Analysis
* Mining Road Network Correlation for Traffic Estimation via Compressive Sensing
* Modeling Social Influence on Activity-Travel Behaviors Using Artificial Transportation Systems
* Multimedia Search and Retrieval: New Concepts, System Implementation, and Application
* Multiple-Feature and Multiple-Kernel Scene Segmentation Algorithm for Humanoid Robot, A
* Mutual Information-Based Analysis of JPEG2000 Contexts
* Natural Visible and Infrared Facial Expression Database for Expression Recognition and Emotion Inference, A
* new clustering method of gene expression data based on multivariate Gaussian mixture models, A
* New super-exponential iteration blind equalization algorithm for underwater acoustic communications
* New Technique Using Infrared Satellite Measurements to Improve the Accuracy of the CALIPSO Cloud-Aerosol Discrimination Method, A
* Noninvasive Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Ventricular Activation Sequence From the Inverse Solution of Distributed Equivalent Current Density
* Noninvasive Three-Dimensional Cardiac Activation Imaging From Body Surface Potential Maps: A Computational and Experimental Study on a Rabbit Model
* Nonparametric saliency detection using kernel density estimation
* Normalized residual-based constant false-alarm rate outlier detection
* Novel Edge Detection Algorithm Based on Global Minimization Active Contour Model for Oil Slick Infrared Aerial Image, A
* novel image fusion framework for night-vision navigation and surveillance, A
* Novel Saliency Model for Stereoscopic Images, A
* Novel Video Object Tracking Approach Based on Kernel Density Estimation and Markov Random Field, A
* Objective Assessment of Multiresolution Image Fusion Algorithms for Context Enhancement in Night Vision: A Comparative Study
* Objectness estimation using edges
* On Optimal Dynamic Sequential Search for Matching in Real-Time Machine Vision
* On optimal subspaces for appearance-based object recognition
* On Stochastic Analysis of Greedy Routing in Vehicular Networks
* Optimizing Distributed Source Coding for Interactive Multiview Video Streaming Over Lossy Networks
* Parameter estimation of multi-component chirp signals based on discrete chirp Fourier transform and population Monte Carlo
* Pedestrian detection in thermal images using adaptive fuzzy C-means clustering and convolutional neural networks
* Perceptual image quality assessment using a geometric structural distortion model
* Phase congruence measurement for image similarity assessment
* Probabilistic Framework Based on KDE-GMM hybrid model(KGHM) for Moving Object Segmentation in Dynamic Scenes, A
* Probabilistic Wavelet System for Stochastic and Incomplete Data-Based Modeling, A
* Query-adaptive late fusion for image search and person re-identification
* Real time head pose tracking from multiple cameras with a generic model
* Real-time and accurate rail wear measurement method and experimental analysis
* Real-Time Lane Estimation Using Deep Features and Extra Trees Regression
* Real-time local stereo via edge-aware disparity propagation
* Real-time spatiotemporal segmentation of video objects in the H.264 compressed domain
* Reconstructing Archeological Vessels by Fusing Surface Markings and Border Anchor Points on Fragments
* Region adaptive workload prediction for parallel view synthesis
* Region adaptive workload prediction for parallel view synthesis
* Region Diversity Maximization for Salient Object Detection
* Register Length Analysis and VLSI Optimization of VBS Hadamard Transform in H.264/AVC
* Registration of IR and EO Video Sequences based on Frame Difference
* Regularization Parameter Selection for Nonlinear Iterative Image Restoration and MRI Reconstruction Using GCV and SURE-Based Methods
* Request Analysis of DGPS/IMU on the Air-Borne INSAR System
* Research and Application of Spatial Information Technology in Cultural Heritage Conservation-Case Study on Grand Canal of CHINA, The
* Research Of Nested Parallel Pipelines On Parallel Graphics Rendering System
* Robust blurred face recognition using sample-wise kernel estimation and random compressed multi-scale local binary pattern histograms
* Robust Feature Extraction Technique for Texture Image Retrieval
* Saliency Aggregation: Does Unity Make Strength?
* Saliency Detection Via Similar Image Retrieval
* Saliency Tree: A Novel Saliency Detection Framework
* Salient Object Segmentation from Stereoscopic Images
* Sample Adaptive Offset Optimization in HEVC
* Segmentation Driven Low-rank Matrix Recovery for Saliency Detection
* Selective VS-MRF-ME and intra coding in H.264 based on spatiotemporal continuity of motion field
* Semantic Image Segmentation via Deep Parsing Network
* Semi-automatic video object segmentation using seeded region merging and bidirectional projection
* Sexual Dimorphism Analysis and Gender Classification in 3D Human Face
* Shape Retrieval of Non-rigid 3D Human Models
* Sharing more information in gray visual cryptography scheme
* Shift-invariant ring feature for 3D shape
* Simple and Robust Feature Point Matching Algorithm Based on Restricted Spatial Order Constraints for Aerial Image Registration, A
* Simulation of the Impact of a Sensor's PSF on Mixed Pixel Decomposition: 1. Nonuniformity Effect
* Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Cropland Conversion in Response to the Grain for Green Project in China's Loess Hilly Region of Yanchuan County
* Spatiotemporal saliency detection based on superpixel-level trajectory
* Special issue on recent advances in saliency models, applications and evaluations
* Stretchability-aware block scaling for image retargeting
* Structural similarity-based video fingerprinting for video copy detection
* Subspace-Based Prototyping and Classification of Chromosome Images
* Superpixel-Based Hand Gesture Recognition With Kinect Depth Camera
* Superpixel-Based Spatiotemporal Saliency Detection
* survey of human pose estimation: The body parts parsing based methods, A
* Synchronization of a Group of Mobile Agents With Variable Speeds Over Proximity Nets
* Textured/textureless object recognition and pose estimation using RGB-D image
* Three-Domain Fuzzy Support Vector Regression for Image Denoising and Experimental Studies, A
* Time-Domain Attribute-Based Access Control for Cloud-Based Video Content Sharing: A Cryptographic Approach
* Tongue-Print: A Novel Biometrics Pattern
* Tracking Pedestrian with Multi-component Online Deformable Part-Based Model
* Transcranial Thermoacoustic Tomography: A Comparison of Two Imaging Algorithms
* Underwater image enhancement method using weighted guided trigonometric filtering and artificial light correction
* Uniting Keypoints: Local Visual Information Fusion for Large-Scale Image Search
* Unsupervised Joint Salient Region Detection and Object Segmentation
* Unsupervised Salient Object Segmentation Based on Kernel Density Estimation and Two-Phase Graph Cut
* Use of Sparse Representation for Pedestrian Detection in Thermal Images
* View-Adaptive Motion Estimation and Disparity Estimation for Low Complexity Multiview Video Coding
* Viewpoint Dependency in Object Representation and Recognition
* Virtual Line Descriptor and Semi-Local Graph Matching Method for Reliable Feature Correspondence
* Virtual reconstruction of archaeological vessels using expert priors and surface markings
Includes: Liu, Z.[Zhi] Liu, Z. Liu, Z.[Zhuo] Liu, Z.[Zhou] Liu, Z.[Zheng] Liu, Z.[Zhe] Liu, Z.[Zhao] Liu, Z.[Zhen] Liu, Z.[Zhong] Liu, Z.[Zhu] Liu, Z.[Zhihua] Liu, Z.[Zhaoyi] Liu, Z.[Zhenbao] Liu, Z.[Zhaogang] Liu, Z.[Zhiquan] Liu, Z.[Zhizhao] Liu, Z.[Zhaoying] Liu, Z.[Zhuiguang] Liu, Z.[Zikun] Liu, Z.[Ziqiong] Liu, Z.[Zexi] Liu, Z.[Ze] Liu, Z.[Zhaoli] Liu, Z.[Zhigao] Liu, Z.[Ziyuan] Liu, Z.[Zhifei]
203 for Liu, Z.

Liu, Z.B.[Zhen Bao] Co Author Listing * 3D shape creation by style transfer
* Cracking BING and Beyond
* Effective and Efficient Midlevel Visual Elements-Oriented Land-Use Classification Using VHR Remote Sensing Images
* Feature selection for reliable data association in visual SLAM
* Learning High-Level Feature by Deep Belief Networks for 3-D Model Retrieval and Recognition
* Multimodal Feature Fusion for 3D Shape Recognition and Retrieval
* Scene parsing using inference Embedded Deep Networks
* Semi-supervised adaptive parzen Gentleboost algorithm for fault diagnosis
* Sparse Patch Coding for 3D Model Retrieval
* Spectral Classification of 3D Articulated Shapes
* Unsupervised 3D Local Feature Learning by Circle Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machine
* Weightlessness feature: A novel feature for single tri-axial accelerometer based activity recognition
Includes: Liu, Z.B.[Zhen Bao] Liu, Z.B.[Zhen-Bao] Liu, Z.B.[Zhi-Bin]
12 for Liu, Z.B.

Liu, Z.C.[Zi Cheng] Co Author Listing * 3D cartoon face generation by local deformation mapping
* Action recognition based on a bag of 3D points
* Action Search by Example Using Randomized Visual Vocabularies
* Animated Pose Templates for Modeling and Detecting Human Actions
* Anomaly detection by using random projection forest
* Automatic Business Card Scanning with a Camera
* Automatic Camera-Screen Localization
* Can Visual Recognition Benefit from Auxiliary Information in Training?
* Cloning Your Own Face with a Desktop Camera
* Completed Dense Scene Flow in RGB-D Space
* Cross-dataset action detection
* deformable local image descriptor, A
* Detecting Subtle Human-Object Interactions Using Kinect
* Discriminative Orderlet Mining for Real-Time Recognition of Human-Object Interaction
* Discriminative subvolume search for efficient action detection
* Discriminative Video Pattern Search for Efficient Action Detection
* Dual-RBF based surface reconstruction
* Efficient Scale-Space Spatiotemporal Saliency Tracking for Distortion-Free Video Retargeting
* Expandable Data-Driven Graphical Modeling of Human Actions Based on Salient Postures
* Face Re-Lighting from a Single Image under Harsh Lighting Conditions
* Face Relighting from a Single Image under Arbitrary Unknown Lighting Conditions
* Face relighting with radiance environment maps
* Fast Action Detection via Discriminative Random Forest Voting and Top-K Subvolume Search
* Generic Framework for Efficient 2-D and 3-D Facial Expression Analogy, A
* Handling Occlusion and Large Displacement Through Improved RGB-D Scene Flow Estimation
* Head-Size Equalization for Improved Visual Perception in Video Conferencing
* HON4D: Histogram of Oriented 4D Normals for Activity Recognition from Depth Sequences
* Human Action Recognition with Depth Cameras
* Human Activity Recognition with 2d and 3d Cameras
* Image-Based Surface Detail Transfer
* image-to-class dynamic time warping approach for both 3D static and trajectory hand gesture recognition, An
* Implicit Surface Reconstruction with an Analogy of Polar Field Model
* Introduction to the special issue on visual understanding and applications with RGB-D cameras
* Iterative Local-Global Energy Minimization for Automatic Extraction of Objects of Interest
* Kernelized pyramid nearest-neighbor search for object categorization
* Learning Actionlet Ensemble for 3D Human Action Recognition
* Measuring the engagement level of TV viewers
* Meta-tag propagation by co-training an ensemble classifier for improving image search relevance
* Mining actionlet ensemble for action recognition with depth cameras
* Model-Based Bundle Adjustment with Application to Face Modeling
* Model-based face image coding using spherical harmonics
* Multiview Approach to Robust Detection in the Presence of Cast Shadows, A
* On the improvement of human action recognition from depth map sequences using Space-Time Occupancy Patterns
* Probabilistic Graphlet Cut: Exploiting Spatial Structure Cue for Weakly Supervised Image Segmentation
* Propagative Hough Voting for Human Activity Detection and Recognition
* Propagative Hough Voting for Human Activity Recognition
* Pyramid Nearest Neighbor Search Kernel for object categorization, A
* Random Forest Construction With Robust Semisupervised Node Splitting
* Randomized Support Vector Forest
* Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
* Real-Time Gaze Estimation with Online Calibration
* Robust 3D Action Recognition with Random Occupancy Patterns
* Robust and Rapid Generation of Animated Faces from Video Images: A Model-Based Modeling Approach
* robust elastic net approach for feature learning, A
* Robust Head Motion Computation by Taking Advantage of Physical Properties
* Semi-supervised Node Splitting for Random Forest Construction
* Sparsity induced similarity measure for label propagation
* Sparsity-Induced Similarity Measure and Its Applications
* Stop: Space-time Occupancy Patterns for 3d Action Recognition from Depth Map Sequences
* Subtle Facial Expression Modeling with Vector Field Decomposition
* Survey on 3D Hand Gesture Recognition
* System and method for head size equalization in 360 degree panoramic images
* System and method providing improved head motion estimations for animation
* Tensor-Based Human Body Modeling
* Unsupervised random forest indexing for fast action search
* Visual Analytics Support for Intelligence Analysis
Includes: Liu, Z.C.[Zi Cheng] Liu, Z.C.[Zi-Cheng] Liu, Z.C. Liu, Z.C.[Zhe-Chi] Liu, Z.C.[Zhi-Cheng]
66 for Liu, Z.C.

Liu, Z.D.[Zai De] Co Author Listing * Construction of parametric biorthogonal wavelet filter banks with two parameters for image coding
* Efficient Multiple-Description Image Coding on Wavelet, An
* Optimization Design of Biorthogonal Wavelets for Embedded Image Coding
* Parametrization construction of biorthogonal wavelet filter banks for image coding
* Parametrization Construction of Integer Wavelet Transforms for Embedded Image Coding
* theorem on the generalized canonical projective vectors, A
Includes: Liu, Z.D.[Zai De] Liu, Z.D.[Zai-De] Liu, Z.D.[Zhi-Du] Liu, Z.D.[Zheng-Dong]

Liu, Z.F.[Zhi Fang] Co Author Listing * Adaptation of boosted pedestrian detectors by feature reselection
* Approximated Ground Truth for Stereo and Motion Analysis on Real-World Sequences
* Image recognition via two-dimensional random projection and nearest constrained subspace
* Intrinsic dimension estimation via nearest constrained subspace classifier
* Three-Dimensional Imaging of Targets Using Colocated MIMO Radar
Includes: Liu, Z.F.[Zhi Fang] Liu, Z.F.[Zhi-Fang] Liu, Z.F.[Zhi-Feng] Liu, Z.F.[Zhou-Feng]

Liu, Z.G.[Zhi Gao] Co Author Listing * Accurate camera calibration for hand-held camera in multi-view stereo reconstruction
* Active Learning with Support Vector Machines in Remotely Sensed Image Classification
* Adaptive imputation of missing values for incomplete pattern classification
* Application Research of Support Vector Machine in Multi-Spectra Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Belief C-Means: An extension of Fuzzy C-Means algorithm in belief functions framework
* Credal classification rule for uncertain data based on belief functions
* Early Water Stress Detection Using Leaf-Level Measurements of Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Temperature Data
* ECMdd: Evidential c-medoids clustering with multiple prototypes
* Evaluation of InSAR and TomoSAR for Monitoring Deformations Caused by Mining in a Mountainous Area with High Resolution Satellite-Based SAR
* Flame detection algorithm based on a saliency detection technique and the uniform local binary pattern in the YCbCr color space
* Intra mode selection in downsizing video transcoder based on H.264
* new belief-based K-nearest neighbor classification method, A
Includes: Liu, Z.G.[Zhi Gao] Liu, Z.G.[Zhi-Gao] Liu, Z.G.[Zhi-Gang] Liu, Z.G.[Zhun-Ga] Liu, Z.G.[Zhi-Guo] Liu, Z.G.[Zhen-Guo] Liu, Z.G.[Zhao-Guang]
12 for Liu, Z.G.

Liu, Z.H.[Zhi Hong] Co Author Listing * Aesthetic QR Codes Based on Two-Stage Image Blending
* Constructions of resilient functions over finite fields
* Face Recognition Based on Illumination Adaptive LDA
* Inversion of Aerosol Optical Depth Based on the CCD and IRS Sensors on the HJ-1 Satellites
* Post inserted object calibration for stereo video rectification
* Retrieval of Aerosol Fine-Mode Fraction from Intensity and Polarization Measurements by PARASOL over East Asia
Includes: Liu, Z.H.[Zhi Hong] Liu, Z.H.[Zhi-Hong] Liu, Z.H.[Zhen-Hua] Liu, Z.H.[Zhong-Hua] Liu, Z.H.[Zhi-Hua]

Liu, Z.J.[Zheng Jun] Co Author Listing * 3-D biquaternionic analytic signal and application to envelope detection in 3-D ultrasound imaging
* Advances and Tendencies: A Review of Recent Studies on Virtual Reality for Pain Management
* Assessment of Mobile Laser Scanning Data for Building Reconstruction in 3D Cadastre
* Automatic eye state recognition and closed-eye photo correction
* Buildings Detection and Extraction by Machine Learning
* Comparison of Different GPP Models in China Using MODIS Image and ChinaFLUX Data
* General Mathematical Model of Least Squares 3D Surface Matching and Its Application of Strip Adjustment
* Mesh simplification based on facial features region partition
* Monitoring the Changes of Lakes in the Source Region of Three Rivers with Remote Sensing Data from 1976 To 2009
* New Power-Line Extraction Method Based on Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud Data, A
* Performances of MODIS-GPP and -ET Products in China and Their Sensitivity to Input Data (FPAR/LAI), The
* Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on Improved BP Neural Network
* Scalable multilevel fast multipole method for multiple targets in the vicinity of a half space
* Semi-Automatic Extraction of Ribbon Road from High Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery by Cooperation of Angular Texture Signature and Template Matching
* Shape-Based Human Activity Recognition Using Edit Distance
* Statistical Ratio Rank Ordered Differences Filter for SeaWiFS Impulse Noise Removal
* SWDC-4 Large Format Digital Aerial Camera System
Includes: Liu, Z.J.[Zheng Jun] Liu, Z.J.[Zheng-Jun] Liu, Z.J.[Zhe-Jun] Liu, Z.J.[Zhao-Jie] Liu, Z.J. Liu, Z.J.[Zheng-Jia] Liu, Z.J.[Zhi-Jing] Liu, Z.J.[Zhi-Jun] Liu, Z.J.[Zong-Jie]
17 for Liu, Z.J.

Liu, Z.K.[Zheng Kai] Co Author Listing * Anchorperson extraction for Picture in Picture news video
* Cast shadow detection in video segmentation
* Concurrent Subspaces Analysis
* Fusion of SVD and LDA for face recognition
* Image Inpainting Approach Based on the Poisson Equation, An
* New Approach to Removing Cloud Cover from Satellite Imagery, A
* New super-exponential iteration blind equalization algorithm for underwater acoustic communications
* novel approach to detect and correct highlighted face region in color image, A
* projection-based image quality measure, A
* Restoration of Blurred TV Picture Caused by Uniform Linear Motion
* Spatio-temporal Video Error Concealment using Priority-ranked Region-matching
Includes: Liu, Z.K.[Zheng Kai] Liu, Z.K.[Zheng-Kai] Liu, Z.K. Liu, Z.K.[Zhi-Kun]
11 for Liu, Z.K.

Liu, Z.L.[Zi Li] Co Author Listing * 2D Affine Transformations Cannot Account for Human 3D Object Recognition
* Analyses of a Multimodal Spontaneous Facial Expression Database
* collision detection algorithm based on bounding volumes and space subdivision, The
* Emotional tagging of videos by exploring multiple emotions' coexistence
* Exploiting multi-expression dependences for implicit multi-emotion video tagging
* Eye localization from thermal infrared images
* Image forensic signature for content authenticity analysis
* Implicit video multi-emotion tagging by exploiting multi-expression relations
* Multi-label Learning with Missing Labels
* On Even-Period Binary Z-Complementary Pairs with Large ZCZs
* Posed and spontaneous expression distinguishment from infrared thermal images
* Research of overload control algorithm fairness based on Parlay
Includes: Liu, Z.L.[Zi Li] Liu, Z.L.[Zi-Li] Liu, Z.L.[Zhi-Lei] Liu, Z.L.[Zhi-Liang] Liu, Z.L.[Zhen-Li] Liu, Z.L.[Zi-Long]
12 for Liu, Z.L.

Liu, Z.M. Co Author Listing * Application of Multiwavelet Transform to Image Coding, The
* Conditional Cramer-Rao Lower Bounds for DOA Estimation and Array Calibration
* Fusing Frequency, Spatial and Color Features for Face Recognition
* Fusion of color, local spatial and global frequency information for face recognition
* Fusion of the complementary Discrete Cosine Features in the YIQ color space for face recognition
* Hybrid Color and Frequency Features Method for Face Recognition, A
* ICA-based direction-of-arrival estimation of uncorrelated and coherent signals with uniform linear array
* Influence on Height Measure from Earth Curvature Based on Spaceborne InSAR
* Learning-based image representation and method for face recognition
* Robust Face Recognition Using Color Information
Includes: Liu, Z.M. Liu, Z.M.[Zhang-Meng] Liu, Z.M.[Zhi-Ming]
10 for Liu, Z.M.

Liu, Z.P.[Zhi Peng] Co Author Listing * Accurate Focusing and Resolution Analysis Method in Geosynchronous SAR, The
* Improved Frequency Domain Focusing Method in Geosynchronous SAR, An
Includes: Liu, Z.P.[Zhi Peng] Liu, Z.P.[Zhi-Peng]

Liu, Z.Q. Co Author Listing * Adaptive iterative algorithm for image restoration
* Adaptive Subspace Self-organizing Map And Its Applications In Face Recognition
* Bayesian Structural Content Abstraction for Region-Level Image Authentication
* Classification of Proteomic Data with Logistic Kernel Partial Least Squares Algorithm
* Concurrent, Hierarchical Approach to Symbolic Dynamic Scene Interpretation, A
* coupled HMM approach to video-realistic speech animation, A
* Detection of vehicles from traffic scenes using fuzzy integrals
* Directional Analysis of Images in Scale Space
* efficient approach to learning inhomogeneous Gibbs model, An
* Fast Image Retrieval: Query Pruning and Early Termination
* Feature extraction and analysis of handwritten words in grey-scale images using Gabor filters
* Filter-Based Models for Pattern Classification
* Fuzzy Hough Transform Approach To Shape Description, A
* Heterogeneous Multi-task Learning for Human Pose Estimation with Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Hidden Markov Models with Spectral Features for 2D Shape Recognition
* Human Body Parts Tracking Using Sequential Markov Random Fields
* Integration of Structural and Statistical Information for Unconstrained Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* Knowledge-Based Shape-from-Shading
* Knowledge-based Vision-Guided Robots
* LP-Norm IDF for Large Scale Image Search
* Markov Process In Pattern Recognition
* Markov Random Field-Based Statistical Character Structure Modeling for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Markov random fields for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Model-based Approach To Hair Region Segmentation, A
* Multiobject Pattern Recognition and Detection in Noisy Backgrounds Using a Hierarchical Approach
* On the Minimum Number of Templates Required for Shift, Rotation and Size Invariant Pattern Recognition
* Packing and Padding: Coupled Multi-index for Accurate Image Retrieval
* Pattern recognition using Markov random field models
* Picture Interpretation: A Symbolic Approach
* Region-Level Image Authentication Using Bayesian Structural Content Abstraction
* Sequential Adaptive Recursive Filter for Image Restoration, A
* Sequential Monte Carlo Approach to Anomaly Detection in Tracking Visual Events, A
* Speech Animation Using Coupled Hidden Markov Models
* Stroke Segmentation of Chinese Characters Using Markov Random Fields
* Structured Image Retrieval
* Study On Height Information Extraction Of Cultural Features In Remote Sensing Images Based On Shadow Areas, The
* Type-2 fuzzy Gaussian mixture models
* Type-2 fuzzy hidden markov models to phoneme recognition
* Type-2 fuzzy labeled latent Dirichlet allocation for human action categorization
* Type-2 Fuzzy Markov Random Fields to Handwritten Character Recognition
* Using Gabor Filters to Measure the Physical Parameters of Lines
* Vision guided circumnavigating autonomous robots
Includes: Liu, Z.Q. Liu, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qiang] Liu, Z.Q.[Zhen-Qiu] Liu, Z.Q.[Zi-Qiang] Liu, Z.Q.[Zi-Qiong] Liu, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qing]
42 for Liu, Z.Q.

Liu, Z.Q.A.[Zi Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Composite Templates for Cloth Modeling and Sketching
* Embodied categorisation for vision-guided mobile robots
* Hidden Markov models with factored Gaussian mixtures densities
* Image processing techniques for bone image analysis
* Multicue Graph Mincut for Image Segmentation
* New Thresholding Algorithm Based on All-Pole Model, A
* robust, real-time ellipse detector, A
* Self-Validated and Spatially Coherent Clustering with Net-Structured MRF and Graph Cuts
* Self-Validated Labeling of Markov Random Fields for Image Segmentation
* Special section on visual information processing
* spectral-multiplicity-tolerant approach to robust graph matching, A
Includes: Liu, Z.Q.A.[Zi Qi Ang] Liu, Z.Q.A.[Zi Qi-Ang] Liu, Z.Q.A.[Zhi-Qi-Ang]
11 for Liu, Z.Q.A.

Liu, Z.R.[Zhao Rui] Co Author Listing * Block-based adaptive compressed sensing for video
* Evaluating Parameter Adjustment in the MODIS Gross Primary Production Algorithm Based on Eddy Covariance Tower Measurements
* Maximum Frame Rate Video Acquisition Using Adaptive Compressed Sensing
Includes: Liu, Z.R.[Zhao Rui] Liu, Z.R.[Zhao-Rui] Liu, Z.R.[Zi-Rui]

Liu, Z.S.[Zhi Sheng] Co Author Listing * Fast Adaptive ME Algorithm Based on H.264, A
Includes: Liu, Z.S.[Zhi Sheng] Liu, Z.S.[Zhi-Sheng]

Liu, Z.T.[Zuo Tao] Co Author Listing * Semantic context modeling with maximal margin Conditional Random Fields for automatic image annotation
* Video Stream Processing on a High Performance Reconfigurable Architecture
Includes: Liu, Z.T.[Zuo Tao] Liu, Z.T.[Zuo-Tao] Liu, Z.T.[Zhen-Tao]

Liu, Z.W.[Zhi Wen] Co Author Listing * measurement of cell viability based on temporal bag of words for image sequences, The
* Quaternion generic Fourier descriptor for color object recognition
Includes: Liu, Z.W.[Zhi Wen] Liu, Z.W.[Zhi-Wen]

Liu, Z.X.[Zhong Xuan] Co Author Listing * Boundary Processing of bidimensional EMD using texture synthesis
* CISP09
* Commutative Encryption and Watermarking in Video Compression
* Desynchronization in Compression Process for Collusion Resilient Video Fingerprint
* Desynchronized image fingerprint for large scale distribution
* Mapping surface soil organic matter based on multispectral image
* Secure Distribution Scheme for Compressed Data Streams
* Secure Video Multicast Based on Desynchronized Fingerprint and Partial Encryption
* Study of Top-Down Visual Attention Model Based on Similarity Distance, A
* Texture classification through directional empirical mode decomposition
* Texture segmentation using directional empirical mode decomposition
Includes: Liu, Z.X.[Zhong Xuan] Liu, Z.X.[Zhong-Xuan] Liu, Z.X.[Zhi-Xing] Liu, Z.X.[Zuo-Xin]
11 for Liu, Z.X.

Liu, Z.Y.[Zhen Yu] Co Author Listing * Automatic optical phase identification of micro-drill bits based on improved ASM and bag of shape segment in PCB production
* Binary classification based linear rate estimation model for HEVC RDO
* Challenges in Segmentation of Human Forms in Outdoor Video
* Data Management and Internet Computing for Image/Pattern Analysis
* Effect of silhouette quality on hard problems in gait recognition
* Extended Path Following Algorithm for Graph-Matching Problem, An
* Fast block-based image restoration employing the improved best neighborhood matching approach
* fast BNM (Best Neighborhood Matching): Algorithm and parallel processing for image restoration, A
* Fast prediction mode decision with hadamard transform based rate-distortion cost estimation for HEVC intra coding
* Feature correspondence based on directed structural model matching
* GNCCP: Graduated Non-Convexity and Concavity Procedure
* Graph Matching by Simplified Convex-Concave Relaxation Procedure
* Hardware optimizations of variable block size Hadamard transform for H.264/AVC FRExt
* High-Throughput and Multi-Parallel VLSI Architecture for HEVC Deblocking Filter, A
* HumanID Gait Challenge Problem: Data Sets, Performance, and Analysis, The
* Improved Gait Recognition by Gait Dynamics Normalization
* Infrared ship target segmentation through integration of multiple feature maps
* Investigation of Vegetation Phases Extraction Based on Polarmetric SAR Interferometry
* Investigations on Non-Gaussian Factor Analysis
* Iterative infrared ship target segmentation based on multiple features
* K-CPD: Learning of overcomplete dictionaries for tensor sparse coding
* Linear adaptive search range model for uni-prediction and motion analysis for bi-prediction in HEVC
* Local R3-Subdivision Algorithm preserving Sharp Features, A
* Motion Estimation Optimization for H.264/AVC Using Source Image Edge Features
* Motion Feature and Hadamard Coefficient-Based Fast Multiple Reference Frame Motion Estimation for H.264
* Multiple ellipses detection in noisy environments: A hierarchical approach
* Multisets mixture learning-based ellipse detection
* One-round renormalization based 2-bin/cycle H.264/AVC CABAC encoder
* Outdoor recognition at a distance by fusing gait and face
* Outlier robust point correspondence based on GNCCP
* Page frame segmentation for contextual advertising in print on demand books
* pixel-domain mode-mapping based SVC-to-AVC transcoder with coarse grain quality scalability, A
* Pixel-grain prediction and K-order UEG-rice entropy coding oriented lossless frame memory compression for motion estimation in HEVC
* Robust outdoor text detection using text intensity and shape features
* Semi-supervised learning for text-line detection
* Simple Equation Region Detector for Printed Document Images in Tesseract, A
* Simplest representation yet for gait recognition: averaged silhouette
* Spatial information based FCM for infrared ship target segmentation
* Strip line detection and thinning by RPCL-based local PCA
* Studies on silhouette quality and gait recognition
* VLSI friendly fast CU/PU mode decision for HEVC intra encoding: Leveraging convolution neural network
Includes: Liu, Z.Y.[Zhen Yu] Liu, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu] Liu, Z.Y.[Zong-Yi] Liu, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yong] Liu, Z.Y. Liu, Z.Y.[Zhao-Ying] Liu, Z.Y.[Ze-Yi]
41 for Liu, Z.Y.

Liu, Z.Z.[Zhen Zhen] Co Author Listing * Image Cosegmentation Based on Local and Global Level Set Methods
Includes: Liu, Z.Z.[Zhen Zhen] Liu, Z.Z.[Zhen-Zhen]

Liuand, L.[Lei] Co Author Listing * Feature selection with dynamic mutual information

Liuha, P. Co Author Listing * Implementation of PALplus decoder with programmable video signal processor
* Method for Designing High-Radix Multiplier-Based Processing Units for Multimedia Applications, A
* Overview of research efforts on media ISA extensions and their usage in video coding

Liuhui Co Author Listing * Robust Image Processing Approach Used to ALV Road Following, A

Liutkus, A. Co Author Listing * Alpha-Stable Matrix Factorization

Liuy, C.Q.[Chao Qiang] Co Author Listing * High-quality curvelet-based motion deblurring from an image pair
Includes: Liuy, C.Q.[Chao Qiang] Liuy, C.Q.[Chao-Qiang]

Liuzzo, M. Co Author Listing * Crabnebula Digital Suite, an Algorithm of Survey and 3D Modelling for the Preservation and Management of Urban Heritage

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