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Koga, H.[Hisashi] Co Author Listing * Estimation of earthquake ground motion by image analysis of sliding objects taken with a fixed camera
* Improved Compression-Based Pattern Recognition Exploiting New Useful Features
* Object Discovery by Clustering Correlated Visual Word Sets
* Robust automatic video object segmentation with graphcut assisted by SURF features
* Scalable Object Discovery: A Hash-Based Approach to Clustering Co-occurring Visual Words
* Similarity-Based Retrieval Method for Fractal Coded Images in the Compressed Data Domain
* Spatially Aware Enhancement of BoVW-Based Image Retrieval Exploiting a Saliency Map
* Unsupervised Object Discovery from Images by Mining Local Features Using Hashing
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Koga, K. Co Author Listing * Determining Motion Fields Under Nonuniform Illumination
* Field Theory Approach for Determining Optical Flow
* Handwritten Character Recognition System Using Hierarchical Displacement Extraction Algorithm, A
* Handwritten Chinese character recognition using displacement extraction based on directional features
Includes: Koga, K. Koga, K.[Kazutoshi]

Koga, M. Co Author Listing * Address-block extraction by bayesian rule
* Building Compact Classifier for Large Character Set Recognition Using Discriminative Feature Extraction
* Camera-based Kanji OCR for mobile-phones: practical issues
* Gabor feature extraction for character recognition: Comparison with gradient feature
* high-speed algorithm for propagation-type labeling based on block sorting of runs in binary images, A
* Improving the Measurement Accuracy of Three-Dimensional Topography Changes Using Optical Satellite Stereo Image Data
* Lexicon-driven handwritten character string recognition for Japanese address reading
* Lexicon-Driven Segmentation and Recognition of Handwritten Character Strings for Japanese Address Reading
* Method for Connecting Disappeared Junction Patterns on Frame Lines in Form Documents, A
* recognition method of machine-printed monetary amounts based on the two-dimensional segmentation and the bottom-up parsing, A
* Segmentation of Handwritten Kanji Numerals Integrating Peripheral Information by Bayesian Rule
* Segmentation of Japanese Handwritten Characters Using Peripheral Feature Analysis
Includes: Koga, M. Koga, M.[Masashi]
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Koga, S.[Shinichiro] Co Author Listing * Image processing method and apparatus using separate processing for pseudohalf tone area

Koga, T.[Toshio] Co Author Listing * Accurate detection of a drastic change between successive pictures
* Adaptive predictive coding apparatus of television signal
* Coded video signal transmitting and receiving system
* Image coarsening by using space-filling curve for decomposition-based image enhancement
* IMAP-CE: A 51.2 Gops Video Rate Image Processor with 128 VLIW Processing Elements
* Predictive codec capable of selecting one of at least three prediction signals in two steps
* Predictive coding system for television signals
* Structural-context-preserving image abstraction by using space-filling curve based on minimum spanning tree
* Television signal coder
* Video signal compressing and coding apparatus
* Visual Communication and Image Processing '91: Image Processing
Includes: Koga, T.[Toshio] Koga, T.[Takanori] Koga, T.
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Koga, Y.[Yohei] Co Author Listing * CNN-Based Method of Vehicle Detection from Aerial Images Using Hard Example Mining, A

Kogan, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Image Enhancement using Filtering Techniques
* Improved structure-adaptive anisotropic filter

Kogan, H.[Hadas] Co Author Listing * robust similarity measure for automatic inspection, A
* Vanishing points estimation by self-similarity

Kogan, I. Co Author Listing * Rotation Invariant Topology Coding of 2D and 3D Objects Using Morse Theory

Kogan, J.[Jacob] Co Author Listing * Introduction to Clustering Large and High-Dimensional Data

Kogan, Z.[Zvi] Co Author Listing * Seamless patches for GPU-based terrain rendering

Kogawara, A. Co Author Listing * High Speed String Edit Methods Using Hierarchical Files and Hashing Technique

Koge, M. Co Author Listing * VisuaLift Studio: Study on motion platform using elevator

Kogelbauer, I.[Ilse] Co Author Listing * Hydrographic Surveying of the Steppe Lake Neusiedl: Mapping the Lake Bed Topography and the Mud Layer

Koger, C.H. Co Author Listing * Dimensionality reduction of hyperspectral data using discrete wavelet transform feature extraction

Kogge, P.M. Co Author Listing * Parallel content-based image analysis on PIM processors

Koglbauer, I. Co Author Listing * Requirements for Future Collision Avoidance Systems in Visual Flight: A Human-Centered Approach
* Traffic Displays for Visual Flight Indicating Track and Priority Cues

Kogler, H.[Hubert] Co Author Listing * Fully-Automated CNN-Based Computer Aided Celiac Disease Diagnosis
* Incorporating human knowledge in automated celiac disease diagnosis
Includes: Kogler, H.[Hubert] Kogler, H.

Kogler, J. Co Author Listing * Asynchronous Stereo Vision for Event-Driven Dynamic Stereo Sensor Using an Adaptive Cooperative Approach
* Bio-inspired Stereo Vision System with Silicon Retina Imagers
* Event-Based Stereo Matching Approaches for Frameless Address Event Stereo Data
* Ground Truth Evaluation for Event-Based Silicon Retina Stereo Data
* High-Performance Hardware Architecture for a Frameless Stereo Vision Algorithm Implemented on a FPGA Platform, A
* Improved Cooperative Stereo Matching for Dynamic Vision Sensors with Ground Truth Evaluation
* optimized Silicon Retina stereo matching algorithm using time-space correlation, An
Includes: Kogler, J. Kogler, J.[Jürgen] Kogler, J.[Jurgen] Kogler, J.[Juergen]
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Kogler, J.E. Co Author Listing * Scaling Images and Image Features via the Renormalization Group
* Using Independent Subspace Analysis for Selecting Filters Used in Texture Processing
Includes: Kogler, J.E. Kogler, Jr., J.E.

Kogo, N.[Naoki] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Subjective Surfaces from Occlusion Cues

Kogure, K.[Kiyoshi] Co Author Listing * Cinematized Reality: Cinematographic 3D Video System for Daily Life Using Multiple Outer/Inner Cameras
* Dynamically Visual Learning for People Identification with Sparsely Distributed Cameras
* GPU-Based Optimization of a Free-Viewpoint Video System
* Immersive Free-Viewpoint Video System Using Multiple Outer/Inner Cameras, An
* On-Line Signature Verification Based on Shape, Motion, and Writing Pressure
* Real-Time 3D Modeling System Using Multiple Stereo Cameras for Free-Viewpoint Video Generation, A
* Robust Foreground Extraction Technique Using Gaussian Family Model and Multiple Thresholds
* Stealth vision for protecting privacy
* ViSE: Visual Search Engine Using Multiple Networked Cameras
* Vitual Camera Control System for Cinematographic 3D Video Rendering
Includes: Kogure, K.[Kiyoshi] Kogure, K.
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Kogure, T.[Takuyo] Co Author Listing * adaptive hybrid DPCM/DCT method for video coding, An
* Full Waveform Lidar Exploitation Technique And Its Evaluation In The Mixed Forest Hilly Region
* Space-Sampling Method for 3D Cinemas
Includes: Kogure, T.[Takuyo] Kogure, T.

Kogut, G.T.[Greg T.] Co Author Listing * Moving Shadow and Object Detection in Traffic Scenes

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