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Lieu, L.H.[Linh H.] Co Author Listing * phi,phi*) Image Decomposition Models and Minimization Algorithms

Lieurance, W.[Wade] Co Author Listing * Changes in Meadow Phenology in Response to Grazing Management at Multiple Scales of Measurement

Lieutaud, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * CVPIC Compressed Domain Image Retrieval by Colour and Shape
* CVPIC image retrieval based on block colour co-occurance matrix and pattern histogram
Includes: Lieutaud, S.[Simon] Lieutaud, S.

Lieutier, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Geodesic as Limit of Geodesics on PL-Surfaces
* Lambda-medial axis
* Manifold Learning in Quotient Spaces
* Physically-aware Generative Network for 3D Shape Modeling
* Weak feature size and persistent homology: Computing homology of solids in Rn from noisy data samples
Includes: Lieutier, A.[Andre] Lieutier, A.[André]

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