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Kool, W.[Wouter] Co Author Listing * Review of the Gumbel-max Trick and its Extensions for Discrete Stochasticity in Machine Learning, A

Koolagudi, S. Co Author Listing * Semantic-Preserving Image Compression

Koolagudi, S.G.[Shashidhar G.] Co Author Listing * Exploring Speech Features for Classifying Emotions along Valence Dimension
* Recognition of emotions from video using acoustic and facial features
* Unit Selection Using Linguistic, Prosodic and Spectral Distance for Developing Text-to-Speech System in Hindi
* Video Stabilization Using Sliding Frame Window
* Voice Transformation by Mapping the Features at Syllable Level

Kooli, N.[Nihel] Co Author Listing * Inexact graph matching for entity recognition in OCRed documents
* Semantic Label and Structure Model based Approach for Entity Recognition in Database Context

Koolstra, K. Co Author Listing * Efficient Method for Multi-Parameter Mapping in Quantitative MRI Using B-Spline Interpolation, An

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