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Kaga, Y. Co Author Listing * On restricting modalities in likelihood-ratio based biometric score fusion

Kagadis, G.C.[George C.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Estrogen Receptors' Status by Texture Analysis of Breast Tissue Specimens and Pattern Recognition Methods
* Development of a Cascade Processing Method for Microarray Spot Segmentation

Kagalwala, F. Co Author Listing * Reconstructing specimens using DIC microscope images
* Simulating DIC Microscope Images: From Physical Principles to a Computational Model

Kagami, M. Co Author Listing * Amplitude-Modulated Laser Radar for Range and Speed Measurement in Car Applications
* Demonstration of In-Car Doppler Laser Radar at 1.55 mu-m for Range and Speed Measurement

Kagami, S.[Shingo] Co Author Listing * 1000 fps Visual Feedback Control of an Active Vision System over a High-Load Network
* Extracting Watermark from 3D Prints
* Fast projection mapping onto a moving planar surface
* High-speed vision systems and projectors for real-time perception of the world
* High-Speed Visual Tracking of the Nearest Point of an Object Using 1,000-fps Adaptive Pattern Projection
* Networked High-Speed Vision System for 1,000-FPS Visual Feature Communication, A
* Non-rigid Shape Registration Using Similarity-Invariant Differential Coordinates
* Realtime 3D Depth Flow Generation and Its Application to Track to Walking Human Being
* Visually steerable sound beam forming system based on face tracking and speaker array
Includes: Kagami, S.[Shingo] Kagami, S.[Satoshi] Kagami, S.
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Kagan, J.S. Co Author Listing * Map Guided Classification of Regional Land Cover with Multitemporal AVHRR Data

Kaganovsky, Y.[Yan] Co Author Listing * Alternating Minimization Algorithm with Automatic Relevance Determination for Transmission Tomography under Poisson Noise
* Compressed sampling strategies for tomography

Kagarlitsky, S.[Sefy] Co Author Listing * Piecewise-consistent color mappings of images acquired under various conditions

Kagawa, K. Co Author Listing * Dynamic photometric stereo method using multi-tap CMOS image sensor
* multi-aperture computational ultra-high-speed camera with ultra-fast charge modulators, A
Includes: Kagawa, K. Kagawa, K.[Keiichiro]

Kagawa, S. Co Author Listing * Wide Color Gamut Displays using Led Backlight: Signal Processing Circuits, Color Calibration System and Multi-Primaries

Kagawa, T.[Tsuneo] Co Author Listing * Development of interactive image editing operations for texture design
* Interactive Graphics Rendering Optimizer Based on Immune Algorithm, An

Kagawa, Y. Co Author Listing * Housediff: A Map-based Building Change Detection From High Resolution Satellite Imagery Using Geometric Optimization Method

Kagawade, V.C.[Vishwanath C.] Co Author Listing * robust face recognition approach through symbolic modeling of Polar FFT features, A

Kagaya, H.[Hokuto] Co Author Listing * Highly Accurate Food/Non-Food Image Classification Based on a Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Kagaya, T. Co Author Listing * High Performance Large Scale Face Recognition with Multi-cognition Softmax and Feature Retrieval

Kage, H. Co Author Listing * 3-D Human Motion Sensing by Artificial Retina Chips
* 3D Head Tracking using the Particle Filter with Cascaded Classifiers
* Implicit Feature-Based Alignment System for Radiotherapy
* Method and device for generating a person's portrait, method and device for communications, and computer product
* New Approach for In-Vehicle Camera Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition, A
* Processing device and method for determining direction of motion of an image
Includes: Kage, H. Kage, H.[Hiroshi]

Kagebayashi, T. Co Author Listing * Production of Video Images by Computer Controlled Camera and Its Application to TV Conference System

Kagehiro, T. Co Author Listing * Address-block extraction by bayesian rule
* Coupon Classification Method Based on Adaptive Image Vector Matching, A
* Detection of a Hand Holding a Cellular Phone Using Multiple Image Features
* Hierarchical Classification Method for US Bank-Notes, A
* Segmentation of Handwritten Kanji Numerals Integrating Peripheral Information by Bayesian Rule
* Segmentation of Japanese Handwritten Characters Using Peripheral Feature Analysis
* Self-Defense-Technologies for Automated Teller Machines
Includes: Kagehiro, T. Kagehiro, T.[Tatsuhiko]
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Kagel, J.H. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition Experiments in the Mandala/Cosine Domain

Kagels, D.S.[David S.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for synthesizing realistic animations of a human speaking using a computer

Kagemann, L. Co Author Listing * Alignment of 3-D Optical Coherence Tomography Scans to Correct Eye Movement Using a Particle Filtering
* Method to Estimate Biomechanics and Mechanical Properties of Optic Nerve Head Tissues From Parameters Measurable Using Optical Coherence Tomography, A

Kager, H.[Helmut] Co Author Listing * High-Quality Geo-Referencing of GPS/IMU-Supported Multi-Spectral Airborne Scanner Data: Experiences and Results
* Quality checking of ALS Projects Using Statistics of Strip Differences

Kagesawa, M.[Masataka] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Saltanat Gate in Dolmabahce Palace
* Fusion of a camera and a laser range sensor for vehicle recognition
* Polarization-based transparent surface modeling from two views
* Recognizing vehicles in infrared images using IMAP parallel vision board
* Transparent surface modeling from a pair of polarization images
Includes: Kagesawa, M.[Masataka] Kagesawa, M.

Kageyama, K.[Koji] Co Author Listing * Picture processing apparatus with object tracking
* Tracking apparatus and tracking method

Kageyama, S. Co Author Listing * Encoding and decoding in the 6-MHz NTSC-compatible widescreen television system
* Method for measuring the maximum gross weight of a motor vehicle
Includes: Kageyama, S. Kageyama, S.[Satoshi]

Kageyama, Y.[Yoichi] Co Author Listing * Background replacement using chromatic adaptation transform for visual communication

Kagita, V.R.[Venkateswara Rao] Co Author Listing * Proximal maximum margin matrix factorization for collaborative filtering
* Recommender system algorithms: A comparative analysis based on monotonicity
Includes: Kagita, V.R.[Venkateswara Rao] Kagita, V.R.

Kagiwada, S.[Satoshi] Co Author Listing * Basic Study of Automated Diagnosis of Viral Plant Diseases Using Convolutional Neural Networks

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