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Kenea, S.T.[Samuel Takele] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Regional Simulation of Biospheric CO2 Flux from the Updated Version of CarbonTracker Asia with FLUXCOM and Other Inversions over Asia
* Interannual Variability of Atmospheric CH4 and Its Driver Over South Korea Captured by Integrated Data in 2019
* Towards Robust Calculation of Interannual CO2 Growth Signal from TCCON (Total Carbon Column Observing Network)
Includes: Kenea, S.T.[Samuel Takele] Kenea, S.T.[Samuel-Takele]

Kenea, T.T.[Tadesse Tujuba] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Future Land Use/Land Cover Changes Using a Coupled CA-ANN Model in the Upper Omo-Gibe River Basin, Ethiopia

Kenesei, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * 3d Autoencoders for Feature Extraction In X-Ray Tomography

Kenet, G. Co Author Listing * Measuring hepatocytes reaction to dimethylnitrosamine using computerized microscope

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