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Khushaba, R. Co Author Listing * Application of CRF and SVM based semi-supervised learning for semantic labeling of environments
* Towards speed-independent road-type classification

Khushaba, R.N.[Rami N.] Co Author Listing * Differential evolution based feature subset selection
* Electromyogram (EMG) feature reduction using Mutual Components Analysis for multifunction prosthetic fingers control
* Evolutionary fuzzy discriminant analysis feature projection technique in myoelectric control
* Orthogonal Locality Sensitive Fuzzy Discriminant Analysis in Sleep-Stage Scoring

Khushu, A.[Aniketa] Co Author Listing * Interaction between size and disparity cues in distance judgements

Khusravsho, R.[Rahmatulloev] Co Author Listing * Haar-Like Multi-Granularity Texture Features for Pedestrian Detection

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