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Kibe, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Analysis of OpenStreetMap Data Quality at Different Stages of a Participatory Mapping Process: Evidence from Slums in Africa and Asia

Kibedy, Z. Co Author Listing * Documentation of Roman Excavations by Laserscanning
* Orthoprojection with contrast equalization using terrestrial laserscanning
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Deformation Measurement of Structures

Kibeya, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Fast coding unit partitioning method based on edge detection for HEVC intra-coding
* Fast coding unit selection and motion estimation algorithm based on early detection of zero block quantified transform coefficients for high-efficiency video coding standard
* new fast motion estimation algorithm using fast mode decision for high-efficiency video coding standard, A
* Optimisation of HEVC motion estimation exploiting SAD and SSD GPU-based implementation

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