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Kruijff, E.[Ernst] Co Author Listing * Design Review In A Distributed Collaborative Virtual Environment
* Designed emotions: challenges and potential methodologies for improving multisensory cues to enhance user engagement in immersive systems
* Focus-Plus-Context Techniques for Picoprojection-Based Interaction

Kruijff, G.J.M.[Geert Jan M.] Co Author Listing * Tutor-based learning of visual categories using different levels of supervision
Includes: Kruijff, G.J.M.[Geert Jan M.] Kruijff, G.J.M.[Geert-Jan M.]

Kruijt, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Performance of Laser-Based Electronic Devices for Structural Analysis of Amazonian Terra-Firme Forests

Kruijtzer, W. Co Author Listing * Application Specific Instruction-Set Processor Template for Motion Estimation in Video Applications

Kruit, P. Co Author Listing * MBSEM image acquisition and image processing in LabView FPGA

Kruithof, M.[Maarten] Co Author Listing * Cluster Centers Provide Good First Labels for Object Detection

Kruizinga, P. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Filter Based Texture Operators Using Mahalanobis Distance, A
* Comparison of texture features based on Gabor filters
* Computational models of visual neurons specialised in the detection of periodic and aperiodic oriented visual stimuli: bar and grating cells
* Grating Cell Operator Features for Oriented Texture Segmentation
* Nonlinear Operator for Oriented Texture
* Nonlinear Texture Operator Specialized in the Analysis of Dot-patterns, A
Includes: Kruizinga, P. Kruizinga, P.[Peter]

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