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Letu, H.[Husi] Co Author Listing * Assessment and Improvement of MISR Angstrom Exponent and Single-Scattering Albedo Products Using AERONET Data in China
* Atmospheric Effect Analysis and Correction of the Microwave Vegetation Index
* Comparison of Cloud Properties from Himawari-8 and FengYun-4A Geostationary Satellite Radiometers with MODIS Cloud Retrievals
* Haze Optical Properties from Long-Term Ground-Based Remote Sensing over Beijing and Xuzhou, China
* Ice Cloud Properties From Himawari-8/AHI Next-Generation Geostationary Satellite: Capability of the AHI to Monitor the DC Cloud Generation Process
* Saturated Light Correction Method for DMSP/OLS Nighttime Satellite Imagery, A
Includes: Letu, H.[Husi] Letu, H.

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