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Kunchala, A.[Anil] Co Author Listing * SMPL-Based 3D Pedestrian Pose Prediction
* Towards A Framework for Privacy-Preserving Pedestrian Analysis

Kunchev, R. Co Author Listing * Three Dimensional Computer Vision for Computer Design and Manufacturing Applications

Kuncheva, L.I.[Ludmila I.] Co Author Listing * email: Kuncheva, L.I.[Ludmila I.]: l i kuncheva AT bangor ac uk
* Adaptive Learning Rate for Online Linear Discriminant Classifiers
* Budget-Constrained Online Video Summarisation of Egocentric Video Using Control Charts
* case-study on naive labelling for the nearest mean and the linear discriminant classifiers, A
* Classification and comparison of on-line video summarisation methods
* Combining Online Classification Approaches for Changing Environments
* Comparing keyframe summaries of egocentric videos: Closest-to-centroid baseline
* critical comment on the paper designing of classification procedures with the use of equality and difference operators, A
* Decision templates for multiple classifier fusion: An Experimental Comparison
* Edited nearest neighbour for selecting keyframe summaries of egocentric videos
* Error-Dependency Relationships for the Na´ve Bayes Classifier with Binary Features
* Evaluation Measure of Image Segmentation Based on Object Centres, An
* Evaluation of Stability of k-Means Cluster Ensembles with Respect to Random Initialization
* Experimental investigation on editing for the k-NN rule through a genetic algorithm
* Fitness Functions in Editing K-NN Reference Set by Genetic Algorithms
* Generating classifier outputs of fixed accuracy and diversity
* Is Independence Good for Combining Classifiers?
* Learn++.MF: A random subspace approach for the missing feature problem
* Limits on the Majority Vote Accuracy in Classifier Fusion
* Linear Discriminant Classifier (LDC) for Streaming Data with Concept Drift
* Measures of Diversity in Classifier Ensembles and Their Relationship with the Ensemble Accuracy
* Naive random subspace ensemble with linear classifiers for real-time classification of fMRI data
* Nearest neighbor classifier: Simultaneous editing and feature selection
* Occlusion Handling via Random Subspace Classifiers for Human Detection
* On feature selection protocols for very low-sample-size data
* On feature selection via rough sets
* On Optimum Thresholding of Multivariate Change Detectors
* On the optimality of Na´ve Bayes with dependent binary features
* On-Line fMRI Data Classification Using Linear and Ensemble Classifiers
* PCA feature extraction for change detection in multidimensional unlabelled streaming data
* Random Subspace Ensembles for fMRI Classification
* RBF Network with Tunable Function Shape, An
* Restricted Set Classification with prior probabilities: A case study on chessboard recognition
* Restricted set classification: Who is there?
* ROC curves and video analysis optimization in intestinal capsule endoscopy
* Rotation Forest: A New Classifier Ensemble Method
* spatial discrepancy measure between voxel sets in brain imaging, A
* Switching between selection and fusion in combining classifiers: An Experiment
* Theoretical Study on Six Classifier Fusion Strategies, A
* two-level classification scheme trained by a fuzzy neural network, A
* Using diversity measures for generating error-correcting output codes in classifier ensembles
* Who Is Missing? A New Pattern Recognition Puzzle
Includes: Kuncheva, L.I.[Ludmila I.] Kuncheva, L.I. Kuncheva, L.I.[Ludmilla I.]
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