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Karha, K.[Kalle] Co Author Listing * Utilization of Image, LiDAR and Gamma-Ray Information to Improve Environmental Sustainability of Cut-to-Length Wood Harvesting Operations in Peatlands: A Management Systems Perspective
Includes: Karha, K.[Kalle] Kärhä, K.[Kalle] (Maybe also Kaerhae, K.)

Karhu, A.[Antti] Co Author Listing * CubiCasa5K: A Dataset and an Improved Multi-task Model for Floorplan Image Analysis

Karhula, S.S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Regularization Method: An Application for 3-D X-Ray Micro-CT Reconstruction Using Sparse Data, An

Karhunen, J.[Juha] Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation for Weakly Labeled Semantic Video Object Segmentation

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