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Koot, G.[Gijs] Co Author Listing * Fast Re-ranking of Visual Search Results by Example Selection
* Let's Share a Story: Socially Enhanced Multimedia Storytelling

Kootsookos, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Detection and Vectorization of Roads from Lidar Data
* Improving City Model Determination by using Road Detection from LIDAR Data

Kootsookos, P.J. Co Author Listing * Correspondence-Free Determination of the Affine Fundamental Matrix

Kootstra, G. Co Author Listing * Paying Attention to Symmetry
* Using Local Symmetry for Landmark Selection
* Using Symmetry to Select Fixation Points for Segmentation
* Validation of plant part measurements using a 3D reconstruction method suitable for high-throughput seedling phenotyping
Includes: Kootstra, G. Kootstra, G.[Gert]

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