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Kuosmanen, P. Co Author Listing * Detail preserving morphological filtering
* Efficient Sparse Data Filtering Method for Image Histogram Comparison, An
* Fault detection in stack filter circuits based on sample selection probabilities
* Fingerprint Image Enhancement Based on Second Directional Derivative of the Digital Image
* Fingerprint matching using an orientation-based minutia descriptor
* Geometric Invariant Representation for The Identification of Corresponding Points, A
* Image compression using multiple transforms
* Orthogonal Spline Fitting in Range Data
* Remote Authentication System Using Fingerprints, A
* Shape Preservation Criteria and Optimal Soft Morphological Filtering
* Soft Morphological Filtering
* Topographic Method for Fingerprint Segmentation, A
* Training-Based Optimization of Soft Morphological Filters
Includes: Kuosmanen, P. Kuosmanen, P.[Pauli]
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