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Liat Choon, T. Co Author Listing * Heritage House Maintenance Using 3D City Model Application Domain Extension Approach

Liatsis, P. Co Author Listing * Assessment of stenosis introduced flow resistance in CCTA-reconstructed coronary arteries
* automated image processing system for the detection of photoreceptor cells in adaptive optics retinal images, An
* Automatic texture segmentation based on k-means clustering and efficient calculation of co-occurrence features
* Computation of heterogeneous object co-embeddings from relational measurements
* Constrained Nonlinear Energy Minimization Framework for the Regularization of the Stereo Correspondence Problem, A
* Evaluation of MEMS sensors accuracy for bicycle tracking and positioning
* Fractal triangular search: a metaheuristic for image content search
* Genetically Fine Tuning the Hough Transform Feature Space, for the Detection of Circular Objects
* Hessian-LoG filtering for enhancement and detection of photoreceptor cells in adaptive optics retinal images
* How humans can help computers to solve an artificial problem?
* Hybrid symbiotic genetic optimisation for robust edge-based stereo correspondence.
* impact of boundary conditions in patient-specific coronary blood flow simulation, The
* Incorporating Gradient Estimations in a Circle-Finding Probabilistic Hough Transform
* k-MS: A novel clustering algorithm based on morphological reconstruction
* Morphological classifiers
* new parallel feature-based stereo-matching algorithm with figural continuity preservation, based on hybrid symbiotic genetic algorithms, A
* VICAP: Using the mechanisms of trans-saccadic memory to distinguish between humans and machines
Includes: Liatsis, P. Liatsis, P.[Panos]
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