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Klonner, C.[Carolin] Co Author Listing * 3D micro-mapping: Towards assessing the quality of crowdsourcing to support 3D point cloud analysis
* Capturing Flood Risk Perception via Sketch Maps
* Shared Data Sources in the Geographical Domain: A Classification Schema and Corresponding Visualization Techniques
* Sketch Map Tool Facilitates the Assessment of OpenStreetMap Data for Participatory Mapping, The
* Volunteered Geographic Information in Natural Hazard Analysis: A Systematic Literature Review of Current Approaches with a Focus on Preparedness and Mitigation

Klonowski, M.[Marek] Co Author Listing * User authorization based on hand geometry without special equipment

Klontz, J.C. Co Author Listing * Case Study of Automated Face Recognition: The Boston Marathon Bombings Suspects, A

Klonus, S. Co Author Listing * Cest Analysis: Automated Change Detection From Very-high-resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Detection of Damaged Buildings in Crisis Areas from Panchromatic Remote Sensing Data
* Digital Airborne Photogrammetry: A New Tool for Quantitative Remote Sensing?: A State-of-the-Art Review On Radiometric Aspects of Digital Photogrammetric Images
* Potential of Digital Sensors for Land Cover and Tree Species Classifications A Case Study in the Framework of the DGPF-Project
* Status report of the EuroSDR project Radiometric aspects of digital photogrammetric airborne images
Includes: Klonus, S. Klonus, S.[Sascha]

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