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Leszczuk, M.[Mikolaj] Co Author Listing * Assessing quality of experience for high definition video streaming under diverse packet loss patterns
* Evaluation of Quality Retaining Diagnostic Credibility for Surgery Video Recordings
* Lightweight implementation of No-Reference (NR) perceptual quality assessment of H.264/AVC compression
* Novel Approach for Publishing Linked Open Geodata from National Registries with the Use of Semantically Annotated Context Dependent Web Pages, A
Includes: Leszczuk, M.[Mikolaj] Leszczuk, M.[Marta]

Leszczynski, K.W.[Konrad W.] Co Author Listing * Robust Algorithm for Contrast Enhancement by Local Histogram Modification, A

Leszczynski, M.[Mariusz] Co Author Listing * Fast Viseme Recognition for Talking Head Application
* On Design of Discriminant Analysis Diagram for Error Based Pattern Recognition
* Viseme Classification for Talking Head Application
* Viseme recognition: A comparative study

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