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Kapach, K.[Keren] Co Author Listing * Computer vision for fruit harvesting robots: State of the art and challenges ahead

Kapadia, A. Co Author Listing * Cartooning for Enhanced Privacy in Lifelogging and Streaming Videos

Kapadia, A.J. Co Author Listing * Quantitative Assessment of Lesion Detection Accuracy, Resolution, and Reconstruction Algorithms in Neutron Stimulated Emission Computed Tomography
* Simulations of Breast Cancer Imaging Using Gamma-Ray Stimulated Emission Computed Tomography

Kapadia, M.[Mubbasir] Co Author Listing * Filling in the blanks: reconstructing microscopic crowd motion from multiple disparate noisy sensors
* Open Framework for Developing, Evaluating, and Sharing Steering Algorithms, An
* Parallelized egocentric fields for autonomous navigation

Kaparias, I. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of MEMS sensors accuracy for bicycle tracking and positioning

Kapas, Z.[Zoltan] Co Author Listing * Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation in Multispectral MRI Volumes Using a Random Forest Approach
Includes: Kapas, Z.[Zoltan] Kapás, Z.[Zoltán]

Kapec, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Intelligent 3D Graph Exploration with Time-Travel Features
* Visual Programming Environment Based on Hypergraph Representations

Kapela, R.[Rafal] Co Author Listing * Real-time event classification in field sport videos
* Real-time field sports scene classification using colour and frequency space decompositions

Kapeller, C. Co Author Listing * Trifocal system for high-quality inter-camera mapping and virtual view synthesis

Kapetanovic, A. Co Author Listing * Modeling and Implementation of the Complex Telecommunication Systems Using the High Performance Computing Resources

Kapetanovic, T. Co Author Listing * Modeling and Implementation of the Complex Telecommunication Systems Using the High Performance Computing Resources

Kapfer, M. Co Author Listing * Detection of Human Faces in Color Image Sequences with Arbitrary Motions for Very Low Bit Rate Videophone Coding

Kapica, R. Co Author Listing * Stereophotogrammetric Measuring in Risk Areas with the aid of Remotely Controlled Equipment

Kapicka, J.[Jiri] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Soil Degradation by Erosion Based on Analysis of Soil Properties Using Aerial Hyperspectral Images and Ancillary Data, Czech Republic
Includes: Kapicka, J.[Jiri] Kapicka, J.[Jirí]

Kapil, D.[Dhawal] Co Author Listing * Video Face Book, The

Kapinaiah, V.[Viswanath] Co Author Listing * Block DCT to wavelet transcoding in transform domain
* Image filtering in the block DCT domain using symmetric convolution
* Transcoding in the block DCT space
* Wavelet Image Resizing in the Block DCT Space
* Wavelet to DCT transcoding in transform domain
* Wavelet transcoding in the block discrete cosine transform space

Kapiris, S.[Stefanos] Co Author Listing * City exploration by use of spatio-temporal analysis and clustering of user contributed photos

Kapitany, K. Co Author Listing * Inspection Of A Medieval Wood Sculpture Using Computer Tomography

Kaplan, A.[Avi] Co Author Listing * Interpreting the Ratio Criterion for Matching SIFT Descriptors
* Robust feature matching across widely separated color images
Includes: Kaplan, A.[Avi] Kaplan, A.

Kaplan, C.S.[Craig S.] Co Author Listing * Computational Symmetry in Computer Vision and Computer Graphics
* Marbling-based creative modelling

Kaplan, D. Co Author Listing * Image Motion Restoration from a Sequence of Images

Kaplan, E. Co Author Listing * Decomposition of Image Sequnces of Overlapping Homogeneous Transparent Radiating Objects

Kaplan, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Visual Link Retrieval in a Database of Paintings

Kaplan, L. Co Author Listing * Error Analysis for Quadtree Image Formation
* Fusion of Quantized and Unquantized Sensor Data for Estimation
* Image Metrics for Clutter Characterization

Kaplan, L.M. Co Author Listing * Beyond self-similarity for landscape modeling
* Block Wiener-based image registration for moving target indication
* comparison of the octave-band directional filter bank and gabor filters for texture classification, A
* Diffuse Prior Monotonic Likelihood Ratio Test for Evaluation of Fused Image Quality Measures
* Extended Fractal Analysis for Texture Classification and Segmentation
* improved method for 2-D self-similar image synthesis, An
* Pose estimation of SAR imagery using the two dimensional continuous wavelet transform
* Target Detection Features for Pruned Quadtree Image Formation
* Texture Roughness Analysis and Synthesis Via Extended Self-Similar (ESS) Model
* Texture Segmentation Using Multiscale Hurst Features
* Texture Segmentation via Haar Fractal Feature Estimation
Includes: Kaplan, L.M. Kaplan, L.M.[Lance M.]
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Kaplan, N.H. Co Author Listing * Fusion of multifocus images by lattice structures
* Single image dehazing based on multiscale product prior and application to vision control

Kaplan, R.M.[Ronald M.] Co Author Listing * Methods and apparatus for selecting semantically significant images in a document image without decoding image content

Kaplan, S. Co Author Listing * Driver Behavior Analysis for Safe Driving: A Survey
* Understanding the Impact of Urbanization on Surface Urban Heat Islands: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Oasis Effect in Subtropical Desert Cities
Includes: Kaplan, S. Kaplan, S.[Shai]

Kaplani, E. Co Author Listing * Perceptual analysis of handwritten signatures for biometric authentication

Kapoor, A.[Ashish] Co Author Listing * Active learning for large multi-class problems
* Active Learning with Gaussian Processes for Object Categorization
* Active Visual Recognition with Expertise Estimation in Crowdsourcing
* Automatic Facial Action Analysis
* Blind Image Quality Assessment Using Semi-supervised Rectifier Networks
* case-based reasoning approach for detection of salient regions in images, A
* Collaborative personalization of image enhancement
* Collaborative Personalization of Image Enhancement
* Combining brain computer interfaces with vision for object categorization
* Complementary computing for visual tasks: Meshing computer vision with human visual processing
* Context-Based Automatic Local Image Enhancement
* Effective Information and Contrast Based Saliency Detection
* evolutionary learning based fuzzy theoretic approach for salient object detection, An
* Exploiting sparsity and co-occurrence structure for action unit recognition
* Fully Automatic Upper Facial Action Recognition
* Fuzzy Rule Based Document Image Segmentation for Component Labeling
* Fuzzy video summarization using key frame extraction
* Gaussian Processes for Object Categorization
* Interactive Approach to Solving Correspondence Problems, An
* Joint Gaussian Process Model for Active Visual Recognition with Expertise Estimation in Crowdsourcing, A
* Joint People, Event, and Location Recognition in Personal Photo Collections Using Cross-Domain Context
* Learning a blind measure of perceptual image quality
* Located Hidden Random Fields: Learning Discriminative Parts for Object Detection
* Memory constrained face recognition
* Non Rigid Registration of 3D Images to Laparoscopic Video for Image Guided Surgery
* Non-Iterative Rigid 2D/3D Point-Set Registration Using Semidefinite Programming
* Personalization of image enhancement
* Probabilistic combination of multiple modalities to detect interest
* Real-Time Head Nod and Shake Detector, A
* Real-time, fully automatic upper facial feature tracking
* Submodular Trajectory Optimization for Aerial 3D Scanning
* System and method for audio/video speaker detection
* Visual recognition and detection under bounded computational resources
* Which Faces to Tag: Adding Prior Constraints into Active Learning
Includes: Kapoor, A.[Ashish] Kapoor, A.[Aditi] Kapoor, A. Kapoor, A.[Ankur]
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Kapoor, B. Co Author Listing * Low-Power Data Transfer and Storage Exploration for H.263 Video Decoder System

Kapoor, R.[Rajiv] Co Author Listing * efficient interpretation of hand gestures to control smart interactive television, An
* Fast tracking algorithm using modified potential function
* Features for Detecting Obscured Objects in Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB) SAR Imagery Using a Phenomenological Approach
* Frequency dependence of ATD performance in foliage-penetrating SAR images
* Fusion for registration of medical images: A study
* Image enhancement using Exposure based Sub Image Histogram Equalization
* Morphological mapping for non-linear dimensionality reduction
* new algorithm for skew detection and correction, A
* Non-linear dimensionality reduction using fuzzy lattices
* Physics-Based Approach for Detecting Man-Made Objects in Ultra-Wideband SAR Imagery, A
* Polarimetric SAR Imaging of Buried Landmines
* Spider monkey optimisation assisted particle filter for robust object tracking
Includes: Kapoor, R.[Rajiv] Kapoor, R.
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Kapoor, S. Co Author Listing * Depth and Image Recovery Using a MRF Model
* Region-based image registration for wide-baseline stereo
* Segmentation of Fingerprint Images Using the Directional Image
* Synthesis of a face image at a desired pose from a given pose
Includes: Kapoor, S. Kapoor, S.[Shashank]

Kapoorz, A.[Ashish] Co Author Listing * Co-training with noisy perceptual observations

Kapotas, S.K.[Spyridon K.] Co Author Listing * Rate Control of H.264 Encoded Sequences by Dropping Frames in the Compressed Domain
* Real time data hiding by exploiting the IPCM macroblocks in H.264/AVC streams

Kapouleas, I. Co Author Listing * Segmentation and feature extraction for magnetic resonance brain image analysis

Kapoutsis, C.A. Co Author Listing * Morphological Iterative Closest Point Algorithm
* Morphological techniques in the iterative closest point algorithm

Kapp, M.N.[Marcelo N.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Incremental Learning with an Ensemble of Support Vector Machines
* Methodology for the design of NN-based month-word recognizers written on Brazilian bank checks

Kappagantula, S. Co Author Listing * Motion Compensated Interframe Image Prediction

Kappal, S.J.[Sanjeev J.] Co Author Listing * Illustrating motion through DLP photography

Kappas, A. Co Author Listing * Affect and Social Processes in Online Communication: Experiments with an Affective Dialog System
* Facial and Vocal Cues in Perceptions of Trustworthiness
* Predicting Emotional Responses to Long Informal Text
* Smile When You Read This, Whether You Like It or Not: Conceptual Challenges to Affect Detection
Includes: Kappas, A. Kappas, A.[Arvid]

Kappas, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Multiple Linear Regression, Cubist Regression, and Random Forest Algorithms to Estimate Daily Air Surface Temperature from Dynamic Combinations of MODIS LST Data
* Estimating Daily Maximum and Minimum Land Air Surface Temperature Using MODIS Land Surface Temperature Data and Ground Truth Data in Northern Vietnam
* Inter-Comparison and Evaluation of the Global LAI Product (LAI3g) and the Regional LAI Product (GGRS-LA
* Quantifying Land Use/cover Change And Landscape Fragmentation In Danang City, Vietnam: 1979-2009
* Retrieval of Coarse-Resolution Leaf Area Index over the Republic of Kazakhstan Using NOAA AVHRR Satellite Data and Ground Measurements
Includes: Kappas, M.[Martin] Kappas, M.

Kappeler, A.[Armin] Co Author Listing * Block based video alignment with linear time and space complexity
* Dictionary-based multiple frame video super-resolution
* Sparse Representation-Based Multiple Frame Video Super-Resolution
* Super-resolution of compressed videos using convolutional neural networks
Includes: Kappeler, A.[Armin] Kappeler, A.

Kappen, H.J. Co Author Listing * Mean-Field Approach to Learning in Boltzmann Machines

Kappers, A.M.L. Co Author Listing * Detection of Second-Order Structure in Optical-Flow Fields
* Estimating local shape from shading in the presence of global shading
* Illumination direction from texture shading
* REALISE: Reconstruction of REALity from Image SEquences
* Specularities on Surfaces with Tangential Hairs or Grooves
* Surface Perception in Pictures
Includes: Kappers, A.M.L. Kappers, A.M.L.[Astrid M. L.]

Kappes, J.H.[Jorg H.] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric Cuts: Joint Image Labeling and Partitioning
* bundle approach to efficient MAP-inference by Lagrangian relaxation, A
* Comparative Study of Modern Inference Techniques for Discrete Energy Minimization Problems, A
* Comparative Study of Modern Inference Techniques for Structured Discrete Energy Minimization Problems, A
* Convex Multi-class Image Labeling by Simplex-Constrained Total Variation
* Cut, Glue, & Cut: A Fast, Approximate Solver for Multicut Partitioning
* Empirical Comparison of Inference Algorithms for Graphical Models with Higher Order Factors Using OpenGM, An
* Evaluation of a First-Order Primal-Dual Algorithm for MRF Energy Minimization
* Fusion moves for correlation clustering
* Globally Optimal Image Partitioning by Multicuts
* Greedy-Based Design of Sparse Two-Stage SVMs for Fast Classification
* Higher-order segmentation via multicuts
* Lazy Flipper: Efficient Depth-Limited Exhaustive Search in Discrete Graphical Models, The
* Learning of Graphical Models and Efficient Inference for Object Class Recognition
* MAP-Inference for Highly-Connected Graphs with DC-Programming
* MAP-Inference on Large Scale Higher-Order Discrete Graphical Models by Fusion Moves
* MRF Inference by k-Fan Decomposition and Tight Lagrangian Relaxation
* Multicuts and Perturb and MAP for Probabilistic Graph Clustering
* Partial Optimality by Pruning for MAP-Inference with General Graphical Models
* Partial Optimality via Iterative Pruning for the Potts Model
* Probabilistic Correlation Clustering and Image Partitioning Using Perturbed Multicuts
* Probabilistic image segmentation with closedness constraints
* study of Nesterov's scheme for Lagrangian decomposition and MAP labeling, A
* Study of Parts-Based Object Class Detection Using Complete Graphs, A
* TomoGC: Binary Tomography by Constrained GraphCuts
* Towards Efficient and Exact MAP-Inference for Large Scale Discrete Computer Vision Problems via Combinatorial Optimization
* Variational Recursive Joint Estimation of Dense Scene Structure and Camera Motion from Monocular High Speed Traffic Sequences
Includes: Kappes, J.H.[Jorg H.] Kappes, J.H.[Jörg H.] Kappes, J.H.[Jorg Hendrik] Kappes, J.H.[Jörg Hendrik]
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Kappler, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Learning to Filter Object Detections
* Superpixel Convolutional Networks Using Bilateral Inceptions

Kappler, S. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Basis Line-Integrals in a Spectral Distortion-Modeled Photon Counting Detector Using Low-Order Polynomial Approximation of X-ray Transmittance
* Estimation of Basis Line-Integrals in a Spectral Distortion-Modeled Photon Counting Detector Using Low-Rank Approximation-Based X-Ray Transmittance Modeling: K-Edge Imaging Application

Kappus, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Nugget-Cut: A Segmentation Scheme for Spherically- and Elliptically-Shaped 3D Objects

Kapralos, B.[Bill] Co Author Listing * Audiovisual localization of multiple speakers in a video teleconferencing setting
* Effect of Sound on Visual Fidelity Perception in Stereoscopic 3-D, The
* Effects of sound on visual realism perception and task performance
* Eyes 'n Ears Face Detection
Includes: Kapralos, B.[Bill] Kapralos, B.

Kaproth, M.A.[Matthew A] Co Author Listing * Associations of Leaf Spectra with Genetic and Phylogenetic Variation in Oaks: Prospects for Remote Detection of Biodiversity

Kapruziak, M.[Mariusz] Co Author Listing * Fast Analysis of C-Scans From Ground Penetrating Radar via 3-D Haar-Like Features With Application to Landmine Detection
* Fast Extraction of 3D Fourier Moments via Multiple Integral Images: An Application to Antitank Mine Detection in GPR C-Scans

Kaprykowsky, H. Co Author Listing * Bibliographic Meta-Data Extraction Using Probabilistic Finite State Transducers
* Perception-oriented video coding based on image analysis and completion: A review
* Restoration of digitized video sequences: An efficient drop-out detection and removal framework
* Visual Attention in Quality Assessment
Includes: Kaprykowsky, H. Kaprykowsky, H.[Hagen]

Kapsa, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Cellsnake: A new active contour technique for cell/fibre segmentation

Kapsalas, P. Co Author Listing * Affine morphological shape stable boundary regions (SSBR) for image representation

Kapse, K.[Kushal] Co Author Listing * Connectivity in math-gifted adolescents: Comparing structural equation modeling, granger causality, and dynamic causal modeling

Kapsouras, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition in Motion Capture Data Using a Bag of Postures Approach
* Action recognition on motion capture data using a dynemes and forward differences representation
* Person identity recognition on motion capture data using multiple actions

Kaptan, K. Co Author Listing * 3D Applications in Disaster Mitigation and Management: Core Results of Ditac Project

Kaptein, B.L. Co Author Listing * Statistical Shape Model-Based Femur Kinematics From Biplane Fluoroscopy
* Support value based stent-graft marker detection
Includes: Kaptein, B.L. Kaptein, B.L.[Bart L.]

Kaptein, R.[Rianne] Co Author Listing * Let's Share a Story: Socially Enhanced Multimedia Storytelling
* Rethinking Summarization and Storytelling for Modern Social Multimedia

Kaptue, A.T.[Armel T.] Co Author Listing * Evapotranspiration Variability and Its Association with Vegetation Dynamics in the Nile Basin, 2002-2011

Kapur, A. Co Author Listing * Implementing 3D visualizations of EEG signals in artistic applications
* Training Surrogate Sensors in Musical Gesture Acquisition Systems

Kapur, D. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Reasoning in View Consistency and Parameterized Model Matching Problems
* Computing Invariants Using Elimination Methods
* Formation of Partial 3D Models from 2D Projections: An Application of Algebraic Reasoning, The
* Geometer: A System for Modeling and Algebraic Manipulation
* Geometric Reasoning
* Geometric Reasoning and Artificial Intelligence: Introduction to the Special Volume
* Geometric, Algebraic, and Thermophysical Techniques for Object Recognition in IR Imagery
* Modeling Generic Polyhedral Objects with Constraints
* multi-level geometric reasoning system for vision, A
* Reasoning About Nonlinear Inequality Constraints: A Multi-Level Approach
* Using Elimination Methods to Compute Thermophysical Algebraic Invariants from Infrared Imagery
* Wu's Method and Its Application to Perspective Viewing
Includes: Kapur, D. Kapur, D.[Deepak]
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Kapur, J.N. Co Author Listing * Application of entropic measures of stochastic dependence in pattern recognition
* New Method for Gray-Level Picture Thresholding Using the Entropy of the Histogram, A

Kapur, P.[Pawan] Co Author Listing * Plant leaf imaging technique for agronomy

Kapur, S.[Suman] Co Author Listing * Automated colorimetric analysis in paper based sensors

Kapur, T.[Tina] Co Author Listing * MRI Confirmed Prostate Tissue Classification with Laplacian Eigenmaps of Ultrasound RF Spectra
* Segmentation of Brain Tissue from MR Images
* Utilizing Segmented MRI Data in Image-Guided Surgery
* Variational Framework for Joint Segmentation and Registration, A
Includes: Kapur, T.[Tina] Kapur, T.

Kapuria, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Class Selection and Prototyping for 3-D Object Classification
* Parts-based 3D object classification

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