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Kokelj, S.V.[Steven V.] Co Author Listing * Climate Sensitivity of High Arctic Permafrost Terrain Demonstrated by Widespread Ice-Wedge Thermokarst on Banks Island
* Detecting Landscape Changes in High Latitude Environments Using Landsat Trend Analysis: 1. Visualization
* Permafrost Terrain Dynamics and Infrastructure Impacts Revealed by UAV Photogrammetry and Thermal Imaging

Kokemuller, J. Co Author Listing * capturing of turbulent gas flows using multiple Kinects, The

Koken, P. Co Author Listing * Radon-Split Method for Helical Cone-Beam CT and Its Application to Nongated Reconstruction, The

Koker, T.E. Co Author Listing * On Identification and Retrieval of Near-Duplicate Biological Images: a New Dataset and Protocol

Koketsu, T.[Tadashi] Co Author Listing * Underwater sensing with omni-directional stereo camera

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