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Li, T. Co Author Listing * Accelerate CTU Partition to Real Time for HEVC Encoding With Complexity Control
* Accurate Screening of COVID-19 Using Attention-Based Deep 3D Multiple Instance Learning
* Adaptive Graph Convolutional Network With Attention Graph Clustering for Co-Saliency Detection
* Antarctic Surface Ice Velocity Retrieval from MODIS-Based Mosaic of Antarctica (MOA)
* Antarctic Surface Ice Velocity Retrieval from MODIS-Based Mosaic of Antarctica (MOA)
* Autofocus Algorithm for Estimating Residual Trajectory Deviations in Synthetic Aperture Radar, An
* Beta Process Multiple Kernel Learning
* Beyond Face Rotation: Global and Local Perception GAN for Photorealistic and Identity Preserving Frontal View Synthesis
* Beyond the graphs: Semi-parametric semi-supervised discriminant analysis
* blind image copyright protection scheme for e-government, A
* Blurred fingerprint image enhancement: algorithm analysis and performance evaluation
* Cardinality-Consensus-Based PHD Filtering for Distributed Multitarget Tracking
* Classification of hyperspectral image based on deep belief networks
* Co-Saliency Detection via Mask-Guided Fully Convolutional Networks With Multi-Scale Label Smoothing
* Color space influence on mean shift filtering
* Component Attention Guided Face Super-Resolution Network: CAGFace
* Compressing Convolutional Neural Networks via Factorized Convolutional Filters
* Computation reduction for standard-based video encoders based on the energy preservation property of DCT
* Connected-Tube MPP Model for Object Detection with Application to Materials and Remotely-Sensed Images, A
* Constraint Neighborhood Projections for Semi-Supervised Clustering
* Constraint Neighborhood Projections for Semi-Supervised Clustering
* Contextual aerial image categorization using codebook
* Contextual Bag-of-Words for Visual Categorization
* Contextual decomposition of multi-label images
* Contrast in Haze Removal: Configurable Contrast Enhancement Model Based on Dark Channel Prior
* Convex and Semi-Nonnegative Matrix Factorizations
* Cost efficient subcategory-aware CNN for object detection
* Crowded Scene Analysis: A Survey
* CubemapSLAM: A Piecewise-Pinhole Monocular Fisheye SLAM System
* Data Mining Meets the Needs of Disaster Information Management
* Data-Driven Techniques in Disaster Information Management
* Deep CNNs With Spatially Weighted Pooling for Fine-Grained Car Recognition
* Deep Learning Approach for Multi-Frame In-Loop Filter of HEVC, A
* Deep Volumetric Video From Very Sparse Multi-view Performance Capture
* Dense Crowd Counting from Still Images with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Depth image super-resolution using correlation-controlled color guidance and multi-scale symmetric network
* Depth map recovery for multi-view using belief propagation
* Design and Implementation of the Three-Dimensional Observation System for Adult Zebrafish
* Detecting Subsidence in Coastal Areas by Ultrashort-Baseline TCPInSAR on the Time Series of High-Resolution TerraSAR-X Images
* Differentiable Soft Quantization: Bridging Full-Precision and Low-Bit Neural Networks
* Differential evolution algorithm-based range image registration with scaling parameters
* digital watermark scheme for vector graphics, A
* Discriminative Hough context model for object detection
* Distributed Bernoulli Filtering for Target Detection and Tracking Based on Arithmetic Average Fusion
* Driving Factors of Land Change in China's Loess Plateau: Quantification Using Geographically Weighted Regression and Management Implications
* Earth and Rock-Filled Dam Monitoring by High-Resolution X-Band Interferometry: Gongming Dam Case Study
* Echo energy analysis for pulse position modulation sequences used for non-crosstalk sonar systems
* Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Multimedia Big Data for Extreme Events
* Effective and Practical Classifier Fusion Strategy for Improving Handwritten Character Recognition, An
* Efficient 4D Non-local Tensor Total-Variation for Low-Dose CT Perfusion Deconvolution
* Efficient Location and Extraction of the Iceberg Calved Areas of the Antarctic Ice Shelves
* Efficient Reconstruction Method for Nonuniform Attenuation Compensation in Nonparallel Beam Geometries Based on Novikov's Explicit Inversion Formula, An
* Error Budget in the Validation of Radiometric Products Derived from OLCI around the China Sea from Open Ocean to Coastal Waters Compared with MODIS and VIIRS
* Evaluating Influential Nodes in Social Networks by Local Centrality with a Coefficient
* Evaluation of an Efficient Compensation Method for Quantitative Fan-Beam Brain SPECT Reconstruction
* Evaluation of Aster GDEM Ver2 Using GPS Measurements and SRTM Ver4.1 in China
* Evaluation of Four Atmospheric Correction Algorithms for GOCI Images over the Yellow Sea
* Exploring the Congestion Pattern at Long-Queued Tunnel Sag and Increasing the Efficiency by Control
* Exploring the Spatial Determinants of Rural Poverty in the Interprovincial Border Areas of the Loess Plateau in China: A Village-Level Analysis Using Geographically Weighted Regression
* Extracting Vertical Displacement Rates in Shanghai (China) with Multi-Platform SAR Images
* Feature Extraction and Tracking of CNN Segmentations for Improved Road Detection from Satellite Imagery
* Feature space region growing
* Few Sample Knowledge Distillation for Efficient Network Compression
* Full-Body High-Resolution Anime Generation with Progressive Structure-Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Gesture recognition based on depth difference distribution
* GPU based parallel optimization for real time panoramic video stitching
* Guest Editorial: Special Section on Music Data Mining
* Hidden-Concept Driven Multilabel Image Annotation and Label Ranking
* Hierarchical Multi-Temporal InSAR Method for Increasing the Spatial Density of Deformation Measurements, A
* High Capacity Steganographic Algorithm in Color Images, A
* High Precision DEM Generation Algorithm Based on InSAR Multi-Look Iteration
* High-Accuracy Positioning in Urban Environments Using Single-Frequency Multi-GNSS RTK/MEMS-IMU Integration
* How well can wavelet denoising improve the accuracy of computing fundamental matrices?
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Semi-Supervised Rotation Forest
* Identifying Computer Generated Images Based on Quaternion Central Moments in Color Quaternion Wavelet Domain
* Illumination Modeling Method for Office Lighting Control by Using RBFNN
* Image Captioning with Attribute Refinement
* Image Decomposition With Multilabel Context: Algorithms and Applications
* Imaging Land Subsidence Induced by Groundwater Extraction in Beijing (China) Using Satellite Radar Interferometry
* Improve The Zy-3 Height Accuracy Using Icesat/glas Laser Altimeter Data
* Improved Multi-Temporal Insar Method for Increasing Spatial Resolution of Surface Deformation Measurements, An
* Improved tensor voting for missing edge inference
* Improving Human Parsing by Extracting Global Information Using the Non-Local Operation
* Incorporating Diversity into Self-Learning for Synergetic Classification of Hyperspectral and Panchromatic Images
* Information Entropy Based Feature Pooling for Convolutional Neural Networks
* Iterative Framework of Cascaded Deblocking and Superresolution for Compressed Images, An
* Learning explicit video attributes from mid-level representation for video captioning
* Learning Longterm Representations for Person Re-Identification Using Radio Signals
* Learning Optimal Compact Codebook for Efficient Object Categorization
* Learning Perspective Undistortion of Portraits
* Learning spatio-temporal features for action recognition from the side of the video
* Learning to pool high-level features for face representation
* Learning-Based Framework for Supervised and Unsupervised Image Segmentation Evaluation, A
* Localized region context and object feature fusion for people head detection
* Low resolution 3D reconstructions of viruses from X-ray crystal diffraction data
* Machine-readable region identification from partially blurred document images
* Manifold Modeling and Its Application to Tubular Scene Manifold Mosaicing Algorithm
* marginFace: A novel face recognition method by average neighborhood margin maximization
* Measuring conceptual relation of visual words for visual categorization
* Modeling the Optimal Baseline for a Spaceborne Bistatic SAR System to Generate DEMs
* Modified-CS-residual for recursive reconstruction of highly undersampled functional MRI sequences
* Motion Correction in Optical Resolution Photoacoustic Microscopy
* Multi-class action recognition based on inverted index of action states
* Multi-frame Quality Enhancement for Compressed Video
* Multi-metric domain adaptation for unsupervised transfer learning
* Multi-Sensor Geodetic Observations and Modeling of the 2017 Mw 6.3 Jinghe Earthquake
* Multimodal Neuroimaging Predictors for Cognitive Performance Using Structured Sparse Learning
* Multiple Granularity Analysis for Fine-Grained Action Detection
* Multiple Granularity Modeling: A Coarse-to-Fine Framework for Fine-grained Action Analysis
* MVSCRF: Learning Multi-View Stereo With Conditional Random Fields
* New OFDM Blind Synchronization Algorithm Suitable for PLC, A
* Normal curvature-induced variational model for image restoration
* novel density-based clustering algorithm using nearest neighbor graph, A
* Novel Method for Semi-automatic 2D to 3D Video Conversion, A
* Novel Synergetic Classification Approach for Hyperspectral and Panchromatic Images Based on Self-Learning, A
* novel total variation optimization method and its application on blind super-resolution, A
* On the performance limit of single-hop TOA localization
* Optimizing Multi-Way Spatial Joins of Web Feature Services
* Output-Feedback Cooperative Formation Maneuvering of Autonomous Surface Vehicles With Connectivity Preservation and Collision Avoidance
* pattern-aware method for maximal fuzzy supplement frequent pattern mining, A
* pDisVPL: Probabilistic Discriminative Visual Part Learning for Image Classification
* Peak-Piloted Deep Network for Facial Expression Recognition
* Penalized Weighted Least-Squares Approach to Sinogram Noise Reduction and Image Reconstruction for Low-Dose X-Ray Computed Tomography
* Play and rewind: Context-aware video temporal action proposals
* Point Cloud Completion by Skip-Attention Network With Hierarchical Folding
* Practical Adaptive Clock Offset Prediction Model for the Beidou-2 System, A
* Predicting citywide crowd flows using deep spatio-temporal residual networks
* Probabilistic Measure for Quantitative Evaluation of Image Segmentation, A
* Projective Factorization of Multiple Rigid-Body Motions
* rapid and automatic method for camera calibration based on LCD circle pattern, A
* Real-Time Facial Segmentation and Performance Capture from RGB Input
* Recognition of Human Continuous Action with 3D CNN
* Reducing Complexity of HEVC: A Deep Learning Approach
* Refined Two-Stage Programming Approach of Phase Unwrapping for Multi-Baseline SAR Interferograms Using the Unscented Kalman Filter
* Region-based image segmentation evaluation via perceptual pooling strategies
* Resampling Methods for Particle Filtering: Classification, implementation, and strategies
* Research on Analysis Method of Characteristics Generation of Urban Rail Transit
* Research on high resolution & high sensitivity panoramic surveillance system
* Resolving Fine-Scale Surface Features on Polar Sea Ice: A First Assessment of UAS Photogrammetry Without Ground Control
* Robust geometric LP-norm feature pooling for image classification and action recognition
* robust image-based method for 3D registration, A
* robust parametric active contour based on fourier descriptors, A
* Salient Contour-Aware Based Twice Learning Strategy for Saliency Detection
* Salient edge and region aware image retargeting
* Self-Learning With Rectification Strategy for Human Parsing
* Short Baseline TerraSAR-X PSI for Monitoring Subsidence of Highways and Railways, Case Study with Corner Reflectors
* Simple Tree Detector Using Laser and Camera Fusion, A
* Simultaneous Range and Cross-Range Variant Phase Error Estimation and Compensation for Highly Squinted SAR Imaging
* Single-Image Reflection Removal via a Two-Stage Background Recovery Process
* SingleGAN: Image-to-Image Translation by a Single-Generator Network Using Multiple Generative Adversarial Learning
* Soft Rasterizer: A Differentiable Renderer for Image-Based 3D Reasoning
* Source-Aware Nonuniform Information Transmission for Minimum Distortion
* Space-time super-resolution with patch group cuts prior
* Sparse Bayesian multi-task learning for predicting cognitive outcomes from neuroimaging measures in Alzheimer's disease
* Spatial-Temporal Context-Aware Online Action Detection and Prediction
* Spatio-temporal variation trends of vegetation net primary productivity based on AVHRR
* stable long-term object tracking method with re-detection strategy, A
* structurally adaptive neural tree for the recognition of large character set, A
* Structure-Measure: A New Way to Evaluate Foreground Maps
* Structure-Parameter-Adaptive (SPA) Neural Tree for the Recognition Of Large Character Set, A
* Surprise-Based JND Estimation for Images
* tentative test for measuring the sub-millimeter settlement and uplift of a high-speed railway bridge using COSMO-SkyMed images, A
* Terrain-Based Vehicle Localization Approach Robust to Braking, A
* Through-Wall Human Mesh Recovery Using Radio Signals
* Through-Wall Human Pose Estimation Using Radio Signals
* Tight Fusion of a Monocular Camera, MEMS-IMU, and Single-Frequency Multi-GNSS RTK for Precise Navigation in GNSS-Challenged Environments
* Towards Transferable Targeted Attack
* UVSQ-SAT, a Pathfinder CubeSat Mission for Observing Essential Climate Variables
* Variational Pan-Sharpening Method Based on Spatial Fractional-Order Geometry and Spectral-Spatial Low-Rank Priors, A
* Video Stream Processing on a High Performance Reconfigurable Architecture
* Visual tracking with multiple Hough detectors
* Web Multimedia Object Classification Using Cross-Domain Correlation Knowledge
* Web Multimedia Object Clustering via Information Fusion
* Wuhan Ionospheric Oblique-Incidence Sounding System and Its New Application in Localization of Ionospheric Irregularities
Includes: Li, T. Li, T.[Tian] Li, T.[Teng] Li, T.[Tao] Li, T.[Tianrui] Li, T.[Tuo] Li, T.[Tong] Li, T.[Tengpeng] Li, T.[Tuanhui] Li, T.[Tang] Li, T.[Tianye] Li, T.[Ting] Li, T.[Tongji] Li, T.[Tianlai] Li, T.[Tianqi] Li, T.[Tuan] Li, T.[Tansheng] Li, T.[Tuotuo] Li, T.[Taoran] Li, T.[Taiyong] Li, T.[Tan] Li, T.[Thomas]
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Li, T.B.[Tie Bei] Co Author Listing * Vehicle scheduling approach and its practice to optimise public bicycle redistribution in Hangzhou
Includes: Li, T.B.[Tie Bei] Li, T.B.[Tie-Bei]

Li, T.C.[Tian Cheng] Co Author Listing * Dual PHD Filter for Effective Occupancy Filtering in a Highly Dynamic Environment, A
Includes: Li, T.C.[Tian Cheng] Li, T.C.[Tian-Cheng]

Li, T.F.[Ting Feng] Co Author Listing * AdaTransform: Adaptive Data Transformation
* Bayes empirical Bayes approach to unsupervised learning of parameters in pattern recognition
* Classification on defective items using unidentified samples
* efficient algorithm to find the MLE of prior probabilities of a mixture in pattern recognition, An
* quick method for estimation of parameters of individual pulses in a multipath signal, A
* Simultaneous Face Detection and Head Pose Estimation: A Fast and Unified Framework
* Speech Recognition of Mandarin Monosyllables
Includes: Li, T.F.[Ting Feng] Li, T.F.[Ting-Feng] Li, T.F.[Tze Fen]
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Li, T.G.[Tie Gang] Co Author Listing * Seafloor Sediment Study from South China Sea: Acoustic & Physical Property Relationship
Includes: Li, T.G.[Tie Gang] Li, T.G.[Tie-Gang]

Li, T.H.[Tien Hsu] Co Author Listing * Boosting object retrieval by estimating pseudo-objects
* Deep Image Spatial Transformation for Person Image Generation
* Deep Pedestrian Detection Using Contextual Information and Multi-level Features
* Deep Spatial Transformation for Pose-Guided Person Image Generation and Animation
* Detection of Cognitive Binding During Ambiguous Figure Tasks by Wavelet Coherence Analysis of EEG Signals
* fast MPEG-7 dominant color extraction with new similarity measure for image retrieval, A
* Graph Convolutional Label Noise Cleaner: Train a Plug-And-Play Action Classifier for Anomaly Detection
* joint estimation approach for two-tone image deblurring by blind deconvolution, A
* LECARM: Low-Light Image Enhancement Using the Camera Response Model
* Making the Invisible Visible: Action Recognition Through Walls and Occlusions
* new design in iterative image deblurring for improved robustness and performance, A
* StructureFlow: Image Inpainting via Structure-Aware Appearance Flow
* Towards Automatic Wild Animal Detection in Low Quality Camera-Trap Images Using Two-Channeled Perceiving Residual Pyramid Networks
* UAV Aerial Photography Technology in Island Topographic Mapping
* Using feature points and angles between them to recognise facial expression by a neural network approach
Includes: Li, T.H.[Tien Hsu] Li, T.H.[Tien-Hsu] Li, T.H.[Thomas H.] Li, T.H. Li, T.H.[Tsia-Hsing] Li, T.H.[Ta-Hsin] Li, T.H.[Tian-Hong] Li, T.H.[Tai-Hao] Li, T.H.[Tuan-Hao]
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Li, T.H.S. Co Author Listing * Autonomous fuzzy parking control of a car-like mobile robot

Li, T.J.[Tie Jun] Co Author Listing * Contrast enhancement for cDNA microarray image based on fourth-order moment
* Dynamic gesture recognition based on feature fusion network and variant ConvLSTM
* Efficient Near-Field Imaging for Single-Borehole Radar With Widely Separated Transceivers
* Efficient Stolt Migration for Large Nonuniform Single Borehole Radar Surveys
* Feature Selection in Pattern Recognition
* MIMO Borehole Radar Imaging Based on High Degree of Freedom for Efficient Subsurface Sensing
* Predictive Direction Guided Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm, A
* Research of Vision Localization and Measuring System for Magnetic Field Distribution
* RFI Suppression Based on Phase-Coded Stepped-Frequency Waveform in Through-Wall Radar
* Spectral Classification of the Yellow Sea and Implications for Coastal Ocean Color Remote Sensing
* Time-Gating-Based Time Reversal Imaging for Impulse Borehole Radar in Layered Media
Includes: Li, T.J.[Tie Jun] Li, T.J.[Tie-Jun] Li, T.J.[Ting-Jun] Li, T.J. Li, T.J.[Tong-Ji]
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Li, T.L.[Tong Lin] Co Author Listing * Imaging of the Upper Mantle Beneath Southeast Asia: Constrained by Teleseismic P-Wave Tomography
* Modelling heterogeneous traffic dynamics by considering the influence of V2V safety messages
Includes: Li, T.L.[Tong Lin] Li, T.L.[Tong-Lin] Li, T.L.[Teng-Long]

Li, T.M.[Tzu Mao] Co Author Listing * Inverse Path Tracing for Joint Material and Lighting Estimation
Includes: Li, T.M.[Tzu Mao] Li, T.M.[Tzu-Mao]

Li, T.P.[Tian Peng] Co Author Listing * Framework of Jitter Detection and Compensation for High Resolution Satellites
* Learning residual refinement network with semantic context representation for real-time saliency object detection
* Novel Subpixel Phase Correlation Method Using Singular Value Decomposition and Unified Random Sample Consensus, A
* Rethinking Feature Distribution for Loss Functions in Image Classification
Includes: Li, T.P.[Tian Peng] Li, T.P.[Tian-Peng] Li, T.P.[Teng-Peng]

Li, T.Q.[Tian Qing] Co Author Listing * FFT snake: a robust and efficient method for the segmentation of arbitrarily shaped objects in image sequences
Includes: Li, T.Q.[Tian Qing] Li, T.Q.[Tian-Qing]

Li, T.R.[Tian Rui] Co Author Listing * Using Sorted Switching Median Filter to remove high-density impulse noises
Includes: Li, T.R.[Tian Rui] Li, T.R.[Tian-Rui]

Li, T.S.[Tao Shen] Co Author Listing * Direct method-Green's Theory: From PDE to BIE in the geometric transformation
* Fast depth intra coding based on spatial correlation and rate distortion cost in 3D-HEVC
* improved DCT-based JND estimation model considering multiple masking effects, An
* novel fast intra mode decision for versatile video coding, A
* Recognition System for Home-Service-Related Sign Language Using Entropy-Based K -Means Algorithm and ABC-Based HMM
* Studies on Micropatterning and Photoreaction of Copolymer LB Films Containing Nonionic Photoacid Generator
* Subsampling and Interpolation Technique for Reversible Histogram Shift Data Hiding, A
Includes: Li, T.S.[Tao Shen] Li, T.S.[Tao-Shen] Li, T.S.[Tian-Song] Li, T.S. Li, T.S.[Tie-Sheng] Li, T.S.[Tzung-Shian]
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Li, T.T.[Ting Ting] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Simulation on Imaging Performance of Backward and Forward Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Combining 3D Convolutional Neural Networks with Transfer Learning by Supervised Pre-Training for Facial Micro-Expression Recognition
* Energy Harvesting for Two-Way OFDM Communications under Hostile Jamming
* Fuzzy c-means clustering based on weights and gene expression programming
* Geometric calibration of a camera-projector 3D imaging system
* Infants' Pain Recognition Based on Facial Expression: Dynamic Hybrid Descriptions
* Robust Reflection Removal Based on Light Field Imaging
Includes: Li, T.T.[Ting Ting] Li, T.T.[Ting-Ting] Li, T.T.[Tong-Tong] Li, T.T. Li, T.T.[Ting-Tian]
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Li, T.W.[Tong Wen] Co Author Listing * Geographically and temporally weighted neural networks for satellite-based mapping of ground-level PM2.5
* Large-scale MODIS AOD products recovery: Spatial-temporal hybrid fusion considering aerosol variation mitigation
* Mapping PM2.5 concentration at a sub-km level resolution: A dual-scale retrieval approach
* Monitoring the Variation of Vegetation Water Content with Machine Learning Methods: Point-Surface Fusion of MODIS Products and GNSS-IR Observations
* new method based on the BP neural network to improve the accuracy of inversion of the vegetation height, A
* Quality Improvement of Satellite Soil Moisture Products by Fusing with In-Situ Measurements and GNSS-R Estimates in the Western Continental U.S.
* Remote Sensing Estimation of Regional NO2 via Space-Time Neural Networks
Includes: Li, T.W.[Tong Wen] Li, T.W.[Tong-Wen] Li, T.W.[Ting-Wei]
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Li, T.X.[Tian Xing] Co Author Listing * Dual deblurring leveraged by image matching
* New Efficient Algorithm for Volume-Preserving Parameterizations of Genus-One 3-Manifolds, A
* Novel Algorithm for Volume-Preserving Parameterizations of 3-Manifolds, A
Includes: Li, T.X.[Tian Xing] Li, T.X.[Tian-Xing] Li, T.X.[Tie-Xiang]

Li, T.Y.[Tai Yong] Co Author Listing * Few-view image reconstruction combining total variation and a high-order norm
* Multiple-instance discriminant analysis
* Restricted Deformable Convolution-Based Road Scene Semantic Segmentation Using Surround View Cameras
Includes: Li, T.Y.[Tai Yong] Li, T.Y.[Tai-Yong] Li, T.Y.[Ting-Yu] Li, T.Y.[Tian-Yi]

Li, T.Z.[Tian Ze] Co Author Listing * Application of Image Sensor in the Three-Dimensional Surface Measurement
* Research on CCD De-Noising Technology
* Study on the Treatment Technology and Application of Charge Coupled Device
Includes: Li, T.Z.[Tian Ze] Li, T.Z.[Tian-Ze]

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