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Ju, Z. Co Author Listing * Compressive sensing measurement matrix construction based on improved size compatible array LDPC code
* RGB-D sensing based human action and interaction analysis: A survey
Includes: Ju, Z. Ju, Z.[Zhaojie]

Ju, Z.F.[Zhen Fei] Co Author Listing * Binary Code Learning via Iterative Distance Adjustment
Includes: Ju, Z.F.[Zhen Fei] Ju, Z.F.[Zhen-Fei]

Ju, Z.J.[Zhao Jie] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Gaussian Mixture Models
* Multi-stage adaptive regression for online activity recognition
Includes: Ju, Z.J.[Zhao Jie] Ju, Z.J.[Zhao-Jie]

Ju, Z.W.[Zeng Wei] Co Author Listing * Accelerated implementation of adaptive directional lifting-based discrete wavelet transform on GPU
Includes: Ju, Z.W.[Zeng Wei] Ju, Z.W.[Zeng-Wei]

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