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Kau, L. Co Author Listing * Gradient Intensity-Adapted Algorithm With Adaptive Selection Strategy for the Fast Decision of H.264/AVC Intra-Prediction Modes, A

Kau, L.J. Co Author Listing * Enhancing the predictive coding efficiency with control technologies for lossless compression of images
* Lossless image coding using adaptive, switching algorithm with automatic fuzzy context modelling
* low complexity dual mode edge detector, A
* Multi-orientation scene text detection with multi-information fusion
Includes: Kau, L.J. Kau, L.J.[Lih-Jen]

Kauba, C.[Christof] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint recognition under the influence of image sensor ageing

Kaucarik, F. Co Author Listing * 3D video database with known parametrs

Kaucic, B. Co Author Listing * Overview of Visibility Problem Algorithms in 1.5D, An

Kaucic, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Accurate, Real-Time, Unadorned Lip Tracking
* Automatic Deformation Detection for Visual Post Inspection
* Classification of 3D macro texture using perceptual observables
* common set of perceptual observables for grouping, figure-ground discrimination, and texture classification, A
* Distributed Cost Boosting and Bounds on Mis-classification Cost
* Learning-based automatic defect recognition with computed tomographic imaging
* Plane-based Projective Reconstruction
* Real-Time Lip Tracking for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Applications
* Sensitivity of Calibration to Principal Point Position
* Single View Metrology: A Practical Example
* Unified Framework for Tracking through Occlusions and across Sensor Gaps, A
Includes: Kaucic, R.[Robert] Kaucic, R.
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Kauczor, H.U. Co Author Listing * About Objective 3-D Analysis of Airway Geometry in Computerized Tomography
* Tumor Cell Load and Heterogeneity Estimation From Diffusion-Weighted MRI Calibrated With Histological Data: an Example From Lung Cancer

Kauer, G.[Gerhard] Co Author Listing * Process flow for classification and clustering of fruit fly gene expression patterns

Kauer, M. Co Author Listing * Concept and development of a unified ontology for generating test and use-case catalogues for assisted and automated vehicle guidance

Kauer, T. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Of Water Quality In Optically Complex Lakes

Kauff, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * 3D analysis and image-based rendering for immersive TV applications
* Adaptive cross-trilateral depth map filtering
* Advanced 3DTV Concept Providing Interoperability and Scalability for a Wide Range of Multi-Baseline Geometries, An
* Advanced interpolation filters for depth image based rendering
* Asymmetric Coding of Stereoscopic Video for Transmission Over T-DMB
* Comparative Study on Disparity Analysis Based on Convergent and Rectified Views, A
* Concealment techniques for data-reduced HDTV recording
* Depth map creation and image-based rendering for advanced 3DTV services providing interoperability and scalability
* Detection Strategies for Image Cube Trajectory Analysis
* Extension of epipolar image analysis to circular camera movements
* Functional Coding of Video Using a Shape-Adaptive DCT Algorithm and an Object-Based Motion Prediction Toolbox
* Generation of multi-view video plus depth content using mixed narrow and wide baseline setup
* Image Cube Trajectory Analysis for Concentric Mosaics
* Image-Based Rendering for Teleconference Systems
* Interactive 3-D Video Representation and Coding Technologies
* Intermediate view interpolation based on multiview video plus depth for advanced 3D video systems
* Joint Estimation of Epipolar Geometry and Rectification Parameters using Point Correspondences for Stereoscopic TV Sequences
* Macroblock-Adaptive Residual Color Space Transforms for 4:4:4 Video Coding
* modular approach to virtual view creation for a scalable immersive teleconferencing configuration, A
* Multi-camera rectification using linearized trifocal tensor
* Multi-view synthesis: A novel view creation approach for free viewpoint video
* Optimized space sampling for circular image cube trajectory analysis
* Parallel high resolution real-time Visual Hull on GPU
* Preserving dynamic range by advanced color histogram matching in stereo vision
* Production Rules for Stereo Acquisition
* Real-Time Avatar Animation Steered by Live Body Motion
* Real-time disparity analysis for applications in immersive teleconference scenarios-a comparative study
* Real-time disparity estimation using line-wise hybrid recursive matching and cross-bilateral median up-sampling
* Real-Time Disparity Maps for Immersive 3-D Teleconferencing by Hybrid Recursive Matching and Census Transform
* Real-time generation of multi-view video plus depth content using mixed narrow and wide baseline
* Real-Time Segmentation for Advanced Disparity Estimation in Immersive Videoconference Applications
* Scalable and Modular Solution for Virtual View Creation in Image-Based Rendering Systems, A
* Segmentation-Based Postprocessing in Real-Time Immersive Video Conferencing
* Shape Adaptive DCT with Block Based DC Separation and Delta-DC Correction
* Spatio-temporal consistent depth maps from multi-view video
* Stereo analysis by hybrid recursive matching for real-time immersive video conferencing
* Stereoscopic Analyzer: An image-based assistance tool for stereo shooting and 3D production, The
* Three-dimensional image processing in the future of immersive media
* Three-Dimensional Video Postproduction and Processing
* Towards Arbitrary Camera Movements for Image Cube Trajectory Analysis
* Ultimate Immersive Experience: Panoramic 3D Video Acquisition, The
* Ultrahigh-Resolution Panoramic Imaging for Format-Agnostic Video Production
* View Synthesis for Advanced 3D Video Systems
Includes: Kauff, P.[Peter] Kauff, P.
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Kauffman, K.[Kathleen] Co Author Listing * Selection of universal features for image classification

Kauffmann, C.[Claude] Co Author Listing * Cellular automaton for ultra-fast watershed transform on GPU
* In Vivo Supervised Analysis of Stent Reendothelialization From Optical Coherence Tomography
Includes: Kauffmann, C.[Claude] Kauffmann, C.

Kauffmann, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Facade Classification for Damage Detection

Kauffmann, S. Co Author Listing * Refinement Of Stereo Image Analysis Using Photometric Shape Recovery As An Alternative To Bundle Adjustment

Kaufhold, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Distributed Cost Boosting and Bounds on Mis-classification Cost
* Evaluation of Localized Semantics: Data, Methodology, and Experiments
* Learning to segment images using region-based perceptual features
* nonparametric defocus-based approach to reconstructing thin 3D structures in optical sectioning microscopy, A
* Recognition and Segmentation of Scene Content using Region-Based Classification
* Recursive Estimation Approach to the Segmentation of MR Imagery, A
* Unified Framework for Tracking through Occlusions and across Sensor Gaps, A
Includes: Kaufhold, J.[John] Kaufhold, J.
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Kaufhold, L. Co Author Listing * Turning Diffusion-Based Image Colorization Into Efficient Color Compression

Kaufman, A.[Arie] Co Author Listing * 3D Volume Rotation Using Shear Transformations
* Automatic centerline extraction for virtual colonoscopy
* Buyers satisfaction in a virtual fitting room scenario based on realism of avatar
* Enclosed Five-Wall Immersive Cabin
* Fundamentals of Surface Voxelization
* Gradient Magnitude Based Region Growing Algorithm for Accurate Segmentation, A
* Novel Techniques for Robust Voxelization and Visualization of Implicit Surfaces
* Real-time volume rendering
* Reconstruction and Visualization of 3D Models of Colonic Surface
* Retraction Note: Texture-guided volumetric deformation and visualization using 3D moving least squares
Includes: Kaufman, A.[Arie] Kaufman, A.
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Kaufman, A.E.[Arie E.] Co Author Listing * Colon Visualization Using Shape Preserving Flattening
* Conformal Geometry Based Supine and Prone Colon Registration
* Extraction of Landmarks and Features from Virtual Colon Models
* Interactive wireless virtual colonoscopy
* novel approach to extract colon lumen from CT images for virtual colonoscopy, A
* Practical chirocentric 3DUI platform for immersive environments
* Reconstructing regular meshes from points: A parameterization-based approach
* Special Issue on Volume Modeling
Includes: Kaufman, A.E.[Arie E.] Kaufman, A.E.
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Kaufman, D.[Dotan] Co Author Listing * Temporal Tessellation: A Unified Approach for Video Analysis

Kaufman, G.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Human Faces from Profile Silhouettes, The

Kaufman, H. Co Author Listing * Fast Recursive Estimation of the Parameters of a Space-Varying Autoregressive Image Model
* Identification of Image and Blur Parameters for the Restoration of Noncausal Blurs
* On statistical identification of a class of linear space-invariant image blurs using non-minimum phase ARMA models
* Restoration of spatially varying blurred images using multiple model-based extended Kalman filters

Kaufman, H.J. Co Author Listing * Hardware realization of a 2D IIR semisystolic filter with application to real-time homomorphic filtering

Kaufman, I. Co Author Listing * Role of Tie-Points Distribution in Aerial Photography

Kaufman, J. Co Author Listing * Active Stereo Vision System for Recognition of Faces and Related Hand Gestures, An
* Digital Video Watermarking using Singular Value Decomposition and 2D Principal Component Analysis
* Temporal Events in All Dimensions and Scales
* Understanding the Semantics of Media
Includes: Kaufman, J. Kaufman, J.[James]

Kaufman, L.[Leonard] Co Author Listing * Non-hierarchical clustering with MASLOC
* PET regularization by envelope guided conjugate gradients
Includes: Kaufman, L.[Leonard] Kaufman, L.

Kaufman, P. Co Author Listing * Visual Inspection Using Linear Features

Kaufman, P.A. Co Author Listing * Fast 3-D Tomographic Microwave Imaging for Breast Cancer Detection
* Real-Time Electrical Impedance Variations in Women With and Without Breast Cancer

Kaufman, Y.J. Co Author Listing * Aerosol-Cloud Interaction: Misclassification of MODIS Clouds in Heavy Aerosol
* Principal Component Analysis of Remote Sensing of Aerosols Over Oceans

Kaufmann, B.[Bonifaz] Co Author Listing * Interactive Search in Video: Navigation With Flick Gestures vs. Seeker-Bars

Kaufmann, C. Co Author Listing * Reported use of speed control systems: cruise control and speed limiter

Kaufmann, D.[Dinu] Co Author Listing * Copula Archetypal Analysis
* Feature Extraction of Non-Stained Melanocyte Cells
Includes: Kaufmann, D.[Dinu] Kaufmann, D.

Kaufmann, G.[Guido] Co Author Listing * Amount Translation and Error Localization in Check Processing Using Syntax-Directed Translation
* Automated Reading of Cheque Amounts
* Detection and Correction of Recognition Errors in Check Reading
* Jigsaw puzzle solving using approximate string matching and best-first search
* Lexicon Reduction in an HMM-Framework Based on Quantized Feature Vectors
* Recovery of Temporal Information of Cursively Handwritten Words for On-Line Recognition
Includes: Kaufmann, G.[Guido] Kaufmann, G.

Kaufmann, G.H. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of a Scale-Space Filter for Speckle Noise-Reduction in Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry

Kaufmann, H. Co Author Listing * Applicability of the Thermal Infrared Spectral Region for the Prediction of Soil Properties Across Semi-Arid Agricultural Landscapes
* Automated Spatiotemporal Landslide Mapping over Large Areas Using RapidEye Time Series Data
* Backward compatible HDR stereo matching: A hybrid tone-mapping-based framework
* Comparison of Topographic Correction Methods
* Detection of small objects from high-resolution panchromatic satellite imagery based on supervised image segmentation
* Differential Progressive Path Tracing for High-Quality Previsualization and Relighting in Augmented Reality
* Edge- and region-based segmentation technique for the extraction of large, man-made objects in high-resolution satellite imagery
* EnMAP Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy Mission for Earth Observation, The
* ENMAP: The Future Hyperspectral Satellite Mission: Product Generation
* Flexible spaces: Dynamic layout generation for infinite walking in virtual environments
* Fusion of spectral and shape features for identification of urban surface cover types using reflective and thermal hyperspectral data
* Ground Surface Response to Geothermal Drilling and the Following Counteractions in Staufen im Breisgau (Germany) Investigated by TerraSAR-X Time Series Analysis and Geophysical Modeling
* High-Quality Consistent Illumination in Mobile Augmented Reality by Radiance Convolution on the GPU
* Hyperspectral boundary detection based on the Busyness Multiple Correlation Edge Detector and Alternating Vector Field Convolution snakes
* Hyperspectral REE (Rare Earth Element) Mapping of Outcrops: Applications for Neodymium Detection
* Inylchek Glacier in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia: Insight on Surface Kinematics from Optical Remote Sensing Imagery, The
* Remarkable Urban Uplift in Staufen im Breisgau, Germany: Observations from TerraSAR-X InSAR and Leveling from 2008 to 2011
* Robust Automated Image Co-Registration of Optical Multi-Sensor Time Series Data: Database Generation for Multi-Temporal Landslide Detection
* Simulation of Multitemporal and Hyperspectral Vegetation Canopy Bidirectional Reflectance Using Detailed Virtual 3-D Canopy Models
* Spaceborne Mine Waste Mineralogy Monitoring in South Africa, Applications for Modern Push-Broom Missions: Hyperion/OLI and EnMAP/Sentinel-2
Includes: Kaufmann, H. Kaufmann, H.[Hermann] Kaufmann, H.[Hannes]
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Kaufmann, V. Co Author Listing * Detection And Quantification Of Rock Glacier Creep Using High-resolution Orthoimages Of Virtual Globes
* Estimation of rock glacier surface deformation using SAR interferometry data
* Long-term Monitoring Of Glacier Change At GÖssnitzkees (Austria) Using Terrestrial Photogrammetry
* Monitoring of Active Rock Glaciers by Means of Digital Photogrammetry
* UAS-Based Change Detection of the Glacial and Proglacial Transition Zone at Pasterze Glacier, Austria
Includes: Kaufmann, V. Kaufmann, V.[Viktor]

Kauhanen, H. Co Author Listing * Close Range Photogrammetry: Structured Light Approach for Machine Vision Aided Harvesting
* Image Acquisition Constraints for Panoramic Frame Camera Imaging
* Long focal length panoramic imaging for photogrammetric reconstruction

Kaukoranta, T.[Timo] Co Author Listing * Binary vector quantizer design using soft centroids
* Branch-and-bound technique for solving optimal clustering
* Fast and Memory Efficient Implementation of the Exact PNN
* Fast Exact GLA Based on Code Vector Activity Detection, A
* Fast implementation of the optimal PNN method
* Fast PNN Using Partial Distortion Search
* Iterative shrinking method for generating clustering
* Iterative Split-And-Merge Algorithm for Vector Quantization Codebook Generation
* new iterative algorithm for VQ codebook generation, A
* On the design of a hierarchical BTC-VQ compression system
* On the Splitting Method for Vector Quantization Codebook Generation
Includes: Kaukoranta, T.[Timo] Kaukoranta, T.
11 for Kaukoranta, T.

Kaul, A. Co Author Listing * Computing Occlusion-Free Viewpoints
* Computing Viewpoints that Satisfy Optical Constraints
* Image hiding using unitary similarity transformation
* Knuckle Print Biometrics and Fusion Schemes: Overview, Challenges, and Solutions
* Palmprint and Finger Knuckle Based Person Authentication with Random Forest via Kernel-2DPCA
* Viewpoint planning: The Visibility Constraint
Includes: Kaul, A. Kaul, A.[Amit]

Kaul, M. Co Author Listing * Estimation and Validation of Land Surface Broadband Albedos and Leaf Area Index from EO-1 ALI Data

Kaul, M.G. Co Author Listing * Detection and Compensation of Periodic Motion in Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Sensitivity Enhancement in Magnetic Particle Imaging by Background Subtraction

Kaul, V.[Vivek] Co Author Listing * Detecting Curves with Unknown Endpoints and Arbitrary Topology Using Minimal Paths
* Detection of Curves with Unknown Endpoints using Minimal Path Techniques

Kaun, M.K. Co Author Listing * Machine Identification of Human Faces

Kauniskangas, H.[Hannu] Co Author Listing * Automated Defect Management for Document Images, An
* Development of a General Framework for Intelligent Document Image Retrieval, The
* Distributed Management System for Testing Document Image Analysis Algorithms, A
* Media Team Document Database II
* Optimization Techniques for Document Image Retrieval
Includes: Kauniskangas, H.[Hannu] Kauniskangas, H.

Kaup, A. Co Author Listing * 2D Frequency Selective Extrapolation for Spatial Error Concealment in H.264/AVC Video Coding
* 3-D mesh compensated wavelet lifting for 3-D-t medical CT data
* Accelerated hybrid image reconstruction for non-regular sampling color sensors
* Analysis of displacement compensation methods for wavelet lifting of medical 3-D thorax CT volume data
* AUTO GMM-SAMT: An Automatic Object Tracking System for Video Surveillance in Traffic Scenarios
* Bayesian algorithms for adaptive change detection in image sequences using Markov random fields
* Bayesian Method for Motion Segmentation and Tracking in Compressed Videos
* BeTrIS: An Index System for MPEG-7 Streams
* Boosting based object detection using a geometric model
* Centroid adapted frequency selective extrapolation for reconstruction of lost image areas
* Coding of distortion-corrected fisheye video sequences using H.265/HEVC
* Coding of Segmented Images Using Shape Independent Basis Functions
* Color constancy and non-uniform illumination: Can existing algorithms work?
* Content-Adaptive Motion Compensated Frequency Selective Extrapolation for error concealment in video communication
* Denoising-based image reconstruction from pixels located at non-integer positions
* Dimensioning of optical birefringent anti-alias filters for digital cameras
* Edge modeling prediction for computed tomography images
* Efficient coding of video sequences by non-local in-loop denoising of reference frames
* Efficient lossless coding of highpass bands from block-based motion compensated wavelet lifting using JPEG 2000
* Efficient one-pass frame level rate control for H.264/AVC
* error-based recursive filling ordering for image error concealment, An
* Fast and robust spatio-temporal image alignment for inter-sequence error concealment
* Fast transcoding of intra frames between H.263 and H.264
* Fixed pattern noise column drift compensation (CDC) for digital moving picture cameras
* Frequency-Selective Mesh-to-Grid Resampling for Image Communication
* H.263 to H.264 Transconding using Data Mining
* High dynamic range video by spatially non-regular optical filtering
* High dynamic range video reconstruction from a stereo camera setup
* Histogram-Based Prefiltering for Luminance and Chrominance Compensation of Multiview Video
* hybrid motion estimation technique for fisheye video sequences based on equisolid re-projection, A
* Hybrid super-resolution combining example-based single-image and interpolation-based multi-image reconstruction approaches
* Image restoration for frame- and object-based video coding using an adaptive constrained least-squares approach
* In-loop denoising of reference frames for lossless coding of noisy image sequences
* In-Loop Noise-Filtered Prediction for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Increasing camera dynamic range through in-sensor multi-exposure white balancing
* Increasing imaging resolution by covering your sensor
* Influence of the Presentation Time on Subjective Votings of Coded Still Images
* Joint optimization of rate, distortion, and decoding energy for HEVC intraframe coding
* Laplace Distribution Based Lagrangian Rate Distortion Optimization for Hybrid Video Coding
* Local statistics estimation for rapid frequency selective extrapolation
* Low Complexity Streak Noise Reduction for Mobile TV Using Line Selective Interpolation of Field Information
* Low-Complexity Enhancement Layer Compression for Scalable Lossless Video Coding Based on HEVC
* Low-Complexity Heterogeneous Video Transcoding Using Data Mining
* Low-Complexity Transcoding of Inter Coded Video Frames from H.264 to H.263
* Massively parallel lossless compression of medical images using least-squares prediction and arithmetic coding
* Methods and Tools for Wavelet-Based Scalable Multiview Video Coding
* Minimizing a weighted error criterion for spatial error concealment of missing image data
* Mode adaptive reference frame denoising for high fidelity compression in HEVC
* Model based analysis for quantization parameter cascading in hierarchical video coding
* Modeling of image shutters and motion blur in analog and digital camera systems
* Modeling the energy consumption of HEVC P- and B-frame decoding
* Modeling the Energy Consumption of the HEVC Decoding Process
* Motion Compensated Three-Dimensional Frequency Selective Extrapolation for improved error concealment in video communication
* Motion estimation for fisheye video sequences combining perspective projection with camera calibration information
* Motion vector analysis based homography estimation for efficient HEVC compression of 2D and 3D navigation video sequences
* Multi-image super-resolution using a dual weighting scheme based on Voronoi tessellation
* Multiple Description Coding With Randomly and Uniformly Offset Quantizers
* Multiview super-resolution using high-frequency synthesis in case of low-framerate depth information
* no-reference Blocking Artifacts Visibility Estimator in images, A
* Novel Similarity-Invariant Line Descriptor and Matching Algorithm for Global Motion Estimation
* novel similarity-invariant line descriptor for geometric map registration, A
* Object-Based Texture Coding of Moving Video in MPEG-4
* On Texture Analysis: Local Energy Transforms Versus Quadrature Filters
* Open source HEVC analyzer for rapid prototyping (HARP)
* Optimizing frame structure with real-time computation for interactive multiview video streaming
* Pixel-based averaging predictor for HEVC lossless coding
* Probability Distribution Estimation for Autoregressive Pixel-Predictive Image Coding
* Reconstruction of images taken by a pair of non-regular sampling sensors using correlation based matching
* Reconstruction of videos taken by a non-regular sampling sensor
* Reducing randomness of non-regular sampling masks for image reconstruction
* Resampling Images to a Regular Grid From a Non-Regular Subset of Pixel Positions Using Frequency Selective Reconstruction
* Retina model inspired image quality assessment
* RFVTM: A Recovery and Filtering Vertex Trichotomy Matching for Remote Sensing Image Registration
* Robust Super-Resolution for Mixed-Resolution Multiview Image Plus Depth Data
* Sparse signal reconstruction with multiple side information using adaptive weights for multiview sources
* Spatial Scalable Region of Interest Transcoding of JPEG2000 for Video Surveillance
* Spatio-Temporal Defect Pixel Interpolation using 3-D Frequency Selective Extrapolation
* Spatio-temporal error concealment in video by denoised temporal extrapolation refinement
* Spatio-Temporal Fading Scheme for Error Concealment in Block-Based Video Decoding Systems
* Spatio-temporal prediction in video coding by spatially refined motion compensation
* Spatiotemporal Selective Extrapolation for 3-D Signals and Its Applications in Video Communications
* Super-resolution for mixed-resolution multiview image plus depth data using a novel two-stage high-frequency extrapolation method for occluded areas
* Super-resolution for mixed-resolution multiview images using a relative frequency response estimation method
* Temporal adaptation strategies for spatio-temporal image alignment in inter-sequence error concealment of digital TV
* Temporal Scalability of Dynamic Volume Data Using Mesh Compensated Wavelet Lifting
* Temporal video segmentation using global motion estimation and discrete curve evolution
* Two-stage exclusion of angular intra prediction modes for fast mode decision in HEVC
* Video analysis for universal multimedia messaging
* Wavelet-based multi-view video coding with joint best basis wavelet packets
Includes: Kaup, A. Kaup, A.[Andre] Kaup, A.[André]
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Kaupp, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic measurement of the angle of squint by Hough-transformation and covariance-filtering
* Automatic strabometry by Hough-transformation and covariance-filtering
* Measuring morphologic properties of the human retinal vessel system using a two-stage image processing approach

Kauppi, J.P.[Jukka Pekka] Co Author Listing * Mind reading with regularized multinomial logistic regression
Includes: Kauppi, J.P.[Jukka Pekka] Kauppi, J.P.[Jukka-Pekka]

Kauppi, T.[Tomi] Co Author Listing * Combining Multiple Image Segmentations by Maximizing Expert Agreement
* DIARETDB1 diabetic retinopathy database and evaluation protocol, The
* Fusion of Multiple Expert Annotations and Overall Score Selection for Medical Image Diagnosis
* Simple and Robust Optic Disc Localisation Using Colour Decorrelated Templates
Includes: Kauppi, T.[Tomi] Kauppi, T.

Kauppila, J. Co Author Listing * Directional Filtering for Sequential Image Analysis

Kauppinen, H.[Hannu] Co Author Listing * Color and Texture Based Wood Inspection with Non-supervised Clustering
* Color vision based methodology for grading lumber
* Effect of Illumination Variations on Color-Based Wood Defect Classification, The
* Experimental Comparison of Autoregressive and Fourier-Based Descriptors in 2D Shape Classification, An
* Self-Organizing Map Based User Interface for Visual Surface Inspection
* Two Stage Defect Recognition Method for Parquet Slab Grading, A
* Wood inspection with non-supervised clustering
Includes: Kauppinen, H.[Hannu] Kauppinen, H.
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Kaur, A.[Amandeep] Co Author Listing * Automatic cephalometric landmark detection using Zernike moments and template matching
* Early Software Fault Prediction Using Real Time Defect Data
* Fast computation of polar harmonic transforms
* Hough transform based fast skew detection and accurate skew correction methods
* Hybrid Edge Detector Using Fuzzy Logic And Mathematical Morphology, A
* integrated approach for Diabetic Retinopathy exudate segmentation by using Genetic Algorithm and Switching Median Filter, An
* Sample-based Weighted Prediction for lossless enhancement layer coding in SHVC
* survey on camera-captured scene text detection and extraction: towards Gurmukhi script, A
Includes: Kaur, A.[Amandeep] Kaur, A.[Arashdeep] Kaur, A. Kaur, A.[Andre]
8 for Kaur, A.

Kaur, B.[Baljit] Co Author Listing * Modified PPPE architecture for two-dimensional Radon Transform computation

Kaur, D. Co Author Listing * Associative RAM-Net Memory Neural Target Classifier

Kaur, H. Co Author Listing * Prediction based seam carving for video retargeting

Kaur, J.[Jasleen] Co Author Listing * context-based algorithm for sentiment analysis, A

Kaur, K.P.[Kanwal Preet] Co Author Listing * Color texture description with novel local binary patterns for effective image retrieval
* fast and efficient image retrieval system based on color and texture features, A

Kaur, L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive compression of medical ultrasound images

Kaur, M.[Manpreet] Co Author Listing * Automatic number plate recognition system by character position method

Kaur, N. Co Author Listing * Secret communication in colored images using saliency map as model

Kaur, P. Co Author Listing * Automated GPR Rebar Analysis for Robotic Bridge Deck Evaluation
* From photography to microbiology: Eigenbiome models for skin appearance
* Hybrid deep learning for Reflectance Confocal Microscopy skin images
* integrated approach for Diabetic Retinopathy exudate segmentation by using Genetic Algorithm and Switching Median Filter, An
* Retracted Paper: A robust kernelized intuitionistic fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm in segmentation of noisy medical images
* Robust Intuitionistic Fuzzy C-means clustering for linearly and nonlinearly separable data
Includes: Kaur, P. Kaur, P.[Parneet] Kaur, P.[Prabhjot]

Kaur, T.[Taranjit] Co Author Listing * Image Denoising using Alexander Fractional Hybrid Filter
* Quantitative metric for MR brain tumour grade classification using sample space density measure of analytic intrinsic mode function representation

Kauranne, T.[Tuomo] Co Author Listing * Adaptive algorithm for large scale DTM interpolation from lidar data for forestry applications in steep forested terrain
* Algorithm for Extracting Digital Terrain Models under Forest Canopy from Airborne LiDAR Data
* Estimating the number of clusters in a numerical data set via quantization error modeling
* LiDAR-Assisted Multi-Source Program (LAMP) for Measuring Above Ground Biomass and Forest Carbon
* Linear Models for Airborne-Laser-Scanning-Based Operational Forest Inventory With Small Field Sample Size and Highly Correlated LiDAR Data
* Moving Voxel Method for Estimating Canopy Base Height from Airborne Laser Scanner Data
* Outlier Robust Geodesic K-means Algorithm for High Dimensional Data
* Unsupervised Multi-manifold Classification of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images with Contractive Autoencoder
* Unsupervised segmentation and approximation of digital curves with rate-distortion curve modeling
* Variance-preserving mosaicing of multiple satellite images for forest parameter estimation: Radiometric normalization
Includes: Kauranne, T.[Tuomo] Kauranne, T.
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Kaus, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Image segmentation

Kaus, M.R. Co Author Listing * Automated 3-D PDM construction from segmented images using deformable models
* Automated 3D PDM Construction Using Deformable Models
Includes: Kaus, M.R. Kaus, M.R.[Michael R.]

Kauschke, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * On Kleinberg's Stochastic Discrimination Procedure

Kaushal, R. Co Author Listing * Localization of Objects in Noisy Scenes for Robotics Applications Using Wigner Distribution

Kaushal, T.P.[Tej P.] Co Author Listing * Towards Visually Convincing Image Segmentation
* Visibly Better Edge-Detection Using Observed Image Contrasts
Includes: Kaushal, T.P.[Tej P.] Kaushal, T.P.

Kaushalram, A.S.[Anirudh Sivaraman] Co Author Listing * Efficient segmentation technique for noisy frontal view iris images using Fourier spectral density

Kaushik, R. Co Author Listing * 3D map construction using heterogeneous robots

Kausler, B.X.[Bernhard X.] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Modern Inference Techniques for Discrete Energy Minimization Problems, A
* Comparative Study of Modern Inference Techniques for Structured Discrete Energy Minimization Problems, A
* Conservation Tracking
* Discrete Chain Graph Model for 3d+t Cell Tracking with High Misdetection Robustness, A

Kauthold, J. Co Author Listing * nested recursive approach to MAP estimation based on Gauss-Markov random fields, A

Kautkar, S.N.[Satyajit N.] Co Author Listing * Face recognition in 2D and 2.5D using ridgelets and photometric stereo

Kautsky, J.[Jerry] Co Author Listing * email: Kautsky, J.[Jerry]: jarka AT ist flinders edu au
* Adaptive wavelets for signal analysis
* Blur Invariants Constructed From Arbitrary Moments
* Classification Using Adaptive Wavelets for Feature-Extraction
* Implicit Moment Invariants
* new wavelet-based measure of image focus, A
* Object Recognition by Implicit Invariants
* Robust detection of significant points in multiframe images
* Smoothed Histogram Modification for Image Processing
Includes: Kautsky, J.[Jerry] Kautsky, J.[Jaroslav] Kautsky, J.
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Kautz, H.[Henry] Co Author Listing * Activity recognition using the velocity histories of tracked keypoints
* Aligning movies with scripts by exploiting temporal ordering constraints
* Annotating collections of photos using hierarchical event and scene models
* Discovery of social relationships in consumer photo collections using Markov Logic
* Image Annotation Within the Context of Personal Photo Collections Using Hierarchical Event and Scene Models
Includes: Kautz, H.[Henry] Kautz, H.

Kautz, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Generative Models for 3D Point Cloud Data
* Background Inpainting for Videos with Dynamic Objects and a Free-Moving Camera
* Capturing multiple illumination conditions using time and color multiplexing
* Display-aware image editing
* Dynamic Facial Analysis: From Bayesian Filtering to Recurrent Neural Network
* Fast and Robust Pyramid-based Image Processing
* Fully-Connected CRFs with Non-Parametric Pairwise Potential
* Hand gesture recognition with 3D convolutional neural networks
* Hierarchical Subquery Evaluation for Active Learning on a Graph
* Highly Overparameterized Optical Flow Using PatchMatch Belief Propagation
* Intrinsic3D: High-Quality 3D Reconstruction by Joint Appearance and Geometry Optimization with Spatially-Varying Lighting
* Lightweight Approach for On-the-Fly Reflectance Estimation, A
* Local Laplacian Filters: Edge-aware Image Processing with a Laplacian Pyramid
* Locally non-rigid registration for mobile HDR photography
* Match Graph Construction for Large Image Databases
* Modeling object appearance using Context-Conditioned Component Analysis
* Modeling the world: the virtualization pipeline
* On Visual Realism of Synthesized Imagery
* Online Detection and Classification of Dynamic Hand Gestures with Recurrent 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
* PMBP: PatchMatch Belief Propagation for Correspondence Field Estimation
* Polarimetric Multi-view Stereo
* Reconstructing Intensity Images from Binary Spatial Gradient Cameras
* Rendering and Simulation of Liquid Foams
* Robust Model-Based 3D Head Pose Estimation
* User Directed Multi-view-stereo
Includes: Kautz, J.[Jan] Kautz, J.
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Kautz, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Generic performance measure for multiclass-classifiers

Kautzner, M. Co Author Listing * Free viewpoint video extraction, representation, coding, and rendering
* Predictive Compression of Dynamic 3D Meshes
* Rate-Distortion Optimization in Dynamic Mesh Compression
* Rate-distortion-optimized predictive compression of dynamic 3D mesh sequences
Includes: Kautzner, M. Kautzner, M.[Matthias]

Kauvar, I.[Isaac] Co Author Listing * Variable Aperture Light Field Photography: Overcoming the Diffraction-Limited Spatio-Angular Resolution Tradeoff

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