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Liccari, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Use of Remote Sensing Techniques to Estimate Plant Diversity within Ecological Networks: A Worked Example

Licchelli, M.[Maurizio] Co Author Listing * Interactive Tool for Speed up the Analysis of UV Images of Stradivari Violins, An
* Segmentation of Multi-temporal UV-Induced Fluorescence Images of Historical Violins
* Stylistic Classification of Historical Violins: A Deep Learning Approach

Licciardi, G.[Giorgio] Co Author Listing * Assessing the performance of two unsupervised dimensionality reduction techniques on hyperspectral APEX data for high resolution urban land-cover mapping
* Decision Fusion for the Classification of Hyperspectral Data: Outcome of the 2008 GRS-S Data Fusion Contest
* Hyperspectral Super-Resolution of Locally Low Rank Images From Complementary Multisource Data
* Noise Reduction in Hyperspectral Imagery: Overview and Application
* novel approach to polarimetric SAR data processing based on Nonlinear PCA, A
Includes: Licciardi, G.[Giorgio] Licciardi, G.

Licciardi, G.A. Co Author Listing * Critical Comparison Among Pansharpening Algorithms, A
* Enhancing hyperspectral image quality using nonlinear PCA
* Fusion of hyperspectral and panchromatic images: A hybrid use of indusion and nonlinear PCA
* Hyperspectral Local Intrinsic Dimensionality
* Pansharpening Based on Semiblind Deconvolution
* Pixel Unmixing in Hyperspectral Data by Means of Neural Networks
* Spectral compression of hyperspectral images by means of nonlinear principal component analysis decorrelation
Includes: Licciardi, G.A. Licciardi, G.A.[Giorgio A.]
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Licciardo, G.D. Co Author Listing * Design of a context-adaptive variable length encoder for real-time video compression on reconfigurable platforms
* Multiplier-Less Stream Processor for 2D Filtering in Visual Search Applications

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