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Kisa, A. Co Author Listing * Cost Analysis Of Spatial Data Production As Part Of Business Intelligence Within The Mapping Department
* Datum Transformation of Spatial Data and Application In Cadastre
* Oblique Photogrammetry and Usage on Land Administration
* Production in GDLRC and Present Reflections

Kisacanin, B.[Branislav] Co Author Listing * Algorithmic and software techniques for embedded vision on programmable processors
* Driver State Monitor from DELPHI
* Embedded Computer Vision
* Examples of Low-Level Computer Vision on Media Processors
* Guest Editorial: Human: Computer Interaction: Real-Time Vision Aspects of Natural User Interfaces
* Integral Image Optimizations for Embedded Vision Applications
* optimized vision library approach for embedded systems, An
* Preface to Workshop on Real-Time Vision for Human-Computer Interaction
* Real-Time Vision for Human-Computer Interaction
* Special issue on embedded vision
* Special issue on vision for human-computer interaction
Includes: Kisacanin, B.[Branislav] Kisacanin, B.
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Kisari, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Encounter Risk Evaluation with a Forerunner UAV
Includes: Kisari, A.[Adam] Kisari, Á.[Ádám]

Kisatsky, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Prototype selection rules for neural network training
* Robust Automatic Target Recognition Using a Localized Boundary Representation
* Three-Layer Perceptron Based Classifiers for the Partial Shape Classification Problem

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