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Kroschel, K.[Kristian] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Sensor Selection for Single Target Tracking in Large Video Surveillance Networks
* Multilevel Collision Mitigation Approach: Its Situation Assessment, Decision Making, and Performance Tradeoffs, A
* Noise Adaptive Stream Weighting in Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
* Object- and Task-Oriented Architecture for Automated Video Surveillance in Distributed Sensor Networks, An
* Performance prediction of vehicle detection algorithms
* Robust and Efficient Approach for Human Tracking in Multi-camera Systems, A
* Task-Oriented Object Tracking in Large Distributed Camera Networks
Includes: Kroschel, K.[Kristian] Kroschel, K.
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Krose, B.J.A.[Ben J.A.] Co Author Listing * Approximate Bayesian methods for kernel-based object tracking
* Behavior Analysis for Elderly
* Constrained Mixture Modeling of Intrinsically Low-dimensional Distributions
* Distributed EM Learning for Appearance Based Multi-Camera Tracking
* EM-like algorithm for color-histogram-based object tracking, An
* Heading direction of a mobile robot from the optical flow
* How Are You Doing? Enabling Older Adults to Enrich Sensor Data with Subjective Input
* Hybrid Graphical Model for Robust Feature Extraction from Video, A
* k-segments algorithm for finding principal curves, A
* Learning to Recognize Human Activities Using Soft Labels
* Multimodal Speaker Diarization
* On Matching Interest Regions Using Local Descriptors: Can an Information Theoretic Approach Help?
* Online multicamera tracking with a switching state-space model
* Person re-identification using height-based gait in colour depth camera
* probabilistic model for appearance-based robot localization, A
* RARE: people detection in crowded passages by range image reconstruction
* Relative Camera Localisation in Non-overlapping Camera Networks Using Multiple Trajectories
* smart camera for face recognition, A
* Solving Person Re-identification in Non-overlapping Camera using Efficient Gibbs Sampling
* Structure Description of Visual Information, A
Includes: Krose, B.J.A.[Ben J.A.] Kröse, B.J.A.[Ben J.A.] (Maybe also Kroese, B.J.A.)Kröse, B.J.A. (Maybe also Kroese, B.J.A.)Krose, B.J.A.[Ben J. A.] Krose, B.J.A.
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Kroshnin, A.[Alexey] Co Author Listing * Diffeomorphic Metric Learning and Template Optimization for Registration-based Predictive Models

Krosl, K.[Katharina] Co Author Listing * VR-based user study on the effects of vision impairments on recognition distances of escape-route signs in buildings, A
Includes: Krosl, K.[Katharina] Krösl, K.[Katharina] (Maybe also Kroesl, K.)

Kross, A.[Angela] Co Author Listing * Using Artificial Neural Networks and Remotely Sensed Data to Evaluate the Relative Importance of Variables for Prediction of Within-Field Corn and Soybean Yields

Kroszczynski, K.[Krzysztof] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Different Weighting Functions of Observations for GPS and Galileo Precise Point Positioning Performance
* GIS Data as a Valuable Source of Information for Increasing Resolution of the WRF Model for Warsaw

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