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Kyung, C. Co Author Listing * Offset Aperture: A Passive Single-Lens Camera for Depth Sensing

Kyung, C.M.[Chong Min] Co Author Listing * Activity-Based Motion Estimation Scheme for H.264 Scalable Video Coding
* Dual frame rate motion detection for memory- and energy-constrained surveillance systems
* Dynamic Search Range Algorithm for Stabilized Reduction of Memory Traffic in Video Encoder, A
* Efficient CABAC Rate Estimation for H.264/AVC Mode Decision
* Efficient Neural Network Compression
* Fine-Tuning DARTS for Image Classification
* Global Feature Aggregation for Accident Anticipation
* Lossless Embedded Compression Using Significant Bit Truncation for HD Video Coding, A
* Low-Complexity Pedestrian Detection Framework for Smart Video Surveillance Systems, A
* low-energy video event data recorder using dual image/video codec, A
* Memory- and Accuracy-Aware Gaussian Parameter-Based Stereo Matching Using Confidence Measure, A
* Memory-Efficient Parametric Semiglobal Matching
* Multitransform Architecture for H.264/AVC High-Profile Coders, A
* Offset aperture based hardware architecture for real-time depth extraction
* Pyramid Texture Compression and Decompression Using Interpolative Vector Quantization
* Selective Search Area Reuse Algorithm for Low External Memory Access Motion Estimation
* Uniform Subdivision of Omnidirectional Camera Space for Efficient Spherical Stereo Matching
Includes: Kyung, C.M.[Chong Min] Kyung, C.M.[Chong-Min] Kyung, C.M.
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Kyung, M.H. Co Author Listing * New Approach to Through-the-Lens Camera Control, A
* Noiseless GPU rendering of isotropic BRDF surfaces
* Parallel mesh simplification using embedded tree collapsing
Includes: Kyung, M.H. Kyung, M.H.[Min-Ho]

Kyung, W.J.[Wang Jun] Co Author Listing * Color Improvement Based on Local Color Transfer in Digital Intermediate of Digital Cinema
* Moiré Reduction Using Inflection Point and Color Variation in Digital Camera of No Optical Low Pass Filter
* Real-time multi-scale Retinex to enhance night scene of vehicular camera
Includes: Kyung, W.J.[Wang Jun] Kyung, W.J.[Wang-Jun]

Kyung, Y.[Yeunwoong] Co Author Listing * Dual Domain Network for MRI Reconstruction Using Gabor Loss, A

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