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Lahdekorpi, P.[Panu] Co Author Listing * Review of: LTE: The UMTS Long Term Evolution: From Theory to Practise
Includes: Lahdekorpi, P.[Panu] Lähdekorpi, P.[Panu] (Maybe also Laehdekorpi, P.)

Lahdeniemi, M.[Matti] Co Author Listing * Grain Size Measurement of Crystalline Products Using Maximum Difference Method
Includes: Lahdeniemi, M.[Matti] Lähdeniemi, M.[Matti] (Maybe also Laehdeniemi, M.)

Lahdenoja, O.[Olli] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Spatters in Laser Welding of Thick Steel Using Motion Flow Analysis
* Embedded processing methods for online visual analysis of laser welding
* On the Spatial Distribution of Local Non-parametric Facial Shape Descriptors
* Reducing the Feature Vector Length in Local Binary Pattern Based Face Recognition
* Shape-Preserving Non-parametric Symmetry Transform, A

Lahdesmaki, H. Co Author Listing * Optimization of Edge Detectors for Topographic Maps of Cave Inscriptions
Includes: Lahdesmaki, H. Lähdesmäki, H. (Maybe also Laehdesmaeki, H.)

Lahdir, M.[Mourad] Co Author Listing * Fast Hyperspectral Image Encoder Based on Supervised Multimodal Scheme
* Support vector regression-based 3D-wavelet texture learning for hyperspectral image compression

Lahdya, S. Co Author Listing * Security Study of Routing Attacks in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (Autonomous Car)

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