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Lauze, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Absolute and Relative Pose Estimation in Refractive Multi View
* Alternate Structural-Textural Video Inpainting for Spot Defects Correction in Movies
* Automatic Hair Detection in the Wild
* Bayesian Epipolar Geometry Estimation from Tomographic Projections
* Bicycle chain shape models
* Blur Invariant Image Priors
* Course to Fine Multiscale Approach for Linear Least Squares Optical Flow Estimation, A
* Curve Evolution in Subspaces
* Deinterlacing Using Variational Methods
* Exploring the representation capabilities of the HOG descriptor
* First Order Locally Orderless Registration
* From Inpainting to Active Contours
* Fundamental Geodesic Deformations in Spaces of Treelike Shapes
* Geodesic exponential kernels: When curvature and linearity conflict
* Geometries on Spaces of Treelike Shapes
* Geometry and Statistics: Manifolds and Stratified Spaces
* Guest Editorial: Scale Space and Variational Methods
* Improbability of Harris Interest Points, The
* Kernel Bundle EPDiff: Evolution Equations for Multi-scale Diffeomorphic Image Registration
* L1-TV Algorithm for Robust Perspective Photometric Stereo with Spatially-Varying Lightings, A
* Learning Defects in Old Movies from Manually Assisted Restoration
* LED-Based Photometric Stereo: Modeling, Calibration and Numerical Solution
* Local Mean Multiphase Segmentation with HMMF Models
* Manifold Valued Statistics, Exact Principal Geodesic Analysis and the Effect of Linear Approximations
* Means in spaces of tree-like shapes
* Motion Compensated Video Super Resolution
* Multiphase Local Mean Geodesic Active Regions
* Non-convex Variational Approach to Photometric Stereo under Inaccurate Lighting, A
* On Photometric Stereo in the Presence of a Refractive Interface
* On Restricting Planar Curve Evolution to Finite Dimensional Implicit Subspaces with Non-Euclidean Metric
* On the Rate of Structural Change in Scale Spaces
* Quantizing Calcification in the Lumbar Aorta on 2-D Lateral X-Ray Images
* Refractive Multi-view Stereo
* Refractive Pose Refinement
* Segmentation of 2D and 3D Objects with Intrinsically Similarity Invariant Shape Regularisers
* Simultaneous Reconstruction and Segmentation of CT Scans with Shadowed Data
* Solving the Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo Problem Using Total Variation
* Solving Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo Using Total Variation
* Sparse Multi-Scale Diffeomorphic Registration: The Kernel Bundle Framework
* Total Variation Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing Scheme, A
* Toward a Theory of Statistical Tree-Shape Analysis
* TV-L1 Optical Flow for Vector Valued Images
* Unscented Kalman Filtering on Riemannian Manifolds
* Variational Algorithm For Motion Compensated Inpainting, A
* Variational Approach for Multi-valued Velocity Field Estimation in Transparent Sequences, A
* Variational Multi-Valued Velocity Field Estimation for Transparent Sequences
* Video Super-Resolution Using Simultaneous Motion and Intensity Calculations
Includes: Lauze, F.[Francois] Lauze, F.[François] Lauze, F. Lauze, F.[Franšois]
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Lauziere, Y.B.[Yves Berube] Co Author Listing * Area and Length Minimizing Flows for Shape Segmentation

Lauzon, D. Co Author Listing * Arithmetic coding of a lossless contour based representation of label images

Lauzon, J.P.[Jean Paul] Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional Run-Encoding for Quadtree Representation

Lauzon, M.L. Co Author Listing * Self-similarity of Images in the Fourier Domain, with Applications to MRI

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