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Lafue, G. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Three-Dimensional Objects from Orthographic Views

Lafuente Arroyo, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Algebraic-Distance Minimization of Lines and Ellipses for Traffic Sign Shape Localization
* Approach to the Recognition of Informational Traffic Signs Based on 2-D Homography and SVMs, An
* Goal Evaluation of Segmentation Algorithms for Traffic Sign Recognition
* Heterogeneous Visual Codebook Integration Via Consensus Clustering for Visual Categorization
* LIDAR Signature Based Node Detection and Classification in Graph Topological Maps for Indoor Navigation
* optimization on pictogram identification for the road-sign recognition task using SVMs, An
* Road-Sign Detection and Recognition Based on Support Vector Machines
* Segmentation in Corridor Environments: Combining Floor and Ceiling Detection
Includes: Lafuente Arroyo, S.[Sergio] Lafuente-Arroyo, S.[Sergio] Lafuente-Arroyo, S.
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Lafuma, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Algebraic Comparison of Synthetic Aperture Interferometry and Digital Beam Forming in Imaging Radiometry, An

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