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Lera, F. Co Author Listing * Accurately Locating a Vertical Magnetic Dipole Buried in a Conducting Earth

Lera, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of correspondence errors for stereo

Lerallut, R.[Romain] Co Author Listing * Image filtering using morphological amoebas
* Morphological Operators for Flooding, Leveling and Filtering Images Using Graphs
* Noise Reduction in 3D Images Using Morphological Amoebas
Includes: Lerallut, R.[Romain] Lerallut, R.

Lerario, A.[Antonella] Co Author Listing * Virtual Touring for the Puglia Regional Museum Directorate

Lerasle, F. Co Author Listing * 3D Head Pose Estimation Enhanced Through SURF-Based Key-Frames
* Audio-Video detection of the active speaker in meetings
* Collaboration and spatialization for an efficient multi-person tracking via sparse representations
* Combination of RGB-D Features for Head and Upper Body Orientation Classification
* Compact and discriminative multi-object tracking with siamese CNNs
* Comparative Evaluations of Selected Tracking-by-Detection Approaches
* comparative view on exemplar tracking-by-detection approaches, A
* Cooperative passers-by tracking with a mobile robot and external cameras
* Data Fusion for 3D Gestures Tracking using a Camera mounted on a Robot
* Human Body Limbs Tracking by Multi-Ocular Vision
* Human Body Tracking by Monocular Vision
* Human Motion Capture Using Data Fusion of Multiple Skeleton Data
* Hyper-Optimization tools comparison for parameter tuning applications
* Hyper-parameter optimization tools comparison for multiple object tracking applications
* IMM-Based Tracking and Latency Control with Off-the-Shelf IP PTZ Camera
* Improving Multi-frame Data Association with Sparse Representations for Robust Near-online Multi-object Tracking
* Improving multiple pedestrians tracking with semantic information
* Intention-Aware Multiple Pedestrian Tracking
* Late Fusion of Bayesian and Convolutional Models for Action Recognition
* Likelihood tuning for particle filter in visual tracking
* MCMC Supervision for People Re-identification in Nonoverlapping Cameras
* MCMC-based particle filter for multiple person tracking, An
* Mixed-State Particle Filtering for Simultaneous Tracking and Re-identification in Non-overlapping Camera Networks
* multi-modal perception based assistive robotic system for the elderly, A
* Multimodal Interaction Abilities for a Robot Companion
* Online multi-person tracking based on global sparse collaborative representations
* Particle filtering strategies for data fusion dedicated to visual tracking from a mobile robot
* particle swarm optimization inspired tracker applied to visual tracking, A
* People Detection with Heterogeneous Features and Explicit Optimization on Computation Time
* Person Detection with a Computation Time Weighted AdaBoost
* Projected Light Beams Tracking for Efficient 3d Reconstruction
* Quasi Monte Carlo partitioned filtering for Visual Human Motion Capture
* Relaxation vs Maximal Cliques Search for Projected Beams Labeling in a Structured Light Sensor
* smart sensor based visual landmarks detection for indoor robot navigation, A
* Soft-Cascade Learning with Explicit Computation Time Considerations
* State-Driven Particle Filter for Multi-person Tracking
* Towards human motion capture from a camera mounted on a mobile robot
* Towards real-time markerless human motion capture from ambiance cameras using an hybrid particle filter
* Tracking of Human Limbs by Multiocular Vision
* Tracking-by-detection of multiple persons by a resample-move particle filter
* Vision and RFID data fusion for tracking people in crowds by a mobile robot
* visual landmark framework for mobile robot navigation, A
* Visual landmarks detection and recognition for mobile robot navigation
Includes: Lerasle, F. Lerasle, F.[Frédéric] Lerasle, F.[Frederic]
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Leray, A. Co Author Listing * Statistical Performance Analysis of a Fast Super-Resolution Technique Using Noisy Translations

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